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Bella Mason & Edward Cullen

Sorry about the title, a little bold but it fits... This story is about Bella getting a chance to be a vampire with more experience! And Edward...a human:( Some might be sad but read the story and how quickly everything comes together! Can't believe I found a banner with Bella and Edward! And Bella with gold eyes, and Edward's are closed, he he he. Alice/Jasper Bella/Edward Esme/Carlisle Emmett/Rosalie Bella Mason & Edward CullenI UPDATED CHAPTER 4! THERE IS MORE TO READ!:) SORRY STILL UNFINISHED THOUGH::o


4. A Floating Fairy

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Alice’s POV

Jasper, Jasper, Jasper, and Jasper, he was all I could think about. He was lean, yes, but very gentle and very strong. He could make any girl fall in love with him, he could give me any emotion out of the blue! Speaking of blue his muscles popped right out when he wore that color, as Rose said ‘hot’. I giggled every time she said that about a guy, I just thought it was very tweenish. But I didn’t care much, I acted like a tween most of the time anyway.

“So what are going to be for Halloween?” Rose asked starting her brand new jeep, for me it was a bit too manly…I guess, I’d prefer something else, something pink or purple.

“A fairy, you?”

“A sexy pirate” I rolled my eyes knowing that Rose didn’t see, anything that involved dressing up like a slut and not get pinned was anything Rose liked in particular. And yes, Halloween was one of them.

“Are you and Jasper going to pair up, in outfits and all?” She asked turning down the radio obviously interested in what my answer was. Rose hasn’t mentioned much about her new life in Forks, she was still stung that there was a girl in the school that looked better than her.

And I wasn’t sure how to answer, I wanted to, but I wasn’t sure if he wanted to, or if we were actually a couple…maybe just really good friends.

“I-I don’t know R-R-Rosalie” I stuttered as I thought deeper into the topic, Jasper and I, matching Halloween outfits, but what would he be? Peter Pan?! Yes! Exactly he could be Peter Pan! But what would he say to that, probably no…then I felt disappointed. Obviously Rose was so caught up in my answer that she forgot to pay attention to the road.

The car wheels screeched loudly, like a monster movie, a girl being tormented…I shivered at the sound, it also reminded me of sharp nails on a chalk board.

“What the…! Rose!” I screamed putting my hands out in front of me as if I was pushing a door open. My heart sped quickly as everything spun in blurs, what was going on?! I couldn’t help but scream loudly, until my throat ached. But everything remained unattached to still, like a camera trying to focus on an object that kept moving. Everything just kept moving, my eyes weren’t adjusting right.

Then I heard it, the silence, the silence that annoyed me so much, it filled my ears…giving me a headache. Rose was sitting perfectly, her eyes wide open with shock, but she remained unscratched. I on the other hand was hyperventilating, I had no idea what had happened, and my arms throbbed with pain. The pain wasn’t as bad as a broken ankle, but it still hurt.

Then with one quick movement that seemed to only be half a second I was yanked out of the car, and what seemed like a green area.

……………………………….......TIME SKIP……………………………

I woke up, groaning as I rubbed my head, but to be truthful I wasn’t in pain. In fact I felt better than ever! My muscles felt stronger, my legs wanted to move, and I had a very strong edge to wanting to dance…but again, that wasn’t very much out of character.

Then something filled my head, an image, something familiar but different…Jasper. He was covered with scars, he looked pained, and I was there cheering him up…I smiled and fluttered to my feet realizing I was laying in a room, a very unfamiliar room that I was unaware of at all. I looked around finding a closet, makeup, and a mirror. I smiled as I skipped over to it, finding a wardrobe of wonderful clothes. It didn’t take me long to find a perfect outfit, but the only thing that shocked me was my new complexion.

It was out of this world breath taking, again bringing me back to the…Cullen’s, I gasped. This is a dream, I know it is! How else could I explain it? Exactly, you couldn’t. Over what seemed like a year, you don’t just wake up unbelievably beautiful…

Then my eyes bounced from my new face back and forth, I didn’t believe it…I was different, I was more beautiful I was beautiful. Then I caught a glimpse of my own eyes, I gasped now terrified, I dragged my hands up slowly to touch them until my voice broke from another voice.

“Alice…” I heard my name spoken from the most amazing voice, and yet very familiar voice say my name…making my eyes blank out over another vision. Jasper and I hugging, kissing…


“I know you feel horrible now, but wait till you see what you can do…” Jasper said softly while kissing my cheek, I smiled only bringing my lips to his cheeks as well. Then I heard a ringing giggle, my giggle.

I was unbelievably happy, we were surrounded by a magnificent forest, green, we were still in Forks…

“Show me then” I said straightening out my shirt, that covered my curves beautifully, but Jasper just smiled. Then I realized one thing, I missed him more than ever.


Then my sight came back, telling me that I had to answer that one person, I had to answer him…

“Yes?” I asked turning around, realizing the one person I loved was covered with scars. I gasped running faster than I could have ever imaged toward him, tracing my small fingers around them. But he just chuckled, I ignored it while my eyes wondered everywhere else over his body, his neck, his arms…

“What happened?” I asked amazed at the mimicking beautiful voice that followed it, droning out my old voice.

“It’s hard to explain…but I’m sure you’ll hate me forever…knowing that you have that long” He said refusing to meet my eyes, I pouted letting my bottom lip stick out. But that made Jasper glance up, smiling wider than I’ve ever seen before.

“I could never be mad at you Jazz, even if you found a way to control my emotions” I said picking at my freshly manicured nail, it looked pretty. But I heard Jasper laugh, I frowned, completely confused now.

“What!?” I hissed getting a bit angry at his random laughs, what could I be saying that is so funny? All I did was examine his scars that he had for who knows how long! And then look at my nail! How is that funny?

