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Bella Mason & Edward Cullen

Sorry about the title, a little bold but it fits... This story is about Bella getting a chance to be a vampire with more experience! And Edward...a human:( Some might be sad but read the story and how quickly everything comes together! Can't believe I found a banner with Bella and Edward! And Bella with gold eyes, and Edward's are closed, he he he. Alice/Jasper Bella/Edward Esme/Carlisle Emmett/Rosalie Bella Mason & Edward CullenI UPDATED CHAPTER 4! THERE IS MORE TO READ!:) SORRY STILL UNFINISHED THOUGH::o


2. Watch As You Dance, Pains Me More Than Anything

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Alice’s POV

I was almost too excited for school today, I was wearing my new outfit that I picked out 2 months ago; and Rosalie let me dress her up for the occasion! I was so happy today, until Edward went and ruined it.

As I hopped out of the car onto the school-grounds I felt like a weight has been lifted off my shoulder, a very heavy one…

Once I got a chance to look around I automatically searched for any girls that might be single, there were about 5 at the most in each direction. But of course I couldn’t be sure, as my family had said ‘I wasn’t very good at assumptions’. Good support…

Then my eyes landed on a girl, very beautiful indeed(that part wasn’t a mistake), single(just had the feeling), and every guy had her attention. So if Edward got her, that would be a thumbs up for his reputation. Meaning if it doesn’t work out with her, he has a bunch of others…my mind roamed until I caught him staring at her as well. I smirked, this was almost too easy.

“Alice don’t” He said cautioning me, that I did not need from him. Edward was going to ruin everything! Any chance he ever came to be close to a girl, it was because of me; Edward just eventually found a way to screw it all up.

“Don’t do what Edward?” I asked with a big grin, almost a devilish smirk. But that was not what I intended when my eyes landed on the sandy blonde that followed a big dark guy from ‘The Beautiful Woman’s’ family. My mouth almost dropped open, but I don’t think Edward noticed my change in mind…quite unusual actually.

Then he spoke, but I barely even heard a word he said…I was too busy gawking at the blonde, I wanted to greet him soo badly; but with this school, that wasn’t an option. So I used a sentence that almost worked for everything when Edward and I spoke, I whined his name to annoying extremes…

“Edward!” Gladly he was completely unaware of the half minded conversation I was giving him, I just couldn’t peel my eyes away from the amazing lean figure; he was the most fashionable by far, I laughed at my assumption mentally.

“Alice, I want to get my own girlfriend in this town” I was practically shot out from my daze when Edward spoke, so to get him to shut up and let me be I just acted as if I was disappointed; ‘Just let me day-dream’ I wanted to mutter. Luckily Edward thought I was stringing on the conversation too, so he was happy I stopped talking; I guess family does think alike.

Then the boy took a glance in my direction, I just smiled wide; a greeting smile. He just looked away brutishly, I tightened my lips into a hard line; I’ll get through him one way or another. I shrugged it off and walked toward the main office with Rose, leaving Edward staring at his ’crush’.

I laughed almost the whole way there, too bad I couldn’t see Edward’s face when he realizes we left without him…

Walking into the office now I realized what a mess the receptionist was. She was pretty, I’ll give her that, a little overweight, the only thing that bothered me was what she was wearing. A purple tank top that did not flatter her only curves. And the way she was uncontrollably sweating, the smell was almost unbearable…

I just could image Edward’s face as he saw her, an attractive 17 year old facing a single receptionist, that would be priceless…

Then I spoke first hoping she didn’t notice my stare, very uncomfortable stare.

Gladly she didn’t she was too busy.

“Hi, We’re Alice, and Rosalie Cullen. May we have our class schedules?” I asked politely smiling. The women gave me almost a mirrored expression as she answered.

“Well of course!” Then with that she bent down picking up two thin pieces of paper, the schedules I would assume…

“Thank you, have a nice day” I said walking out of the office as quick as I could. That was not delightful, not delightful at all.

