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Bella Mason & Edward Cullen

Sorry about the title, a little bold but it fits... This story is about Bella getting a chance to be a vampire with more experience! And Edward...a human:( Some might be sad but read the story and how quickly everything comes together! Can't believe I found a banner with Bella and Edward! And Bella with gold eyes, and Edward's are closed, he he he. Alice/Jasper Bella/Edward Esme/Carlisle Emmett/Rosalie Bella Mason & Edward CullenI UPDATED CHAPTER 4! THERE IS MORE TO READ!:) SORRY STILL UNFINISHED THOUGH::o


3. Perfume of Love

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Bella’s POV

I stormed into the house knocking down several expensive lamps and vases. I stomped my feet lightly through the trail of the living room, ready to head up in Carlisle’s office. But my angry storm of a heard did not interest Carlisle as much to wait until I got to him, he came to me.

He fluttered into the room, anxious at what my thunder held, before releasing the lightning. “Bella, dear…what happened?” He put his hands on my shoulder to sit me down on the couch, gently. But that didn’t keep the anger from my voice as I answered him.

“I hate humans! Especially the hot boy ones!” I screamed throwing my hands up, jumping out of my seat quickly. But Carlisle just sat there with a stupid, goofy, confused face, I thank my lucky stars that my brothers aren’t here.

“Slow down Bells, what happened?” I took a deep breath then, I knew Carlisle couldn’t help me much if I just let anger rise above me, you’re a controlled, and matured vampire…

“It’s too hard! I don’t know what to tell you! I wish that I had a ‘mom’ somehow. To talk boy talk, but of course I’m the only girl!” I exploded, not only with anger but surprise. I didn’t really know what I was so mad about. I liked Edward, his name still made my invisible heart become visible, but knowing that I was falling for a human, all the more disturbing.

“Bella” Carlisle said in a more firm and demanding voice, causing all of my emotions to go on pause. I let out a sigh, I really didn’t know why I was upset, I found love. Or at least I think I found love, but I still couldn’t be sure of that. I closed my eyes for a moment letting any emotion possible find its way through my system. Thankfully Carlisle noticed my settlement and waited patiently for me to open my eyes, I couldn’t get my mind straight.

“I met a human guy…” I took in a deep breath, scratching my throat from anger and anticipation. I kissed Edward, Edward kissed me. We might as well be dating now! And everyone would know it! I would no longer be Bella, the boy player! I would be known as Bella, steady with the new guy Edward Cullen. I frowned, I desperately wanted to keep my title, the title I held for two years…trying to make it three.

“We kissed, and I think I’m…” I swallowed the lump in my throat, just tell him…he can help. “…in love” I whispered looking down to my feet, ashamed of what Carlisle would think. Bella, my daughter Bella…in love with a human! I could hear his thoughts, they were both amused and surprised. The worse I could expect, oh how lucky I was that Emmett wasn’t here.

“Well…” Carlisle himself took a deep breath uncomfortably, but I still stared at the ground. I was in love with a human, a gorgeous, perfectly green eyed, muscular, bronze haired human…

Images of Edward filled my mind, his hand running through his messy Bronze hair, his lips pursing after kissing, his green eyes swimming with passion, his muscles tightening as I was in his arms, his cheek bones rising slightly as he grinned or laughed…I smiled lost in my imagination. Edward Cullen, oh how beautiful you are, then Lauren Mallory came to mind. That Bitch! I wanted to scream, she is also chasing after him, along with every other frickin’ girl in the school!

“What should I do?” I asked absentmindedly, thinking of that slut in Edward’s arms, besides me. I shivered, I couldn’t doubt this feeling…I knew I loved Edward, and Edward loved me. Then the anger hit again, Edward probably only wanted me for the way I looked! As a vampire! He didn’t actually like me, why else would all the guys be so attractive?!

