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A Night To Remember

Beautiful expressive art that IS NOT MINE (this pic belongs to BatDesignz) How will Alice and Jasper celebrate their 59th anniversary? Humor,Romance, Drama and a little fluff here and there... ***Ive been away for awhile,but im back! and updating frequently!enjoy!***

Ok well this is my first fanfic so here goes. Its Alice and Jaspers anniversary so how do they celebrate? EVERYTHING belongs to the amazing Stephenie Meyer.

4. Chapter 4 Danielle

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I felt like a puppet with all these little strings that Henry kept pulling. I would say and do exactly what I was told. My mind no longer belonged to me. So here I was stuck in henrys 'house’. He had forced me to run here to this deserted shack of a dwelling it was so…creepy. It actually looked like a place a vampire in a horror movie could live in. The floors creaked under our graceful feet and the entire structure was engulfed in mold and rust. All signs of age and time. The whole thing should be knocked down.

“Stay here until I return darling” he had told me once we reached the cellar below the dump of a house. Being a dummy under his hand I could do nothing more than obey and let him chain me to the wall. HA chains, I laughed silently to myself. One little tug and these babies are toast! And I would be free to run back to my Jasper. I counted the seconds until I strode out of the imprisonment and his control.

I tugged at first and truly believed I would be free but I couldn’t break them. What was this crap made of? Gosh…

So here I sit a captive. caged by a wacko love struck vampire. What is wrong with this guy?

I head faint foot steps coming my way. To my surprise it was Danielle. She opened the heavy door effortlessly just enough to shyly peek her girlish features in to look at me.

“H-hello Alice, I thought you might want some company since you are down here alone and all.” She half smiled innocently.

“Thanks please some and sit with me.” Danielle nodded and then came over to sit on the stone floor beside me. “So tell me how did you become a vampire?”

Danille told me of how Henry had changed her one night. She had run away from home and had gotten run over by a car when Henry changed her.

“He saved me…and I am forever grateful to him” she said as she looked off at nothing in particular, probably remembering that night.

She then told me about his life when he was a human. Apparently him and his wife where attacked by vampires. He was changed and she died. It is a tragedy beyond all tragedies to loose true love.

“You remind him of his wife; she looked a lot like you. All he wants is his wife back.”

“That is no excuse for what he did to me! I have a husband! I don’t want him. I want jasper!” I sobbed tearlessly.

“Shh there there. It will all be ok, im sure you’re mate will come for you.” She whispered while rubbing by back. She really was kind.

“No…he….what I said…he is never…he will never forgive me.”


We were following her sent the trail she had left behind. The truth behind the last words I heard her speak stilled gnawed at my heart. Soon we were lead up an old deserted house with peeling paint and gaping holes in the roof. I looked over at Edward who was smiling triumphantly.

“I can hear her thoughts Jasper.” he said smugly “and it is just as I thought. She is only thinking about one thing right now.” I froze “she can’t stop thinking about you.”

As we approached the house I felt full of grief and sadness that was radiating off of Alice It hurt to feel that she was like this. I couldn’t believe it! Did she actually pity me?

“She is so sad about what she said to you.” Then his brow was knit together “there is also this other female that is in love with that Henry guy…how messed up is this clan?” And I felt the immense amounts of admiration and love.

“Well I wish that Alice would stop pitying me.” I said bitterly. Then I turned on my heel, facing the opposite direction of Edward “I should…go”

Edward spun me around so that I was looking him in the eye. “You are absolutely absurd!” he shouted “she loves you!” I looked at him like he was crazy “…and only you”

I couldn’t believe it. Alice loved me. "w-what? But she…she said that I am.... and then she…” I struggled for words through my confusion and new found hope.

Edward sighed “let’s go save your damsel in distress shall we?”

“What’s the hurry Edward? Anxious to get back to Bella are we?” I teased

His eyes narrowed into slits and then he blew it off “come on.” we continued up to the house until we reached a broken window. We crouched down so Edward could ‘listen’ to hear any one else that might be inside.

“That other vampire seems harmless enough lets go in.” he rose and slipped through the broken glass frame simply. I followed him along a dark hall, down a very aged staircase, and then into an area that seemed so much more stable than the rest of the house. Edward opened the insignificantly heavy (to him) door and stepped in side.

Then I saw her. Her dress was torn from tonight’s events and her body was racking with sobs. The blond vampire jerked her head up to stare intently on us. Alice soon did the same.

“JASPER!” she screamed as her face lit up.