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Scars Of A Torn heart

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The Cullens are in Australia when a new influenza out brake strikes. Carlisle asked Edward to help him with a patient that has been through so much in her life; and will change Edward forever. The trauma of slavery affected Isabella greatly but can Edward be able to help her, not only in her battle with the influenza but also the battle that goes on in her mind? What will happen to the two lonely souls? Will they find happiness? Will they find Love? Or will they force each other apart because of their pasts? And will they finally find their Happy Ending? Edward/Bella

its my first Fanfic. so be kind. i don't own any of the twilight charters SM owns all.

3. Chapter 3: She Changed Me

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...I stood and walked to him. "I need to hunt. I can't leave it any longer. Please. Could you keep an eye on her? Just every once and a wile; when you're in this area. Please."

"I'll do that for you. Now go hunt." Carlisle said ushering me out door.

Chapter: 3:

She changed me I ran at human speed to my car. Turning on the engine and drove down the main road to go back home. As the country side passed by the window I looked out and really looked. I have never really looked at the beauty of the Australian country landscape. Now that I really looked at it, I was amazed at the wonder. Through there was not a lot rain, the fields were green and trees scattered over the everlasting hill side. The sky had a blanket of clouds as the sun threw raise of red, orange and gold as the sun slowly set in the far off sky behind the mountains in the distance. As I got closer to home the sky had succumbed to the darkness of the night.

I pulled in to the garage and ran into the forest. Thunder roared and lighting flashed across the sky as rain begun to sprinkle. I lifted up my head and breathed in the rain. The air was refreshing and calming, all the tension in my body flowed away. The songs of the birds in the trees drifted in the wind as two called to each other. I really saw everything from a new point of view. My time with Bella had changed me in ways that I have no idea. Such love and strength was coming of her in waves.

I don't know how she survived; not just in body but in mind. She was tortured physically and mentally. She had a burden that would have broken the strongest of men and women. Yet a child nun the less have survived somehow. I had so many questions but I knew that I could not ask.

The wind blow from the west and I court the scent of some kangaroos. I sped towards one the creatures. I leapt on the kangaroo's back breaking its neck swiftly in one quick motion. I bore my teeth into its warm flesh and rejoiced in the calming of the blazing fire in my scorched throat. Once finished I sped towards the other doing the same as the last. When I was finished and had my fill with the kangaroos I ran up the mountain to a spot that I had found. It was on a cliff's edge and looked out over the mountains and valley below. It had a little river nearby. It was rocky but there were many wild flowers all around. It was my place to sit and think or just get away; my refuge from every thing. I would sit for hours looking out on the beauty of the land scrape.

I sat there for hours thinking about Bella. Time escaped me when I realised that the sun would be rising soon; but I did not move as I watched the sun rise over the mountains. As the bush land came to life. When the sun light touched my face the array of sparkling light reflected form me and was shown on the rocks and plants around me; reminding me of what I am. A monster.

I stood and ran back home to greet my family before I left to go to the hospital.

I got home and as I opened the front door I found myself locked in an in brace with Esme, my mother in all ways that counted. I have known her in most of my vampire existence. She loved use all like her own children.

"I missed you Edward," she said looking up to me.

I smiled down at her, "I missed you too Esme. Can I come in now Esme?"

She smiled and nodded letting me in.

Everything was as usual in the Cullen house. Emmet and Jasper playing foot ball on the wii, Alice designing her own clothing range, Rosalie working on one of the cars and Esme doing some gardening. I quickly had a shower and changed my clothes. I had the lullaby in my head when I came down the stairs. I walked over to the baby grand piano and started to play. I let the melody over take me and I felt like I was some were else but I did not know were yet. Soon it came to an end.

I felt Esme's hand upon my shoulder, "that was beautiful. What's it called?"

I looked up into her eyes "Bella's lullaby, she the patient that I'm working with. It helps her sleep."

"Are you going back?"

"Yes. I should be leaving now," I said rising from the piano stool.

