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What A Tangeled Webb We Weave

AU: Bella is still in danger. But when Victoria took everything from Bella she falls from grace. The only person there to help her heal is Jacob. When Edward Returns...Thats when things become complicated. Chapter 9 Is up R&R Don't know why my story was erased.


6. My angel and the fog

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I don’t remember much. Only that Alice told me I was excused for an other week of school she told them what had happened. Renee and Phil were on that plane. I lost everything. I lost every single thing that tied me to this life - that mattered. Alice and Jasper had there hands full with me. I was a mess.

Emmett told me he couldn’t bare seeing me this way as he sobbed with me. It was astonishing to see how humble Emmett truly was. Rosalie didn’t like seeing Emmett this way and suggested he leave to the house. Alice and Jasper insisted I go the house as well. Like I had a choice. I had to take a bath before I left. I still reeked of blood. Jasper was barely capable of functioning. For his sake I didn’t fight.
As we left Charlie’s house the porch was littered with flowers and condolences of my fathers and my mothers passing. I couldn’t bare looking at it. Alice crawled in the back seat with me as I tried to concentrate on not crying.

“ Bella, Edward is going to come home soon. So don’t worry. Also no more detrimental thoughts please. He’ll explain him self soon enough.” I sighed looking away. She wasn’t there when he told me. I winced at the thought of it making Alice hold me closer. Thank goodness it felt like a few seconds before we got to the Cullen’s. I wasn’t even leaning up when Esme opened my door hugging me tightly.

“ I’m so sorry Bella, I’m so sorry.” She softly kissed my cheek. I lamented freely in her arms as she carried me in the house. Esme was my only mother now. Carlisle was my only father now. There was no argument. I was officially a Cullen. But I wanted something more then to be just a Cullen. I wanted Edward. But that is impossible. He hated me. He’ll ostracize me for bothering his family in such a way. I have to prepare myself. I loved him so much. Why did I do this to myself. Jacob... I still think of him standing over me asking if I was sure about this. I should have said no. But I didn’t care at the time. But I should have. Now I have to face Edward. If he comes. If he cares to come. He must have put up a fight to not return. I don’t blame him. Esme laid me down on Edward's sofa humming a soft lullaby. Alice entered with her cell phone speaking low.

“ Carlisle is on his way with him... ” She smiled snapping her phone shut. “ After he heard what happened to Charlie and Renee he became frantic. They should be here in an hour” I panicked. I started to cry begging to leave. I wanted to hide in a hole and never come out. I couldn’t bear to face Edward in such a state.

Emmett’s thoughts will inform him before will ever have a chance to confront him. I really didn’t want to be in the same state as Edward right now. Oh no what if he goes after Jake. I have to tell him it is my fault. All my fault, Jake did ask me if I was sure. But I wasn’t even the best state of mind either. I was having delusions. But still I was solely responsible. I couldn’t run away. I couldn’t leave this all on Jake. What would that say of me. Besides where would I run too?
Alice and Esme would hold me down easily. I was stuck. As I struggled to catch a breath Esme held me trying to get me to calm down.

“ Bella you smell different.” Esme looked down at me confused. I shrugged and leaned against Esme’s body. “Don’t worry Bella everything will be fine. Everything will be ok.” I dreaded Edward's return as much as I relished it.

“ Esme may I have a glass of water?” I asked thinly. She nodded and kissed my forehead.


“Yes, please” She smiled before walking out of the room. Alice listened for a few seconds before she started to speak.

“ Bella, you have a big problem.”

“ Yes I know. Edward will be furious to see me here”

“ Quit being so stubborn, he loves you. What he wont love is the fact that you...” Alice went stiff. I looked at her perplexed as I heard the door slam.

“ WHAT ON EARTH !!.” I know that voice anywhere. I’d answer that voice in death if possible. But right now I wanted to jump out the window. An hour felt like ten minutes. Not a second after I thought this Edward appeared at the door. His eyes were a mixture of rage and agony. He looked at me on only me. I started to weep. I curled into a ball shielding myself from his hostile leer. I heard Alice yell at him to leave me alone but he only shoved her out of the room slamming the door. I sobbed hysterically now. Alone in a room with him. I’m lucky he doesn’t kill me.

“ Bella, what did that dog do to you?” His voice was drenched in pain. I felt him take a hold of me . He uncurled me and held my head up to his face. His expression was filled with a misery and torture that I couldn’t begin to comprehend. I stared blankly and shocked, he was so beautiful, my angel.

“ What did he do you to you Bella?’ His brow creased to accentuate his pain. I never seen his lower lip quiver before. “ Bella answer me what did that beast do to you... I’ll Kill HIM” I was to shocked to answer. His beauty always caught me off guard. I felt hole again. His voice roared out as he looked into space. His eyes darting contemplating, calculating. I started to beg. I had to save Jake from such a fate.

“ It’s my fault , Jake is not to blame. I’m solely responsible. So do what you must to me please don’t hurt him.” I would have continued if Edward didn’t interrupt me. He was irate.

“ What do you mean It is your fault? Bella I would never harm you in such away. He will answer me for this. I will kill him for touching you.” I started to cry again. I was so angry he didn’t listen to me. What is the matter with him? “ Bella, I’m sorry this was the biggest mistake I have ever made. Leaving you hear to deal with Victoria. Then your father’s and your mother’s passing.” He snarled now “ Then I left you in the hands of dogs that violated you.” He growled furiously holding me tighter. “ I will never let it happen again, no one will ever hurt you in such away.” What is he talking about?

