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What A Tangeled Webb We Weave

AU: Bella is still in danger. But when Victoria took everything from Bella she falls from grace. The only person there to help her heal is Jacob. When Edward Returns...Thats when things become complicated. Chapter 9 Is up R&R Don't know why my story was erased.


7. Stage left : Romeo and Paris met

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I have so much school work to make up it wasn’t funny. I was excused for most of my assignments but my cal test killed me. But so far I was doing good. Alice was a good tutor. But still, I was struggling. I refused Alice’s offer of doing my homework. She was the only one who returned to school. Edward has been acting strangely since the news. He never wants to talk about it. I noticed he stood in his room with the door locked, even when I was there

Esme is enjoying herself cooking for me and helping me with baby stuff. I really don’t want to think of these sort of things. In fact I’m down right mortified by the fact that I am pregnant. It still hasn’t sunk in yet. My tummy started to show just slightly. It’s nothing a baggy shirt couldn’t cover. Carlisle said we’d have to go to Denali for my privacy after graduation. He was kind of enthusiastic about the idea of a baby in the house. I told no one out side the family of my pregnancy. I took extra care of myself when I was in Gym. Mike had pestered me about looking different which I shot down as well as another date proposal. Moron...

Besides ostracizing my friends from school- strictly sitting with Alice and only Alice; I mainly spent my time at the Cullen’s. Edward and I barely speak. It just like before he left me. My heart is breaking again. Jasper would help me but my potent scent is driving him mad. Apparently my pregancy is making my scent twice as alluring. Heh... thats my luck.

I sometimes stay at Charlie’s house for Jaspers sake. Edward doesn’t join me often. Rosalie likes me even less now. I don’t know why. I’ve contemplated suicide for a few days now. But I stopped that as soon as Alice came over around 3 am screaming at me for the last couple of days. I would sometimes cry begging Alice for forgiveness. Alice would forgive me every time. She tells me there is nothing to be sorry for. She’s being nice again.

Jake... I haven't told Jake yet. Billy will be upset. I don’t think the word upset would cover it. Jake is so young. He has a very important job to do. I can’t get in the way of that. With a baby. With my luck.

Emmett and Jasper have has to keep Edward under close surveillance after the episode he had a month ago. As soon as I passed out Edward was going to go the Blacks and Kill Jake. It took Emmett, Jasper, Rosalie, Alice, and Carlisle to hold him down. Esme stood with me trying to revive me. Alice told me she has never seen Edward lose his temper and control in such away. The strength that mustered within him that night even shocked Emmett.

Tonight I’m going to stay at Charlie’s. Jasper was having a bad night and Rosalie almost had a tantrum for my presents there. I almost contemplated running home but thank goodness I came in my truck. But I did run out of the house. As the days drew by, my welcome at the Cullen’s lessened and lessened. Pretty soon I’ll have no one. I was crying as I drove up to the house. It was raining of coarse. When I went to open the truck door it was already open for me. Jake held an umbrella holding his free hand out to help me out. I smiled softly. It was the only genuine smile I’ve had in a month.

“Sorry I haven't gone to La push Jake...” I looked at him trying to gage his reaction. Only a bright smile greeted me. It made me feel so much better.

“Like I said Bella, in my eyes you never do anything wrong.” I almost snorted. I’ve ruined everything I touched. I can’t ruin Jake. He walked me to the house. As I opened the door I could still smell the blood. It will forever haunt me. I opened the windows as he turned on the lights and looked in the refrigerator. “Hungry?” Jake asked searching the frig. He has no Idea. At school I have been eating my entire tray plus Alice’s it was shocking for even me .

“You have no Idea.” I sighed and sat on the couch. He sat next to me turning on the T.V. It was still on the news channel which was discussing how the plane crash could have prevented. I just wish people would let things go. Give it a rest. I can never properly heal from this if they are dissecting every failure that happened on the plane. The fact that the plane was not inspecting in 5 years. Or the fact that the pilot was a suspecting heroine user only makes me angrier. Jake quickly flipped the Channel to some music channel.

“ Thank you Jake.” I whispered. He nodded softly.

“ I’m ordering Pizza. What's your preference?” Oh dear ... I was so hungry. I had the weirdest cravings lately.

“ Sausage, pineapple and anchovies.” I blurted out. Jake made a face as he looked at me.