"I hope she gets better." "So do I, So do I."

She gave me a hug and said good bye and I ran into the garage saying goodbye to everyone on the way. I got in my car and drove back to the hospital.

At first it looked like a normal day for the hospital. I went to the head nurse; Nurse Wilson while trying to ignore her thoughts when she looked up to see me coming over to her. "I'm Edward; Dr Cullen's son .Is Carlisle in his office or is he doing his rounds?" I asked politely.

"His doing his rounds; the last time I saw him he was around room A20. That was about half an hour ago."

"Thank you Nurse Wilson."

"Any time Edward," said batting her eye lashes smiling as I reframed from rolling my eyes at her attempt of flirting. I quickly walk away at human speed. When I had finely found Carlisle coming out of room A41; l headed towards him and he spoke to me in his minds. You look better. Did you have a good hunt?

"Yes I did. How is Isabella?"

I reached out with my mind to find hers as we were walking down the hall to the next room when I saw her mind. She was having a nightmare again but even worse than the others it was like she and I were there, we could hear, see, feel everything like it was really happening. My hands were clutching my head at the pain of the nightmare.

She was in dark, cold, room chained to a blood stained table. They had injected her something... She could not move, could not speak but she could feel everything and she was awake.

She was laying face down. A man was drawing on her back a design. Then the man put a blade to the drawing, carefully slicing the design on her skin. She was in agony; begging them to stop but nothing came from her lips. For hours she could do nothing to stop the pain but to bear it. Once they had finished cutting into her flesh, they put a metal barrier between her open flesh and her skin. They put liquid gold in her open flesh. The burning hot gold sealed the wound as it made its way along her back making the design on her back gold. In her mind she cried out in agony but her lips would not move and her voice was silent in the torture.

I was brought back to reality by an ear piercing, and heart braking scream. Only a few seconds have passed since I had met up with Carlisle. I saw everything in slow motion. I was running down the hall; trying to get to her but Carlisle held me back to not be conspicuous by the inhuman speed but I didn't care. When we got to her room and opened the door she was sitting up looking straight at me. Blood was oozing from her the corner of her eyes, nose, and mouth. She looked in agony. She was showing the last symptoms of the influenza before... I just couldn't think of the word and her in the same sentence. Last month she would have been just another human among many; but I got to really know her and she changed me. I heard her speak to me for the first time I her thoughts directly to me as if she knew I could hear her ‘Edward, I'm not ready Edward. I'm not ready...' Her eyes bored into me as her lips moved and barley even a whisper she said two words "Stregoni benefici" ; then her brown eyes rolled to the back of her head as her body fell back limb and her heart stuttered to a stop as the heart monitor let out a constant beeeeee...

Carlisle and I ran to her side. Carlisle called the nurses. I started CPR not bothering to wait for the nurse. Everything was blurred as I just kept pushing on her chest till the stone hands of Carlisle pushed my hands away to defibrillate her when the nurse went into action. I barely noticed their movements or thoughts; they were all blurred. All could see was her face. Her face had relaxed and she looked so young even more child like with blood like tears rolling down her cheeks.

I prayed to anyone if they were listening that she would survive she has to survive please she just has to... she can't... not yet...I did not know if anyone was listening until I heard the sound of a miracle. One small heart beat and then another; it was not strong but it was still there. Thankyou...thankyou...

They put a tube down her throat and nose to help her breath. She was very, very weak. No one ever survived the last stages of the influenza.

Carlisle looked to me and quietly spoke to me so no one else heard "I don't think she's going to make it much longer Edward," he gave me a sympathetic smile but his eyes were pained. He hated it when people were in pain and he could not help. ‘It'll only be time, I'm sorry.'

When the others left and I was alone with her there; I sat next to her bed side and really thought about how I changed after I met her. As I sat there looking at her for hours there was one question that kept coming up. Can I live without her?

... No..., no I can't; but I don't know why and I don't know what to do.