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Tied Together By Immortality

This is a poem actually! Yeah I've been told I'm pretty good at them, so lets see what other people think! Please be honest! I don't want to hear 'I like it' all over again! BE HONEST! No one is judging, except you you're judging my poem! Ok hope you enjoy, this is a poem about what Bella thinks of Edward, and what Edward thinks of Bella... Ok this won't be like one of those heart touch poems, well I don't think so. It will sort of rhyme, so ENJOY AND REVIEW! Tied Together By immortality


1. The way I Feel About You

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Bella’s poem 4 Edward Cullen

When we first met, your eyes were as dark as coal

But once you spoke for the first time,

I knew the only color that belonged was gold

Gold only expressed you little,

For your heart and soul were so much bigger

You might not have found them at first,

But for me every time we kissed

They would show up just to give me you

The only time you realized this,

Is when my heart would beat rapidly

Under your touch.

You found it lovely how my blush would come naturally

But for me it was just plain embarrassing

You laughed at my little assumptions

Of who you actually were

But once I found out, everything became so clear

You gave yourself to me, just to leave

Even though you left,

My thoughts of you always stayed the same

Oh Edward Cullen how I love you

And for that it will never change

But the second you thought I was dead

I knew you loved me too, just to protect me and you

Of course my heart bleed, you always made sure I wasn’t alone

I of course came to save you, to only show my gratitude

And for that we love again, only leaving nothing behind

Then I remembered one more thing,

The way crystals would align

To only bring your thoughts cold

But to me, your touch was of course

Was as warm as the sun

You might have been immortal,

But that just made it quite clear how we could belong to each other forever

For awhile you hesitated, but eventually after we had a daughter and forever

And for that Edward Cullen,

I love you more than anything else

Even though you think you belong in hell

I would gladly join you

Just to be with you for a bit longer than before

And for that we married bringing only togetherness forever

Tied Together

Edward's poem 4 Bella Swan

We met at a rough start

Still leaving me blinded

By the beauty you contained

Oh how different it was to be with you

A human and a vampire only bring bad memories

But as I said before, you’re a drug to me

For I can’t bare to be without

Once you were almost at the edge of dead

I decided to leave for only your safety

That of course made matters worse,

It brought you into more pain

I shouldn’t have come into your life, and for that I’m sorry

Just another reason to go to hell,

But of course I knew you would join me just because you felt so strong

Even though an angel like you should be up in the heavens

I saved you from danger more than possibly mentionable

And that it only makes you better to adore

I felt another sensation of love once that blush of yours came

I laughed as your heart beat, as our lips touched

I couldn’t blame you though, for if I contained a heart it would be exactly the same

I didn’t know it was possible to feel guilt, and love at the same time

But of course you could make that possible

I loved the way you tripped over your feet,

Just another reason to hold you close

And for those eyes of yours,

Well they’re like nothing I’ve seen before

They welcomed me into your soul

With them round and wide, I knew getting lost in them was my only option

Unfortunately you would look away, leading me out of the maze

You laughed at my connections toward life, and immortality

And for that the only reason we are together is because of me,

And even though I ruined your life,

You are grateful to be with me

I find impossible,

But of course you always surprise me

Oh love, how I wish I hadn’t ruined your life, but I’m glad we are finally one

With everyone together,

We can love

We now have Renesmee and my family to live eternity with

How that always makes me smile

And that just brings us closer together,

By Immortality