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What A Tangeled Webb We Weave

AU: Bella is still in danger. But when Victoria took everything from Bella she falls from grace. The only person there to help her heal is Jacob. When Edward Returns...Thats when things become complicated. Chapter 9 Is up R&R Don't know why my story was erased.


9. where the sun never shines

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“She’s been out for days” I heard someone whisper. Maybe Esme, maybe Alice, I couldn’t tell. I tried not to move so that they didn’t suspect that I was awake. They have a habit of withholding from me so I have to find out what’s going on some how.

“Is the baby fine?” I knew this was Esme - the concern in her voice - the sullen and gloomy tone from the usual up beat joy that filled it was so desperate and disconcerting that I almost opened my eyes.

“You man babies, yes they are fine. Only she can’t so much as make an move for the reminder of the pregnancy.” This voice was not Carlisle‘s. It was woman’s voice soothing and calm. Almost inhuman to how it sounded. Just too perfect.

“I wonder how she’ll handle the news, Edward isn’t handling it much him self.” This was a male voice with the same inhuman sound - just too perfect.

“Seriously, when is he handling anything properly… You’ve seen the hasty decision he made and look at the result. He almost died down there trying to kill that Harpy.” I knew this voice. This was Rosalie, the calm cool and collectiveness of it was not easily mistaken.

“Did you manage it ?” Esme pleaded.

“Yes, we did. But if we had arrives later those dogs would have cornered Edward. And you know he wouldn’t have run from it. He was in one violent mood when we got there.” I almost shivered and cried when I heard this. I wanted to spring p and be taken to where he was to be with him. My heart raced and aches without him near. The whole, there was one tiny one that is getting bigger as time passes. I hope it doesn’t get much bigger. I don’t know if I’m strong enough to deal with it .

“Cleaned up the mess?” This was the inhumanly perfect woman’s voice.

“Yes, we salvaged her things before we started the fire. Victoria is no more, although she did bring company but they were easily dealt with.” Rosalie said in a matter-of-fact tone that mimicked Edward‘s - only cold and shrill.

“Stop looking at her like that Rosalie, it is not her fault.” Esme pleased and a stern tone.

“YES! It is … it is all her fault. We wouldn’t have needed to leave it if wasn’t for HER. We wouldn’t have so many concerns if it wasn’t for HER. We wouldn’t have almost gotten exposed if it wasn’t for HER! Why are we housing her anyways …. She is a whore! Look at her - pregnant with a dogs offspring. I bet they’ll come out like pups.”

“ROSALIE !!!!” I never heard Esme scream like that. It was a feral roar that bellowed with in her. It made me shake with fear. But I couldn’t help but feel guilt deep within me as well. Rosalie is right, it is all my fault. Then I felt rage. How could she speak of Jake like that. Jake, was so gentle. I can’t think of that . NO I just can’t. I made the deal with him. I shall have…. Wait.

“Twins ….” I whispered groggily.

“Bella!!! Bella dear are you awake?” I heard a low growl and the slamming of a door. I didn’t have to open my eyes to know who that was. But as I heard Esme talk to me I realized I had spoke that out load. I mental note that was meant for me only. And I had blurted it out breaking my cover. Crap.

“Yes?” I was unsure of this I don’t think I could sit up even. My body felt numb.

“Hehe, don’t worry Bella don’t stress yourself please. Don’t want to hurt to the twins.” She chirped gracefully as she sat me up with just one arm. I opened my eyes to a glum picture. Esme looked terrible, her hair was disarray and her usual crisp and clean attire was wrinkled and messy. The deep purple and black burses around her coal black eyes indicated she has not feed in a while. I looked over to see a face I had never seen before. She has long blonde hair wavy to the end - that reached half way down her leg. Her eyes were coal black with bruises just as deep as Esme‘s. The man that stood by her looked like Jasper but with black hair, long and curly. He was on the phone talking very low and so fast his lips seemed to be vibrating. There was no one else in the room. Where’s Alice? Where’s Jasper? Where’s Emmett and Carlisle? But most of all … where’s Edward? I looked at Esme apologetically as she smiled her kind smile at me.

“Esme, you have to feed. All of you have to feed.” She smiled softly as looked down at my stomach.