Then I examined Rose’s and I schedules, only gym together; my best subject! Unfortunately it is always hard to talk to Rose with the guys gawking at her the whole time…

With that I had English first, the best social hour ever! I never really know that for sure, but that’s always how it would be.

Sure enough I was right, no teacher, and everybody was mingling; except for ‘The Blonde’. I smiled wide, attracting a lot of attention, for guys of course.

When I entered the room two guys came up at once, one was Mike and the other Eric. I laughed at all their attempts of jokes, to be nice of course. But the curiosity kept gnawing at me, who was he?

I know it must’ve been rude to ask the guys who were flirting who one certain guy was…but it was literally killing me.

“Who’s he?” I asked, looking around Eric’s shoulder to point at ‘The Blonde’. Obviously they found him no threat to their chance because they tried to stifle their laughter that followed my question.

“What!?” I demanded. Then Eric’s face became composed, while Mike was still grinning.

“That’s Jasper Mason. Probably emo, I wouldn’t talk to him if I were you” he said risking a glance to look at him, I frowned.

“Do you actually know if he is emo for sure?” I asked more anxious to meet him by the minute. Then Mike seemed wary, but answered anyway.

“No, but he is totally unsocialized. Apparently so is the rest of his family, if you count…” He trailed off, my eyes lit up.

“Who are the other two!?” I asked practically jumping now.

“How do you know there are two more?” Mike asked suspicion growing. My forehead wrinkled, so many questions, why not answer instead!?

“I saw them this morning.” I said disappointment evident in my voice.

“Oh” Was Mike’s and Eric’s only answer.

“What are the rest of their names!” I almost screamed anxiety taking over. They seemed startled by my sudden outburst but said nothing of it.

“Bella Mason, and Emmett Mason. Both quite weird…” He trailed off. I smiled widely.

“Thank you” I said skipping over to Jasper. Until Mike’s hand clasped on my shoulder, letting a hissing sound come from Jasper; I almost giggled at his reaction.

“Where are you going?” He asked pulling me farther away from Jasper.

“I’m going to talk to him!” I said excited, not seeing the problem.

“But he’s weird” Eric said quietly, I frowned.

“I like weird people, they’re a lot more fun to hang out with, and talk with” I said shrugging his hand off my shoulder.

“Are you weird?” Mike asked stopping my skip in mid-air again. I smiled widely showing my perfect line of white teeth.

“You could say that, but I’m proud of it” I said practically smacking away Mike’s hand over to Jasper again. This time I wasn’t stopped, they both just stared right after me as I made my way happily to the opposite side of the room.

Then the atmosphere changed, it was very intense, every step I took it seemed more and more stronger. I let out a sigh, sucked a big breathe of air and skipped toward as if nothing bothered me.

“Hello” I said sitting next to Jasper.

“Hello” He whispered back not meeting my eyes.

“You new too?” I asked cocking my head to the side with wonder. That just made Jasper smile, it was very welcoming.

“I guess you could say that” He said calmly the atmosphere changing, I let out a sigh of relieve, but Jasper just stiffened.

“Want to be friends?” I asked childishly, it was almost a reflex to ask that; in fact I’ve been asking this to as many people as possible since preschool.

He just laughed, I smiled apologetically. I didn’t really care if I made a fool of myself, but it’s just the fact that the senses around the room kept changing; almost unsettling. As I thought this Jasper’s laugh stopped short.

“Sorry, you must feel uncomfortable” He said scooting away from me, I just smiled weakly. I didn’t care.

“It’s ok” I said scooting closer to him, I must’ve seemed clingy at that moment.

“No it’s not, I think you should leave. No one likes to feel that way” He said firm looking in the opposite direction from me. I felt disappointment, very disappointment. I wanted to kick the ground and scream over and over again that I didn’t want to leave his side. Then the more irritated I felt the more Jasper seemed to look in my direction.

“Do I have to?” I asked in a small voice, hoping he would let me stay. Instead of answering Jasper just smiled lightly, then shook his head looking away again.

“Does that mean we can still keep talking?” I asked pushing him into my little conversation.