“ Bella you ok?” ... Damn.

“ Yes I am ok Jake. I’m trying something new” I lied. He didn’t buy it. Damn again...

“ Bella, don’t hurt your self over this. It isn’t your fault. You shouldn’t be abusing yourself like this.” ...? What ?

“ Explain?” I was confused. But I was scared of what was to come.

“ You don’t think I noticed you gained weight?” Jake pointed at my tummy. Oh dear... Lie ... Lie your but off. He can’t know. Things will get worse Bella... Lie for his sake. Lie to save him. I thought to myself.

“ I’m just hungry Jake that's all.” He sighed and reached over to touch my stomach. I panicked. I jumped up and pretended to be mad. “ Jacob Black!!” I screamed. He backed down. Close one.

“ Sorry,” he turned his full attention to the phone. I sat back down screaming in my head. What am I going to do when he sees me consume that pizza by myself? For once I needed Jake to be oblivious to this. His life depended on it. “ They’ll be here in 45 minutes” He sat back down next to me paying attention to the T.V. I sat back and relaxed. “ What are you hiding from me Bella?” ... Shit. I quickly jumped to the edge of the sofa and looked at him.

“ So I have to be hiding something to not want to be touched?” I was giving my best performance. “ Don’t I have rights over my own body and who or when someone can or can’t touch me?” He shrunk down and sighed. Good ..

“ I know something is up Bella. I just don’t understand why do you hide it from me? Are you that depressed that you are taking it out on your self? Bella, your my friend as well as the woman I eternally love. But I wont stand around and play dumb when I know you are suffering.” I almost sighed in relief. He thinks I’m getting fat on purpose. Well... sort of.

“ Jake I’m just hungry. That's all. I haven’t really eaten since ...” I stopped. The morning after I gave myself to Jake. I had eaten so much I almost thru up. Rachel was a good cook. Or was it Rebecca? I didn’t even remember which cooked. But I knew they both cooked good. So with that knowledge I confidently ate. Jake looked away blushing. Oh dear.

“Bella, there is not a night that I don’t think of what happened between us. There is not a day that I can not think of anything else other then your beauty. The guys are sick of me already. You are all I think about.” Oh no please I can’t do this. He slid closer to me hugging me softly. I couldn’t pull away from his strength. I hugged him back. Then I felt it. His burning hand on my stomach. His eyes expressed shock. I don’t know what my face showed but it only confirmed his suspicion. That sneaky little ... oooooo. He had been suspecting of it. Why would he play dumb. Clever Jake. Damn.

"... so it’s true. What Rachel and Rebecca had been suspecting was true.”

“What do you mean suspecting?”

“ I was confused by your sudden disappearance. You never called me. You barely stood here and if you did you where with one of them...” He shook his head and sighed. I was hysterical.

“WHAT do you MEAN suspecting?!!!” He rubbed my shoulders softly looking into you my eyes.

“ Bella... there is no such thing as safe sex with a werewolf... They suspected that you were pregnant. My father almost had a heart attack when they voiced it.” I was in shock. He knew that there was no safe way to be with a werewolf and he still... I shrugged away from him walking to the kitchen.


“Why didn’t you tell me?!”

“ Sam told me during breakfast but I didn’t believe him. But then I was confirmed Sam’s theory after I left you here with them. When I got home Rachel, Rebecca, and Emily where talking about it. I was calling you Bella.” He pointed to the phone. “You were never home” This was true I had to give him that. I curled on the floor rocking back and forth. “ Bella, please forgive me.” He sat next to me. I was crying again. “ Please don’t cry Bella, it’s not good for the baby.” I saw his eyes light up a bit at the word. Baby. I was crying on the out side but losing my mind on the inside. Oh god I’m pregnant. I can’t take care of this child. I’m ruined. I ruined the family name. I ruined Charlie's reputation. Everything. Even after death I manage to screw there lives up. “ I promise nothing will hurt you. Nothing will hurt our child.” He was already protective. Oh no. There was a knock on the door. I jumped and half screamed. Jake laughed soothing me. He lifted me up into his arms and carried me to the sofa. Lord now I was getting the special treatment. “ Pizza man ..” He opened the door as some kid told him the total. Then I realized that was Tyler Crowley. OH GOD WHY ME?

“ Hey Bella, How are you feeling?” Damn it Damn it Damn it.

