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Scars Of A Torn heart

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The Cullens are in Australia when a new influenza out brake strikes. Carlisle asked Edward to help him with a patient that has been through so much in her life; and will change Edward forever. The trauma of slavery affected Isabella greatly but can Edward be able to help her, not only in her battle with the influenza but also the battle that goes on in her mind? What will happen to the two lonely souls? Will they find happiness? Will they find Love? Or will they force each other apart because of their pasts? And will they finally find their Happy Ending? Edward/Bella

its my first Fanfic. so be kind. i don't own any of the twilight charters SM owns all.

8. Chapter 8: Visitors

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Chapter 8: Visitors

The days went past just as normal as it could be for a family of vampires as such as ours. I helped Bella with doing her work from school she had missed while she was in the hospital. Currently, we were doing some math. We were sitting in her room working through the text book. There was just one question that Bella was stuck on.

"I can't do it!"

"Calm down Bella. We just have to take it step by step."

"Edward you know that I'm not good at math!"

"And that's why I'm here," I said as she let out a heavy sigh and nodded. "Don't worry Bella you'll get the hang of it soon. You're a quick learner. Don't put yourself down; you're a smart girl just because you can't do one question does not make you stupid."

"But that's the thing I'm not smart! I've never been smart especially after... it happened."

"Oh Bella! Just because you missed a few years of schooling does not mean anything. You might not be able to know what someone in year 11 knows does not mean that you are not smart. You know a lot of things...Like how many people in your year in school know how to speak fluently several languages?"

"No one really," she said looking down.

"Exactly. Who would be able to go through what you have been through?"

She looked up to me with question in her thoughts 'where are you going with this?'

"Bella, you are one of the bravest people that I have ever met; even the bravest person I've ever met and in all my years of walking this earth I've met many people. No matter what anyone may think, even yourself you are smart, brave, strong, and you are a very special person. Is that clear," I asked, bringing my hand up to cup her cheek as she nodded. "Now how about we get this question done..."

Bella had doubted herself ever since I started tutoring her and helping her get back up to speed with what she was learning at school. I knew that that doubt went further back then the first lesson when I first started teaching her. I knew it was imbedded in her when she was taken, throughout the beatings and people telling her that she was nothing and that she was stupid she soon began to believe what she was told and when she had come back home she had really believed it when school became hard to understand but she did not want to say that she needed help because of what the consequences might be if she asked. So she just struggled on fearing what would happen if she asked for help.

But now as I tutored her there could be no deception on her part because I could hear every thought that passed through her mind.

We spent a few more hours going though her other subjects till we decided that it was time to stop for the day.

We both moved down stairs she moved to the couch with a book and I moved to my piano. I sat down and realised that it had been a while since I had played. Brushing me fingers across the keys filing the house with music. As the sweet symphony went on I closed of all the thoughts in the house and let my fingers dance across the keys and I put all of my emotions in to the form of music. As the music flowed in to another song I realised I was playing Bella's lullaby. I felt someone come sit on the piano stool with me and when I opened my eyes which I had not realised I had closed and saw Bella. I smiled at her and she smiled back at me and then closed her eyes court up in the music. When finally the piece came to a close I looked to Bella and she looked to me.

"I have heard that before... in the hospital; you would hum it to me and it would help keep
the dreams away but I don't know the name." She looked to me with question in her strange deep brown eyes that was so human nothing like that of a vampire.

"The name is 'Bella's lullaby'. I made it for you." I said looking down. If I had been human I would have been blushing bright red.

"Thank you. It's beautiful Edward."

"You really like it?"

"I love it Edward."

I smiled at her. We were so close to each other. Her eyes held mine and before I realised we were millimeters apart. Our lips so close but then she froze. Trapped in a vision; it was of her vampire friends. They came into town the sky was over cast. They went to her home first and smelt the scent of vampires and tracked the sent down coming here. The clock said 12:00pm two hours from now. The vision went on. Two of the vampires faces were angry and one was guarded as they came up to the house. Suddenly the vision ended.

"I wonder why they look so mad." Her question was something that I did not know ether but soon we would find out in just about two hours. Alice came rushing down the stairs and called the rest of the family together as well. We sat in the large lounge room.

Alice started, "we are going to have some visitors. Bella's old friends are coming to visit but it seems that something is not quite right because for some reason they seem angry."

"Are they a threat?" Jasper asked

"They won't harm anyone unless they feel threatened so I don't think so."

"What do you mean you don't think so?" hissed Rosalie.

"Rosalie. That was not needed," Esme soldered.

Rosalie was about to say something back but I interrupted, "it's OK Esme. She does have a valid question," I said then looked towards Rosalie, "I used think because it just depends on whether they think we are a threat or not. We just have to make sure that we don't do anything that might make them feel threatened."

The thoughts in the room were all unsure about what made these three solders angry.

Soon there were two more thoughts that I could hear and they were come fast.

'...if they have hurt her I'm going to rip'em all apart...'one thought.

'...I wonder what we are dealing with...' another thought but the last one I could not hear so that one must have been John.

"Carlisle they're here," Bella and I said at the same time.

We all filled in front of the door and met outside. Carlisle, Emmet, Jasper and I went out first then Esme, Rosalie, Alice and Bella came out behind us. Then the two thoughts and one guarded one came into view.

The one up front I recognised as Major Aaron Smith because dark brown hair which looked almost black in person, his expression was guarded just as it was in the vision. The next I recognised from Bella's mind as Lieutenant John Jones he had messy blond hair and the last one must have been Captain Alex Walker he had light brown hair. They both looked very angry.

