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What A Tangeled Webb We Weave

AU: Bella is still in danger. But when Victoria took everything from Bella she falls from grace. The only person there to help her heal is Jacob. When Edward Returns...Thats when things become complicated. Chapter 9 Is up R&R Don't know why my story was erased.


2. Fire

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I still sobbed as Jake picked me up and carried me to the sofa. I buried my face into his bare chest. All I could do was cry. I felt the tear ducts wallow in pain, no longer capable of squeezing out one more ounce of water.

“ What me to stay till Charlie get back?” He whispered. I nodded. I don’t think I could deal with being alone right now. This was too much. Why didn’t Alice listen to me? Why? I want to see him so badly. But I don’t think I can handle it. If I collapsed from Jake being slightly rude imagine seeing him again. Seeing Edward. They might put me in a mental institution by the end of this.

I watched as Jake traced my collar bone with this index finger slowly, softly, delicately. When I looked in to his eyes I saw something I didn’t expect. His eyes were full of emotion, as if he were talking to me through them.

I knew what he was saying. But was I ready? No I’m not Ready. I don’t think I’ll ever be ready...

“Bella?” He whispered softly. I nodded as his hand ran thru my hair.” Will you flip out if I tell you something?” Oh NO. NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NOT NOW!!!!!!!!! Please Jake please don’t. I wish I could have voiced this but my jaw was wired shut. I could not speak. The shock was so great. He became startled. “ Bella!!? what's wrong?” he shook me. I tried to relax. I tried to. But how can I ? I knew what Jake was going to say.

“ I’m ok” I managed to blurt out. “ Jake could you get me the note on the fridge?” He frowned then smiled softly slipping me out of his lap throwing himself over the couch to the fridge. He plucked the note off the frig and walked back to me slipping me back into his lap.

I was far to weak to fight with him about that. I opened the note reading it. Alice's calligraphic writing was beautiful and elegant. As I read she explained to me her rush to leave was that Rosalie was about to do something very foolish. Luckily Emmett stopped her and called Alice in time so they were all going to seek out Edward. She also left me a phone number in which for me to contact her in case of emergency. Alice. I already miss you.

“ So what did the bloo-- your friend say” he smiled weakly. I laid in his large muscular arms thinking to myself. Maybe what if I do consider this? If I look up right now. If I pull him closer. Things may become... serious. I hadn’t realized that I was mimicking my thoughts. I had pulled Jake’s face close to mine. His breathing became erratic. I watched his lips quiver along with the rest of him. He wasn’t angry.

He moved closer to me I felt the heat of him on my lips before they even go close. Then it happened. The kiss burned, my body lost control. I wrapped me arms around him as he did. His lips burned into me all the emotion he had been feeling for so long it traveled right thru me. He laid me down on the couch as his hand softly rubbed my hip. I couldn’t help but pull as his hair causing him to groan from the feeling of it. This wasn’t my Edward. He could never replace Edward. But right now- I don’t think I could imagine anything else as satisfying as this. It felt like he glued my hole shut. It still felt awkward uncomfortable but still I was able to deal. I relished the fact that I could still feel. I still felt Jake’s burning skin against mines. It felt like something I could deal with. He parted from the kiss and looked into my eyes.

“ I love you Isabella Swan. Always have. Always will.” With that he continued to kiss me. The passion in which he kissed was not normal for his age. Jake was defiantly in his mid 40’s. If I couldn’t have Edward. Jake would never let me go. Never leave me. Jake. I think I could love Jake.

The kissing continued for what seemed and felt like hours. We were both panting by the end of this. The feelings that traveled thru me were a breath of fresh air. I watched as Jake picked me up and smiled.

“ You look sleepy Bells, I’ll put you to bed.” If he only knew I was dizzy with satisfaction. He carried me up the stairs as I close my eyes reminiscing the kiss. It wasn’t anything compared to Edward's kiss. Why did I react the same way? Is it that I am so devoid of physical touch that any thing alive would excite me? I chuckled at that. Alive. Wouldn’t that mean anything at all since Edward is technically not living? I’ll rephrase it. Am I so devoid of physical touch that anything at all would excite me? I’m starting to think that answer is yes.

As Jake effortlessly opened the door to my room he snuck a few kisses from me. Each kiss felt like fire thru me. I don’t know why. I felt my body react each time. Each time he knew this and held me tighter. As he laid me down and tucked me in he kissed me sitting on the floor beside my bed kissing my hand.

“Sleep well Bells. I’ll be here to watch over you” he smiled. That was the Jake I knew, not Sam’s Jake. This was the very same Jacob Black who helped me learn to ride a motorcycle. The very same Jake who saved me from a watery death two days ago. Jake. What would I do with out you.