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Brother, my brother

Why Bella? Why did you come to our home tonight? He told me to I trusted him.


1. Broken Promise

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Brother, my brother

Broken Promise


My Visions were getting worse, something was going to happen. I didn’t know what and I didn’t know who would be there but it wasn’t good. Jasper had promised me that he would stay with me that night, but then he had just broken it,

“I need to hunt.” he said.

“But you promised!”

“Alice don’t do this, you know I’m not strong.”

“But you…” “I know that I promised!” he snapped at me,

“Maybe you should have chosen somebody else then, someone who can resist.” I knew what he meant with resisting, he meant resisting human blood and drinking animal blood. “What is wrong with you?!” I practically screamed at him, I was hysteric, I knew that. Jasper too was very aware of that fact but he didn’t try to calm me down.

“Look at my eyes Alice they’re black. They’re showing who I am, a monster.” If I could cry, I would but not because of sadness but anger,

“Stop that! You’re a good person, you’ve proven that many times!” “It still doesn’t change what I am.” He yelled. We were quiet or a moment I noticed that I was shaking, why was I so angry? I wanted to hug him, press myself against his strong chest and have his loving arms around me. I wanted to tell him how much I loved him. But I also wanted to rip him in pieces and I didn’t know why. A part of me knew what was going to happen tonight, a part of me knew Jasper would have to stay home to save me. My feelings were so messed up that I was sure, Jasper was confused too.

“Look. I’m sorry that I broke my promise but I need to go. I’ll be back soon.” He left. I wanted to run after him, but I knew I would have to wait. I could talk to him later, that’s what I had thought.


I was sitting at home alone that night. Edward had said that he would watch Romeo and Juliet with me but then he had come by and told me that he and Rose would go hunting with Jasper. He said that we would do it some other time, no he promised we would do it some other time. While I was watching the film I thought about how similar me and Edward were to Juliet and Romeo. They had died or each other and their love, Me and Edward had almost died for each other and our love but were rescued by the other. It was like Romeo and Juliet’s love carried on in us and our relationship. That thought made me happy and gave me strength, I would tell Edward about that when I was with him the next time. At the end I didn’t even cry, I thought that their love wasn’t dead, it carried on in us. Just as I reached the stairs and wanted to o up to o to sleep, the telephone rang, maybe it was Charlie calling from Port angels. I answered it, “Hello?” “Hello Bella, it’s me Emmet.”

“Eh…Hi.” I said very surprised.

“I hope I’m not calling you to late.”

“no, no. It’s fine.” I said, slightly panicking was there something wrong with Edward? “what’s wrong?” there was worry in my voice.

I heard Emmet laugh, “Oh nothing’s wrong, Bella. Edward wanted me to call you he said that you shall come over that he has a surprise for you.”

Edward knew I didn’t like surprises,

“Why didn’t he call me himself?” I asked,

“He’s getting it ready or you and asked if you could come now.”

“Eh...sure if that’s what Edward wants. But Emmet, isn’t he hunting with Jasper?”

“No.” Emmet said, “He said that Alice should go. I’m going out with Rose soon and Carlisle and Esme are on some meeting.” I suddenly felt happy, alone with Edward? That would be great! “Should I bring something?” I asked my glance went to the video…

”No there’s no need. Everything is set up.” “All right.” I said, “I’m on my way.” I wanted to hang up but Emmet called,

“Wait Bella!”


“Take the Volvo it’s standing outside.”

I ran to the window, and ‘Edwards car really was standing outside, everything was taken care of. I ran back to the telephone, “Ok.” I said breathlessly, “There’s a navigation system in the car. Goodbye Bella.” He hung up. I quickly changed my clothes and brushed my teeth and hair. Then I skipped to the Volvo the key was inside.