“Don’t mingle with this human anymore” He said scratching his head, probably not sure of what to actually do. I smiled weakly, you had to admire him for coming up with an idea, even if it was the most obvious one. I don’t know why I didn’t go with it, mostly because I was afraid that he and I would be separated.

“Alright, I’ll try my best” I said running as fast as I could to my meadow. The meadow always managed to cheer me up, no matter what. The bugs, nature, it was all very calming, too calming. I closed my eyes sprawling out in the grass taking in deep breaths of the fresh air. Oh how I loved that smell, sometimes I question why I even live in a house. Of course the house is rather beautiful, open, and well very warming. Then with a last breath a human scent caught me, Edward!? I sat up looking around in the corners of the meadow, sure enough there he was standing frozen, wide eyed, and well of course…had a smile on his lips. I frowned, he of all people(or vampires) was the last one I wanted to see at the moment.

“Hello” I said clearly, shocked at how even the tone of my voice ended up being. But of course that just made Edward grimace, he started to walk forward. Sweat evident in his scent, which of all things made it even more alluring. Fresh, damp, I closed my eyes taking a whiff, aware that my eyes were probably zeroed around the color black. But Edward didn’t seem to notice, he still had the grin on his face.

“Hi” he croaked out before I managed to say something, he seemed so out of breath, shocked and excited. I tilted my head to the side, why was he so happy? I knew it couldn’t of been me here, or just the thought that we might kiss again.

“You know at school…” I trailed off swinging my head toward my house that was out of view to any human eyes. I stared in that direction for a long time, when Edward finally spoke.

“Yeah, you mean…the kissing” He said, I knew he was smiling, but it was just the fact that he was kissing the most gorgeous girl in school, not because of who I actually was.

“It think it was a mistake…seriously Edward, you know that you only agreed to kiss me so early is because of what I looked like” Edward froze, he was in the crouching position ready to sit next to me, but froze from either hurt, or surprise.

“I know I shouldn’t have kissed you. Out of all the pretty girls, I thought they would just care that a guy kissed them. But you…your different, and that is exactly why I’m wrapped around your finger” he said finally sitting next to me, his gaze fixed on the side of my face. Then a mythical tear escaped my eye, but of course, not even all the fake tears in the world could make a real one.

“Really?” I asked, he nodded without saying another word. Oh how could this guy be real!? He was sensitive, gorgeous, funny, nice, and of course everything a girl ever wanted. But even I knew one thing, everybody had a flaw, even in all my dreams Edward couldn’t be perfect, and to actually be in a relationship…you had to know your mates flaw. I sighed and stood up effortlessly, why must all the choices in the world be so difficult?

“Yes” he whispered standing up next to me. My face in both of his hands, his lips inches away from mine. I grimaced, I knew his flaw, He rushed, pushed possibly. But who said I wasn’t like that?

“Edward?” I croaked, on the verge of dry sobbing, this boy was bringing out emotions I never really thought could be wrung out. Like an old dish rag, it seems dry, but if you twist it…the water pours out.

“Yes, love” He whispered dragging his hand gently through my thick brown hair, I bit my bottom lip. I couldn’t do this, it’s too much pressure. ‘String him on Bella, like you do with everybody else’ My thoughts said smirking devilishly. But I knew he wasn’t like the other guys, I actually liked him. ‘Bella I don’t mean dump him totally, just string him on’ my thoughts really irritated me. The more room to think, the more annoyed I got. That’s why I always had to fill it up, but of course even all the events in the world couldn’t completely fill up a vampires mind.

“Please, don’t” I said pulling slightly away from him. But that seemed to pain him more, he didn’t like the way I was pushing him away, and to be honest…I didn’t like it either. ‘Bella, Bella, Bella, he won’t get hurt enough to leave you!’ now my thoughts tempted me, if Edward really truly loved me, he’d stay with me through my mistakes…right? ‘Of course he will!’ my thoughts screamed now, which made me smile forgetting that Edward was watching my every move.

