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Scars Of A Torn heart

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The Cullens are in Australia when a new influenza out brake strikes. Carlisle asked Edward to help him with a patient that has been through so much in her life; and will change Edward forever. The trauma of slavery affected Isabella greatly but can Edward be able to help her, not only in her battle with the influenza but also the battle that goes on in her mind? What will happen to the two lonely souls? Will they find happiness? Will they find Love? Or will they force each other apart because of their pasts? And will they finally find their Happy Ending? Edward/Bella

its my first Fanfic. so be kind. i don't own any of the twilight charters SM owns all.

7. Chapter 7: Old Memories

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Chapter: 7: Old Memories

Over time Bella and I had gone back to the Blue Mountains were the brumbies were. She enjoyed being there watching them. Soon they were at ease with us being there and some came to greet us. Bella would pet them slowly, careful not to make sudden movements. I was not quite sure why the animals were so at ease with us but I liked it. It was getting late so we made our way home. Bella had not told me any more information about that section of her painful past but I was not going to push it.

Once we got home Emmett got Bella to play with him on his X-Box 'Need for Speed' they were playing malty player and Bella was winning. It went into a conversation about cars and everything to do with them and Emmett asked, "...so we better get you a car soon so you can drive and all. Don't you think Edie?"

"Don't call me Edie!..." I was about to say something else but Bella interrupted me.

"That could be a problem seeing as I don't rightly have a license and don't know how to drive."

Emmett looked at her shocked "WHAT DO YOU MEAN THAT YOU DON'T KNOW HOW TO DRIVE?"

"Emmett quite down would you. You know Esme does not like you yelling in the house," I scolded, but he just rolled his eyes at me and the spoke softer in his 'inside voice' as Esme liked to call it.

"You don't know how to drive?"

"Well I had other things on my mind at the time, Emmett."

"Well we're going to change that you're going to get your license."

"I haven't even studied yet."

"Well chop, chop on the computer and on to the RTA site and do the practise test, come on." Emmett sped away then came back with a laptop and handed it to her. "There you go. Now start studying so I can teach you how to drive. This is going to be so much fun!"

I rolled my eyes at Emmett's enthusiasm. Bella shook her head thinking 'I am sure his crazy in a two year old kind of way'.

Bella ran up to her room and turn on her stereo system and lay across her bed with the laptop, doing as Emmett said to do and studied.

About an hour had past and I went up to see what she was doing even though I could easily see it in her thoughts I still went up to see her.

As I entered her room she looked up to me and smiled, "hi Edward," she mover over and patted next to her, telling me to sit.

I walked over to her and sat down. "How are you going?"

"I'm going all right. Some of them are just completely stupid like the one that asks 'If you see a horse and rider on the road what should you do?'

a) Slow down and give them plenty of room.

b) Sound your horn to warn the rider.

c) Speed up to pass the horse.

"Do they think we're all a bunch of idiots? Who in their right mind would use their horn? It would scar the poor horse! Mate! Seriously! "

I laughed shaking my head. "They have to cover all the basses and some of them would be considered silly and bizarre as well." I said between my laughter.

"How about you have a break for a bit. Hey?"

"Yeah that sounds like a good idea." She shut down the laptop and looked to me. "Edward, when can I go back home to get some of my stuff?"

"How about tomorrow? Since your pretty good at controlling your thirst as it seems. I'll take you tomorrow. We can use Emmet's jeep. Alice says it's going to be cloudy tomorrow too."

"That would be great."

She laid on her bed and I laid down on her couch and we just read. Hours past and soon the sun started to raised over the mountain range. We got up and I went to my room to change as she changed in hers

Once we were both in comfortable clothes and ready we went down stairs and headed to the garage and got in Emmet's jeep. She directed me to were her house was which was on the outer regions of Dungog. As we pulled up to a small average country house Bella's thoughts were sad and sorrowful.

I patted her hand reassuringly telling her that everything was ok.

I pulled up the drive way and we entered the house. The house was average looking but it had character. The interior was bits and pieces of mismatched little trinkets that scattered the walls and somehow worked together.

Bella walked up to the book case in the small lounge room and brushed her fingers across the dusty books. 'I remember when I was little my mum and dad would read to me ever night from these books. It was a happier time back then'.

We slowly started to move to her parents' room. We got to the door way; the door was closed and Bella slowly with a shaky hand opened the door. In the middle of the room was a double bed with night stands on either side of the bed. She went to the left side of the bed to the night stand and slowly opened the drawer. Her hands found a dusty old, leather bound book. She dusted of the thin layer of dust and held the book in her hand as she sat down on the bed. I walked over to her sitting next to her.

I found that there in her hands was an old bible. Its old musky smelling pages were worn thin with age. Her hands slowly opened the old pages.

