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After a long day at work...

Just a quick one-shot of one night in Folks set not long after the end of Breaking Dawn. I will admit now that i have never written anything like this, this is the first time i have every written anything that wasn't 'Dear Diary' so im sorry if you all hate it.
Split between Edwards & Bella's point of view.
'... slowly coming back to reality, I listened closely as the sound of his Volvo purred up the drive coming to a stop outside our stone cottage, he was home. '

Just a quick one-shot that I have been toying with for some time. Not sure if I like it but im sure you’ll all let me know what you think.

1. Chapter 1

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Edwards Point of View


I stared at the speedometer of the Volvo as the car slowly built up speed, slower than I usually drove but my mind was wondering and I was enjoying it too much. 6.32 am, a quick glance at the clock confirms that she'll be in bed, reading, naked and all alone. Just the though of her, waiting for me to get home aroused me.

I'd been working the night shift at the hospital, a job I surprisingly enjoyed but anything is better than repeating University again. After Bella and I graduated High School we decided to stay in Forks a little longer rather than leaving for Alaska University. Renesmee had the deciding vote, she didn’t want to leave, she couldn’t imagine not seeing Charlie everyday.

Don’t get me wrong, I love spending time with our family but Charlie doesn’t quite understand that on occasion we want time to be a family ourselves, time alone. Every day off Charlie had he spent at our house with Renesmee, and even when he was working he only left when he was called to a job over the radio.
I didn’t blame him for wanting to spend as much time as possible with Renesmee, god I’d never leave her side if I could help it. She was captivating, every time she moved, thought of something or spoke which was not very often I replayed the memory in my mind making sure I’d never forget it. She was growing so fast, I didn’t want to miss anything.

Having him there all the time also put strain on the relationship between me and my wife, my angel. I couldn’t stand not being able to touch her to hold her the way I wanted in his presence, it made him feel uncomfortable and in turn Bella felt uncomfortable. We are married, we have a daughter, you’d think by now I could kiss and cuddle my wife in front of my farther in law, but no… needless to say i’m not happy with the situation.

In addition it doesn’t help that since working nights at the hospital, Bella and I don’t even get to spend the nights together anymore but I have the rest of our existence to spend with my wife and that thought made me smile.

The soft fine rain fell on the roof of the car, it was a cold, wet night and I knew she would be all wrapped up in the duvet, no that she needed to, hiding her naughtiness. As the moonlight danced on the water on the road in front of me, I visualized my angel laid bare in front of me, leaving me feeling rather excited and horny to say the least.

Even though the hospital wasn’t far from our house, the drive ahead of me made me pine to be with her, I could feel my jeans tightening the more as I thought about her.

The empty road glistened as silhouettes of playful bodies faded into the shadows. After a few minutes of absorbing my surroundings and letting my mind drift, I imagined her hands all over my body, stroking my chest, dragging her nails down my back, the look in her gold tinted crimson eyes, biting her bottom lip as she leans towards me and gently places her soft lips on mine. I let out a little sigh as my imagination took over me.


...the house was in my sight, I slowed the car. I didn't want to wake my princess with the noise of the engine purring. Renesmee, had been sleeping through the night since she was days old and with the dog snoring at the foot of her cot I was sure I wouldn’t wake her when I got home but I couldn’t risk it, not with what I had planned.


Bella's Point of View

I let out a soft sigh as the warm breeze cascaded across the deck. The warm tropical location my mind had chosen helped me relax. I poured a glass of champagne and watched the ocean surf roll on to the sandy beach. The view from my porch was breath taking, a string of palm trees lined a trail of footsteps that remained from a strangers past visit. The sky was a golden pink with one large puffy cloud surrounded by twinkling stars casting shadows upon the water. The nights breeze felt warm on my icy, stone skin, the setting was perfect, if only he was here, then it would be truly perfect!

