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What A Tangeled Webb We Weave

AU: Bella is still in danger. But when Victoria took everything from Bella she falls from grace. The only person there to help her heal is Jacob. When Edward Returns...Thats when things become complicated. Chapter 9 Is up R&R Don't know why my story was erased.


3. The earth Explodes

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I don’t remember much. I was in and out of sleep. When ever I opened my eyes Jake was right there either asleep as well or looking out. The final time I opened my eyes it was night fall. Jake was not there. I jumped up. I heard a commotion down stairs. A struggle. Oh no. Victoria? I heard Charlie yell out words I never dreamed to hear him utter. I got up started to the door but something stopped me. It was Quil.

“ Let me thru.” I commanded.

“ I can’t Bella. You don’t want to go down stairs right now” His eyes sad. What happened. My knees wobbled. Quil caught me mid fall and carried me to the bed. That is when Jake entered the room. Jake was wet. It was a dark wet that didn’t register with my groggy yet alert state.
“Bella listen to Quil please, I can’t explain now but please believe me I will later.” Then I smelled it. It was blood. He wasn’t wet. He was covered in Blood. Charlie?

I screamed at the top of my lungs.

“Charlie !!!! NO NO !!!!!” Quil let me go stepping back as Jake took over the smell of blood was maddening. I could hear an ambulance in the back ground.

“ Bells please calm down. Bella I promise Charlie will not die. If I have anything I could promise to you it is that” The smell made me gag. I leaned over throwing up. Jake held me pulling my hair back. This couldn’t be happening. Not Charlie. What happened? How could this happened. My father was innocent of all this. I am to blame. This was all my fault. I’ve killed my father. Quil stepped in as Jake promised to be back. I heard water running as Quil tried to joke with me. I was crying. I was vomiting and crying. It hurt so much to cry I swear blood could have come out. My reality was now falling apart. It over lapped with my fairy tale. This could not be happening. Jake came back clean of the blood with a towel. I heard people gasp down stairs. I heard Sam’s authoritative voice. Then I heard Charlie's weak voice. He didn’t sound at all good. Jake picked me up into his arms carrying me down stairs. I could see why he didn’t want me frantic. There was blood everywhere. I cringed at the smell gagging and choking. I saw them take Charlie in the ambulance Jake and me hopped in the back with Charlie. He was covered in blood. His eyes dazed. I don’t know what was worse the fact that I was asleep during his suffering . Or the fact that she didn’t get to me before him. I cried more.

I periodically got asked questions about Charlie's health. To the best of my knowledge he was fit as a whistle. Jake never let my side. Time from time he would have to drag me away from Charlie’s comatose state to get something to eat. I couldn’t eat. Charlie was hurt because of me. I still have no clue what happened. I had to know. Even if it killed me. “ Jake?” I asked weakly plucking peas out of a microwave chicken pot pie.

“ Yeah Bells?”

“ What happened?” He sighed looked down. I saw he was angry. I saw Billy and Sam arrive at our side. Sam took over.

“Bella, When your father came home that thing. Victoria is that it's name?” My shutter confirmed this. “ She was there waiting. Jake had been able to stand her off with Jared and Embry but it wasn’t enough. Then your Father entered and things got out of hand. She used him to wager her escape. But in the end she tore off your fathers leg and we tore her to bits.” I couldn’t see anymore, tears filled my eyes. Jake was shaking softly Sam and Billy soothed him till he calmed down. Jake then got up and hugged me. I cried yet again in his arms. I had ruined my father. I let my fantasy mix with reality. The dream became too real. My father may die from this. It was my fault. Jake softly kissed me on my lips as tears rolled down my cheeks. This surpized Billy and Sam. But there was no time for scolding because thats when Charlie's doctor walked to us. Charlie had just died of heart complications. That is when I blacked out.

I came too with sleep crusting my eyes. My right eye didn’t want to open. I sighed as I rubbed it till it functioned. I focused in on the room. This was not my room. This was Jake’s small room. And there laying next to me was Jake. But he was not ... decent. All the events of the past few days surged thru me like a nightmare. Charlie’s death. My emotional break down. At the funeral I was inconsolable. My teachers excused my absents from school. I had the week off. Then came last night. I was crying so much Jake had to hold me down to calm me. I thrashed screaming hysterical. I was alone now. No one could save me now. I damned Charlie along with me. It was my fault. As I screamed this out Jake held me till I lost all strength and let him win.

“ Kiss me Jake, help me forget. I can't fell nothing anymore. I need to feel somthing.” Was what I said. Jake did as he was instructed. Boy did I want to kick myself.

The kissing turned into passionate entanglements of lust and love that I was surprised he was able to contain himself previous till this night.

He ripped my clothing off as he did his own. His body was perfect. He asked me if I was sure about this. I answered with pulling him close giving him a soft kiss.

The fire the coursed thru my body with each kiss, each touch, each thrust... was maddening. Last night I was Jake's. Last night he definitely made me forget. He made me feel somthing other then pain. If I lost my father I might as well have lost my innocence. He made me forget that Charlie. My father had died. That the earth exploded and I’d wander space in search for reason. Jake. My rock gave me what he could. He gave me the ability to at least forget for that sum of hours. To feel for that sum of hours somthing other then pain.

“ Hello love.” He looked up at me smiling softly. I felt myself smile back. He slipped me into his arms softly and hugged me. “ You’ll be able to sleep at your place by tonight. Emily said she’d have the house cleaned by then.” I had to thank Emily for everything she has done. I was worse then a Zombie the last few days. I was dead. Jake had to drag me everywhere. And he was still squeamish about bathing so Emily took care of that. Billy even inlisted the help of his two daughters Rebecca and Rachel. They were in town for a while till I recovered. I’d have to lie. I’ll never recover from this. Not ever. My father is gone. I killed Charlie. I’d wish I was dead instead of him. But when I stare into Jake's eyes I see hope. Now I have an other reason to stay alive. Jake. I couldn’t believe it but Jake's eyes where smoldering. There was a fire behind them that made my withering body warm up in life. A empty life. But still I think living for Jake was something to aspire to. I don’t want him to ever feel this kind of pain. It would be to much for me to bare.

“ What would you like for Breakfast?” he asked softly running his hand down the small of my back. Oh my goodness I wasn’t dressed. I saw him lean over and kiss my shoulder as I scrambled for a blanket. Then I realized I was extremely hungry. The hungry pain shot threw me making me queasy. He laughed as I panicked and helped me pull the blanket up. " Bella I don't think you should ever be embarrassed, you are far to beautiful." I blushed, I couldn't help it. I decided to avoid this conversation.

“ Any thing really. I think I could eat a horse right about now” He laughed at this and gave me a robe as he slip on his cut off jean shorts. I now saw Jake in a different light. I would always see the beauty of his body in the back of my head.

I wonder how life will go now. All alone in my house. First the universe. Now the earth. I now desperately clanged to my sun. Jake. I can’t lose my sun. Then I will be forever lost in the dark.