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Shopping: An Alice Cullen Production

Once again, Alice Cullen has gotten her way. Doesn't she always? This time around, Alice has managed to convince Bella and Edward to accompany her to Seattle. Taking place about a year after Bella's transformation, how will the newest Cullen react to her first major shopping experience? Let's hope she can keep up -there's no stopping Alice when she's on a mission! Cue Bella's eye rolling here. Involves lots of fun and fluff. Enjoy! PG13 for sexual references, which we all enjoy, of course. (=

This is my first multi-chaptered fan fiction, so please review! I need your constructive criticism. I have been forever searching for the exact type of Twilight fan fiction that I wanted to read. Alas, I decided to give up and write my own! Thanks so much for reading, please enjoy.

2. Chapter 2: Bella POV

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~Bella POV~

We walked into Vuitton, and I immediately spotted some cute (and sensible, durable looking) flats and several bags. I didn't hate this as much as I made out to, not that I would ever give Alice the satisfaction- she seemed to posses some skill that enabled her to rub things in along with being abnormally irritating. I would wait until she forced me to cooperate.

The sharply dressed doorman nodded in greeting, but his face portrayed nothing besides controlled boredom. These people were professionals, and they probably encountered extraordinary beauty every day. They were very well trained, although the female employees were not at all reluctant to rush over and help Edward, once he lifted his sunglasses. In fact, some males were eyeing him too- not surprising, Edward could turn straight men gay. I suspected that there were plenty working here though, anyways.

It's not every day you get to see the human (as far as they knew) representation of a god. I was lucky- my now excellent eyes got to capture, absorb, and memorize every flawless detail of Edward's face daily. I was still jealous when others lusted for him in passing, but I was growing used to it. It was unsurprising, seeing as even a dead person would be attracted to Edward (or in my case, undead). I was beyond attracted to him. Even glancing at him now, I felt the ever-present electric current flowing between us. Every time I looked at his liquid golden eyes, framed with long dark lashes, they were soft and I knew he belonged to me. My personal miracle.

Regardless, I was still jealous.

"Welcome, misses, sir. Please, do not hesitate to ask if you require any assistance." The saleslady's accent was slightly French, and her gaze lingered on my soul mate. I narrowed my eyes and lifted my oversize Salvatore Ferragamo sunglasses (courtesy of Alice). I stared at her, brushing a strand of hair behind my ear and making sure she got a good look at my wedding bands. Take that. She hurried away then, responding to my glare and, subconsciously, her instincts.

Hands off, he's mine.

Apparently, Edward was enjoying the possessive flavor of my thoughts. "I've said this before, but you are still quite adorable when you're jealous." I scowled.

Alice went over to the salespeople to pump them full of questions about wallets, and I was free to grumble to Edward. How long is this going to take? I don't mind when we go lingerie shopping sometimes, because it involves you. But this is not at all interesting.

"Well, I can't say I mind that either. Try and put on a happy face, though, it's only once in a while. Alice tends to get it out of her system and she won't bring it up for a long time…Hopefully." He chuckled while I examined some slacks...$4500! That was almost double my college fund, a long time ago. It seemed like a different lifetime; I suppose it was.

Alice found us then, with an armful of slinky garments. Her load was so tall that you couldn't even see her face, and a few people were starting to stare. I'm sure it looked unnatural to observe a woman of barely five feet not even strain to hold several pounds of clothing. "Here, I'll take some, Alice," I said.

"Oh, great! Not that it's heavy or anything," she scoffed. "But this seems to be a big load for me," she said mockingly, shooting a look at the curious salesman standing nearby. "These are all for you, anyways, Bella. Try these first. Don't forget to use the bra." She handed me a black silk dress with a sweetheart neckline, along with a few other dresses. Wow, I've been hanging out with Alice too much. I can't believe I even identified that.

I went into the brightly lit dressing rooms. The attendant checked my items and directed me to a dressing room that was roughly the size of my old bedroom. I put on the bra that Alice had provided solely for trying on clothes, and shimmied into first silk number. I flipped my hair over my shoulders and looked in the mirror.