“ Nonsense, I’ll live.” She joked softly.

“Yes but you need to feed… I don’t want be more of a problem then I already am for you all. I’m so sorry.” I expected tears to fall down but none did. Only a throbbing pain in my tear ducts. I half thought that I probably damaged them some how but soon realized that I’ve probably cried enough for a while. It was impossible for me to cry any more then I have. I was dry.

“Don’t say that Bella, you are forgiven always.” Sweet Esme, always nurturing always giving. I sat back looking out a strange window. It was snowing violently on a open plain. If I squinted my eyes I could see a deer trotting across it. Then I realized that we weren’t in Forks anymore. I looked around at the room that walls mimicked a log cabins. I looked at Esme confused .

“Where are we?”

“Denali, those behind you is Clarabelle and Victor. They just happened to be visiting Tanya when we arrived. Luckily, Clarabelle was a midwife when she was human and as practiced as Carlisle is at her control of the hunger.” Esme seemed pleased with there company so I relaxed a bit.

“And if you were wondering I was a Spy.” Victor chuckled a bit winking his black eyes. I nodded slightly , sighing to myself.

“Where is Edward?” Was all I could manage. Esme sighed and began to tell me the story. Edward did get to finish off Victoria, something I already knew, but in the process injured himself. She wouldn’t tell me the specifics of the injury but he was cornered by Jake and the pack. The impression they left was that they intended to kill Edward. It was still shocking to hear. Jake would never hurt me like that. How could he? I couldn’t understand anything of the situation as I anxiously listened to Esme. Carlisle, Alice, Jasper, and as well as Tanya and the clan went to Forks to resolve some things with the pack before coming back here.

“Is everything ok?” I really wanted to ask if Jake was Ok but I didn’t want to put Esme thru anymore stress. She has enough to go thru at the moment.

“I’m not sure, but Edward is ok. But Alice tells me he in a terrible mood. They have to hold him down every time he sees that …. Jake boy that is …. The father… yes?” She barley chocked out these last words as I nodded feebly .

“Well, Alice said he was irate about something involving one of the wolves. Alice and Jasper can barley hold him down. They said they’ll be here in an hours time.” Victor sealed my panic with snapping shut the cell phone. I franticly look out the window then at Esme. In sensing this she retrained me firmly with pleading eyes.

“Bella, you can not panic, you can’t stress yourself. It is hazardous to the children. It is going to kill you if you keep reacting so viciously to this.” Clarabelle came to Esme’s side telling me the same thing.

“You much keep calm.” She cooed the words like there were a gentle silk or satin. In hearing her voice I yearned to hear my Angel. I anticipated and dreaded it. I began to panic as I realized that Edward could already know about me and Jake at first beach. The thought frightened me so that Clarabelle went and injected something in to a machine. I think realized they has hospital equipment by my side with an iv in me and everything. The sight of it in my hand making my vein pop out revolted me in waves of nausea. I couldn’t bare it. I began to feel a wave a calm spread over me like and incoming tide. I just laid there in peace as Esme reassured me all was well. Then I saw out of the corner of my eye the door open. Carlisle and Alice walked in. They were surprised to see me awake as they came to my bed side.

“Hello Bella how are you feeling?” Carlisle checked the equipment, a hard habit to kick, as he said this in his calm and warm manner. Before I could attempt to lie to him Clarabelle and Esme informed him of my resent panic. “ You shouldn’t stress yourself Bella. You’re in such a delicate state that you could loose them. We can not risk that right now.” I felt something off from his usual countenance. It was unnerving. I tried to get Alice’s attention but she was avoiding me with a grim smile on her face. Seeing made my mine race with a panic not even the medicine could help at the moment. Just as this happened I felt a strong wave of calm flush my panic down an unknown drain.

“Alice? Is everything ok?” She looked away as I said this and left the room. Something was not right… Alice was not acting right.

When I opened my mouth to speak and there was a soft knock on the door. Carlisle didn’t turn from me when Emmett with a grim morose look over took his features. This only made me more tense. More worse. I felt my heart plumit as he entered with Jasper and Rosalie. Rosalie look more furious then ever - the glare in which she stabed me injuried me more then she could imagine. But the same question poped in my head again. The same reaction like always.