“ Edward , Jake ... didn’t rape me.” He didn’t understand me. His face suddenly grew stiff.

“ You willingly...” His voice broke at the end. I don’t think I could have started to weep any more hysterically. He didn’t look at me. I’ve lost him.

“ Edward please forgive me.” My eyes couldn’t see him. To many tears. I furiously wiped them away as I stood stunned at what I saw. Edward's eyes were clinched tightly, his fist on his mouth. I don’t know what he was doing. His body started to convulse as a cry of agony escaped his lips partly muffled by his fist. I backed away but he pulled me close hugging me tightly. “ Edward, I’m sorry I came here I wasn’t in my place to do so. I’ll leave as soon as possible” He opened his eyes looking at me.

“ You think I’m angry cause my family came to look for me?”

“ Yes... I know you were preoccupied with your distractions. I told them you wouldn’t want to come. I know what you said in the woods was final. I didn’t want to be of nuisance.” He looked like he would cry. His hands softly touched my face. I looked into his eyes not daring to move and inch.

“ Isabella, I love you more then anything in this world. I’m angry that I lost you already. Of all things. To a werewolf.” He looked away still trembling.

“ What?” I was so confused. What does he mean lose me? He never wanted me in the first place.

“ Bella, I lied to you in the woods. I meant for you to move on. And you have. I’ll tell the others. We wont bother you -.” I panicked I didn’t want them to leave.

“ Please don’t go!! Please" His eyes were so gorged with sorrow I began sobbing franticly chocking on my own words. “I know you don’t care for me or love me. But please don’t leave me your all I have left.” I let out a scream of agony as I kneeled to the floor clenching his hand. He quickly picked me up and held me.

“ Bella, I love you, I love you, I love you.” each time he said this he kissed my lips. My heart fluttered each time. He carefully held me looking into my eyes. “ Bella, I never want to hear you in such pain. I can never hate you, I can never be angry at you. I’m furious at myself. For leaving you with so much on your plate. I’m furious that dog took advantage of you in such a weak state. Could you still love me after all that I have done ? ” His eyes smoldered as he wiped my tears away.

“ You don’t have to ask. I can never hate you. I hate myself. I ruined everything. I can never feel this way for Jake. Nothing can change how much I love you. You are the reason I breath Edward. But I understand if you want nothing with me. I am a wh-” He stopped me there was rage in his eyes.

“ Bella, did you hear anything that I just said?” I nodded. I heard everything he said. “ You don’t believe I love you?” I nodded again. He made a sound of agony that I couldn’t bear hearing. “ Have I hurt you to much ? Has that wolf really influenced you ?” His eyes filled with the pain as before. I couldn’t bear to look.

I tried to choke out these words as I recovered from sobbing“ No and No. It never made sense for you to love me. I thought you become tired of me. I’m only a human and all. I was grateful for what you gave me.” I started to sob again as He stopped me

“ Bella, never doubt in my love for you. It is stronger then my own will. I can never stop loving you. EVER. My heart is sealed with your heart. Nothing can change my mind. You are not just a human. Your my Bella. The only thing that’s given my existence true meaning. Don’t cry my angel - my reason to exist. I love you” He breathed softly revealing this his eyes sad- burning through mine. The cogs started to turn. Did he really love me?

“ Edward Cullen, are you saying you truly love me?” My voice must have sounded terrible after all that I have yelled today. He nodded. This time, tears of joy escaped my eyes as I hugged him. He hugged me back lovingly. I loved this man. And he loved me.

“ My angel” he whispered softly as he kissed me. My heart raced. I was his.

“ Come in,” Edward muttered. I didn’t hear a knock. Carlisle and Alice entered the room. Alice smiled softly as Carlisle nodded, he looked the same from the last time I seen him. I then noticed Carlisle look at me with an odd expression. Edward immediately became angry.

“ NO!” Edward screamed at the top of his lungs. I stared shocked at him. What did Carlisle say? “ Your wrong!!!” Edward shook his head in disbelief. Alice looked like she was going to sob, her head hung . “ I don’t believe you!!” Edward was up and moving breaking a notebook that looked fairly new in half throwing the wasted piece of technology into the corner. His eyes mad with fury. I was scared.

“ Edward your scaring her.” Carlisle said calmly. “She can’t be stressed in such a state Edward. She is far too delicate right now” What is he talking about? I started as Edward went on his knees making the same noise of agony from before. I began to sob, yet again. I felt my tear ducts itch in pain. I swear blood will come out next.

“ What do you mean Carlisle?” He looked at me still calm as Alice looked surprised. Then they looked at Edward who was still on the floor. I heard Edward saying something about dogs but I didn’t catch much of it.

“ Bella, please be calm it but I’ve just made a discovery” He looked at Edward who was sitting in the corner his face showed agony and defeat.

I was anxious. What discovery? “I‘m not following you Carlisle. What discovery?”

He sighed and sat next to me as calm as anyone else in a casual conversation.

“ Bella your with child.” A fog grew thick in the room. Or was it my head? I felt dizzy. I can't be. The fog clouded my vision I was completely lost now.

Edward help me...