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Shopping: An Alice Cullen Production

Once again, Alice Cullen has gotten her way. Doesn't she always? This time around, Alice has managed to convince Bella and Edward to accompany her to Seattle. Taking place about a year after Bella's transformation, how will the newest Cullen react to her first major shopping experience? Let's hope she can keep up -there's no stopping Alice when she's on a mission! Cue Bella's eye rolling here. Involves lots of fun and fluff. Enjoy! PG13 for sexual references, which we all enjoy, of course. (=

This is my first multi-chaptered fan fiction, so please review! I need your constructive criticism. I have been forever searching for the exact type of Twilight fan fiction that I wanted to read. Alas, I decided to give up and write my own! Thanks so much for reading, please enjoy.

3. Chapter 3: Edward POV

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~Edward POV~

For the rest of the day, Alice was a whirlwind. Her enthusiasm was impossible to repress, and we must have shopped at every designer store known to man. I thought the scarlet floor length gown from Valentino was a bit much, but who am I to contradict Alice? It was also much too amusing to watch her argue with the bewildered shop keepers about how they "should really stock smaller sizes".

It was almost the end of the day, and Bella and I were both mentally exhausted. You would think we would have the privilege of leaving early, having not needed to waste time eating a meal or resting. Alice would have none of that, of course. She snickered at any suggestions of wrapping up the endless day of torture before sundown.

We were nearing our last destination, which I had been looking forward to since Alice had mentioned it in Vuitton. She informed me that La Perla did not stock unmentionables for the faint hearted- I myself had never actually seen the place. There were plenty of bored young male companions outside, along with respectful older men, but I refused the long benches. I may be a gentleman, but why not take advantage of this rare opportunity? I held open the glass doors for Alice and Bella, and then followed them in.

I looked around the large room, eyebrows raised. I was well aware that the Italians knew how to indulge and enjoy themselves. Their interpretation of lingerie did not disappoint. I quickly tuned out Alice, who was calculating brassier measurements and cuts in her thoughts at top speed.

"Hmm," I remarked. "I think this is my new favorite store." Bella looked around, horrified. How is anyone supposed to put these things on? "I don't know…they look so…complicated." And expensive, she thought. True, the articles here ranged from $18 for a thong to $1,190 for a robe, according to the discreet signs.

"I could give you a hand," I suggested, eyeing a red corset. She glared at me; there seemed to be a lot of that happening today. I knew her face perfectly, though, and I detected a hint of excitement and desire underneath the pout. I became distracted, staring at her full lips. I marveled at the beauty of this creature, that had been made for me, until she turned away and flounced off to find Alice.

Tearing myself away from her receding backside, I suddenly had an idea. "Excuse me, ma'am," I said to the hovering salesgirl. She looked up eagerly. "I'm interested in these items here, do you think it would be possible to determine that young lady's, er… measurements?" As I pointed to Bella across the store, it occurred to me that I didn't even know the size of my own wife. I never thought that I would need to know.

"Of c-course, sir." Is he real? My goodness. The poor girl was nervous, and I softened my expression. "I would say 34-24-34." She was positive, her speech growing more confident. She could tell just by one glance, which was remarkable. I hoped she was right; this would be a surprise for Bella. Ugh, she's so beautiful... they both are, figures that they're together... focus, Jen, he looks expectant… Is he waiting for a reply? Oh, right. "I'll get those out of the back for you sir, just a moment." Jen hurried off to the back and I snuck up behind Bella, wrapping my arms around her waist.

"Mmm, I didn't even hear you coming, impressive," Bella said. "What do you think of this?" She was holding up a lacy something, but I was past paying attention. As I became enthralled in her opal eyes, it had begun to dawn on me that the sooner we got out of here with our purchases; the sooner I would be able to see Bella in said garments. "It's divine, love, buy it. Can we get going though? We've been here all day." I was still staring at her, visions of what was coming later swirling in my head. Venom pooled in my mouth, my muscles tightened, and I am sure my eyes darkened with want…more like need. Bella's eyes widened and she gasped a little bit. "Gah!" Her exquisite face began to mirror mine as her patience with shopping promptly ran out. Edward…. I feel as though I may explode if I have to wait another minute. Yes, let's hurry. Her eyes smoldered... As if I needed to be convinced! Hah.

I was only too happy to oblige, and I dragged Alice to the cashier. She wasn't ecstatic about leaving (Jeez, Edward, I can't take you two anywhere!), but I was not to be argued with right now. I nodded atJen, who handed the cashier the set I had picked out for Bella. Edward, I'll use my card. It will be my treat, thanks for putting up with me all day, Alice thought.

As we left the store, I bent down swiftly and scooped Bella up into my arms, and we crossed the threshold. My eyes did not leave hers as we walked in the shadows to the Porsche, straying from the dying sunlight.