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A Night To Remember

Beautiful expressive art that IS NOT MINE (this pic belongs to BatDesignz) How will Alice and Jasper celebrate their 59th anniversary? Humor,Romance, Drama and a little fluff here and there... ***Ive been away for awhile,but im back! and updating frequently!enjoy!***

Ok well this is my first fanfic so here goes. Its Alice and Jaspers anniversary so how do they celebrate? EVERYTHING belongs to the amazing Stephenie Meyer.

2. Chapter 2 Stranger

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I was outside alone. “Jasper” I whispered into the dark night but there was too much fog, I couldn’t see. Then right in front of me immerging from the mist, there was a man, but he was not my man. He was taller with jet black hair that was cut short. He was handing me a ring. I turned away and starting running, trying to get away, but I suddenly froze. That’s when I looked into his piercing blood red eyes.

“Alice, Alice honey can you hear me?” I heard Jasper ask. I slowly opened my eye lids to find that we were outside on bench and I was sitting on his lap.

“Yes, yes…im fine just another vision.” I didn’t want to freak him out or ruin our night. So I did something that I very rarely do to my love. I lied through my teeth. “It was nothing really just Carlisle and Esme hunting.” Plus I had nothing to worry about I could take care of my self. Just avoid all stocker vampires and everything should turn out a-ok. I mean, what’s the worst that could happen?

Jasper got up and then gently set me on my feet.”Shall we?” he asked gesturing towards the open doors of the ball room.

“We shall” I replied placing my tiny hand in his.

As soon as we were on the dance floor (again) he placed both hands gently on my waist and in seconds we were twirling. The background seemed to fade and blur as I was caught up in Jasper's large smile and gorgeous stare that was intently on me. I sighed and took another unnecessary breath as I watched his expression morph into a wicked grin. Then he burst out laughing while we were still dancing. “What?” I asked with a confused expression on my face. What ever could be so funny?

He looked past my head gesturing by raising his chin to a small group of ladies along the side of the clearing on the floor our little dancing ‘show’ had made. They looked a little drawn back by the two of us.

“The amount of jealousy that is coming off of that group right now is enormous!” He laughed

“Why is that?” I asked with sincere confusion

“Honestly Alice who wouldn’t be jealous of the way you look right now?” I grinned but shook my head in disbelief. That’s when I noticed how fast we were waltzing. The speed was so normal for us I hadn’t realized that we weren’t going at ‘human’ speed any more.

“Slow down!” I said under my breath, just quite enough for him to hear. I didn’t need anymore stares. As we slowed I noticed the girls weren’t staring at us anymore, but at a man that was chatting casually with them as soon as I had time to look him over his gaze and attention quickly shifted over to me. I stared back I couldn’t resist for some odd reason I felt compelled to look into his deep scarlet eyes for a very long time. That's when I realized he was a vampire.

Jasper noticing my sudden fixation turned to look at what I was looking at.

Don’t move a strange yet alluring voice that seemed to be inside my head called. At last I have found you. I have waited so long…it was that vampire’s voice.

I heard some one else, Jasper probably, calling my name but it was slurred as if I was under water or something. The man across the room approached us then ever so gracefully. I heard what I thought sounded like a growl coming from Jasper but I was still under the water. The only thing that was clear now was this stranger and this crystal speech.

Let’s go my love the voice said. His love? Uh i dont think so buddy...

I tried to reach for Jazz but before I knew it my feet were involuntarily following a complete stranger out the ballrooms large doors! STOP! I wanted to scream at myself. What was happening to me? Once we were outside we were running into the night. WHY WAS I RUNNING?! STOP FEET STOP! But I couldn’t cause them to slow no matter how hard I tried. I just kept running until we finally came to a stop and my world that was once a blur became clear again. But the night air was thick with fog.

“WHO ARE YOU?!” I screamed at this man in front of me

“Why I am Sir Henry Richardson the second” He replied casually like we were old friends. Then in one swift motion he scooped my hand up and pecked it lightly “But you, my dear, can call me Henry” I jerked back my arm and gave him a look that I wish could kill.

“Ok Henry, where is Jasper? AND WHY AM I HERE?” I was bursting with anger! This good for nothing creep has ruined my night!

“Oh, your little friend back there? He won’t be bothering you again.” As he said that I panicked. What had he done? One minute me and Jazz were dancing and the next he was just gone. So I did the only thing I could do. I tried to dash back to the ball room.

I didn’t even get two steps away until he ran in front of me and I froze under his maroon gaze.

“Where ever are you going my sweet?” he asked as the unusual urge to hit something bubbled up inside of me. Who did this guy think he is? That’s when I realized he had the power of mind control. Oh, excilent.

“I needed to ask you something…important.” oh boy i've heard that line before. “Danielle?”

Then a woman a little older than me appeared out of the haze. She had blonde hair that was long and waved down to her hips.

“Alice this is Danielle. She is the first addition to our coven.” Danielle smiled warmly.Wait, how did he know my name and OUR coven? I don’t think so…

Danielle handed him a small felt box, then he knelt down in front of me and opened it. It was a large squarely cut ruby with two diamonds on each side on as silver band. Ok this guy is nuts…

“Alice, would you be my queen?” he asked I tried to open my mouth but before I could I saw Jasper immerging from the fog with deep confusion playing across his face.

Before I could say anything the world around me was fading and I heard that voice in my head again.

Say yes; say how bored you are with jasper. You want me! Say...say you are upset with his lack of self control.

“Of course I will be you’re queen. I am so bored with Jasper and besides he was always a failure when it came to controlling himself.” I sounded so sincere, but inside I was screaming it’s falseness. I tried desperately to break away from Henry’s gaze to explain to Jasper. But when I looked up the ring was on my finger and Jaspers expression looked like a mixture of hate and heartbreaking misery.