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Brother, my brother

Why Bella? Why did you come to our home tonight? He told me to I trusted him.


2. Is everybody going crazy?

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I was surprised to hear Emmet. I had thought that he would go hunting with the other three. I was actually a little bit disappointed,. I had been hoping to have the house for myself so I could think about what exactly I would say to Jasper, I had come this far: Jazz… and then I didn’t know what to say. How should I share my feelings with him if I didn’t understand them myself? Dammit if it went on like this, I was going to go nuts. But how did I know that I wasn’t crazy? After all, my parents had put my in an asylum…No I wasn’t crazy. Well I was, but not crazy, crazy. I sighed I couldn’t think about this, not now. I felt horrible, trying to remember my past, made me sad. I had to talk to someone. I stood up from the bed I had been lying on all the time and walked down the stairs. Emmet was even more surprised to see me than I had been, “What are you doing here?”

“I live here.”

“Shouldn’t you be hunting with Jasper?”

I sighed, shaking my head, “He and I…had a little…fight.”

“huh, I thought Rosalie and I were the ones who fight around here?” It was supposed to be a little joke to comfort me but it sounded like a real question and why didn’t he call her Rose? “Emmet are you ok?”

“Sure I am, why shouldn’t I be?”

“Well how come you are at home?”

Emmet laughed, “Are we playing 20 questions?”

“Are we?”

I laughed, “’Seriously, why are you here?”

“I went hunting yesterday.”

“Oh ok.” I sat down on the couch, “So it’s just me and you then?”

He smiled at me and sat down next to me, “Yeah.”

After all I was glad that Emmet was here, I didn’t feel so alone.

“Are you very sad because of Jasper?” he asked me

I nodded, “I really want to talk to him and make this right.”

“Then go and do that.”

I starred at him blankly, “What?!”

“Go into the forest and talk to him, you’re sad Alice I can see that. I don’t like seeing you this way, go and talk to him. “

Emmet was right, I had to see Jasper now.

“Thanks Emmet!” I called as I ran out into the forest, while I ran I saw that Edwards Volvo wasn’t standing outside, that was weird. Suddenly I stopped, I wasn’t deep in the forest, the others wouldn’t be here, but the Vision hit me,

There were screams everywhere, I couldn’t understand who was saying what. It was all too loud. There were too many voices and there was so much pain. I knew I was sobbing, I was on the floor now. My cries were tearless. My Vision seemed to last forever but then it stopped, “Help!” I screamed, I waited no one came, no one from my family came. Not even Jasper. I pulled myself up and decided to go back to the house the dark forest suddenly seemed scary. I didn’t know how I should make it back to the house, it was when I heard Bella’s piercing scream that I began running.


I had the feeling that Edwards car wasn’t fast enough even thou compared to mine it was probably three times as fast. I just couldn’t wait to reach the Cullens house, I didn’t know where all this excitement had come from. I still couldn’t believe that Edward Cullen loved me. There were so many beautiful, sportive woman who he could have, so many. But no. Edward chose me, clumsy Isabella Swan. I tried not to think bout the time when Edward had left me, when I had been alone with a hole in my chest. But now Edward was back and everything was ok again. Well almost everything…I had Edward back in my Life and heart but I had lost my best friend, Jack Black. Jacob was a werewolf and that made him the vampires worst enemy, I couldn’t be his friend anymore. I hadn’t heard from him in a while. I really missed him. Sighing I drove the way the Navigationssytem told me to. When I reached the house I was still a little sad but I knew that I would have to et over it. Jacob and I could never be friends again. I parked the car outside and ran to the door, I needed to be with Edward. I had to be distracted. It was when I was standing in front of the door that I noticed that I had left the key in the car, I’ll just tell him later, I thought, so he doesn’t look for them. I entered the house, everything was quiet, Emmet and Rosalie were probably already gone.

“Edward?” I called

Emmet came to see me, “hey, Bella. Edwards not finished yet. He’ll be here soon. You can wait in the living room.”

I nodded, “Ok.”

I sat down on the couch, Emmet didn’t’ leave he sat down next to me, after two minutes of silence I asked, “where is he?”

Emmet sighed, “I think I need to tell you the truth Bella.”

The truth? What was going on?

Emmet came closer and suddenly his cold dead lips were on mine, “Bella, I want you.”

NO! I thought, Dammit, run! I couldn’t move I wanted to scream. I wanted to cry. I wanted to run. But I couldn’t move, Emmet leaned on me. He was too strong and heavy, I couldn’t move him. I could feel his cold dead hands on my skin, if I didn’t handle now Emmet would rape me. Why, Why Emmet? I had loved him like a brother, I thought he had loved me too. He pulled away from my lips, he was breathing heavy,

“Bella.” He whispered,

“No.” I said firmly, “No. I don’t want this Emmet. I love Edward.”

