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What A Tangeled Webb We Weave

AU: Bella is still in danger. But when Victoria took everything from Bella she falls from grace. The only person there to help her heal is Jacob. When Edward Returns...Thats when things become complicated. Chapter 9 Is up R&R Don't know why my story was erased.


5. The ugly confession

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“ Jake have you found anything?” I was desperately looking all over the house for something that may resemble a phone charger.

“ Bella didn’t your friend give you a number?”

“ Oh...” I sighed hitting my head again the wall. Why didn’t I think of that. Alice gave me a piece of paper with the number to her phone. Before I could start looking for the piece of paper the house phone rang. I ran to it but not before I tripped on a chair and fell. Jake caught me just in time.

“ Thank you Jake.” I tried to pry his hands off my waist trying to get to the phone but he didn’t let go.

“ Bella, can you reconsider?” His eyes pleaded with me. I couldn't look at them. They made me feel so guilty. “ Bella you’ll always have my heart.” Oh god WHY?

“ Jake I need to answer that phone.” I reached for the phone with in a hair of touching it. Finally Jake picked it up and handed it to me walking away.

“ Hello?”

“ BELLA” It was my mother. She must have been worried.

“ Are you ok!!??? WHAT HAPPENED. YOUR COMING HOME RIGHT NOW.” Jake was picking things up. He reached for the broom and I handed it to me, he nodded and began to swept as I tried to calm my mother down.

“ Mom, MOM !! I know. Please calm down” I had to be strong for her. If she hears me falter in composure she will crumble. I can’t lose my mother as well. “ Mom it is all ok the Blacks have helped me in everything.”

“ WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?” Her voice broke. I heard Phil in the background trying to calm her down. Tears streamed down my face but, I did my best to keep my tone calm.

“ I was at the Blacks for the last couple of days. I couldn’t stay here for a while mom.” I saw Jake stiffen and start to shake. “ Mom, Promise me you’ll calm down?”

“ Ok Bella, But me and Phil are on our way to pick you up”

“ MOM, I can’t LEAVE. I have to finish - crap” She hung up before I could finish. I looked out at Jake his head was shaking. “Jake?” He stared at me I heard a rip. Oh dear. I ran up the stairs as I saw Jake trying to struggle with keeping whole. That's when there was a knock on the door.

“ BELLA!!!” Alice was right behind me and grabbed me by the waist pulling me back into my room. I was so confused to what was happening. Then I heard a roar. Oh no what was that . It was the worst thing I have ever heard. I covered my ears trying to stop the painful bellows from down stairs. I heard things breaking.

“ What is happening.?!!” I yelled. Alice was screaming something I don’t know what. Then I realized she was screaming at me. I uncovered my ears listening to Alice.

“ WHO HURT YOU!!!?” Alice was frantic.

“ No one hurt me!” I was confused, what was she talking about.

“Bella I smell blood everywhere, what happened? You reek of your own blood and that dog.” She pointed down stairs. Oh dear. I can’t tell her.

“ Nothing happened. Accept Charlie being mortally injured by Victoria.” I broke into tears. The truth can hid a lie pretty well. She held me with reserve. If she only knew how close Jake got. I felt so guilty about lying. I kept crying. Then I remembered. “ Are you alone?”

“ Jasper and Emmett are here.” Oh no

“ Please don’t hurt Jake!!” I screamed I was franticly trying to make my way down stairs. Alice had me in her iron grasp. I was getting no where. Alice finally walked me down stairs. Jasper was in one corner with Emmett. Emmett had Jasper in a strangle hold. Jasper’s eyes where black. Jake was in an opposite corner shaking erratically. He was trying so hard not to phase it was almost painful to see.

“ Jake Calm down.” He looked at me then at Alice and almost gagged.

“ Step away from her Bella, I don’t think I can’t control myself if she is touching you.” Jake's voice was rough his face contorted in a menacing snarl. I was crying by now. Alice let me go willingly. I stepped toward Jake who seemed to be calming down. “ Thank you Bella” He sighed. I noticed he stopped calling me Bells, I was grateful to him for that.