The three men stroked towards us and the light brown haired one hissed, "How dare you, you bloody ba-"

"Captain! Close your mouth." The captain snapped his mouth shut and balled his hands into fists at his sides glaring at us. I realised why there was so much anger in their glares. They thought that we had killed her. "What have you done with Bella? If you have killed her you will pay the price." the major said trying to keep clam.

Carlisle looked to them slightly confused, "we have not hurt Bella at all. She is perfectly fine..."

Before Carlisle could say any more Bella poked her head around me and smiled up at her old friends, "now, now. No need to be aggressive. I'm fine." She said as she walked around me to stand in front. The three men's faces and thoughts went from plan fury to complete joy.

"Bella!" the three of them said simultaneously and smiled coming up to in bras her in a hug.

"We thought you were died." Aaron said.

"Why would you assume such a thing like that?" asked Bella.

"Well we went to you house and smelled vampires and thought that... well they got you."

"Well they did get me and that would be why I'm here now."

"What do you mean? You can't be a vampire, you don't have red eyes," Aaron said confused.

"Well I don't really know why I don't have red eye but I am defiantly a vampire," Bella replied.

"If you're a vampire..."

"Then I can take you on easy and win against you in a fight." She said interrupting Aaron. He looked at her confused 'how did she know I was going to suggest a fight?' "because I can read your mind."

"Mate. That's kind of creepy. What, so you heard everything we were thinking just before?"

"Yep," said smiling.

"That would be hard to get used to."

"We are all ready used to not having any privacy since Edward can read minds tow. That's where Bella got her gist from and the ability of seeing the futureform me. Kind of cool right? By the way I'm Alice!" Alice said excitedly.

I looked into Bella's mind to get more information about them but I could not find her mind it was like something was blocking it. She looked to me like she was trying to tell me something through her mind but could not hear her.

"Edward what do you mean you can't hear me?" she said out loud.

"I mean I cannot hear your mind anymore, just like I cannot see Lieutenant John Jones' mind."

"John are you shielding me?"


"This is quite intrusting but please how about we all go inside to talk." Carlisle said. Then we all moved inside.

We all sat in chairs around the room or some stood and some sat on the floor. I was on the floor next to the lounge where Bella sat. When we were all seated Carlisle introduced us all then we got down to work.

"Bella do you feel that anything else is different?" asked Carlisle. She looked deep in concentration. I just wished that I could hear what she was thinking.

"You did say that your friends had gifts so maybe like with Edward, Alice and Jasper you have their gifts as well."

"What do you mean by that? How many gifts can one vampire have?"

"On Bella's first hunt she went hunting and when she consumed the blood she was able to...copy... I guess you could say...others gifts. So when she came near Edward she got his ability to hear people's thoughts and like just now she went near Lieutenant Jones and got his gift as well but I am unsure of how many gifts Bella will be able to have because Bella has only been around us."

"So she would my gift as well," Aaron stated, then looked to Bella, "how about we see if you have my gift too," he looked up to Carlisle and Esme, "should we try this outside as not to damage you beautiful home Mrs. Cullen?" Aaron said smiling at Esme politely.

"Why thank you for your compliment Major Smith."

We then all moved outside. "All right Bells you see the bolder over there," Aaron said pointing to the large bolder near the little river that ran by the house, "I want you to use you mind and make a shape out of it. Like this."

The bolder molded into a perfect cube each side of the cube was sooth and then it went back to its original shape. All of my family were amazed with Aaron's gift. Bella stepped up and closed her eyes concentrating. I was shore if I could see into her mind that she was imagining the bolder becoming a cube. The bolder shook violently and slowly but shoaly began forming into a cube. Bella opened her eyes and smiled as she saw her handy work. Though the cube was not as perfect as Aaron's it was very close and considering that it was only the first time she had ever done it, it was perfect in its own way.

She looked to me and smiled and I smile back sending my praises in my thoughts and her smile grew bigger.

As the afternoon wore on Bella had shaped the bolder into more complex things and being a quick learner she managed to create a moving lioness out of stone. And for Alex and his gift he helped her to control her gift. She made it rain, snow and hall but only in the proximity of the meadow were the house stood.

Soon the sun had set and we retreated back into the house to relax. Carlisle went back to the hospital to start his night shift and the rest of us went to different areas of the house. Aaron, Alex and John stayed in lounge room with Bella and I.

Bella and her friends got reacquainted once again as she told them about how she was changed and soon as the night wore on the three decided to go hunting. Over the weeks Bella could easily use her new gifts. She could now shape her shield mentally and physically. She could even pull back her shield completely.

The three soldiers easily became close with my family because of their easy going attitude. They stayed for a few weeks but soon their job of defending this country called them back into service and they had to leave.

We were all at the foyer saying our goodbyes to our new found friends.

"It's an honour to meet you Carlisle. Thank you for sharing your home with us," Aaron said to Carlisle.

"It was a pleasure having you." Carlisle responded.

Aaron and the others moved on to Bella saying their good bye.

When they left I went to my piano skimming the keys with my fingers and then started to play the compensation that I made for Esme. The music flowed throughout the house. I remembered that the last time I had sat here Bella was on the stool next to me and we were so close, the feel of her body next to me. Something changed at that moment; I knew I could not live without her but it was like there was something more. From the moment that we met we could tell each other anything and everything. She was not just a friend or a sister but my best friend and when we had sat here together somehow we had the desire to become more than just that.

Like last time I felt Bella sit next to me and just knowing that she was near made me whole. I looked at her and smile and she smile back. We simply sat there bathing in each other's presents. Happy and content.