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Scars Of A Torn heart

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The Cullens are in Australia when a new influenza out brake strikes. Carlisle asked Edward to help him with a patient that has been through so much in her life; and will change Edward forever. The trauma of slavery affected Isabella greatly but can Edward be able to help her, not only in her battle with the influenza but also the battle that goes on in her mind? What will happen to the two lonely souls? Will they find happiness? Will they find Love? Or will they force each other apart because of their pasts? And will they finally find their Happy Ending? Edward/Bella

its my first Fanfic. so be kind. i don't own any of the twilight charters SM owns all.

5. Chapter 5:A new life

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Chapter 5: A new life

I felt hands pull me back and two strong arms came around my torso holding me back. A growl came from my chest. The beast wanted more. I tried uselessly to worm my way out of the arms that trapped me. I snapped at any one who tried to come my way. I felt calm set over me and I growled at Jasper, trying to push back the wave of calm but it quickly got a hold of me. That was when I saw my reflection the mirror on the opposite wall. I became very still. My beast stared back at me with red eyes blazing. Reason came gushing back to me and I realised "I almost killed her!" it came out more like a shriek. My mouth was so dry and in flames.

"It's OK. You did good Edward." Carlisle soothed.

"But I almost killed her." I whispered looking into Carlisle's eyes then bowed my head in shame.

"But you didn't and that's what matters." I looked over to where Bella was. Her jaw shut tight and she had a little frown but she was completely still. Not a sound came from her. By now Emmett had released me from his stone arms.

"Carlisle why is she so still?"

But before he could answer, her thoughts were clear as day was to night. I fell to the ground in agony clutching my head whimpering in pain. It had been a while since I had heard her thoughts awake. Her mind showed me why she was so still. She was always still when she was in too much pain bear, her body would shut off all movement. That was how she dealt with it so no one knew how she was hurting but I knew very well how much pain she was in. The flames licked their way along her veins spreading the venom that I put into her body. The inferno became hotter and hotter by the minute she was losing track of time soon she could not hear and her eyes had still not opened. All her senses were being over taken be the fire that was racing through her body repairing and healing the damage that the influenza and human wickedness had done to her. I became accustomed to her pain filled thoughts that were ever present in my mind.

Carlisle tried to take me out of the room to be way from her thoughts but I stood my ground and I was not going any were.

"I created that pain and I am going to stay by her Carlisle."

He looked into my now blood red eyes and nodded his head, surrendering. I stayed by her side through the pain of the transformation holding her unmoving hand and experiencing the pain through her thoughts. It was coming up to the third day and she could now hear with her new ears. She knew that I was there with her and she counted my breaths as I exhaled and inhaled. I moved in to her ear. "Don't worry the pain will be over soon Bella." I said consoling her. 'Thank you Edward' she thought to me. I still did not know how she knew I could read her mind but that was a question for later. Her heart was starting to speed up and the fire was retreating back slowly, the transformation was coming to an end.

The fire began to recede from her fingers and toes slowly coming up her arms and legs. It was all heading to her heart and ever so slowly her heart began to beat faster and faster as the fire moved away from her arms and legs into her torso. Her heart was beating so fast it was more like just a constant hum getting faster and faster suddenly she shot open her eyes and I was stunned at what I had seen. Fire; flames licked around the insides of her irises. It looked like I was staring into the flames of a raging fire. As soon as her heart gave its last beat the fire in her eye smoldered into hot coals then soon went back to her human eye colour of a rich deep chocolate brown.

When it was all over was when I realised that we were not alone; standing behind me at the wall was the rest on the family who were just as shocked as I was. Bella looked around taking in all the strange and wonderful sights. She was astonished with all the dentals that she could clearly see, astounded with the sounds and only a small part of her mind paid any attention to the burn in her throat. "Wow," her voice was like wind chimes as she too was amazed at its flawlessness, its beauty. She caught sight of the others and me and she immediately tensed and rising into a defensive crouch. Jasper and Emmet moved so that they were in front of the others ready if she got hostile. I was still seated waiting patiently for her to calm down and realise that we were not going to hurt her. She looked to me and then over to Carlisle and she slowly relaxed. Her head slowly went to one side in question. "Dr. Cullen, Edward? Where am I?" she eased into a sitting position wither legs crossed. From behind Jasper, Alice flew past and wrapped Bella in a hug. Bella tensed and looked to me question in her eyes 'um, who's this?' I smiled at her "this is Alice my little pixie sister I told you about and we are at my home," I saw the wheels turning in her head as she remember our conversations when she was back in hospitable though they were dull and fuzzy she remembered and a smile spread across her face and she gently hugged her back. Alice winced slightly but nothing more. They pulled away from each other and Alice pulled Bella up on her feet.