“ Bella, You reek of blood, seriously were you hurt.” Alice’s voice was tight and rigid. She stood by Jasper and Emmett. I can’t tell her. I just can’t.

“ No I’m fine.” I looked away towards the ground.

“ Did he hurt you?!” Jasper hissed. I was surprised. He must be in a frenzy from all the blood that still lingered. Poor Charlie. I didn’t notice I started to cry thinking this was where Charlie last stood before he went into a comma.

“ I would NEVER HURT BELLA YOU LEECH” Jake yelled so loud it sounded like a roar. Alice almost stepped forward. Jake started to tremble. I stepped way from Jake. A cautionary step. Jake nodded” It is best your not near me right now.” He held his head still shaking.

“ Alice don’t, he may phase. That is something we don’t want” I was surprisingly calm. Alice nodded.

“ I’ll ask you for the last time Bella, did he hurt you.” Alice knew something is wrong.

“ No,” I tried to be expressionless but, Jasper is here. Damn

“Bella why do you feel guilty?” Jasper hissed again. Emmett held on to him pretty good as Jasper jerked in his hold. Oh lord. Please don’t. “Bella why are you panicked? “ Jasper seemed to be getting a hold of himself but just barely. Emmett didn’t falter.

“ Jasper stop asking...” I whispered. I felt ashamed. Jasper went rigid and still. He stared at me and Jake. Alice was following his gaze confused. He was Double taking. Oh god he knows. He took one hard look at the robe I wore. He snarled. Alice’s brow creased in confusion.

“ Bella...” Jasper whispered in disappointment.” Let me go I’m leaving.” Emmett was surprised and looked at me. Alice looked at Jasper as he stormed out. Then she looked at me. I was hysterically crying now. Jasper was disappointed at me. Will he ever forgive me? Will any of them forgive me?

“ Jake leave please.” My voice cracked. Jake eyes showed pain and betrayal. I felt so guilty for hurting him. He was going to question me later I just know it. Jake ran out of the house towards the woods.

“Please tell Jasper to come in.” Alice nodded, her face drenched in confusion. Alice drug Jasper back in who was glaring at me. Then someone I didn’t expect. Rosalie was helping Alice with Jasper in the house. I have to face them now. But I couldn’t stop crying.

Now alone I faced Alice, Emmett, Rosalie, and Jasper. Great. I sat in a chair crying. I needed to calm down.

“ Bella everything will be ok. “ Alice soothed me softly. Jasper was restrained by Emmett and Rosalie. I looked down in shame once again. I’m an idiot.

“ No it wont” I whispered. “ I’ve ruined everything.” I kept crying, tears streaming down my face. “ Jasper please forgive me.” This made everyone turn to Jasper stunned.

“ Of coarse I will ... but your lucky we couldn’t find Edward.” Jasper sighed. They couldn’t Find him. Where could he be?

“Ok I am lost” Alice muttered.

“ Ditto” Emmett and Rosalie both said.

“ I did something very bad last night” I looked at them with tears running down my cheeks. “It will cost me everything I love. I was stupid” I shook my head pulling at my hair sobbing. Alice didn’t even know how to start. For the first time I saw Rosalie genuinely nervous and concerned. “Edward will never forgive me” That's all it took for Rosalie and Alice to clue in. Emmett was still oblivious. I sat down and they joined me at the table.

“What ? ” Emmett stared at us. I never seen him with a more clueless expression before.

“ Emmett, I lost my ...” I choked at that part. “ I ruined everything” I held on to the table for support my body trembling from the violence of my hysteria.

“Em, she slept with the dog” Rosalie whispered softly. Emmett was not happy. It only made me cry more.

“ But Bella, how could you? Doesn’t Edward's feelings matter at all?” Alice was speaking in a unsure tone and hurt. I could hear the pain in her voice.