"This was my great, great grandfather's bible. He was given it when he turned eighteen and it was handed down generation to generation... It holds a lot of memories of our family."

Written in the old script read four names of her great grandfather's and father's names.

We went through the house as she picked a few items that she wanted to take with her and we clean and tided the house up making the house look completely clean and tidy. But there was one room that we did not enter and I could tell that she was hiding something from me but I said nothing.

It was getting to the end of the day and we had gone through the whole house except that one room and I realised that it was hers. There was something on the edge of her mind and it was like it was... fear?

We both knew that she had to go in there at one point and now seemed like that time, like before with her parents room she hesitated but it was longer and she still kept her thoughts guarded.

Slowly she opened the door. It was like any other bed room; there was a bed pushed against a wall to make room, at the base of the bed sat a chest like wooden box. Its furnishings were simple but still nice. She slowly walked over to it, almost cautiously. She brushed her hands over it and then she realised that I was watching her. Hesitantly she beckoned me to come closer with her hand.

I stood next to her and she timidly opened the lid of the box. There all neatly folded and placed in the box was the attire that she had worn while she had been a slave. The garb was indeed beautiful the light golden fabric, beautifully done golden embroidery of swirls and patens that danced across the beautiful fabric. The two pieces of the clothing fitted together perfectly.

Laying on top of the pieces of clothing was a sword and two knifes both went perfectly with the other pieces and one other object also laid on top was a crown like head piece which had a vale cloth that would cover all the face except the eyes and at the back of the headpiece was like a long vale of the same material of the other fabrics that would trail down her back, gold trimmed the edges of both the vales that would hide her face.

The last item that lay on top was a jewelry box about 10 by 10cm in length. Bella picked up the box and then sat on the bed. Opening it with care she looked inside and there inside the box were a great amount of gold jewelry, many bracelets, arm bands and a very extravagant golden necklace. Every piece of the outfit was gold and created to perfection.

She looked to me.

"This was the reminder of what I was... These objects have so many memories, all of them very painful. I never liked to look at them because of that but... I did so that I could remember all of those that are not so lucky... those that won't taste freedom ever again... I will never forget them, not in a thousand years will I forget..." She trailed of in thought I sat there listening to her thoughts. We sat there all night frozen like statues not specking or moving just thinking.

Strange how time can mean nothing to those that are not in time; thoughts racing though our minds at the same time as we thought as one, two bodies, two minds, one thought. The hours past and still we had not moved, there was no need to do anything but to just simply sit.

Finally she broke that silence and I knew that she was going to tell me more about her life. In the quite of the little bedroom she started to talk.

"There was a group of us... we were tort how to fight... I was never really good a first but one time we were all lined up and we were told to fight... to the death with this... man. He was twice the size of any of us and we had to fight him; bigger and so much stronger than us... I was fourth in the line, the first three tried hard but they were so scared, they did not know what to do and they died quickly... snapping their necks easily or even for one of them crushing her skull, just in one hand." Her eyes glazed over as she relived the memories through her blurry human eyes.

"Soon it came to my time to fight this losing battle. I fought as best that I could... he started tormenting me and something inside me just snapped. That little voice in the back of my head always saying I was never good enough, the voice that thrived on pain and anger, that voice that I begun to believe as my demand... my beast... the monster that plagued my thoughts with torture and destruction. That voice came to the front... her fury over flowing with rage.

"It felt like I was not in control of my own body but she was: my monster controlled it... My body crouched like a lioness ready to attack. Moving fluently like a dancer I weaved in and out of the man's grasps. When his back was turned that's when my beast attacked him... Digging my nails into his flesh like they were claws slicing through the flesh of his chest and wrapped my legs around his torso locking my feet around each other... he started to punch my sides but I held on tight.

"My beast curved my body around so that my teeth could reach the front of his neck then bit down... hard, ripping and shredding through his neck. I tasted his salty blood in my mouth but if felt like my beast longed for more, her lust for blood, she lusted for a fight... my body was still wrapped around the man as he fell to the ground died...

"The look on my master's face... his eyes held awe, yet fear. That was when my demon took over. With each fight she grow stronger and with each beating I grow weaker... but I never stopped... she took control I guess you could say when I had to fight. I began to become as hard as my beast. Even with all of my masters; I served with no question. I learnt the first time to not disobey..." She trailed off lost in her memories...

Soon we decided to go back home. Back to the present, back to reality. Were the past is the past and cannot hurt as much as it can when every were you look is the past. We packed everything into Emmet's jeep. Some of her clothes, some of her personal items like something as simple as hat. She said that her parents gave it to her for her birthday one time. She said that it was special; that it was called an akubra and that it was an iconic Australian hat. The hat sat in her lap all the way home as she brushed her hands across the surface of the black hat.

Soon we were up the drive way and into the garage. Finally once more home.