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A Night To Remember

Beautiful expressive art that IS NOT MINE (this pic belongs to BatDesignz) How will Alice and Jasper celebrate their 59th anniversary? Humor,Romance, Drama and a little fluff here and there... ***Ive been away for awhile,but im back! and updating frequently!enjoy!***

Ok well this is my first fanfic so here goes. Its Alice and Jaspers anniversary so how do they celebrate? EVERYTHING belongs to the amazing Stephenie Meyer.

6. Chapter 6 Decision

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Alice’s P.O.V.:

The zombie version of my husband stalked toward me and I stood my ground. Henry had a sinister grin on as he chuckled under his breath. That’s when it clicked. I knew what was about to happen, the worst possible thing that could happen.

“Jasper!” I said. I knew that he was under Henrys control but I was hoping he could hear me. “I love you no matter what. Please remember that.”

As soon as he was close enough I closed my eyes. Fully aware of his presence before me I awaited my fate.

The first blow was to my stomach, which sent me flying into the cold concrete walls. I felt the pain come over my back and I landed face down on the floor. I knew Henry’s intentions. With my ear to the ground where I laid, I could hear the faint tapping of Jasper’s graceful foot steps as he neared me. I then felt familiar, yet different hands reached for my leg and begin to pull. I kept my eyes shut as I was dragged across the floor. I knew that if I fought I would only fall and possibly hurt Jasper while trying to protect myself.

I could only imagine how much torture Jasper must be going through at the moment. I opened my eyes one last time to see a blank faced Edward approach me and grip my arms. I could scarcely imagine the torture Edward was going through at this moment in time. Becasue although our bodies weren’t free to do as we wished, our minds panicked, screaming out for some kind of help, all for Edward to hear.

There was no use fighting it I couldn’t win against the two of them. Their grips grew tighter and they began to pull. I felt the tarring deep in my stomach and I closed my eyes tight. I tried so hard not to make a sound. Screaming would only cause the two of them to plunge deeper into agony.

Then suddenly my eyes flew open. But instead of seeing what was happening around me, I had a vision. In my vision I saw a scared Danielle with golden hair curtaining her face. She rose hesitantly and walked slowly towards Henry. I saw Edward and Jasper tugging on me and then I saw it stop. I saw myself hanging loose from Edward and Jaspers arms.

“What now Danielle? I’m a little busy if you can’t tell.” Henry hissed exasperatingly.

Danielle shook her head full of tears. With one hit to the stomach Henry was flying into the concrete wall. I saw the room shake as the wall absorbed the blow. When the vision ended I was out cold.

Jasper’s P.O.V.:

It could be compared to coming up for air as I was set free of Henry’s control. My reflex was to drop Alice’s legs and I did. But before she hit the ground I swooped under her pixie like body and balanced her against by chest.

“Alice! Oh Alice, Can you hear me? Can you open your eyes? Please Alice…” She slowly opened her eyes and managed a painful smile. But I knew she was hurt.

“Owww….”she whispered.

“Alice, I'm so sorry, if you only knew the pain that caused me, to hurt you, it was unbearable.” I tried to explain. But no explanation was good enough for what I did.

“Jazz, I know. Ill be fine, no big deal. Now come here.” I knew exactly what she wanted. I lowered my head and kissed her lightly. “No! I’m not that fragile!” she exclaimed as she crushed her lips against mine with much more force this time. She must have missed me.

“Jasper, stay with Alice. I have something to take care of…I mean, he did take my little sister captive and threaten her love life…”Edward pondered “well its too bad Emmett isn’t here to help me. He’s going to be really angry that he missed out on all the fun.” He chuckled.

Then he ran towards Henrys disoriented body. “Uh Edward, I would ask the lady’s permission first before killing him.” I commented as I gestured towards the blonde.

“No! You can’t! Don’t!” Danielle suddenly screamed as she stepped in between Edward and Henry. She faced Edward with a fierce look. This could be a problem…

“Please! You can’t! He didn’t mean to hurt anyone!” she shouted. Henry, sitting injured and disoriented, smirked slightly at this.

“Ok, Danielle, I can read his thoughts, he wants every single one of us dead. He only kept you alive so that he could use you. You are still young and are strong. He’s using your strength to defend himself. He doesn’t t care about you. You’ve seen the way he treats you! He isn’t all you have. There are other vampires. Good vampires. You can live like us in a world that doesn’t involve killing like this.” Edward persuaded

“Danielle! Kill him! Now before it’s too late!” Henry anxiously hissed. Daniele looked torn in what decision she should make.

Then she said, “You’re right.” as she turned to Edward and paused. “I can’t live like this anymore.” She turned to look at Henry one last time, and then walked away from him towards the other end of the room.

She looked back at Edward, and he nodded understanding her wishes. While Henry was still very weak Edward dragged him out of the room and outside to finish him off.