“ Somewhat ok. Thanks for asking” Each word was so painful to speak. I hated this kind of talk. Jake stared at the boy waiting for him to hand over the pizza’s.

“ Pizzas?” Jake muttered.

“ Money?” Tyler spoke

“ I just gave it to you genius.” Tyler blushed a deep red realizing this. Jake put the pizza’s down as Tyler fumbled for the change. “ You know what, just keep the 5 bucks, have a good night” Jake softly closed the door cursing under his breath. I had to laugh. The only other time I seen Tyler humiliated that way was when Edward took me to prom. I grew sad thinking of that. Prom. My next prom was approaching. Edward defiantly wanted nothing to do with me. I had broke his heart. I was so stupid and selfish. “ Was he your friend?” Jake asked as he sat by me.

“Goodness no.”

“Good, then I don’t feel bad.” He chuckled under his breath opening the box and handing me a slice. I didn’t notice the coke he ordered with the pizza’s until he handed me a full glass. Jake was treating me more kind then usual. Was it cause of the baby? "Where does this lead us?” Jake suddenly asked as I was just starting on the fifth slice. He caught me off guard.

“ What? ” I mumbled as I chewed a slice that was half way out of my mouth. It made him laugh and he gave me a napkin.

“Bella, you make me so happy.” He smiled at me but then his face turned serious. “ So, where does this lead us?” He rubbed my stomach softly. As I looked up a him I saw it. I saw the loved that burned in his eyes. The same love I saw in Sam’s eyes when he looked at Emily. I looked away. My heart raced. I couldn’t take the look he gave me. It stirred to many feelings that I buried after the night I gave myself to him.

“ I don’t know.” He sighed and sat back taking a bite out of an other slice. “ Jake, there is to much going on. To much has occurred. I’m going crazy.” He hugged me again softly breathing down my neck. The feeling of his heat sent sparks inside me. I tried to pull away but he didn’t let me. He turned to my face his lips brushed against my cheek. I was speechless. He leaned in to kiss me when he jerked his head faceing the door. He began to shake. I quickly jumped up and went into the kitchen. Then I heard the knock. Jake growled protectively. They knocked again I could hear the annoiance that grew urgent. I could only be polite no? I knew it was a vampire on the other side. I worried that I knew who it was exactly.

“ Who is it?” I wanted to slap myself.

“ Who else would it be Bella?” That musical voice traveled thru me like a breath of fresh air. I almost screamed in joy. But then the sick feeling seeped in. Jake and Edward in the same house. Chaos. I walked to the door unlocking it. I didn’t have time to open it cause he already had. Edward stood near the entrance with flowers and a balloon that read: “I’m Sorry, I love you” I wanted to cry from the joy but Jake's growls pulled me back to earth. Edward looked down at me with his smoldering topaz eyes.

“ You get away from her Leech” Jake by now stood up his inter body shaking. “ Get away from the mother of my child.” This made me and Edward wince. The word child affected everything it touched.

“ Jacob Black, she may be the mother of your child... but I’m not going anywhere till she tells me to. “ Edward looked at me with hopeful eyes. I hugged him tightly. This made Jake gag and howl.

“ Bella I will not permit that leech anywhere near my child!! DO YOU HEAR ME” His tone scared me. Edward immediately became defensive.

“ Don’t you DARE talk to her in such a manner Jacob Black not in front of me. NOT ever. No such nonsense will be permitted by me. Bella can not deal with such stress Jacob, lets not make this ugly.” Jake kept shaking. Edward only covered me from Jake’s sight. I was sobbing. I hate crying. I hate it so much my head hurt from it.

“Lets.” Jake tried to calm down heading to the door. Edward moved me away from the door and close to the T.V. Jake and Edward never stopped their eye contact. I saw pure hate in Jake's eyes. I didn’t want to see what was on Edward's face. “ I will be out side. I will not in any moment leave Bella alone with you!!” Jake spat this at Edward. I noticed Edward shaking too. I never seen him so mad.

“ Take care of the words you speak in front of her Jacob Black.” Edward's tone was dead and cold.

“ I know what I say.” He was on the patio tipping over dead flowers. This house looked like a funeral. This house was fit and ready to be buried as it’s owner, me, was. Because if anything were to happen to Jake or Edward. I will surely die.

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