Emmet shook his head, “no, no. You love me.”

I stood up, “I’m going to Edward, this never happened.” I said,

Emmet shook his head again, “Nothing has happened yet.”

Before I know what was happening, I was lying on the couch with Emmet on top of me and I was only wearing a bra. “No. Please.” I begged as he took of his shirt.

“You’ll like this.”

He was aroused I could see it. I didn’t want Emmet to get in trouble but I couldn’t see any other solution at the moment,

“Edward!!!!” I screamed as loud as I could, “Edward! Edward! Edward! Heeeeeeeeeeelp!!!” nothing .

Emmet slapped me across the face, I flew from the couch, I knew I was bleeding. Emmet smelled my blood and smiled, “Hmm so delicious, you can be glad I went hunting yesterday.” Something about the look in his eyes was familiar to me. But before I could think about it anymore I heard the front door slam open, Edward had come to save me.


I ran as fast as I could and stormed into the house, what I saw there I will never forget:

Bella was lying on the floor, she wasn’t wearing a top, Emmet was on top of hr hitting her. My brother was raping Bella.

“Emmet!” I screamed. Emmet turned around, he was surprised as was Bella. Who was she expecting?

“What the hell are you doing?” Emmet said nothing, he stood up and before I knew what was happening he jumped onto me and ripped me down. “Ah!” my scream was more surprise than fear. He began hitting me, I tried my best to get him off me but it was useless. Emmet was so big little me had no chance. Bella was still screaming,

“Edward! Edward! Edward! Edward!” Again no one from my family came, where the hell was everyone? Emmet picked me up and through me against the wall, he picked me up and through me again, again and again.

“You ruined this for me!” He roared, “I’m going to kill you!” My own brothers wanted to kill me?

“Stop!” I screamed, “Emmet stop it! What’s wrong with you?”

“You ruined it all!” he yelled again.

Bella had gotten dressed again and was still screaming. If Emmet killed me he would rape Bella. Even if I had to die, I would protect her,

“Bella! Run! Run away!!” It took Bella a while until she ran to the door. At first I thought Emmet would follow but he just carried on throwing things at me, hitting me and throwing me around the room.

“no one’s going to believe you, you know.” He said, he laughed, “You’re just crazy little Alice, I can make it happen that Bella won’t say a thing. She will say that you attacked her, that it was you who wanted to hurt her. You’ll be out of this house faster than you could imagine.” I tried to get up, I needed to get up, I had to get to the forest…to Jasper…

”No one loves you Alice you have no family.” Emmet spat on me and went after Bella.


It wasn’t Edward but Alice who had come to save me. If Alice was here then where was Jasper?

“Emmet!” She screamed, she was shocked I knew she was. No wonder Emmet was trying to rape me. He stopped hitting me finally, and turned around, “What the hell are you doing?” Alice yelled. He stood up and went over to her, he attacked her

“Ah!” Where was everyone? “Edward! Edward! Edward! Edward!” I couldn’t stop screaming, Emmet was throwing Alice around the room now he was screaming but I couldn’t understand what he was saying,

“Edward!!!!! Edward! Edward!” I just couldn’t stop screaming, I was completely hysteric. While Emmet was beating Alice and I was screaming I saw my top on the floor I ran towards it and put it on. Alice looked toward me with worried eyes, but I could see that she wasn’t worried about herself. She was worried about me.

“Bella! Run! Run away!!”

I should run and leave Alice here alone? She looked at me one more time pleading…Then it hit me: The forest where the others were. I had to hurry and save Alice. I started running, I fell down, “Help!” My throat was aching from all the screaming,

“EDWARD!!” I wouldn’t make it, it was too dark and I was too weak. I would never find them. The Volvo! The car keys were inside…I ran back. I could hear Alice screaming, I couldn’t just leave Alice alone. I ran back to the house, I never knew I could run this much…I burst into the house then I saw it: a brand new TV. I yelled,

“Emmet come here!” When he stood in front of me I pushed the TV to him, I never thought that it would work, but Emmet fell to the ground.

“Alice!” I called, she was at my side in less than seconds, “The Volvo.” I whispered, I had no voice left.

She swooped me up into her arms and ran in vampire speed to the car, she put me in and ran to the drivers seat.

“Where are we going?” I asked as I put on my seatbelt,

“Away from here.” She said as she looked at the road ahead, or once I felt like we weren’t fast enough.

“What about Edward?” I asked, my weak voice was shaking,

“You won’t see him in a while.”

No! I didn’t want that, I just wanted to go to Edward.

“And Jasper?” I was hoping that maybe she would change her mind.

Alice was quiet, I’m sure that if she could she would be crying, I myself felt like dying.

“We’ll be back.” Alice promised me, then she added very quiet but so I could hear “One day.”