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What A Tangeled Webb We Weave

AU: Bella is still in danger. But when Victoria took everything from Bella she falls from grace. The only person there to help her heal is Jacob. When Edward Returns...Thats when things become complicated. Chapter 9 Is up R&R Don't know why my story was erased.


8. The star falls on the light sky

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“Bella!!?” Edward softly touched me- his eyes panicked.

“ Edward she is suffering from a dizzy spells I highly doubt it will lead to anything other then keeling over.” Alice sardonically stated as we drove back to the house after a long tedious day at Forks high school After the confrontation with Jake about a month ago Edward insisted I stay at his house. But to his dismay I declined his offer. I need to stay at the house more often. I have to try and think. I have to figure out things. Jake was the father but Edward still held my heart. But Jake did as well no? Jake did hold apart of my heart. I’ll never admit this to anyone not even myself, but, I wanted Jake badly that night. I wanted his touch. I wanted to know his caress. It was more then I could have ever bargained. But now I’m in a wall and a hard place.

Graduation is coming soon. Prom is tomorrow night. Alice insists I go but now is not the time for celebration. I haven't visited Charlie's grave since he passed. That has to be the one thing I’m going to do today. I will visit my father. I know it is crazy but maybe visiting him may help me.

“ Take me home Alice.” I spoke quietly as Edward held me.

“ We are going home Bella w-.” I interrupted here there.

“ I mean to Charlie's.” Alice turned to look at my in shock. Edward turned my face to him his face full of pain and anger.

“ I forbid you to go back there. That- Jacob will cross the line again and tempt me Bella. You don’t want him to temp me.” I tried my best to fight the tears. The pain I was causing was killing me inside. I shook my head looking stern.

“ You will take me back to my fathers house Edward Cullen and you will do it now.” His grip loosened. His facial features contorted into a anguished horror - stricken grimace. I never thought my words would ever affect him like that. He shook his head as if fight off nausea. “ Edward?” I went to touch him but his shrugged me away.

“ Give me a minute please Bella..” He trailed off looking out the window as Alice made a U-Turn. I turned away cradling my stomach softly. I never thought life would deal such harsh cards. Who am I kidding. I dealt my own cards this time. If I had will power. If I was a decent person I would have never asked Jake such a thing. I ruined more lives in the process of destroying my own. I could never forgive myself.

“ I would give my existence to know what you are thinking right now.” Edward mused softly still looking out the window. I didn’t think before I said it. I regretted it before I spoke it. But, I couldn’t stop it.

“ That would surly be a waste if you did.” I couldn’t believe I was being so cold to him. I felt him wince from that comment. Alice stared at me from the rear view mirror in disbelief. I sighed and spoke to Alice this time. “ Alice I just want to go visit Charlie's grave. I just want to do things at the house I still haven't had time to do. I just need time alone.” I rubbed my forehead sighing.

“ You know he will use this opportunity to take advantage of you as he was going to before .” Edward growled this clinching his fist. “ I can handle my self Edward. After all I survived you leaving me the first time. I survived unstable teenage werewolf’s. I think I can handle some alone time.” Edward looked at me with a carefully blank face and turned away quickly. Alice just stared at me not even paying attention to the road. Oh wait. We were in front of Charlie’s- well, my house. I exited the car calling out to Alice that I’ll call her when I’m ready. Alice nodded as I saw Edward lay down in the back seat. I watched Alice look back and sigh pulling out and leaving. I heard a noise in the car. I didn’t make my self remember were I heard that scream before.I walked to the house. The house was in disarray. I angrily stomped in and got to work. First I had to do away with the faint blood smell if I was going to stay her more often. I went to the kitchen retrieving bleach from under the counter. I poured it concentrated on the floor and used the mop to spread it evenly over the surface. After that I opened the windows airing out the bleach smell. Then I stared to pick of the pieces of broken table when Jasper and Emmett were stuck in the same room with Jake that fateful day. I also picked up vases of dead flowers and figurines that where left on my porch when I first lost my family. My human family. This was too much to bare. I had so much to do. I had to go to Jacksonville when possible to look thru my mothers things. I had to make the memorial services. I can’t believe I didn’t do that during the month. But I was still in shock. How could I. Even though they still didn’t find the bodies yet I knew she was gone. My reality was nonexistent. As I cleaned up the living room I was mentally preparing myself for the visit I’d have to pay to Charlie. A well deserved visit I might add. I knew I was going to be in pieces when I go. But I had to. I owed him that much. I have to own up to my mistakes. My mistake of not being the one dead. I locked up the house and waked to my truck. The engine roared to life as I pulled out and drove in the direction of La Push. This is where the cemetery was that Charlie wished to be buried at. I had to honor his respects no? As I drove away I swear I saw red on the rear view mirror. But I shook it off as nonsense. I didn’t think much I spent most of my time concentrating on driving.

