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What A Tangeled Webb We Weave

AU: Bella is still in danger. But when Victoria took everything from Bella she falls from grace. The only person there to help her heal is Jacob. When Edward Returns...Thats when things become complicated. Chapter 9 Is up R&R Don't know why my story was erased.


4. If things couldn't get any worse

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I slipped on the robe tying the strap around my waist. When I went to get up I felt a sharp stinging pain shoot thru me causing me to lay back down. Jake rushed to my side panicked.

“ Bella?”!!!

“ I can’t walk it hurts to much.” I saw Jake blush so deep I thought he hit his head.” Jake?” He grinned looking down. I could see he was embarrassed.

“ I’m sorry I got carried away.” he hugged me softly. “Bella about last night. I know you don’t feel the same way. I don’t know why I couldn’t control myself.” He hung his head in shame. I smiled and hugged him softly.

“Let’s eat first before we talk further” He picked me up carrying me to the kitchen where five faces met us. Rachel and Rebecca I hadn’t seen them in so long. They both looks so beautiful staring at us; trying to fight a smile or a grin. Billy cleared his throat nodded at us. Billy sure did look uncomfortable. Sam and Emily where in the kitchen. Emily’s eyes where with so much love and happiness that I felt uncomfortable. Sam’s face was unreadable. Jake look down and smiled at me softly kissing my forehead sitting me down on the couch.

“Jake? Why are they acting like that?” I whispered. Jake turned a deep red and whispered into my ear.

“We were a bit ... Loud... Last night Bella. ” OH MY GOD NO!!!! He sighed and we sat there, both embarrassed.

“So how do you like your eggs Bella?” Rachel asked me. I was so red I feared facing her. I sighed and turned to her asking for sunny side up. She smiled at me. Over all, breakfast was gratifying. Billy stared at Jake as if disapproving anything he’d say. Sam never looked at me. He stared at Jake, his face still unreadable. I noticed Jake stiffen as Rachel set down the pancakes. Rebecca smiled at me and Jake. She whispered something to Emily. I was so hungry I ate the eggs, sausage, bacon, and pancakes. I sighed sitting back. I was stuffed.

“So Bella you think going back to the house is to soon?” Did Sam actually talk to me? I almost spit out my orange juice.

“I still feel a bit tender about it. But I don’t want to be a pain on Billy.” I smiled Billy’s way. Billy nodded, his face looked hardened since I last seen him. He must be angry about what happened last night. I looked away tracing a pattern in the condensation on the side of the glass. “I think it is best I do go back.” I didn’t need to look at Jake to see the disappointment. I had committed the biggest mistake in my life, I had indefinitely give Jake false hopes. I had given him something that was reserved for one other. I shuttered. But that person didn’t want it. Didn’t want me. Life has fallen absolutely apart for me. I almost buckled in under myself. Why couldn’t he love me? Why would life give me so much happiness for such a short time. Then rip it away from me. That is the true joke. Life serves you lemons you make lemonade, yes? But what if there was a large flock of birds overhead. And the just filled the pitcher with excrement. Then what? Like hell your going to drink from that. I sighed as I asked Jake to drive me to my house. I suppose it is My house. Apparently Charlie left it to me. I still can’t believe he left a will. It was as if he knew his time was up soon. I can’t think of anything more painful. As Jake shut off the ignition he sat there with me in silence.

“Where does this lead us Bella?” he whispered. I winced at the thought of trying to make sense of all this.

“ I don’t know Jake, I need time to think it over” I saw his eyes grow sad. “ I was a moment of impulse” he nodded in agreement. He was surprisingly calm.

“ I will never forget what happened between us Bella, that was the most special moment of my life and I am honored that it was you who was my first. I know you don’t feel that way about this. I know who you wanted to be your first.” he looked down at his hands softly shaking. “Did you at least enjoy it?” His eyes for now full of tears. How could I answer this with out giving him anymore fault hopes.

“I did enjoy it, but I would have preferred something like that to happen under more...stable circumstances” I sighed. He sighed. We stood silent for a while. He finally opened the door and then opened mines.

“Lets get you some clothing” he smiled half heartily. There was pain underneath. I’ve damaged Jake. Every thing I touch becomes ruined.
Becomes as damaged and as withered as I am. How could I have done this.

As we walked into the door I almost collapsed. All the emotions I had been feeling. All the emotions that I had experienced in the last number of days all came rushing back to me. I was home. An Empty home. With no Charlie. I killed Charlie. I started to cry involuntarily as Jake patted my shoulder.

“Wait.. Something is not right” His voice became huskier. I wiped the water curse that is my tear ducts moist. That is when I noticed it. The house was a mess. Some one had vandalized or robbed my home. Who could have done this?

This I noticed something moving under the couch. When I went closer I realized what it was. The phone Alice lent me.

“How long has It been since that day” I cringed at the thought of it. Jake calculated it and confidently spoke.

“10 days” Oh god. There must be here. The phone started to ring again. I picked it up.

“Hello” My voice broke.

“BELLA!!!!!” Alice was frantic. “WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN I’VE BEEN CALLING--” I looked at the phone and gasped. The phone died.

“ Crap” Was all I could say. Now I had a mission. Find a phone charger, before Alice kills me. What a mess I have made.