“Are you ok?” He asked brushing his fingers across my cheek, I smiled slightly. I was more ok than he could ever be, I was invincible.

“Yes, but do you think we could…” I trailed off, I didn’t know what else to say. All of my teasing skills have disappeared, nothing mattered anymore. I was on the edge of panicking of hyperventilating.

“You don’t want to be with me. You being the most beautiful girl in the world and dating the new guy” I pursed my lips, this wasn’t what I wanted. Edward thought I was embarrassed to be with him, to be seen with him!

“No, mostly the other way around” I said biting my bottom lip. ‘Bella what the hell are you doing!?’ My thoughts screamed at me in confusion and question. To be truthful I didn’t know why I was doing, I knew I wasn’t telling our family secret.

“What!?” He screamed, I clamped my eyes shut. I can’t face him, I can’t. He was mad at me, he was angry…

“You’re too good for me…I’m not a good match for you” I snapped knowing my eyes were probably pitch black by now. But Edward didn’t seem afraid, his breathing was steady, and his heart beat was silently still pumping blood easily. He just seemed confused and hurt. He thought I was turning him down because of who he was, and who I am. But it is the opposite way around, too bad my thoughts kept turning me in the other direction.

“Don’t be silly, you’re perfect” He said inching closer to me, his sweet breathe misting my face. I smiled, I couldn’t hold any of it anymore…’Yeah, follow what everybody says…let the boy lead the relationship’ Then I snapped, that means he could do whatever, whenever knowing that I was so attached to him!

“Maybe, but I think we should see that by time” I said batting my eye lashes, then as I was waiting his heart beat picked up speed. I smiled light-heartedly, humans are so cute…

“Bella…I-I-I love y-you” I froze, stunned at what his words held, and how they made my heart beat. My heart was beating again, it was pumping something that I thought was impossible to come to life again. It all made sense to me, and now everything will take its lead…

Edward’s POV

I walked in the house, smiling wider than I thought I could. This first day has been nothing but something I’d dream about forever. Bella was the most perfect, beautiful, and…funny girl I’ve ever got to known. She made me feel like I’ve been dead until I met her, she was now my whole life.

“You seem to be happy” Esme pointed out, lifting her eyes away from her book. I smiled and nodded quickly before stumbling into the kitchen.

“Well what happened?” She asked following me silently into the kitchen, but I remained quiet. I couldn’t spill everything that might as well be an imaginary world, even to my mother. I felt as if I’d been brought to life the second she said my name, the second her soft lips touched mine. Moving slowly and passionately with mine, no hesitation what so ever. We fit together easily, almost as easy as you see in the romantic movies. Which I’ve never experienced before, it was all too good.

“I met the most beautiful girl in the universe” I muttered in a daze with my mind only surrounding the thoughts of Bella, Bella Mason, the most beautiful girl in the world.

“Even more beautiful than Rosalie?” She asked with no hint of humor in her voice. I just nodded without hesitation, until I heard a faint gasp behind me. Oh shit…Rosalie.

“How could she be more prettier than me!? I’m like the best looking one out there!” She shouted throwing her hands up, I just rolled my eyes. She was so full of herself, and apparently so is every guy in the school.

“No, Rosalie…there is that Bella Mason” Alice said pointing her finger up, but seemed as if she was dreaming about something. Then I heard Rosalie roll her eyes, typical.

“Yeah, sure. But I doubt Edward even got close to her” She said scanning the fridge. I chuckled, in fact I was able to kiss her, make out maybe…

“Yeah I wouldn’t think so strongly about that” I said sitting down in one of the old wooden chairs, but as I did so Alice gasped, snapping out of her own daze…which seemed to happen a lot.

“What?” I asked leaning back as if I owned the house, but Esme just hit my legs down, muttering about how much our nice furniture cost. I couldn’t do much, I respected my mother, but sometimes she over exenterated things…so I muttered a quick ’sorry’ to keep her from upsetting.

