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What A Tangeled Webb We Weave

AU: Bella is still in danger. But when Victoria took everything from Bella she falls from grace. The only person there to help her heal is Jacob. When Edward Returns...Thats when things become complicated. Chapter 9 Is up R&R Don't know why my story was erased.


1. The let down

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Disclaimer: I Do not Own any of the Characters. They are Property of Stephine Meyer and only Her.

I hardly recognized Charlie in his suit. I should have gone to the funeral. I should have been with Jake. He was the only glue holding me together. My Jagged hole was wrenching, tearing, smoldering at the edges. It was almost to much to bare. I had hurt Jake's feelings and I wish there could be a way to fix things. But I didn't want Alice to go.

I could never think of anything more painful right now then for Alice to leave. It was inconceivable.

" Alice, please don't go" She held on to me as I sobbed her the entire story. It felt so good to talk to someone other then Jake so freely.

" Don't worry Bella, I wont" She hummed a motherly lullaby. Not "his" Lullaby. I was grateful to her. Even though I wanted to ask her about him I knew I may not get much out. I just laid in her icy grasp hoping wishing this dream never ended. " When I get my hands on him I will make him come back. This is so foolish. I should have never agreed to his martyring march into insanity." She shook her head sighing. Martyring? What kind of joke was this.

" Alice please. Just because Victoria is out to get me doesn't mean Edward is obligated to come back." I wanted to scream at myself. That was the one thing I wanted most and least. The pain was so much. She looked at me like I just said "Do me a Favor call Victoria up so we can get this over with k?"

" Bella your sadly mistaken. Edward doesn't feel obligated. He is just being over dramatic." She sighed and rubbed my shoulder.

" Alice I am damaged goods. What would be the point of his return? I don't think I could stand him so close but then not. He must be preoccupied with his distractions." Alice was getting mad with me now. I didn't like seeing her this way. So dangerous. It wasn't good when she was mad.

"As I say now and I'll say again. YOU are mistaken Bella. When I get to him. We are all coming back I swear it Bella. We will fix this." She stated to herself. I was angry. She wasn't understanding what I was saying?

" Alice he made it very clear in the woods, I don't hold anything against him. I will always love him. But simply martyring himself over me? I don't see the logic in it. He didn't love me so there shouldn't be any guilt." Alice let go of a frustrated breath. The observation I made when I first laid eyes on my angel. I held myself together at this thought the hole was tearing at places from all this thinking. Alice held me again soothing the tears away rocking me back and forth. The observation, we were on two different plains of reality. His was Hollywood land. Mines was reality. And reality pulled me down form the cloud nine skies of Hollywood land. I was grateful for the time he gave me. Even though he didn't care I will always love him. My life has been completely altered by his arrival. Even though I can never be the same again - I don't think I'd want to be. My universe did implode with his departure but the pieces that lingered were crumbling at the thought of Edward never loving me in the first place. He was so convincing. I wanted to belive so badly every time he would whisper to me his love and affection. But I was once again slaped back into the mundane reality. As he said he has to be a good actor. He certainly left an affect on me. But Jake. I could never have what I had with Edward with Jake. But could it be that it was best that way? Edward was a dream. Jacob was a possibility.

" Bella calm down Bella it is ok nothing back will happen" As she said this I realized I had been sobbing. The heart wrenched tears that stung my eyes clueing in Alice on my state. I pouted at myself. How could I let myself cry at such a time?

" Just give me a week." Was all she said.

" What?"

" Bella I have to go now, But I leave you with this." She gave me something small and silver. It was her phone. " When I get my hands on Edward I will call you." She kissed me forehead as I slipped out of her grasp. I was frantic. NO! NO! She can't go I can't lose this again. I don't want to wake up from my dream. I held on to her wrist trying my best. I wanted to scold her for saying she would stay at frist and now backing out, but, my sore throat choked my words as they formed. Alice must have thought I was inconsolable " Bella, I promise to come back. But don't worry." I heard a knock. She looked up, shock was apparent on her face.

" Who is it Alice?"

" I don't know... but if I bet my money right. That is one of your wolf friends" She was annoyed for some reason. Frustration spilled into her features. I got up and opened the door. There stood Jake. His face, no, Sam’s face masked the sweet joyous smile that once occupied that youthful mug.

" I have to talk to you" His snarled lips spit out each word with distaste. I couldn't take such a tone. I broke down. I violently cried at the foot of the door trembling from the waves of motion that controlled my mind. Jake became frantic. He picked me up into his arms holding me his eyes were carefully controlling any emotion he was feeling.

" Bella what did that bloodsucker do to you." He looked up searching. I shook my head screaming in agony.

" No, the way you spoke-- " resentment registered in his face. The realization was staggering. My vision was contorted from the stinging tears that I couldn't see him well. He wiped my eyes of the tears and I finally got a good look at him. He was crying.

"Please forgive me. I'm sorry. I keep hurting you- this isn't fair to you. I’m so sorry." he repeated his plea like a mantra. I held on to him. The hole was mended for now. He held me together with his confession.

" Don't worry, your forgiven, I did choose her over you no?" He flinched at this. I choked back some of my tears trying to keep in composure.

" Yes but still. You know." He sighed as the tears ran down his beautiful face.

" Jacob will you ever forgive me?"

" You have done nothing wrong Bella." he looked into my eyes and softly kissed my forehead. He jumped back. " Gah you smell like them"

" Why is everyone saying I smell?" I finally felt a little better and he smiled.

" I guess I do smell."

" You smell fine but what do I smell Like?" I looked at him.

" You smell like them. To sweet. It is so sweet it stings my nose" I looked back remembering Alice. She was gone. A note was on the fridge. I was in shock. Yet again my universe imploded. The dream has ended.

But Jake was there.