“ Alice he doesn’t love me. He said so. Plus I wasn't in the best state of mind. But still I’ve ruined my life. I killed Charlie, Victoria was after me and instead she hurt Charlie. I don’t even remember the last 10 days.” I concentrated on the cracks in the table whispering. “ I was weak. Since Edward doesn’t love me anymore I thought I could start over?” Alice looked at me irate.

“ Bella, Stop talking like that. Didn’t I tell you Edward is being over dramatic?” I nodded Rosalie handed me a napkin. I thanked her as Alice continued. “ Edward loves you Bella. He is just convinced he is no good for you and that your better off with that Newton boy” I gagged at the name. This made Emmett smile.

“ Alice It never made sense for him to love me. He just realized that and wanted you all to leave cause of it. It never made sense to me” I looked down as Alice muttered something about stubbornness.

Emmett sighed looking at Jasper who was also annoyed. Rosalie didn’t met my eyes but her expression was worry. Rosalie dialed on the number pad of her cell phone sighing. I didn’t catch when she changed the battery but there it was on the table. I must have been crying to much.

“ I don’t know why I try the little brat wont answer” Rosalie muttered. Alice smiled.

“There is always room for surprises” Alice winked as Rosalie’s face grew still.

“ Hello Edward” Rosalie whispered. I don't know why I did it but I ran up the stairs into Charlie's room. There on his bed I sobbed franticly. I tried to recapture his smell. The slight odor of fish and old spice. I wished for him to come back to me. I wished for my angel to still love me. Alice was just being nice.

“ Bella , please calm down” Jasper’s voice was out side the door. He sat on the floor staring at me. Alice joined me on the bed. “ Crying wont solve anything. I’m sorry I reacted like that” He sighed looking down. I tried to calm down but my heart was trying to wrench out of my body from all the stress. Finally a wave of calm spread thru the room. I was surprised It took Jasper so long to use his powers. I sat up in Alice's lap. All of a sudden Alice went rigid. Jasper was next to her with in a second calming her down. She looked ill then turned to me.

“What do you see?” my tone anxious. Alice regained composer and looked at me with so much hurt in her eyes I almost started to cry again.

“ Bella, call your mom and tell her not to board a plane.” I screamed reaching for anything that resembled a phone. Alice gave me hers and I dialed the number pad making mistakes. Then Alice took it away and calmly punched in the numbers I whispered to her. She handed me the phone a second later. It was ringing.

“ Hello?” It was Renee, I tried to keep calm.

“ Mom, don’t come here please.” I could feel myself falling apart. “ It is best that you just stay in Jacksonville till a few weeks... Mom?” She was silent then I noticed the call was cut off. I hit redial shaking. Alice soothed me

“ Hello ? Bella?” Renee was a little anxious now. She was some where public. I heard a commotion in the back ground.

“ Mom. Do Not come here, please listen to me. It is to much trouble and I know how you get lost and all. Mom give me time to at least come down there after a graduate.”

“ Bella don’t be silly I’m just about to board the plane” Oh no.

“ MOM don’t get n the plane please mom listen to me.” I was desperate Alice was stiff again. “ Mom don’t get on the plane, just go back to Phil please” I was breaking down. But she wasn’t even listening.

“ Bella I got to go there boarding right now I-” I cut her off.

“ DON'T YOU DARE GET ON THE PLANE MOTHER!!!” My lips twitched after that bellow my mother was left silent.

“ Isabella Marie Swan, you do not talk to me like that. And for one thing I’m not letting you live up there alone I am your mother and I am getting on that plane and that is final."

“ No mom please listen to me it is best this way, don’t get on the plane.”

“ Good bye Isabella”

“MOM NO” The line went silent. I must have hit redial a dozen times getting voice mail each time before I lost myself crying the rest of the night with Alice.

As dawn approached Alice took me down the stairs to watch T.V. As she flipped thru the channels I stopped her at the news channel. There was a big story about a plane crash out side of the Rockies. The flight was out of Jacksonville. There were no survivors. I blacked out.