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He Came Back

OneShot: Charlie's POV when he comes home from Harry Clearwater's funeral to find Bella and Alice have left and then when they come back with Edward.

My first fanfiction so please go easy on me. Everything is owned by Stephenie Meyer (no duh)

1. Chapter 1

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POV Charlie

I was driving home from Henry’s funeral. I still couldn’t believe he had died.

I pulled into the driveway. I noticed that the car Alice had driven here was gone. Maybe she was shopping with Bella or maybe she had to go home. I didn’t think much about it. Just as long as she didn’t haul her brother here I was completely fine with her staying in my house.

“Bella! Where are you kid?” I called when I got inside.

No reply came. They must be out shopping.

I went to the fridge and got some of the lasagna Bella had made last night and started to heat it up.

A knock came from the front door.

“Come on in! It’s open!” I said.

“Charlie?” I knew at once it was Jacob.

“In the kitchen Jake.” I said.

The kid had to be at least seven five. Bella had said he just didn’t stop growing.

“Is Bella here?” he asked. Something in his eyes made me think it was urgent.

“No. She’s off somewhere with Alice. Do you need her for something?”

Jacob’s face fell.

“She did leave. Why Bella? Why?” he said to himself. Emotions flew across his face. Sadness, betrayal, worry, anger.

“Jake, what do you mean ‘she did leave’?” I asked warily.

“Read the note.” He whispered pointing to a piece of folded paper.

I unfolded it and read it.


I’m with Alice. Edward’s in trouble. You can ground me when I get back. I know it’s a bad time. So sorry. Love you so much.


I couldn’t believe it. She was going after him. After all this time, after all he put her through; she still fought to protect him.

“She’s gone.” I whispered. So this was why Jacob was so distressed.

“She’s going to find Edward.” Jake clarified.


I waited for two days for her to come home. Jacob didn’t come over after that. Each time a car drove by I rushed to the window. Each time to be disappointed.

Finally on the third day, early in the morning, a car pulled into the driveway. As I had so many times before, I rushed to the window. They were back.

I rushed to the door and threw it open. Anger boiled inside of me when I saw him.

He was carrying Bella towards the house.

“Bella!” I called. She didn’t move. She looked exhausted but I didn’t really care. All I could focus on was Edward Cullen’s arms wrapped under her.

He whispered something to her that I couldn’t hear.

“I can’t believe you have the nerve to show your face here.” I yelled at him. Rushing forward to get Bella away from him. He had no right to even look at her.

Bella mumbled something. Up close I could see that she hadn’t slept in a long time and she looked hurt.

“What’s wrong with her?” I demanded.

“She’s just very tired, Charlie. Please let her rest.” He said quietly, his eyes never leaving Bella.

“Don’t tell me what to do! Give her to me. Get your hands off her!” I yelled. I had to get her away from him as fast as I could. I tried to pry Bella’s arms off of him but she wouldn’t budge. Edward tried to pass her to me but she wouldn’t let go.

“Cut it out, dad.” She complained. She opened her eyes very slowly and looked at me. She could barley keep awake.

Edward kept carrying her to the house.

“Be mad at me.” She said quietly. We where at the front door now. He wasn’t going to pass into my house.

“You bet I will be. Get inside.” I ordered.

“’Kay. Let me down.” She said.

Edward put her on the ground and she shuffled forward a few steps. Then she fell.

Before I could try to catch her, Edward had dashed forward and caught her around the waist. I was about to blow up at him.

“Just let me get her upstairs, then I’ll leave.” He said before anything could come out of my mouth.

“No!” Bella cried. I couldn’t understand how after all this time; she still needed him so much.

“You come right back here after she’s upstairs.” I ordered.

He nodded and walked into the house and up the stairs.

I looked at the car in the driveway. Emmett and Rosalie were staring at me from the front seat. I wondered what they were doing here. They were supposed to be at Dartmouth for collage right now. I couldn’t look away from their eyes even though I felt threatened by them. Their eyes focused on something behind me. I turned around to see Edward in the doorway.

“You wanted to talk to me?” he said.

“You are never to come through this door again. You will stay away from Bella. You’ve hurt this family for the last time.” I growled.

“Understood.” He replied. Even though his voice seemed to except it, his eyes – which were at the moment the strange flat black, his family had such strange eyes – seemed to be challenging me to try to keep him away.

He walked to the car and got in. even as they all drove away, I had a feeling that neither he nor Bella would allow the separation. She still held onto him with all her strength and he didn’t fight it. Jacob would have been such a better choice.

A choice that I would have approved of.