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Bella Mason & Edward Cullen

Sorry about the title, a little bold but it fits... This story is about Bella getting a chance to be a vampire with more experience! And Edward...a human:( Some might be sad but read the story and how quickly everything comes together! Can't believe I found a banner with Bella and Edward! And Bella with gold eyes, and Edward's are closed, he he he. Alice/Jasper Bella/Edward Esme/Carlisle Emmett/Rosalie Bella Mason & Edward CullenI UPDATED CHAPTER 4! THERE IS MORE TO READ!:) SORRY STILL UNFINISHED THOUGH::o


1. First Kiss(s)

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Bella's POV

School wasn't really one of my strong favorites, I guess I was good.....but I didn't like it. One main reason why I didn't like it is because of all the guys drooling over me. Pathetic, the only teenage/vampire girl in the family.

Walking out of the car first I spotted several human guys stare at me, then the rest caught on(even the ones with girlfriends). Noticing all of them, I just smiled. Why not be a bitch this year? Or a slut. Either one could be good for my acting career I would soon enter.

Looking around I saw one particular guy, Edward Cullen. Single, actually pretty cute for a human, and by the looks of it probably desperate. I laughed at this.

Carefully I saw two jocks coming toward me, shit! Not now, why would a guy ask a girl out right when they see her? Are they just thinking they're lucky enough to have sex? A low chuckle came from my chest, that’s the last thing that'll happen.

Then as the Jocks approached closer I heard their low conversation.

"Mike if you get her to go out with you, you can have my $10" one of the guys said. I laughed, betting if a girl will go out with them. That is just sad.

Then Mike answered, "Deal, but if she goes out with you, I'll admit I'm gay in front of the basketball team". I laughed, maybe I should say 'yes' to Mike's friend.

"Deal, dude watch big man Tyler get the pretty girl" Tyler said walking faster toward me. Wow, these guys are so full of themselves.

"Hey" Mike said extending an arm out to me. I just smiled, this was so stupid.

"Hi" I said going closer to him so my breathe would wash over his face.

He stuttered when he spoke again, "M-my n-names*cough*Mike Newton" he said putting his hand back in his pocket.

"Bella Mason" I said simply putting on my flirty face. He just smiled, then looked back at Tyler and said quietly 'pay up'.

I laughed, "I have to go to class now" I said walking away. Then Mike reached out leaving his hand on my shoulder, I got angry. How dare he even touch me! A low growl came from my chest when I realized he just tried to stop me from walking. I faked a cough to cover up the growl, "Yes" I said raising a brow.

"Would you like to go out some time...maybe" He said looking over to the side. I smiled and leaned closer to him so are lips were just inches apart, he leaned in closer to steal a kiss. But I yanked my head back and answered his question, "No thank you".

Then I left leaving Mike's mouth hanging open, I laughed. This day could actually be fun.

Walking to my first class, trig. I looked around at the [now] unfamiliar faces.

Then I settled for sitting behind a girl with strawberry blonde hair. Then she looked behind her, giving me a death glare. I gave her a bitching grin, then quietly she got up and we were now face to face.

"You think you can have any guy you want at this school?" she said in a bitchy tone, expecting me to back down. As she said this a bunch of people looked at us, ready for humiliation.

I just stood up letting the chair scrape against the floor.

"Yes" I said with a smirk and sat back down.

"Well lets see who can get Edward Cullen" She said raising a brow. I just laughed.

"You think just because your a fake blonde, you can get Edward Cullen?" I said almost bursting into laughter. But that just made her more pissed.

"Yes" she said coldly turning around. I laughed quietly.

Then I raised my voice so everyone could hear, "The bitch thinks she's better than me".

That comment just made Lauren(as I found out)freak out.

"You think I'm the bitch?" She asked ready to continue, but I stopped her short.

"Yes" I said smiling devilishly. But before she could say more the teacher came and started the class.

For awhile I just stared down at my notebook scribbling circles, until Edward Cullen walked in the room.

"Please sit next to Miss Mason, Mr. Cullen" The teacher said. Then leaning forward I whispered in Lauren's ear, "Point one, for me".

Turning around sharply Lauren just mouthed the words 'bitch'. I laughed and said one more thing, "What else is new rag doll".

Then Lauren gasped with frustration and looked forward. I laughed.

"So you and Lauren, battle to the death, huh?" Edward broke in the silence. I just smiled.

"Yep, she wants to see who can get you to date who first" I said telling him our little battle, but that just made him laugh.

"First time I've ever been a girls conclusion" he said smiling wider. I chuckled.

"I don't really believe you, you're pretty cute" I said putting on my flirty face that stunned Mike. He smiled, which made me smile too.

"Thanks, I'd say the same thing to you. But I'm guessing you've been a prize for men from the second you were born" I smiled, if I could blush...I would. This guy was pretty smooth.