The silk flowed over my torso as if the team of seamstresses that made this dress had me in mind exactly. The corset-style top lifted and rounded my (now ample) bust, which was miraculous considering it was strapless. I admired my cleavage for a minute, the transformation having boosted me a few cup sizes. There was barely a centimeter of space between the fabric and my body anywhere, and the deep hue contrasted stunningly with my paleness. I never put much thought into clothes before, because there had never been a reason. Staring at my reflection now, I began to reconsider. This dress was made for me.

"Bella, come out! We want to see," Alice's tinkling voice flowed into the dressing rooms.

I slowly pattered out of the dressing room, barefoot. I had the satisfaction of seeing Edward's eyes pop out of his head for the first time since becoming a vampire, though he composed himself a split second later. I smiled, and then realized that the entire store was dead silent. Shoppers and clerks alike were staring...at me. Had I been human, my face would definitely be bright red right now. Instead, I lowered my eyes and shifted my feet on the polished floor. How embarrassing! I knew the dress fit, but honestly, what was the big deal? I'm sure that much prettier shoppers frequent this place.

Edward growled, too low for human ears. "Wrong," he murmured, taking me in his marble arms, his lips at my ear. "I doubt these ignorant humans have ever even imagined such perfection." He paused, looking into my eyes. "The magnitude of your beauty is very nearly illegal. You are utterly irresistible to all, including myself." He held me at arm's length, looking over the dress again. It didn’t escape me when his molten eyes lingered below my neck. "I don't know if I can let anyone else see you in this dress, though," he commented.

"I would tear the poor thing from your body this very second, but I have been ordered to behave. However, my resolve is starting to waver; you may not want to try on any more of these dangerous garments." He eyed my body once more. "Then again, Bella, I guess I don't really mind. Carry on." His velvet voice was a little throaty, and I giggled.

I was quickly becoming aroused by his passionate gaze, and I doubted the manager would appreciate it if we were to make love on his clean leather couches. Attempting to distract myself, I turned and raised my eyebrows at Alice, who was scrutinizing me with the expression of a doctor performing an intricate surgery.

"It's a fabulous dress, of course. The seams are nearly invisible, and we won't have to take it in at all," she said smugly. "You look amazing, Bella. Would I pick out anything less than perfect for you though? I think not," she mused, mostly to herself, because I was not really paying attention any longer. It had just dawned on me that they were serious about buying this dress, which was likely to cost as much as Charlie's station wagon. I sighed, figuring that I might as well get used to it. I actually really liked the dress, and the reaction it summoned from Edward, but I wasn't going down without a fight.

I waited a moment for the onlookers to butt out. "It's so impractical!" I wailed theatrically. "This may be appropriate for a fancy party, but not the Forks forests." I said this last part in a much lower tone.

They ignored me.

"We'll take it," Alice directed a salesperson. "Go get changed," she demanded. "Don't bother with the other dresses; it doesn't get better than this."

When I emerged from the dressing room, Alice was sitting on one of the white leather couches, surrounded by many, many shopping bags. How many wallets does one need, anyways?

I handed the dress to the cashier, and Edward whipped out his black AmEx. How much is it? Was it on sale? Ugh, never mind. I'm sure we could still use the money from the cost of something on clearance to, say, feed a couple hundred of Amazon kids. Edward laughed, and the cashier nearly melted from his smile. Call us two ice creams: I still wasn't used to that wonderful lopsided grin, and it was all for me. For ever. "Bella, love, don't fret. I'll let you make it up to me later," he grinned. Hmm, that was certainly something to look forward to, especially if I had some lovely new French undergarments. I decided to play nice for the rest of the day. Alice could have her fun, and I'd get my sex. Ooh la la.

"That's the spirit, Bella, just think of the benefits." Obviously, Alice had just foreseen the post-shopping activities, and this earned her two identical golden glares for intruding. "What? It's not like it's a secret. Jeez." She flashed a brilliant smile, always careless. To the cashier, she said, "I'll have the gift necklace in silver, please." I glanced at the small promotion sign: 'Complimentary jewelery when your purchase exceeds $10,000.' I rolled my eyes at the ridiculousness of it all. We headed out the door, each carrying a few brown bags bearing the logo of the store.