When I finally got to the cemetery I couldn’t move. I stared at the stirring wheel. I shook violently with wretched stinging tears that I wish I could control. I leaned back sobbing screaming at the top of my lungs. I wonder if the pregnancy is what has my hormones in shambles. I felt a soft knock on the door. I turned to see who I haven't seen in a month.

Jake opened the door looking at me concerned. Of coarse he was concerned. I sniffled and motioned a hello his way. He smiled and picked me up out of the cabin of the truck walking out to what I hoped was his Charlie’s grave.

“ I was visiting your father as well Bella.” He softly spoke. As we got closer to the grave I noticed there were piles of flowers and balloons. I cried in Jake's arms. What was I to do? I couldn’t believe I forgot to bring flowers. I was so angry with my self. “ Bella don’t beat yourself up over this.” He hugged me softly laying me next to what was left of my father. I couldn’t take it. I grabbed on though the headstone crying. I begged Charlie for forgiveness for every little thing I had ever done to upset him. I begged for things I should have done. It was a long two hours for me. As dusk approached Jake grabbed me walking me to first beach which was around the corner. He sat in the wet sand as I tried to recover my composer.

“ Thank you Jake.” was all I could stammer out between the choking sobs. He smiled and hugged me lovingly. Damn it Jake.

“ Bella I you need to calm down. All this tension is bad for the baby.” He softly ran his fingers thru my hair. I looked down. I really have no Idea why he saying that. Isn’t a girl aloud some emotional breakdown’s? Well maybe not as many as I seem to be having but still. I noticed some red on the sand I sat on but I didn’t register it. I thought it was my mind playing tricks. When I looked up I found myself stunned. Jake’s lips where on mine. The fire that burned was intense. That fire. That passion that existed that fateful night almost two months ago resurfaced. He laid me down on the wet sand our lips never parting. My body responded the same way as that night. What is wrong with me? How could I be doing this to Jake. I tried to pull away but Jake didn’t give. It felt like we kissed for forever when finally his lips parted mine - our tongues unlatched and separated - his wise bold eyes opened looking deep within me. Like I was made of glass. His words took the breath out of me.

“ Tell me you love me Bella.” His hot breath brang what was to be a continual flush to my face. I turned away from him. I can’t tell him something like that. Everything I touch dies. Everything I love leaves me. Whether it be in life or death, they leave. “ Please Bella... You can’t seriously see that... Cullen-” His face contorted when he said this as if it cause him physical pain to utter his real name instead of the deep rooted slur instilled into him like it was apart of his genetic makeup. “ As anything permanent ? Bella he is a vampire. Vampire’s are self serving. Selfish. They no nothing of sacrifice as a constant torment. They only sulk and ponder it. They never have to make continual sacrifices as we do Bella.” I was left shocked and irate by his words. Edward has sacrificed everything for me. He sacrificed the safety of his family for me. His way of life for me. But then Jake did hit a cord. Vampire’s are self serving. Selfish. Edward did say he was to selfish to leave me. But then again he did leave me. He left me with so much to deal with. My world indefinitely turned upside down. But Edward and the Cullens have given up their instinctual need to feed off of humans. That should count for something?

“ Jake they give up the very thing that they stand for. They given up human blood. Carlisle is very strict and they are all good people-” Jake interrupted me his expression carefully holding in rage- he shook on top of me softly.