“I guess, but you could just walk away now and well…save yourself for what might come” He said devilishly, I rolled my eyes and leaned toward him.

“I’ll stay, what do you want to talk about?!” I asked jumping in my seat noticing everybody was staring at Jasper and I.

Jasper seemed to notice too because he was scanning the room uncomfortably. I rolled my eyes and faced everybody, why not make a scene.

“What?!” I asked everybody, but they just stared at us. I frowned.

“What are you looking at?” I said raising a brow, noticing some people shield away from my glance. Then Jessica came up and cupped her hands around my ears.

“Everybody is surprised that your talking to him. Because he is so ‘emo’” She said taking half a step back. Then I realized how she gnawed at the word ‘him’.

“He has feelings too.” I said disgusted how people judge others so quickly. Jessica just frowned. “And he’s definitely not emo” I said shooing Jessica away without further conversation.

Then I turned around facing a very confused and shocked Jasper, I myself became confused.

“What?” I asked shaking his shoulder a bit, he just flinched at the contact. I ignored it.

“Why did you defend me?” He asked leaning toward me now. I smiled.

“Because I find us friends now Jazz. Don’t you think?” I said casually looking at him with a smile across my face.

He just seemed more surprised than ever. Then as he began to spoke the teacher interrupted, starting class 15 minutes late. Then I settled in my seat next to Jasper, I liked Jasper…a lot.

As 10 minutes passed I decided to pass notes, we were in the back of the room anyways.

The first note read,

Hey Jazzy! I like the way that sounds…

But do u want to sit next 2 my family and I at lunch?

It’s ok if u don’t, it might b uncomfortable 4 u.

But I will hold u against a shopping spree for Saturday!

Want 2 come with me, Rosalie and Edward try 2 avoid me about this…

But why not share a shopping day with my new friend!?

O.k. write back, if u had a choice…


With that I flicked the note to him landing right in his folded hands. He just eyed me suspiciously, I grinned widely. My new friend had yet many different things to learn about me…

Then I watched him scan the paper with a blank face, I was waiting for an answer.

Then when I looked to the front of the room I noticed the note neatly folded on top of my notebook, that was fast.

I opened it carefully,

Alice, I don’t know what to say to you,

I don’t think you actually know me quite well for inviting me to spend a whole day ‘alone’ with you

I think it would be good if you listened to everybody else…

And stayed away from me.


I frowned at the note, he was denying my friendship. Then before I could get the strength to lift my pen up and write back a tear escaped my eye. I wiped it away quickly hoping Jasper wouldn’t notice, so I looked at the corner of my eye watching him carefully as his expression became pained.

Then I scribbled the pen easily across the paper, and easily settled it in front of him.

I hope u know that what u said made me quite sad,

But I won’t bother u if u really don’t want me 2…

But 2 b honest I think that u and I would make great friends

And 4 ur info, I don’t like the thought of dis-liking u

Sorry but…I just can’t…sorry

Don’t reply I can’t take more, just avoid me if u know what’s best


I frowned the rest of class aware Jasper was eyeing me. Then I put my head in my folded arms and began to weep mentally. Who knew not being friends with jasper could hurt so much? Then I looked over to Jasper, he too was very sad. Then noticed he wrote a note to me anyway, I then let my hands walk up with my middle, and index finger to grab it. Jasper just smiled weakly at my little attempt.

Then I read it,

I know I’m not suppose to write back,

But to see you in pain, well it pains me…

Sorry to say but I can’t help but say ’yes’ to your shopping spree

As if I had a choice right? Anyway I’ll talk to you later, sorry no lunch

But I promise you for the shopping…


My eyes lit up automatically, luckily the bell rang once I finished reading. Without think I grabbed Jasper and kissed his on both cheeks, and murmured a quick ’thank you’ and skipped away. Knowing that everybody was watching. Then I risked a glance back, Jasper was smiling, Mike and Eric furious, and everybody…well shocked. Until I noticed I forgot my pencil, ’whoopsy’ I said skipping back to the still classroom, nobody had moved an inch since I kissed Jasper.