“Where’s Edward?”

“Bella, we have … bad news.”

“Where’s Edward?” Was all I could say the more the silence continued the more my panic heighten to an impossible climax that I just might have a heart attack.

“Bella, calm down.” Carlisle spoke with an eerie calm that only panicked me. An other wave of calm rushed over me but it was not working now. Jaspers powers where not having the lasting effect like the usually do/

“Where’s EDWARD?”


“Where’s EDWARD !!!”

“Bella, calm down … Bel-”

“EDWARD !!!” I felt myself plummet in to a pool of darkness as they all looked at me with pity. I felt everything tunnel distant and fading….

“Bella, wake up” The voice of my angel. Impossible. He wasn’t there. It was Carlisle in front of me… not my Edward. My Greek God… My life, my soul mate. My everything. “Bella open your eyes… for me my love. Isabella… I demand you open your eyes this instant!” My angle was angry with me. This was more like him. The soft quiet of his voice faded as he moved to his more usual burst of aggravation. I love this voice. The voice like honey and velvet. “Bella please… please sweetheart.” His aggravation melted to concern as he chocked the last words out. I finally realized I had been dreaming… but for how long? How much of it was a dream or was all of it a dream? I opened my eyes to the most breath taking image. His eyes burned into mines as he took my face closer to his with his iron grasp. My perfect angel.

“Is- are we in Alaska?” I asked as I realized was already sitting up in my bed. The same window and room but, no one else was but us.

“Yes Bella.”

“ Is there someone here by the name Clarabelle?”


“And one named Victor?”


“Ok…” Then I must have passed out shortly after Clarabelle injected that stuff in to my IV… or did I pass out form seeing the actual IV? Has to be the actual IV… I’m almost certain.

“Odd questions, even for you Bella.”


“No worry.” He cradled me against him, forming and iron cage around my body. He hummed to me my lullaby as he rocked me back and forth. I was in heaven, nothing could top this. But then I remembered I probably haven’t brushed my teeth in ages on the count that I was out for so long.

“Permission to be human ?”

“What exactly do you need to do?”

“Brush my teeth… I can feel them squirming.” I felt him sigh and turned me to face him. I could barley think straight with that beautiful face staring me back with such pained aggravation on it .

“You not allowed to move on the count of your pregnancy…” he chocked the last word out as if it caused him physical agony to repeat.

“But ..” He interrupted me with his cool index finger to my lips.

“I’ll bring it to you…” He slipped me out from his lap and disappeared too the bathroom I didn’t know was with in the room. Second later he returned with toothpaste, my toothbrush, and a cup of water with a empty bowl. He looked at me a little confused since I didn’t dive right in. “Something the matter?”

“Your watching,” he looked at me confused and almost shocked. “ It’s not one of the things I like to me watched while doing.” He let out and aggravated sigh out and turned around for me.


“Yes, thank you” He chuckled while I brushed. I felt such a relief to finally have access to a toothbrush. After a while, I finally finished and taped his shoulder. “Coast is clear” He grinned his crocked grin at me as he turned softly kissing my forehead. I smiled back hugging him gently. This took him by surprise - carefully responding the embrace.

“You know this is risky, I can’t be to close to you while your… expecting.” He shifted away from me slightly. A felt a fresh bust of panic run threw me as he spoke this. He held me tighter bringing me closer to him as a result. “Bella please calm down.”

“Why? So you can lean me!!! So you can hate me like Rosalie for being pregnant and causing you trouble!!!” He became motionless as if made of stone when I shouted this at him.

“Bella you’ve completely misinterpreted that.”

“Oh? Then why have you been avoiding me? Why can’t you be near me. Why? Cos iam pregnant and made the biggest mistake of my life? … Oh wait .. My existence is a mistake…” I trailed off as the first pool of tears wrenched it’s way threw my irritated ducts causing me to shake - which only led for more tears to poor from my eyes.

“Isabella Marie Swan,” he stopped taking my chin into his hand as he softly kissed my cheek. “I know your sorry, I know you regret it. But the reason I can’t be near you is cause your smell is so much more portent right now I could loose control any minute.”


“And, It hurt me to see you this way.”