“Bella.. How many times have any or either of them slipped? How many times have they committed crimes to preserve their life style. They are a family of self serving lunatic vampire’s! Blood suckers ! Leeches BELLA! They are not people. They are monsters. Like I am, they are too. Accept they are not tied with the bonds of a pack. They leave when they please... like cats. They left once to make there life style convenient Bella. But, when the time comes they will leave you again Bella.” I started to cry hitting him begging him to shut up. How could he be so cold. He continued. “ There is nothing more dangerous then a vampire that denies him self. Yes they are ‘good’ but for how long till they go mad with the blood heed and call ?’” I was surprised at Jake’s choice of words. I never heard him speak in such a way. He must have been practicing this like a speech. “ Bella you can’t deny me like this. Tell me you love me . I feel it in your kiss. I feel it in how your body reacts. I feel it every time you look at me . Your the only thing that makes me want to try and live normally instead of sinking in on my self for what I am. I still hate this Bella. I’m TOO good at what I do. Does that make me any more of a monster then them? If I was more savage would that do it for you? Do I need to constantly put you in danger with my proximity for you to love me like you love that dead frigid piece of nothingness.” I slapped him for that one. How could he say that. He stood surprisingly calm. His eyes never leaving mine. He still pined me on the sand and the tide was coming in. I couldn’t begin to argue with him. I was too hurt and too scared. Scared of my own feelings. “ Bella say it ... I know you love me. Just forget that thing for now. You, me, and what is to come Bella. I asked you that night. I asked if you were sure of it. The look in your eyes matched my feelings for you. I never felt so free. I lost myself in you Bella. I can’t see the light anymore. You’ve driven me mad with love.” His head shaking. Tears streamed down his cheeks as he said this to me. The night sky was apparent as the moon shown over us. The silhouette of his face exaggerated his expression of agony. I don’t know what to say. Where were my words? Where was my ability to think? The shock of all this information was to much. My love was Edward. But we have barely spoke. Every time the conversation was turned to what I was expecting he curled in on himself with pain. I would try to comfort him but he would only scream how he could never give me the one thing he wishes for in his existence. I still don’t know what he was talking about. He would never explain his sudden bursts of self loathing. Give me what? Immortality? Was that to be on the plate after the birth? What will this child bring? “ BELLA PLEASE SAY SOMETHING!!” Jake's eyes were blood shot. How long had it been? I motioned for him to let me go. He laid next to me as I sat up shaking the water out of my left ear.

“ I love you Jacob Black. But not how you want me to.” He started to cry at this. His body shook next to me as I looked down at him afraid to touch him. I needed to backtrack. I couldn’t bare the pain he was in.

“ I promise you this... That night. Those moments we spent together. I did love you. I loved everything about you. But I can not love you like I love Edward.”“ I’m not asking for that. I’m only asking for you to love me back. If not. At least give me our child before you disappear with him.” He read my mind... That was at the back of my head for weeks. But, I never wanted to part from such a thing that was so apart of me. It would be like losing Charlie or Renee again. I started to cry as he sobbed out the rest of his opinion. “ I will not let you raise the baby with that thing... Or the rest of that family... I’ve given my father enough grief over you already. I will not have him die from heart failure when he finds out you took off with the Cullens with his grandchild.” His looked at me his eyes hard. I couldn’t do this to him. I couldn’t kill my Jake and let Sam’s Jake take over. I did what I could. I hugged him. He reluctantly embraced me in response. I could feel the pain he was in. I looked up and nearly cried in agony. Sam’s face was there . The tears silently streaming down his cheeks as he looked out to the ocean. I killed Jake.

“ Jake hate me not them. Hate me for not choosing you. Hate me for ruining you this way. Hate me for everything that has happened and will happen. Don’t hate them. I’m to blame for everything.” He looked down at me and smiled wearily. I was desperate to bring back the Jake I knew.

“Bella, I can’t do that. Like I have said before and say now. You have never done anything wrong in my eyes. I just don’t understand what he has that I don’t. Was it that I didn’t act fast enough ? Is it my age? Is it that I’m not rich or stylish like he is ? What is it ? I will do anything for you. Tell me what Is it he has that holds you so devoted to him?” His voice broke at the last question. I was afraid to look up. My head was so dizzy I couldn’t form the correct words. So I gave him a less painful and easier to think out explanation.

“ True love can not be explained. Neither I or he can explain our love to even each other well enough. All I know is I’ll die with out him near by. We are I guess equals in intellect and other things that I really can’t think of right now. Thinking is starting to give me a tumor Jake. “ I held my head as an other dizzy spell takes over. Jake lays me next to him and sighs controlling himself.

“ Your right about that. True love can not be explained.” He shakes his head kissing my forehead. “ Please don’t ever risk your self for that-for Edward in any way that will compromise your delicate nature.” His hot breath raced down my body like a medicine. I was freezing.

“ I promise you ... once the baby is born I will give you the only token of love I can ever offer to you. I give you a piece of me. Promise me this Jake.” He looked down at me nodding. “ Don’t dwell on me. Don’t let my absence eat the life out of you. I know you will find someone Jake. I wish you give who ever is willing a chance. For the child’s sake. For my sake and your own. I’ll always love you in my own way Jake.” He did not hesitate to kiss me again. His hand tangled in my hair as we kissed. I did love Jake ... in an odd way. I don’t know how to explain it. But I know the core of me is saying this was all wrong of me to do. But I didn’t listen anymore. It didn’t matter anymore.

“ Give me one last night of your beauty... I’ll never ask of such again.” Jake's lips brushed mine as he spoke each letter. It was the least I could do. Jake was much more gentler then the first time. I don’t understand how good something so wrong felt. The fire over took me. No need to muffle the moaning or groaning. No need to stop him from groaning out his love for me with each gentle thrust. The only witness was the ocean and the moon.