"Stay right there Bella and don't move. I'm going to show you something." Alice said jumping up and down excitedly. She was out of the room and back in the room with a full length mirror in seconds placing the mirror in front of Bella. Bella's eyes widened and her mouth fell open in complete awe. She touched her face moving her hand over just above her left eye brow were a scar used to be married to her skin but now it was completely smooth no one would have know that there used to be a scar there in the first place. She looked down at her body then back at the figure in the mirror. 'I'm a vampire. It feels so strange'

I decided to ask one of the two questions I have been longing to ask for a while now "how do you know what we are?"

"Some of my friends are vampires and I had been told a lot of stories about vampires when I was a slave. The old women would tell stories when they got a chance. Some of them were quite interesting."

"Is that were you learned about the Stregoni benefici?"

"Yes it was."

"I'm sure you can tell us of that story later but I am sure the your throat must hurting"

That's when she realised her thirst. She swallowed trying to dull the burn but it was not successful. "I guess you are right Dr. Cullen."

"Please call me Carlisle. I'm sure you are also wondering who these are?" Bella smiled politely and nodded. She sort of knew who they were but did not want to get them wrong so Carlisle continued, "this is my wife Esme, my daughter Rosalie and you've already met my daughter Alice, and my sons Emmet and Jasper." He said, pointing to each one.

"It is very nice to meet you all and thank you for saving my life."

"Edward it the one who did the saving, child," Esme came over and gave her a hug. "Let's take you hunting shall we dear."

"Follow me." I said as I ran out of the house with Bella and my family behind me. I stopped when I got far enough into the bush land. I smelled the area and picked up the scent of a kangaroo. She stopped next to me and looked to me for instructions. "Close your eyes," and she did shutting eyes and listening to what I was going to say next, "what do you hear?"

"Ever thing, the wind, water, wings of the birds, heart beats."

"What do you smell?" she took a large breath smelling the scents around us, the wind blow from the south which was the direction of the kangaroos.

"A large animal, a kangaroo?"

"Yes. Let your senses take over they know what to do."

In less than a second she was of speeding through the bush. We followed a few seconds behind her to not get in the way.

Some meters away from her pray she went in to a crouch and leaped through the area she was so fluent landing on the back of the first kangaroo breaking it neck before it even had time to blink and then leaping on to the next one breaking that ones neck as well. Her movements were like a dance fluent and graceful. She knelt by the first kangaroo and bit into its neck and swallowing the blood of her pray and then she moved to her next but just before she moved on to her next she whispered into the animal's ear "thank you" and she did that with the other as well. She stood up and walked to wards us. Her cloths did not have a speck of blood on them. It usually takes a few years to get to that. Alice was pleased to see that the clothes that she had picked out for her were still in perfect condition. I headed towards Bella and for some reason I felt like I was hearing double. I looked over to where Bella was and she had her hands coving her ears and a pained expression on her face. I ran over to her.

"What's wrong?"

"It's so loud! Make it stop." She begged. That was when I realised she was reading every ones thoughts. Then her face went completely blank just as Alice had come over to see what was wrong. Bella was having a vision I watched it with her. There were three men they were all vampires and they had come to our house. They were smiling and happy and Bella came from the house and hugged them all. Then the vision ended she looked to me. "What was that?"

"You were having a vision of the future." By that time the rest of the family had come towards us and I could see in Bella's mind that Jasper's gift was now working through her because she could feel every ones emotions. She was getting anxious and in that making the rest of us anxious too. "It's all right Bella, just calm down. How about we go back to the house and talk." Slowly she nodded and we sped away towards the house. We went inside and headed to the family room. We were spread out on different couches and I was next to Bella who was still tens with all the voices in her head that she did not understand. The thoughts that were going through my family were full of confusion they were unsure of what had just happened.

Carlisle spoke first, "What happened out there?"