“Have you even talked to Bella? Because I’ve talked to Jasper…” Alice said slowly biting down on her tiny lip, she talked to Bella’s brother Jasper…I wonder if Rosalie talked to any of the Mason’s.

“Did you kiss him?” I asked raising a brow, to see if Alice and I both had our fun day as new students. But she just grimaced, so she kissed him?

“On the cheeks, but he seemed to like it…” She said returning to her day dream face, I just smirked, I topped her kiss.

“Well Bella and I, kissed” I said smiling wider as I saw Alice’s facial expression turn into pure shock…why was it so hard that I kissed the most beautiful girl in the world?!…oh.

“On the lips?!” Rosalie exclaimed seeming too surprised for my liking.

“Yes, and she kissed me back” I said smiling devilishly, who said Rosalie was the only one with looks? Then I heard Alice whistle, I just rolled my eyes getting up from my chair.

“I’m going for a walk”

“Do you have a date with Bella…?” Alice asked with a big smile, I frowned…I wish.

“No…just going for a walk” I said slowly yanking open the front door to step outside. Then a scent hit me, it was the mist scent of a familiar perfume…Bella. My thoughts skinned around Bella’s lips, body, and voice…and her sensitivity. I smiled and walked where ever my feet lead, I didn’t care where I was going, as long as I could think of Bella…and just Bella. Her name actually meant who she was, beautiful, in so many ways undescribed.

Then I ended up in a big, circular, and open meadow. The flowers surrounding the perimeter and dark green grass filled the center. I smiled once my eyes landed on…Bella. I wasn’t sure if I was just imagining her there or not, but it seemed real enough, so I’d do whatever I could before she disappeared.

I smiled wide, then she spoke. “Hello” Her voice rang through the word, making it sound better than it was suppose to. Then my heart sank as her beautiful lips molded a frown, a frown that ruined her pretty face. Only to make her seem all sad, and I didn’t like it at all. But I decided to make it come back, I kept my smile placed on my lips. I was excited, I wanted to kiss Bella again…the most beautiful, kind, and badass girl in the world. She could take a punch, and not shed a tear. She was everything a guy looked forward in meeting, only for one girl every century to show up, making only one guys dreams come true. And now, it was my turn to find happiness.

I hadn’t realized what I was doing at first when I was looking at Bella the whole time, I was walking toward her, with my smile still on my face. I must’ve looked so pathetic to her…

“Hi” I chocked out, knowing that I was over excited, I couldn’t find my voice. It was still deep in my surprise and joy, I couldn’t find anything right now, except for my heart. My heart was as plain as Bella’s face, it stood out in a most magnificent way. But then Bella tipped her head to the side, what was wrong…? Did she regret kissing me? Now that she finally got a good look at me?

“You know at school…” She started, afraid of finishing, and I was afraid that she would finish too. I knew she made the wrong choice kissing me, I just wish she knew it sooner. Or she really was just kissing me to get on Lauren’s nerve…that was it. And she couldn’t even face me! She was looking away, she didn’t want to meet my eyes, she was afraid that I’d hurt her…and that was the last thing I’d do.

“Yeah, you mean…the kissing” I said, remembering her soft, full lips on mine. I couldn’t help the smile that glittered my face, but I tried to hide it as much as I could, and failed. I couldn’t help but realize how easily this girl was molding me in her hands, heck I would walk on egg shells to feel her body vibration next to me…

“It think it was a mistake…seriously Edward, you know that you only agreed to kiss me so early is because of what I looked like” I stopped in mid-air…she thought I only kissed her because of her looks!? So she didn’t care that I kissed her, she just thought it was the way she looked? It hurt a little to know that she thought our kissing, our love for each other was a mistake.