“It’s just that…well your not going to believe me…”He said with one big sigh, but I just tilted my head to the side, what could I not believe? Was I dead and in heaven or something!?

"Why wouldn't I...?" I asked in a small voice that seemed to make Jasper flinch a bit, he was making me scared now. Scared for him, and scared for me...

"Because you're a...a...a vampire" He said slowly letting me process each word easily, I was doing completely fine with that actually until he utter the word vampire. Vampires weren't real! They were just a myth I thought, a pretend story, something made up...

"I'm sorry, I don't believe you...well I do, but I thought they were just myths" I said still confused as if I heard him right or not(I probably heard him wrong).

"You heard me right, how could you not? You have better hearing than you used to..." He said softly stretching his fingers to touch my face, but hesitated every inch. Until his slender fingers rested on my cheek, but something felt different...his touch wasn't as cold anymore. I gasped silently as an electronic shock ran through my veins causing my whole body to twitch.

"Jasper..." I gasped not sure of what I was actually thinking or about to say, but I felt as if it would just roll off my tongue at any moment.

"Yes?" He asked gently stroking my cheek with rhythm, I giggled as each up movement a small tickle would follow, but my giggle just made Jasper smile, as if he was detecting my mood...

"I forgot" I whispered closing my eyes enjoying each movement...enjoying each feel of him, of his body heat.

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't be doing this...you need to eat" He said taking his hand away, taking a longer pause than before, debating whether he would keep us touching or not. I smiled slightly but it hurt to know that he was willing to pull away from me, then it popped into my head...we weren't a couple. We were friends, and now I was a vampire.

"Eat?" I expected my voice to crack as I said this, but it was as clear as ever...why wasn't my voice cracking, hoarse, or at least stutter...? That's what I would've done before, right? Or was I a completely different looking person? Someone else, someone I'm totally unaware of, a different world that made me a Jazz together...together.

“Yes eat but instead of food…” He trailed off looking pained at what he had to say next, then it popped in my head, blood, then I realized I was into a hysterical laughter fit dropping to the ground. But Jasper stayed in place only once and awhile would the corner of his lips would turn up. But I remained on the ground clutching to my stomach while new different notes of bells ripped up my throat, until it finally turned into a song. A song that I would remember to write down…

Then my laugh stopped brutally, the only reason Jazz isn’t laughing is because…he was serious!

“You mean we actually have to drink or eat blood” The last word came out as a whisper, but my voice stayed in its normal tone, not cracking once, it was completely composed. I then became frightened, I didn’t want to drink blood, from someone else! That is gross, then I realized what I actually was, I wasn’t a vampire…

“I’m a huge mosquito!” I shouted throwing my hands up, jumping off the ground easily then I would’ve thought. But Jasper then started to laugh, I scoffed, moody much…

“I suppose, but we drink animal blood…it might seem hard at first but you’ll get better” he said reassuring me, I sighed and smiled wide, this was definitely something good to know.

“Ok…so I’m now a gigantic flea” I said shaking my head from side to side, but Jasper started to laugh, and I joined in until my eyes went blank and more images filled my head…


Jasper and I were running fast through the forest laughing, until he stopped.

“Bella what do you want!?” Jazz hissed, whipped around finding my brothers girlfriend, Bella. My breath got caught in my throat, Bella was staring angrily towards Jasper.

“You told me you weren’t going to do this to her!” She screamed attacking Jasper, then I saw my own lips shaped into an O.

“No!” I screamed tearing Bella off Jasper’s body, then I stopped aware of a most magnificent smell where Bella just stood. It smelt good, mouth watering, Then I saw Edward, human Edward walk into view eyeing Jasper, Bella, then me. He gasped running toward me, his scent got stronger more delicious, I couldn’t help it I leaped forward taking Edward to the ground, causing everybody to scream in terror as my teeth sunk into Edward’s thin skin.


I gasped hyperventilating now, I couldn’t kill Edward! He was my brother!

“What happened! Alice?” Jasper’s voice was cut short with my sudden screech. I was dreaming, I was, there was no way around that and I knew it. Vampires didn’t exist, they simply didn’t, they were little horror monsters, people cringe from. I was being pranked, but what about the visions? This was real! I couldn’t think right, so much room, so many thoughts, I wasn’t sure which was real or fake, or simply death.

“Where’s Rosalie!?” I screamed. Everything, Rose, car…I flinched. Memories, blurry ones, very blurry, agitating almost.

“She’s…well…” He didn’t finish before walking out of the room, what just happened? He was frustrated, and I needed to help him, not make everything worse. Lighten the mood, I grimaced as I remembered one detail out of everything, Jasper’s first promise.

“Jasper!” I yelled, knowing he could probably hear with my voice, especially my new voice. “Are we still going on the shopping spree on Saturday!?” I couldn’t help it I smiled as yelling this, especially when I heard him chuckle across the hall.

Jasper POV

Hunting, hunting, was all I could think about, the only thing I let myself think about. Unfortunately, the sound of metal, the fresh smell of human blood, the familiar scream…

I ran partially trying to save, and partially hungry, only making me a monster more than ever. I needed to save her, from what I’ve learned, from what I’ve experienced she’s the only one…who makes me feel, like me.

I remembered her scream, it panged deep in my chest, causing me to scream as well, pain, worse than hunger. Her scream, her pain, became part of me, and it hurt.

I was running, she was screaming, I grabbed her, running. Leaving Rose in the car unscratched, and…I bit Alice for her blood…

It happened too fast, not knowing, saving her, to kill her, she belonged in heaven, not roaming the earth waiting for hell. She deserved better, and I was damned to someplace worse than hell, guilt.