"How sweet. So would you ever have the slightest thought about going out with me this Friday" I said batting my eye lashes ready for a home-run. But before Edward could answer, Lauren screamed.

"No, don't you dare say 'yes' Edward Cullen!" Everybody then stared at Lauren and Edward. Looking over to the teacher, she became angry.

"Ms. Mason I would wish for you to escort Lauren and Edward out of the classroom, and not come back" I smiled and answered as polite as I could.

"Of course" and I got out from my chair, taking Edward's hand. Then a warm smile spread across his lips. Looks like I've got a date.

Once we were out of site from the classroom and anybody else Lauren just stood and watched me angrily.

"How dare you" she spat.

"What did I do?" I asked innocently. Edward just looked at me appalled.

"Do you actually want to go out with me? Or is it just for you and Lauren's bet?" He asked almost hurt.

"I asked you out because I wanted to spend time alone with you" I said giving a shy smile.

"oh" he said trying to keep from smiling himself.

"Ok Bella Mason, if you want to go out with Edward....then…. KISS HIM!" she screamed thinking she trapped me. But the attempt made me smirk.

"As you wish" I said grabbing Edward, then our lips met. It actually felt a little weird at first kissing a human, but after awhile passion took over. Trying to be as Gentle as I could, I pushed our body’s together. Then a small moan escaped from Edward, causing me to giggle.

Then our kiss was stopped by Lauren smacking me against the cheek. It didn't hurt, but since I was trying to be human I backed away from Edward holding onto my cheek.

Then Lauren laughed thinking she sent pain through me, I just laughed back as I slapped her hard enough to make her fall.

Backing away from her I whispered the first word that came to mind, "Bitch".

I just looked at Lauren as she stood still on the ground, thank god I didn’t make her bleed.

Then looking at Edward, he seemed alarmed. But before I could assure him I was fine, I was in his arms; and buried into a deeper and more passionate kiss. I felt whole, but the thing that bothered me was the fact I was immortal, and he was mortal.

Edward's POV

As I entered the school campus I felt relieved. No one knew who I was, I was free from my old reputation, of course that was the only upside to moving.

Then looking over to the side I saw a beautiful woman step out of a Volvo.

For a moment the only thing running through my head was to ask her out. Looking over my shoulder I saw Alice smirk. Shit! Alice got an idea, she's going to ruin everything!

"Alice don't" I warned. Then she looked at me innocently.

"Don't do what Edward?" She asked still with a smirk.

"You know what" I said looking back at the beautiful figure that was now talking to two jocks. Good luck with asking her out Edward.

"Edward!" She whined.

"Alice, I want to get my own girlfriend in this town" Then disappointment washed over her face. As long as she stopped trying to set me up, I was fine.

Looking once over to the magnificent girl, it looked as if she was inches away from kissing Mike Newton, until her head came back leaving Mike frozen in place. Apparently she was the kind of girl who liked to play games.

I like it. I laughed as I thought of this, I'm acting as if I were in a teen chic drama movie.

Then snapping out of my daze I walked over to the main office to get my class list until the tardy bell rang. Damn, I'm going to be late.

Silently I walked into a warm office out of the cold. I didn't mind the cold at all , it's just the warm was a lot more comfortable. Walking I faced a red haired lady with a purple tank on, sweating. It was a really disturbing seeing this, how a overgrown lady sweating with a tank top on meant for a teenage girl.

Silently she looked up at me, I could just read her face. It was saying something that bothered me, 'oh goodness, no...too young'.

I almost gagged right there, but I wasn't sure if that is what her face actually read. Taking in a deep breathe I began to talk,

"I'm Edward Cullen. I'm looking for my class schedule" I said trying not to face the lady.

"Oh yes!" She almost screamed startling me a bit. Geese, was she in some kind of daze or something?

"Here you go Edward, or Mr. Cullen" She said looking at the ground, what the hell was she trying to do?

"Thank you" I said quietly and walked out of the office, and back into the cold. My first class was 'trig'. Ok that’s good, but it looks as if I only have about half an hour left. Oh well, I shrugged it off.

Walking into building 13, I eyed the class numbers. Trig was B13-24, ok so B13-21, B13-22, B13-23, and here I am.

Walking silently I saw two open seats, one next to Mike Newton, and the other next to....

I almost dropped to my knees, god I would give up anything to sit next to her. Then the teacher stopped my train of thought.

"Please sit next to Miss Mason, Mr. Cullen" So her name was Bella Mason, the only girl in the Mason family. Oh god, what did I just loose to sit next to her?

Then as I slowly sat down next to her until she leaned in by Lauren, and I heard her clearly.

"Point one, for me". Then my mind roamed, what does she mean 'Point one?'