If I didn’t know any better I swear I could feel the beat of my dead heart quicken with the thought of his touch on the side of my face, softly running his fingers through my hair, pulling me closer to him, holding me tight, the butterflies danced in my stomach. I imagined the distorted twinkle of the moonlight in his topaz eyes as I gazed at him, urging him to touch me more. I could feel the heat burning between my legs as his hands caressed me and slid down my body, softly tickling one finger through my cleavage, cupping my breast through the silk chemise. Both hands ran down to my hips making me gasp with excitement. The electricity I could feel from his hand through my bikini bottoms sent a rush of delight through my whole body. I was in need to be closer to him, to feel his bare skin against mine.

... slowly coming back to reality, I listened closely as the sound of his Volvo purred up the drive coming to a stop outside our stone cottage, he was home. I woke from my daydreaming to the sound of the front door creeping open downstairs, immediately the excitement began to run through me like a bolt of lightening. Feeling aroused from the erotic dream I have just been released from, I laid there in silence, perfectly still, waiting to pounce. I no longer needed to dream, he was here now. Each footstep he took made my bloodless heart skip a beat; he was nearly at the bedroom door. This was real now and I was loving every second.

Edward's Point of View

The door handle felt warm in my cold hand as I slowly pushed open the bedroom door, the candle was still burning on the bedside table, filling the room with its vanilla sent. Just as i had imagined, she was curled up in the duvet, her book resting to one side. Trying not disturb, her I floated through the room and began to undress.

I could feel her eyes one me as I discarded my clothing, to tease her I left on my boxer shorts and turned to capture her gaze. The look of excitement filled her face and I could almost see her cheeks blush. I could hear my daughter’s dreams from the next room, and I caught a last glimps of Renesmee playing in the garden in Jakes mind as Bella’s mind took over my own. Visions of our honeymoon danced in my head, the beach, the stars, the ocean, the excitement, the pleasure. It wasn’t often Bella let me behind her shield but when she did it amazed me. She knew exactly how to push my buttons so to speak, to drive me crazy and just a quickly as it came, it left she blocked me out again but there it was, as I stared at her, that gaze, that look in her eyes that I loved, her ‘come to bed’ eyes as she called them but they were much more, much deeper. I couldn’t resist any longer, I had to be close to her, I needed to touch her, to feel her face in my hands, her kiss on my lips.

In a flash I was by her side, enveloped around her, fixed together arm in arm like a jigsaw puzzle, my fingers entwined in her silky soft chocolate brown hair. I stared in to her eyes, the candle light quivered on the bedside table, it’s sent now enlaced Bella’s alluring bouquet. Resting my forehead against hers and whispered softly “I missed you” and moved my lips to hers kissing her, hungrly, not giving her a second to reply.

Bella's Point of View

The door hinges moaned with old age as he carefully pushed it open. He glanced over at me quickly and closed his eyes as he took a deep breath and released it again as he continued towards the wardrobe. He kicked off his shoes and slipped his jacket on to the hanger and turned to face me. I lay there, still like a statue, not moving, not breathing; just watching. As if in slow motion, for Edward anyway, he carefully unbuttoned his bleach white shirt inch by inch revealing his torso. The moonlight that shone through the window softly lit the room enough to outline the plains of his smooth and unscathed chest. Moving to unbutton his jeans, he slipped them off and stood still. I waited for what seemed like hours, waiting for him to continue to undress but in fact it was only 3 seconds. He didn’t move, he just stared at me, and I stared back. I spoke to him wordlessly, showing him what I was thinking, making him realize much I ached for him.

Like a flash he was laid by my side, his fingers caressed my cheek and up scraping my hair from my face, continuing and pulling me closer to rest his head on mine. Every thought abandoned my mind, his eyes devoured me. The liquid topaz colour in his eyes was nearly gone, he was thirsty. He pulled me closer and whispered in my ear, “I missed you” and with in an instant our lips were locked together. Not wanting to pull away to tell him how much I missed him, pulling back my shield, i mentally spoke, I missed you too, more than you can imagine.

With that he kissed me harder, more passionately, a sign he heard me.