“You see Bella, all these months I’ve been enraged at myself. Enraged that I can never give you this gift. You can’t possibly want to be with me after having them. They are your family now. You are that-” he cringed at the thought of something and shook it off. “You are Jakes now, I have no right to keep you from him. I wi-” I interrupted him right there .

“I’m not Jake’s, I’m no body but myself and I will choose who I wish to be with. I want to be with you.” He shook his head at me with a defeated expression on his face.

“I’ve accepted this already Bella. No need to hide your feelings for him. After all I was the one that left you. I’ve been selfish and childish about this whole thing. I lost the war even before it began…” He looked down with such a blank morose look that it made me burst it to tears. “Bella, don’t cry… Bella dry your eyes. You’ll be with him soon enough. I will not interfere no more.” I punch his chest screaming in agony of those harsh cold words of his. I wanted nothing of Jake. I’ve already given myself to Edward in every way possible. Accept what I gave to Jake. I’ve robbed Edward his right.

“Edward I want you and only you.” His face became dark and skeptical as he heard this.

“Then why did you sleep with him twice… If not for love ?” My heart stopped as he said this. He knows. Oh no he knows.

“Weakness, I was weak and foolish… and-”

“In love,” he finish and a dry deadly tone that only made the tears gush from my eyes.

“NO! not in love.”

“I’m not understanding you Bella, I’m not understanding you at all.” His indifference was making me panicked. I took his face into my weak hand and pleaded with him.

“Edward were are you… were is the Edward I know?” I chocked a bit from the pain of tearing up but continued. “Edward you have to understand there is a different love I have for Jake. A love that can hardly fulfill me or him. He understands this. And I agreed that if he promised to move on that I would give him the only token of our affection.” He tilted his head slightly to the side and withdrew slipping me back on the bed softly walking towards the door.

“Bella… you can’t have everything. Giving your children away to him to be with me? Leaving him alone with that burden? Is that hardly fair? Is that logical? Things don’t go that way Bella. I can’t let you do that.”

“He demanded it of me if I truly love you I’d give him his children. I hardly think it would be fair to raise them with a family of Vampires?”

“They wouldn’t be raised with us because we wont be bothering you Bella.” My heart sank with a icy cold pang of fear that almost stopped me for speaking.

“Edward... d... on… don’t leave me again. I can do this again. Not with out you. Don’t do this to me Edward.. Please.” He looked back at me walking back to my side of the bed.

“I’m not leaving you Bella. But, you must leave, back to Forks.” My lower lip quivered as I looked a way from him - focusing out the window. “Bella it is the only way.”

“Why are you so freaking calm!” I hissed, looking out the window. “Acting again eh? Your still convincing…”

“… you need to rest.”


“Bella!!!” He raised his tone slightly.

“If your trying to be more convincing, your anger is not helping you.” I heard him curse under his breath , turning my face to his.

“I’m far to selfish,” he looks up, his golden eyes burning into my very soul. “to not want to let you go thru that. Giving him the only tie you would ever have to him and taking you way keeping you for myself. That is what my heart screams it.”

“Let it happen then please?”

“This is wrong Bella… this is very wrong.”

“But, it’s what everyone wants.”

“One exception.” He growled.

“He can cope, he can move on. He promised me that.”

“But it is not in his heart.”

“He will have me in a way.”

“Not the way he wanted”

“He will eventually accept it.”

“He will never recover Bella”

“But he promised me”

“Bella, it wont make a difference. No one can forget the first love.”

“Which is why I refused to leave you.”

“Which is why you must.”

“No, I wont. If you want me to die then I will. But other wise, no. Not happening. Never… happening” He sighed and crossed his arms giving me and demanding stare.

“Give in…”


“You insist on ruining your life with me ?”

“Oh and being with Jake and becoming old and withered and eventually dieing isn’t?” He flinched as I said this.

“It is the only way that would be right and correct.” I sighed pulling away from his grasp. He let me go lowing his hand with intense, eager eyes.

“I guess were at a standstill.”

“Bella, pl-”

“No, only time will prove to you that I care and am willing to risk it all for you.” He sighed turning away from me as I did him. We are both stubborn. But I will make him see I love him.

Even if it kills me.

I look out the window as the snow blinds the sky. In a land where the sun never shines

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