“Forgot my pencil” I said taking Jasper’s hand this time walking out of the classroom.

“What was that for in the classroom?” He asked still in some daze. I looked at him totally unstuck from what happened.

“It was a ‘thank you’ silly” I said slowing my pace as we came to my locker. Expecting Jasper to walk away when I stopped, he stuck with me.

“Just a thank you?” He asked suspicious. I smiled devilishly, “Maybe…” I said trying to keep the giggle that built up.

He raised a brow, “When will I know for sure?” He asked. I couldn’t help it I let a small giggle escape my lips.

“During the Shopping Spree” He smiled once I mentioned it, maybe we could be more than friends…

And with that he left, a genuine smile place upon his glorious lips; looks like a long diary entry tonight. And a good story to tell at the dinner table!

Jasper’s POV

Once we arrived at school different emotions collected, shock, surprise, love, nervousness…

It was almost too much to bare, even though I’ve gone through decade after decade; doesn’t mean the feeling is something I enjoy. Then in the far South I heard Mike and Tyler make yet another attempt to ask out Bella, they’re so desperate.

Then from the North I observed the new family, ‘The Cullen’s’ looking at them I realized their family was the opposite of ours.

Two girls(instead of one), one guy(instead of two), and of course human. I almost laughed at the last one, that’s ridiculous. Then my eyes landed on the particular Cullen, one of the girls. Her mood was something no one else felt…I just couldn’t put my finger on it. Then I looked at her, she was quite short for her age

Then she grinned widely, with a big wave of anticipation coming off her. I looked away, what or who was she?

With that once in awhile I’d feel her anticipation grow stronger and stronger, some times chopped into small bits; then a big wave would come. I felt frustrated knowing that her emotions were stronger than my effect, so I tried once more; looking directly at her I shot a wave of disappointment, and looked away quickly. Then I risked a glance at her, she just shrugged the emotion right off! I was in disbelief, I would have to try to avoid her as much as possible.

Then I watched as she danced her way into the main office, so much energy, then with that a thick layer of venom traced my lips. I frowned and tried to clear my mind, nothing of the girl, nothing of the girl.

Then amazingly Emmett noticed my struggle, to comfort me he clasped his hand on my shoulder, and whispered too low for anybody else to hear.

“Don’t worry bro, you’ll get through this” There was a small pause before he realized what he just said. “Anyway, if you kill someone….we’ll just move again” Then he left with a small chuckle. Even though Emmett’s intentions were always good, he’d always tried to make a joke of it. Poor, poor, poor, poor Emmett; lost in his ways.

Then I realized how empty the parking lot was, rushing into the school I easily found my classroom; it was where it always was. With a huff I took a deep breath, don’t breathe…and you’ll be fine. Holding my breath I walked in with everyone ignoring me, and I was completely fine with that. Silently I made my way to the back of the room, opposite where everybody else stood. Until I heard an echo of rhythmic tic steps come down the hallway, stopping to open the door of this classroom. This couldn’t be real…who knew one small human could make me so worrisome?

Thankfully the flirt of the teenage boys came up to her, hopefully to stall until the teacher came.

I couldn’t help but listen to the conversation, so to know where they went wrong I guess it wouldn’t hurt to listen in…right?

At first the two guys, Mike and Eric, were trying to make her laugh. But at the emotion that she was feeling, there was no hint of humor in it.

“Who’s he?” She suddenly asked, then I risked a side glance on who she was talking about. Oh no…her gaze was in my direction, ‘don’t flatter yourself jasper’ was all my thoughts said. And they were right, no one said she was talking about me right? Then Eric and Mike laughed, ok that was good right? Oh god! Why was I asking so many questions!?

“What!?” Her voice traveled through the classroom. Then her mood hit me sourly, very irritated…

‘Not about me’ I answered to my thoughts, then Eric’s answer came, I froze like the cold statue I was.