“I know I shouldn’t have kissed you. Out of all the pretty girls, I thought they would just care that a guy kissed them. But you…your different, and that is exactly why I’m wrapped around your finger” I said afraid that she might of heard me wrong, I didn’t want her to misinterpret my words, she was everything to me now. Even if we don’t kiss…I could still dream about her, her and only her. Bella, the most wonderful and kind girl I’ve ever met and…loved.

“Really?” She asked, and I was glad she wasn’t crying…like every over sensitive girl I know. But I was glad she took my words the way I wanted her to. But my heart still wrenched in the wrong direction as she sighed and got up. This girl…this woman, was driving me into the heavens.

“Yes” I whispered unaware of what my thoughts were leading me to, but I knew it had to do with something that caused Bella in my arms. And with no doubt I was right, I had her face in my hands, and my lips hovering in front of hers. I couldn’t help it, it was like a reflex, a reflex I couldn’t control, like the heart that was beating in my chest. I couldn’t stop it, and I couldn’t stop the love I felt for Bella…

“Edward?” Then I became frightened, was Bella turning down my kiss…my love for her? But I couldn’t let this control me, I knew she cared for me, otherwise she wouldn’t be right here with me at this moment…it was fate.

“Yes, love” I murmured letting my hand wonder through her hair, it was so soft, but then Bella bit her bottom lip, I knew this was the end…but I had to make it last. This was my only chance to let her know how much I cared, no matter how embarrassing it was, I’d tell her everything she needs to hear. So much emotions build up inside me in just one day, I’ve heard girls do that.

“Please, don’t” I froze as she stepped back, she didn’t love me…and I was a fool to think someone, like her…could. Soon enough once I get home, I’m going to cry all my emotions out, knowing that Bella did not want to fit in there, she wanted no part of it.

“Are you ok?” I whispered knowing that if I could just touch her one more time…so that’s what my hands automatically did, I touched her pale cheeks…my Bella, my Italian beauty. And in some ways that sounded right, but I knew that I was dead wrong about it. Then I saw her smile once again flutter her features, all I wanted to do was regain my power of love I felt for her, my chances building up. But I was guessing that, they would just tear right down again, but I didn’t care…as long as my courage and love for her came to me once again.

“Yes, but do you think we could…” I stopped in my thoughts, what was she talking about? Was she turning me down, or talking about possibilities? But I was still afraid, I couldn’t think about what she meant, and still I felt overpowered with happiness.

Then it came to me, and I couldn‘t help but blurt it out, “You don’t want to be with me. You being the most beautiful girl in the world and dating the new guy” She pursed her lips, I was right…she couldn’t take the thought of us being seen in public, or being together at all, I wasn’t enough for her. I knew I wasn’t from the beginning, but I still wanted to have the chance, the dream of us…

“No, mostly the other way around” She bit her bottom lip, what the hell was she talking about!? She thought that I was too good for her!? I almost started to burst out with laughter, but my surprise only punched me into complete shock.

“What!?” Then her eyes shut closed, in a moment I was afraid a tear would squeeze right under her eye lashes. But her eyes remained waterless, and completely unstained. Only for her sparkly, moist, golden eyes to shine, and I prayed to see them again…

“You’re too good for me…I’m not a good match for you” Then my thoughts wrapped around the area I now stood. I couldn’t think straight, she thought I was too good for her! I wanted to punch my ear lobes right in probably thinking I’ve gone crazy!

“Don’t be silly, you’re perfect” I said, and I meant every word I said, she deserved the best. And I’d try to live up to her expectations. But now she thought she wasn’t good enough, and I’d try to prove her wrong. Make her see herself more clearly than ever, she needed to show her real feelings…instead of teasing.

“Maybe, but I think we should see that by time” Then her smile lifted her face, making my heart accelerated…Bella, I love you, I knew that and I needed to tell her.

“Bella…I-I-I love y-you” I stuttered, once I realized what could happen if she actually let the words sink in. I must’ve looked like a fool, but of course Bella just smiled wide. And I wrapped my hands around her…I truly, truly loved her.