As dawn approached I bathed in the salt of the ocean. I laid in the frigid water thinking of the deal I have done. I must talk to Edward. I have to get something out of him. He can’t act like this all the time. He has to face up to what I have done ...twice... and maybe just maybe. He may leave me again. But, I wont tell him of the second time. I will never speak it to him. That would be wrong to torture him in such away. When I get back to my house. I will call him. Yes I will call him and ask that we speak in private. Jake came from behind me smiling hugging me softly. As I turned around we locked in a kiss of desperate passion. After ten minutes later we finally part and he carries me to the truck. I ask him to stop at my fathers grave again. I hugged the headstone kissing it softly.

“ Rest in peace Char- Daddy...” I stood up as he swept me into his arms again. I notice Jake’s mood was better. I slipped into the truck cabin he gave me soft kisses on the lips. Kisses so desperate that I knew he was saying goodbye each time.

“ I’ll call you when I can” I smiled as he nodded

“ I promise to not be bitter for you. Having you in my life for as little time is it has been is enough to believe I was in heaven.” He smiled at me fixing my disheveled hair. “I’ll always have you with me thru this.” He rubs my stomach smiling brightly. “ He or she will be gorgeous. I know because you are the mother.” I blushed softly. The truck roared to life and he patted the hood waving me goodbye. Jake... What a good father you will make.

I pulled up to the house with the sneaking feeling of being watched. I hurry on to the porch as I notice the door was open again... When I look inside I see that the house was in array. What was going on? I sighed turning on the light. I never thought I would scream so loudly That I would lose my voice in turn.

There sat the last thing I every thought to see again.


“ I finally have you, pathetic little Bitch.” She stood up as I choked and gagged for air. How did she survive? How did she ... What is GOING ON? “ Your little dogs forgot the essential part of killing my kind” She lit a match cackling a frigid blood curtailing laugh that made all the blood in my body retreat deep when in me to avoid coaxing her. “ And now this convenient development. Two for the price of one. Like killing two birds with a stone. I love how life for you humans plays out. Always to my advantage.” I grew cold. My knees turned to jelly. My mouth dry from a dehydration that only existed a few seconds but felt like weeks. I made a small scream that I first thought was coming from something else. Then I heard the roar.

“ BELLA !!!” I knew that voice. I was mortified. Edward no. As he screamed Victoria lunged at me. Edward collided with her. The impact was deafening I cringed screaming. I tried to run to Edward to pull him away from her. I couldn’t bare that he, my Greek god of beauty, get hurt cause of me. Then I saw something else join in. A rustic wolf. I knew the red anywhere. It was Jacob. Now it was a fight against the three. They all despised and wanted to kill each other. I was screaming at the top of my lungs when something grabbed me. I saw Edward tossing Victoria against the kitchen wall as it crumbled and fell. Jake lunged at Victoria as she was about to recover. I was screaming for Edward and Jake but I was in the car now. I was being driven away. I turned to see a shaken Alice. The speedometer was passing the 275 limit. I was screaming and crying as Alice stood silent. I don’t think she had the ability to speak at the moment. I couldn’t see her face very well the tears were to thick like jell. But from what I could make out it was like she was in a trance. As soon as the car stopped Jasper was opening Alice’s door. Esme took me in her arms and ran me into the house. I was still frantic. I saw as Emmett ran out side with a gas can shirtless with Rosalie tailing him. Alice was brought in by Jasper. He sat her down on the sofa whispering something in her ear. I only blinked but he was gone now. Only Carlisle, Esme and Alice stood behind. Carlisle looked at me and looked down. I then realized why. I smelled blood. I was bleeding profusely form my lower half. I cried more franticly.

“ Bella calm down please calm down.” Esme soothing me as Carlisle started to work on me. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Alice rocking back and forth trembling. I was laid down Esme wore a rag that I think was soaked in bleach to her nose as she held me. I know the smell of bleach is maddening for her. I was in great pain now. What could be happening. “ Bella? Bella? Stay awake for me. Can you do that?” Carlisle’s arms where soaked in blood. The sight of it made me dizzy.“ She don’t look good Carlisle.” Esme panicked she was shaking in dry sobs. I turned my head groaning as the pain took me over. I felt a pain so sharp I thought I was being stabbed with a harpoon. I screamed at the top of my lungs. My vision clouded. I could no longer see anymore. I could heard Esme calling to me.

“ Bella, BELLA WAKE UP!! BELLA !!!”

Jake please don’t get hurt
Edward please give me a chance.

Most of all ... please don’t let my baby die.
Then Jake will surly die.

The stars were falling. But it was daylight. How odd.