“That’s Jasper Cullen. Probably emo, I wouldn’t talk to him if I were you” In some ways I was grateful at Eric’s assumption, but I couldn’t help but feel irritated at the thought they were keeping the girl from talking to me.

Then her returning question intrigued me, “Do you actually know if he is emo for sure?” Usually when anybody would say that, the person would take it gratefully; with no further questions. But this one was different.

I tried to hold my smile back, ‘don’t be interested’ my thoughts said once more. I couldn’t believe it the one time none of my siblings are in my classes, I need their help the most! Then I tried to concentrate on listening to their conversation more.

“No, but he is totally unsocialized. Apparently so is the rest of his family, if you count…” He didn’t need to finish the sentence for me to know what he was talking about. He was mentioning my sister Bella, for her little tease of him this morning. That, I wasn’t really interested in knowing Bella was just trying to play with his emotions; to bug me. Brother and Sister love has never been so strong before…

“Who are the other two!?” My head shot up looking at the bouncing girl. Why was she so interested in my family? Then excitement washed over me, this girl was probably hired by Bella; to screw with my emotions…right? She couldn’t be for real! She was just too…energetic.

Then thankfully Mike asked my question that lingered my lips, “How do you know there are two more?” That wasn’t actually my actual question, but close…

“I saw them this morning.” So she was paying attention to our family specifically…I couldn’t help but want to know more of her, energetic, happy, bouncy, it was like a little girl.

“Oh” Was all Mike could manage to say, that obviously got the ‘Little Girl’ more frustrated, the emotion was just too strong to ignore. Then the little bubbly girl exploded with frustration, that act myself made me want to explode. Too much emotion from such a little girl! My brain racked for an excuse just to walk out of the Country!

“What are the rest of their names!” I jumped at her sudden demand, she was really…something.

“Bella Mason, and Emmett Mason. Both quite weird…” I tightened my grip on the edge of the counter, how dare they talk about my siblings that way!? But then my expression loosened, that is what we intended, make sure attention was separated from us.

“Thank you” She said, then I hoped with all my luck she would go onto another topic. Instead I heard her skips come toward me, I quick glanced up; she was going to talk to me…after the emo warnings?! Then I saw Mike’s hand fly up to her shoulder, then a hiss screeched up my throat. A small giggle escaped from her lips, I knew now if I could blush, I would…

“Where are you going?” He asked brutally, dragging her to the opposite side of the room. I could just walk up and tear his arm right off his shoulder. Then she’ll be free of his grasp, my brows knitted together; this girl makes me think quite violent…

“I’m going to talk to him!” What!? I don’t know why I was so shocked though. I should’ve seen this coming, right? Knowing her excitement, the questions…why didn’t I just run for it when I had the chance!? She couldn’t talk to me, it would be a horrible experience for her! Me being such close distance to her, wasting my breath. I would have to take another breath to actually talk! She was going to make me expose our nature, and take her with me…such cruelty.

“But he’s weird” Eric informed her, then a deep frown licked around her lips. Oh how I could tear his mouth off just to make her frown! My thoughts bubbled around themselves, what have I become. I haven’t even talked to this girl, now she is making feelings consumed me that I didn’t know I could ever feel.

“I like weird people, they’re a lot more fun to hang out with, and talk with” Could she be serious!? This girl was making me upset in so many ways. I had to get out! But I couldn’t collect enough strength to move an inch, then excitement bubbled, it foamed around the atmosphere. I wanted to scream, this was too much!

“Are you weird?” Mike was a genius, I didn’t even have to ask that. I could take the words right out of her mouth, ‘yes’ she was weird, more than anything…

“You could say that, but I’m proud of it” My eyes froze on her figure, what!? It was enough that she was making me feel horrible, but that she is proud of her weirdness! That I could not collect, how could she be ok with that!? I’ve been known ‘weird, emo, goth, unsocialized, deaf, blind…’ anything that inquired a disability. But I’ve never been an inch close to being proud of it, I hated it.

Unfortunately I was so wrapped up in my thoughts, and amazement I hadn’t noticed her presence. Next thing I knew she was in the seat beside me smiling.

