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A Night To Remember

Beautiful expressive art that IS NOT MINE (this pic belongs to BatDesignz) How will Alice and Jasper celebrate their 59th anniversary? Humor,Romance, Drama and a little fluff here and there... ***Ive been away for awhile,but im back! and updating frequently!enjoy!***

Ok well this is my first fanfic so here goes. Its Alice and Jaspers anniversary so how do they celebrate? EVERYTHING belongs to the amazing Stephenie Meyer.

5. Chapter 5 Intruder

Rating 4.5/5   Word Count 660   Review this Chapter

Alice’s P.O.V: He came back! He was really here! I knew that deep down he knew the truth. I wanted to touch him. I wanted to reassure him. His once perfect hair was tousled with a few leaves stuck in, and his tux was worn. Yet, to me there could be nothing more beautiful as he stood before me. “Jazz, what I said before I-” Jasper crouched down in front of me and clasped his hand over my mouth before I could finish. His eyes, lit with suspicion, narrowed as he glanced left to right quickly. Then he looked at Edward, and he nodded. Jasper removed his hand and placed a finger to his lips. I knew something was wrong but I couldn’t figure out what… Jasper’s P.O.V.: Edward, I feel this immense wave of anger coming from over there. I nodded toward the far left door of the room. “There’s no one there Jasper, I hear nothing. Now help me get Alice loose, we need to get out of here quickly.” he whispered viciously as he began tugging on Alice’s restraint. I helped him and between the two of us the chains eventually broke. “No…really Edward…this is a problem!” I said as I helped Alice to her feet. “Alright lets just go” Edward replied. He glared back at the other female and we headed for the door. Then he appeared. Alice’s P.O.V.: Henry blew in through the door way with a troubled look. Jaspers eyes were fierce. Ha! Now he’s in trouble! Then I began to wonder what he was capable of… and what he could do to us. I quickly found Jaspers hand and gripped it as if to make a statement. I thought about sticking my tongue out at Henry, but that would’ve been too childish in this serious moment in time… Or at least it was serious for the guys. Edward was crouched on the ground beside Jasper and I. Jasper gave me a sorrowful ‘I forgive you’ look and I squeezed his hand tighter. It was a look that told me he thought something bad might happen to us. Edward’s dark eyes grew double in size as he looked over Henry. “Jasper he’s a-” and then Edward was silent at Henry’s side with a blank expression plastered on his face. Jasper let go of my hand and leaped at Henry. He froze in mid air because of Henry's power over him. My hand burned from the memory of where his had been. I panicked and turned around to face Danielle with desperation. There was only one thing that could possibly stop Henry, I knew that was me. Jasper’s P.O.V.: I tried to move, I wanted to claw this guys eyes out! But I couldn’t. I stood useless as a much more fragile Alice stepped out in front of us. Her torn gown receded across the light wood floor until she came to a stop. “Henry” She pronounced meaningfully “I understand what you are going through…when you loose someone dear to you…it’s the worst kind of pain there is.” She shook her small spiky head back and forth. “But this, what you are doing is wrong.” Henrys face fell and Alice put on her most serious face. “You must listen to me. I’m not your wife. I have a husband who loves me. Who are you to take my happiness away just as yours was?” she stated, still using an understanding tone. Henry moved towards her. As he slowly moved she darted backwards “Alice, my sweet-“ “Don’t call me that!” she shouted “I don’t want you! Now stop this and let them go!” she gestured to Edward and me with a graceful hand. I felt anger flowed through his being and I began to stride toward Alice. It seemed he had something else in mind…