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Are You Kidding Me?

Bella's a Vamp in our time, She finds out about the Twilight mania, and cant help but fall for the lead male actor, Robert Pattinson. But before she can get close to him she has too be prepared, thats were Stefanie Meyer comes in....


1. Chapter 1

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Are you kidding me?-

It’s been a year since my full transformation A very long depressing year.
This is my story:

Year : 2008-first signs

Oh come on it’s your birthday; you have to eat something”

That was my mum yelling at me to eat something - though she knows that those chances aren’t very high - but ever since that visit from that ‘stranger’ I haven’t been able to look at food the same way.

It’s strange, eerie almost, that absolutely all foods seem to make me grimace in disgust.

My parents prefer to call it ‘Bella’s little problem’ though I have a feeling it’s know where near little. It was on the day of graduation, and I had just finished saying my farewells to all of my teachers.

I had promised to meet my parents at the local diner, and on the journey there I decided to take a short cut around my schools building. No one ever went there, it was for emergencies and it led straight to the diner’s front.

As I approached the corner I was met by a tall dark figure. Of course my first reaction was fear but as I stood frozen I began to see the tall figure grow closer. My body was completely paralysed.

All of a sudden the dark figure was replaced by a very handsome man; he appeared pale and had bony features. But the thing I noticed the most about him was his eyes. They were a blazing red, which screamed ‘FEAR ME’ in neon lights. In my distraction I noticed I had somehow moved closer to the man, and was now mere inches apart.

I’m sorry” was all he said in a whispered tone, and my world blacked out.

And that’s all I can remember from that day, my parents told me that they found me at home at sleep; they seemed to dismiss the fact that I had ditched and said it must have been all of the built up stress. But there is one thing I will always have to remind me of that day, two almost invisible scars in the form of little circles, which always seemed to be a few degrees colder than the rest of my body. They were aligned on the pulse point of my neck.

A couple of months after that, I started to notice changes in both my hearing and eyesight. They seemed to improve immensely, and I don’t know if it was just me or was a there an eighth colour to the rainbow I had never noticed.

So here I was, on my 19 th birthday, a year of long and tiring university classes, blowing out my birthday candles.

Don’t forget you have to make a wish” Jacob -my best friend since diapers- came with my parents to New York (were my university is) to visit me for my birthday party. He was now winking at me suggestively, He’d been nagging me about coming home with them on their way back to forks, but I lied and said I had studying to do, thought that was not a complete lie, I just didn’t feel like going back yet.

I sighed and looked back down to my now, almost melted candles.

I wish-’. I had to make this a good one.

I wish that I find where I belong’

There, that seemed to fit nicely in my not so nice life. I love my family, I mean, I really love them, but something seems like it just doesn’t fit, like a part of me is missing.

Later that night, I awoke with a tingling sensation in my chest. I had been feeling the same thing earlier that week on my arms and legs, so I just dismissed it as nothing and went back to sleep.

I was woken again by the same feeling, but this time it was much stronger. It felt as if my chest was alight. I sat up straight and turned my bedside light on, reached for my glass of water and chugged the entire contence, bringing the glass back down to the bedside-table.

I noticed that the pain had not subsided, but it had intensified. I just sat there, feeling the fire inside me grow to a point were I would wince in pain. I was finding it hard to breath, hard to move even.

As I gripped the bed sheets, one last, strong, forceful, blast of pain and fire cursed though my chest and up my neck. There were black spots in my vision, and I slowly ripped my hands from my now moist bed sheets – my body being covered in a layer of sweat.

As I was finding breathing hard, I tried to shorten my breaths to small puffs till I was no longer breathing.

I don’t know how long I was just sitting there staring at the wall opposite my bed. But I never felt the need to take a breath, I just held it.

I put my hand on my chest, and sighed, thankful that the pain had gone. I chuckled to my self thinking how fast my heart rate must be.

But I couldn’t find it.

I pressed two fingers to my pulse point on my neck.


In a surge of panic I checked my wrists for some indication that my heart was still beating, but yet again I found nothing.

This can not be good’ I thought, as I rubbed the sleep from my eyes.

I got up from my bed and walked to the barroom, strangely it only took me half as long as it usually did.

I opened the door and went straight to the mirror to inspect myself further.

With what I saw shocked me,

“Oh my god” that couldn’t be me could it?

There was an amazingly beautiful women looking straight at me.

She had just a shade darker hair than me, a sort of mahogany brown almost black, it was naturally wavy, and it shone against the artificial light in the bathroom.

Her eyes where pitch black, which had a funny affect with her now very pale, milky skin.
She reminded me of the 'stranger' that night.

But it had to be me. I was looking in a mirror.

I turned the tap on, and repeatedly splashed my self with water. Thinking that this was all a dream and I would wake up any second now. But as I raised my head to look at the mirror, there was still the same women looking back at me, but only this time her face was dripping with water.