“Hello” She said excitement covering up any other emotions possible. Then I decided to get over with this, small talk; takes up the least amount of air.

“Hello” I whispered, barely making a scratch in my air inventory. ‘That’s good Jasper’ my thoughts said to themselves. For the first time ever, my thoughts were proud of my progress.

“You new too?” I smiled, yeah I was new, I guess it depends what your talking about. But I’m not sure on the word ‘new’ too much.

“I guess you could say that” I said trying to hold in my laughter. This was just too amusing, knowing that this innocent girl was trying to make a conversation…could be killed in a blink of an eye. Maybe even faster, I knew she was unaware of what could be her future

I couldn’t help it I cocked my head to swing over to her direction, I had to see her reaction(s). Then I thought it would be safe to breath in another dose of air, until she let out a sigh. How come I had to let my guard down at the worst time possible? Taking that I just ignored the burn in my throat.

“Want to be friends?” I tired to block my emotion, she couldn’t be real…she wanted to be friends, that straight up!? I couldn’t hold it anymore I let out a small laugh, I was right…she was most definitely a little girl, an innocent girl; I tried to remember that ‘An Innocent Girl’. Thankfully to remember that I tried to pry as much as I could off her delicate innocent smile. She herself was just innocent, innocent was the only word I could say to myself, about her.

Then with a short moment of time I realized how much emotion lingered in the air, she could feel it too. Anybody that came inches from this area, could feel it too.

“Sorry, you must feel uncomfortable” I muttered hoping she would loosen up, she just seemed so tense. I could hear the rubber reflex of her small muscles. Venom begged to come, I tried to swallow without burning the throat. I knew coming to school again would make me feel worse. Then with that memory I scooted away, ‘not to her’ my thoughts whispered.

“It’s ok” she said cheerfully, coming closer. Did she get a hint!? Or was I not setting it up right, or just in the opposite direction? Then a feeling I only feel from others lingered from her, ‘love’ my thoughts cooed. I froze ‘no!’ I wanted to scream. This isn’t something I wanted, in fact it was the last thing I wanted.

“No it’s not, I think you should leave. No one likes to feel that way” I muttered out, looking away from her face. It was just too much to bare, her…me, I felt small. Even compared to her…I felt small. Then I felt her disappointment, why would she care if she didn’t talk to me anymore? She had Mike, Eric, Tyler, and Jessica. She had better friends than me…yes she did, and from what I’ve learned; she wasn’t my friend. She was almost my prey…

Then her sketch of disappointment kept taping at me, I glanced in her direction once in awhile. I wanted to ask her, plead her to stop, to make her feel better. Erase her disappointment, make it back into happiness, but even as a vampire…I couldn’t do that.

“Do I have to?” She almost whispered, shock came; she wasn’t going to leave!? Why didn’t she just take the invitation? Everybody else did, they got the hint; either she didn’t get it, or she didn’t want to. Either way it killed me to know she had an attachment, a very bad one indeed. I just smiled shaking my head side to side, this is unreal; she isn’t real. I’m imagining it, because I’m lonely…or for the first time since I was immortal, I dreamed.

Unfortunately she thought I was answering her question, and accepted the false invite. I wanted to reach in her ear, and re-wire her brain; make her realize my intentions.

“Does that mean we can still keep talking?” I looked at her, did she ever stop talking? I almost laughed I didn’t even have to ask myself that truly, she would never stop talking; until I stopped it…

“I guess, but you could just walk away now and well…save yourself for what might come” I said trying to scare her, but instead she found it a joke. Rolled her eyes, and invited herself into my dome of emotions. Her breath sweeping up my nose, amazing. She didn’t even lean away, she stayed intrigued by my presence. I just eyed her carefully, oh I hope this would end happily, instead of tragically.