I answered Carlisle question as best I could, "I think Bella got her gift. When I came close to her she got my gift of reading minds and when Alice came over Bella had a vision and then Jasper and she could feel and control all our emotions. So I thing that any one that has a gift comes in proximity to her she gets their gifts."

"But why didn't she have her gift when she woke up?" Emmet inquired

"All gifts are different maybe hers she needed blood to set it off."

"That is a very interesting point that you make Edward and an amazing gift you have Bella," said Carlisle. "But Bella, do you have any questions about our way of life? I know that you all ready know a bit about vampires because of your friends but if you have any questions feel free to ask."

"I guess it's just all so new. All the sensations, it takes a lot to get use to. But I do have one question...um how did you guys get on this diet?"

Carlisle told her his story, "when I was human it was about the 16th century London, my father was a preacher and he would go out and hunt vampires, witches and anything else he classified as demands. But, he was getting older in his age and so he past this job on to me. I was reluctant. I tried to find real vampires not some innocent person that my father thought as a demand. And one day I got my wish I was out on the street and we found them. We did not stand a chance against them. They were weak with thirst but they were still stronger and faster. One of them bit me but was scared off by the others in the group that was trying to hunt them. I knew what would happen if my father found me. He would be disgraced so I hid in some rotten potatoes in a sealer and stayed quiet for three days until the burning subsided. Then I ran as far away from human life as I could. I tried to kill myself but nothing worked; I was immortal. I was up in the in the mountains a herd of deer came by my cave and I attacked them because of the thirst being so strong. That's how I became a vampire that drinks the blood of animals or the name we give ourselves 'vegetarian vampires'. In the following years I learned to control my thirst and I started learning medicine, I traveled all around Europe to study. Then I went to America and practised there. And in 1918 I changed Edward, he was the first that I changed then it was Esme then Rosalie then Emmet. Then soon after that Jasper and Alice came to us." I could see it all unfolding in Carlisle's mind and I noticed that Bella was also focused on Carlisle's thoughts as well as she saw through his memories eyes of all the things that he had been through. She had learnt quite quickly how to control the gifts that she was given. She had relaxed since when she got my gift. I was quite pleased and amazed with how she had become a part of this life. That's when I remembered her vision.

"Bella you that vision that you had when you got Alice's gift?" she nodded her head, "do you know who the men were that came to the house?"

"They were the soldiers that founded me and took me home. The ones I told you about: Major Aaron Smith, Captain Alex Walker and Lieutenant John Jones they are my friends that are the vampires that I know."

"Because that means that we are going to have a visit from your friends soon. And you get to see them again."

"So three army soldiers are coming here? Are they a threat?" Jaspers mind went into military mode but Bella quickly interrupted.

"They are not a threat if you don't want them to be."

"Can you tell us about them?" I asked

"Well Aaron is the leader. He changed both Alex and John. They all have pretty cool gifts. Aaron can control earth and nature; like plants and stuff. He can shape it in to anything he wants. Like one time with just using his mind he made a replica of me out of stone and could control it. It moved talked anything Aaron wanted it to. Alex can control the weather, like make a blistering hot day snow or rain. And John is a physical and mental shield so he can stop physical things and any mental gifts."

"How did they manage to get into the army?" Jasper asked

"They got into the army around the First World War and they were able to do it because someone up the higher ranks was able to pull a few strings and they were all able to skip all of their medical tests. And they have been in the army ever since."

The family talked for a bit then we all went and did what we usually did but I decided to show Bella around the house. We walked around the first floor and then the second and third. "This is a big house and it really beautiful."

"Yes I guess it is. Esme designed it." As we enter my room she looked around, "this is my room." She looked around at the soft plush cream carpeted floor and the light gold walls with gold trim, and the full wall window that looked out on our meadow then looked to the one wall that had a CD/book case along the hole of the wall and on another wall was a flat screen plasma that was mounted onto the wall and underneath was my desk with my laptop among other thing on it. She walked over to the book shelf brushing her fingers along the edges, "You have a lot of books."

"You can read one if you like."

She picked one of the books and looked to me, "could you read it to me like when you did in the hospital?" 'I like how you read it' I walked over to the black leather lounge and beckoned her to sit with me. I took the book from her looking at the cover to see that it was my copy of Wuthering Heights. She was snuggled up on the couch listening as I read to her letting the words on the pages in front of me flow from my mouth. We just sat there like that with me reading to her as the sun slowly set over the mountains making way for twilight to come.