Was it because I was sitting next to her? No I couldn't get my hopes up. Then looking, and listening for Laurens response. But all she did was mouth the words bitch to Bella. Then Bella laughed, was she half crazy or something? Was that why she was so beautiful?

Then listening to Bella she whispered something else that I only heard part of, "What else is new-".

That myself almost made me chuckle, I couldn't resist but ask Bella.

"So you and Lauren, battle to the death, huh?" I smiled at this, I was starting a conversation with Bella Mason, the hottest girl in the school.

"Yep, she wants to see who can get you to date who first" A smile spread across her face, any girl wouldn't tell me about this. That much I knew, but Bella....she's different. I smiled, so Bella will be asking me out?

"First time I've ever been a girls conclusion" I said with a low chuckle, in some ways this was true. No girls ever had a contest in who could ask me out first.

"I don't really believe you, you're pretty cute" She said with an even hotter look on her face, was she flirting? I almost had word lust at her sudden beauty. Taking in a deep breathe I tried to be strong, don't break down in front of this girl. It could be your only chance!

"Thanks, I'd say the same thing to you. But I'm guessing you've been a prize to men from the second you were born" I said this without thinking. I was almost afraid of what Bella would say next, but once she smiled my heart melted. Oh my god, she is too beautiful to be real.

"How sweet. So would you ever have the slightest thought about going out with me this Friday" I almost fainted when she batted her long eye lashes. How could I pass this, a beautiful woman that caught my eye the second I saw her....

I almost forgot to speak, I wanted to jump up and down and scream the word 'yes' over and over again. I was excited, I was over joyed, but as my lips moved around the word 'yes' Lauren jumped which scared me a bit.

"No, don't you dare say 'yes' Edward Cullen!" Holy crap, who knew saying yes to the hottest girl would have so many items to doge especially Lauren.

Startled as I was, I couldn't get over the thought of Bella and I.....alone. Feeling a pressure in my pants, I bit my lip down afraid I'd attack Bella. It was sad how guys at this age could only think about sex, nothing but sex. Not love no, just sex. Getting snapped out of my daze the teacher rose her voice.

"Ms. Mason I would wish for you to escort Lauren and Edward out of the classroom" My heart lifted, a chance for me and Bella to talk again, but of course another item to doge, Lauren. Then listening to Bella's voice as she answered politely.

"Of course" her voice was so beautiful, as the rest of her. Beautiful was the best word that I could come up with. In fact I don't think there was a word quite good enough without under-estimating Bella's looks.

Then as she got up I felt her cold hand wrap around mine. Oh god, hand in hand. I almost broke out in a moan of her just touching my hand, but I held it in. God! I was so pathetic!

As we walked out of the classroom, I just stared at Bella the whole time. Only a couple of times would she glance at me, and my heart came out of my chest farther and farther each time she did.

Then Lauren spoke for the first time since we left the classroom.

"How dare you"

I was shocked, what did Bella do that made Lauren so angry? Asking me out? Wait, was Bella going out with me just for the bet....my heart sank back in it's pocket, I was so stupid to think she felt the same way as I did for her. I frowned when Bella answered Lauren's sudden comment.

"What did I do?"

Then I burst into the conversation, desperate to figure out the truth.

"Do you actually want to go out with me? Or is it just for you and Lauren's bet?" Bella just smiled weakly, but had no hesitation answering.

"I asked you out because I wanted to spend time alone with you" Then as usual my heart jumped out of the pocket threatening to pop out of my chest and kiss Bella.

"oh" was the only answer I was able to give. I was so happy about how life worked out for me in just a day! How could this get any better, I could not think of one idea. mostly because all my thoughts consumed Bella Mason.

But Lauren soon came back to talking, "Ok Bella Mason, if you want to go out with Edward....then KISS HIM!" I felt happy. This was how things could get better, this is exactly how things could get better.

But I knew that if Bella backed down on Lauren, I myself would be humiliated. But with no further warning Bella grabbed my shoulders and my passion was now being spoken through my lips. As Bella kissed me, it seemed rough at first, but as we got further in exploring each others mouths the passion of love came. Something bothered me there, the moan I was holding came out, but instead Bella just giggled. Which made her body vibrate against mine, oh god how that felt good.

Then in the quiet I heard a smacking sound, and Bella’s and I lips were separated. looking over to Bella now alarmed I saw her hold her cheek, Lauren slapped Bella! I felt angry, Lauren was a true royal BITCH.

If only I had the courage to slap Lauren for doing that to Bella, but luckily Bella returned a harder slap which sent Lauren to the ground. I looked at Bella, even the most beautiful girl could take a punch.

Then I wrapped my arms around Bella touching her cold cheek, whispering to her as softly as I could.

"Are you ok?" She just laughed, and we were then again in a deep, passionate kiss.