“I’ll stay, what do you want to talk about?!” Her final decision this time did not shock me, from what I’ve learned…she does the unexpected. Then I glanced over her shoulder, everybody’s eyes were on us. How close her body was to mine, how her bounciness seemed more happy then before. What boyfriends and girlfriends would do to get each others attention…

Then as my eyes traced around the audiences her attention also shifted. I begged for her to keep her mouth closed, hoping she would walk away from me. But as always my thoughts(assumptions) would fail, because her jaw tightened and her words flowed.

“What?!” She demanded, then I knew the real her. She was purposely making a scene. Trying to make herself spoken clearly. She didn’t want to be like everyone, she wanted to be weird, that’s why she was proud of it…those were her intentions from the beginning.

“What are you looking at?” She was facing everyone, some looked away embarrassed by their stares, others just continued. Until Jessica rushed over by her side. In that moment I was afraid that she would steal this perfect girl from my contact.

Then I decided to ignore Jessica’s words, because they were…well not meant for me to hear.

Until her words vibrated through the air, the air that was once filled with mixed emotions. This time I thought I knew her, but instead…I was only merely half way there.

“He has feelings too.” She said carefully, sadly she was wrong. I was immortal, my feelings disappeared with my beating heart.

“And he’s definitely not emo” She added turning her attention back at me. I was shocked, she was standing up for me…someone she just met.

I didn’t know the world anymore, I thought I’d be alone forever. Feared by everybody, except for my own kind…I was wrong. So I guess I should be prepared for anything that might come, right? Yes, I would be prepared, without getting my hopes up.

“What?” She reached forward shaking my shoulder, I flinched. She couldn’t do this, it just made me on the edge more and more. I felt uncomfortable, a good discomfort…I just had to ask her, what I really wanted to know; for the first time ever.

“Why did you defend me?” I asked more and more drawled toward her. Next thing I knew I was the one leaning into her dome of comfort. I felt bad for trespassing, but I knew that it would make me feel better.

“Because I find us friends now Jazz. Don’t you think?” I was merely shocked again at her sudden impulse. She was getting so comfortable that she started a nickname for me! I was draining all humanity within her, I didn’t belong to put her in danger…I knew Bella would be disappointed. Bella was much more collected than me. She wouldn’t even dare string a human on this long, she wouldn’t even touch one! I swear this would disgust my whole family…even Carlisle.

Before I could answer class started. Then with that she just settled where she sat. She was attached to me enough to sit next to me during the whole semester? Then during about 10 minutes of class time I found a poorly folded note in front of me. I eyed her, she looked as always…innocent. It didn’t make much difference when a beautiful smile washed across her small face. She was delicate, fragile, innocent, weird, beautiful, and well…energetic.

Opening it I found her fancy written script on a piece of paper ripped out of her notebook,

Hey Jazzy! I like the way that sounds…

But do u want to sit next 2 my family and I at lunch?

It’s ok if u don’t, it might b uncomfortable 4 u.

But I will hold u against a shopping spree for Saturday!

Want 2 come with me, Rosalie and Edward try 2 avoid me about this…

But why not share a shopping day with my new friend!?

O.k. write back, if u had a choice…


I almost laughed, I’ve been so caught up that I hadn’t realized that I didn’t know her actual name yet! I guess I’ll just leave it as Ali then, probably for Alison, Alice, or Alistar. Which as one of the Volturi names, which I doubt would be hers.

I looked at the not dumbfounded by it, but I kept my expression emotionless. Trying not to give anything away. I had to break the news to her, no matter how much it hurt. It might feel weird to sit by her…wait, she’ll just ask to move. That suggestion made me sigh from relief. She can deal with it…

Once she looked away I wrote as fast as I could so I wouldn’t look back to it. I carefully flicked it back toward her making it under a millisecond.

Alice, I don’t know what to say to you,

I don’t think you actually know me quite well for inviting me to spend a whole day ‘alone’ with you

I think it would be good if you listened to everybody else…

And stayed away from me.


I frowned as I noticed a deep crease in her brow, and the frown that was once a smile on her lips. How could a note rejecting her invitation be so depressing?

Then the scent of water came over, I glanced at her…she was crying. Pain reached my face, what have I done!? She was crying…then I realized that my presence from the beginning was bad.

