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Just Another Love story...

CH: 1
What happens when an fairly normal girl meets a not so normal guy? Lizzy POV:

What is happening to me? Sigh, stupid teenage hormones…
Rated Teen for upcoming chapters. Read, Rate, Review!!! :)

I actually own these characters. :)

1. Chapter 1

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Lizzy POV:

I looked around the cafeteria for my friend. I eventually spotted her by some windows. I walked over to her with my lunch and sat at her table.
“Hey Lizzy!” She exclaimed, immediately wrapping me into a bear hug. I squeezed her back and smiled.
“Vicky! You weren’t here yesterday, where were you?” I asked. She shrugged.
“I had a headache.” she stated. She looked at my food and laughed.
“You don’t plan on eating THAT, do you?” she laughed as she pretended to barf. I laughed and shook my head no. Vicky was referring to the slop on my tray known as “Mystery Casserole”.
“Of course not. My mom thinks I am not eating because I don’t buy food here, for obvious reasons.’ I laughed, stabbing the goop with a spork. The spork broke which made me and Vicky laugh even harder.
“Here, take my tuna sandwich.” Vicky said while tossing a flattened sandwich at me. I was about to ask when she spoke up.
“Boys thought playing catch with it would be fun.” she answered my unspoken question. She flipped her caramel colored hair and giggled. Her pale skin was temporarily darkened by blushing. I tugged my own short blonde hair and sighed.
“What is wrong Lizzy?” Vicky automatically went from giggly to worried.
“I have a test next hour. I am thirteen! Not a math whiz.” I practically shouted. All the tables around us turned and stared at us. I felt myself blush and look away. Vicky giggled again.
“Whatever Lizzy, you maintain a 4.0 GPA and you are worried about GEOMETRY? Nice…” She trailed off, a very noticeable smirk on her face. I smacked her arm and giggled. She stuck her tongue out at me.
Bringgg. I heard the bell dismissing lunch ring. I stood up and walked over to the trash and dumped the food. Vicky was right behind me and tossed her bag into the trash also. I ran off to class, Vicky going the opposite way. I was about to turn the corner when I ran into a tall boy. I almost fell but he caught me. I steadied my self and blushed.
“Thank you.” I said. He smiled.
“No problem, see you later.” he said, flipping his chocolate brown hair and winking at me with those eyes so blue and deep I could just swim in them… Wait, did I just THINK that? I don’t even know him! I walked to my class and got there just as the bell rang. Mr. Fermosa handed us all a test and I looked at it. Easy Peasy, just follow insert the numbers in the formula and figure it out on a calculator. I reached for my calculator and realized I didn’t have it. So I had to figure all of this out on paper. Great.
After 50 minutes of guesses, hard work, and partially day dreaming about mystery boy, I handed in my completed test. I did this just as the bell rang. I grabbed my stuff and WALKED to my next class. When I walked in technology, I saw mystery boy, running his fingers through his hair. He was talking to Mr. Smith about transferring to this class. Mr. Smith nodded and he turned around. Mystery boy saw me, grinned, and sat at my table.
“Hey, it’s you. The track runner right?” He laughed then smiled.
“Nope, just late. And my name is Lizzy.” I said, smirking.
“Well my name is Seth.” he said, introducing himself. I smiled. God he was so fricken hot! Just look at those eyes… Ah! What is happening to me? Sigh, stupid teenage hormones…