Carefully she picked up her pen and began to write effortlessly, at least she had the strength to write…

I frowned at my carelessness, she was most definitely sensitive. So I guess I just added to her list.

She was delicate, fragile, innocent, weird, beautiful, energetic, and now sensitive. She was so much like I imagined a girl to be, minus the gossip and bitch trait.

Then I noticed her note in front of me,

I hope u know that what u said made me quite sad,

But I won’t bother u if u really don’t want me 2…

But 2 b honest I think that u and I would make great friends

And 4 ur info, I don’t like the thought of dis-liking u

Sorry but…I just can’t…sorry

Don’t reply I can’t take more, just avoid me if u know what’s best


I frowned as I saw her head drop in her hands. Oh I hope no one would see this, they would think of me as rude, for me that was worse than anything else.

I couldn’t take this, I had to give in. I just had to, seeing her like this is tearing me apart. Her pain was injected into me ever so slowly. To make things better, I should reply to the note. I knew that I couldn’t bare much more. So with that I tore my eyes from her limp figure and wrote fast.

Then I put it on the side of her barely touching her. Carefully I watched as her head lifted, her eyes were fixed on the note. Then her fingers danced over to the note, taking it in her small hands. I smiled at her little dance. It pained me to know that I’ve just dug her deeper and deeper into my world. Too deep into the world.

Though it was priceless to see her frown turn up into a graceful smile once again. She was happy, because I was going to be with her…

‘Don’t flatter yourself’ my thoughts said once more. Then A warm sensation was placed on both of my cheeks. I looked at her in amazement as she pulled away, walking away from my site. Then I noticed everybody’s eyes on her tiny figure and back to me.

For about 3 minutes everybody didn’t dare move, still in shock. How could this happen? I granted one wish of hers, and she kisses me! I then automatically felt ashamed, Bella or Emmett wouldn’t of done such a thing…

Then she came back in the wings of the classroom, saying one thing that made me want to laugh at the sudden appearance.

“Forgot my pencil” Then as she grabbed the pencil off the desk she grabbed my hand dragging me out of the classroom. Then I heard faint whispers,

“Are they dating?”

“How much did he pay her for the kiss?”

“Does she like him?”

I smiled at all but one, the second one was just absurd, why would I pay her for a kiss? Then I realized that I would indeed pay money for that to happen again, I had enough to last about a century anyway…

‘No!’ My thoughts screamed sending me to reality. I realized one thing today about her then, she might be small and sensitive; but she was wiling to take risks.

“What was that for in the classroom?” I asked amazed imagining her sweet delicate body in my arms. Her lips on mine, me being able to give a kiss back…

“It was a ‘thank you’ silly” She said stopping to stuff her books in her locker. Just a thank you! She would kiss me on the cheeks for a thank you!? What would she do if it was more than just a ‘Thank You’? My mind roamed, until I decided I was getting carried away.

“Just a thank you?” I asked, I know I was getting my hopes up for a ‘more than friends’ answer; but right now I thought if I was going down, give some hope along the way.

“Maybe…” I raised a brow, I guess giving hope is all that it takes. Just a spark, then you could finally be free of conclusions. Of feeling totally despised all the way.

I couldn’t help but play along with her little tease, maybe it would be worth going to school now. Rushing to my first class knowing I could talk to her, laugh with her…

“When will I know for sure?” Then she giggled, she was finding this amusing. I smiled poorly, this girl is brining me to multiple stages, some of anger, pain, happiness, maybe love. Who know all this could just happen in a day! In an hour! It was just too much to take on all at once, it was like the feeling you had during your change as a vampire. Or when you would wake up that is.

“During the Shopping Spree” I smiled, a chance to actually be alone with her. Now the thought didn’t actually hurt to know she could die. Or at least be changed, knowing that I could give her whatever she wanted. Release everything I built up to love her more. I smiled wider, then she smiled as well.

Before I could attack her, or what my thoughts wanted I walked away. Dreaming of her and me, she probably liked me back…not as much, but still probably liked me.