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Leah's Happily Ever After

Leah Clearwater was left untouched at the end of Breaking Dawn. She was the only character without a happy ending. But Leah's not ready to lay down and die. She's got more rules to break, and a Happily Ever After to be fufilled.


1. Chapter 1

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Leah’s Happily Ever After

Here we go again. I heard the howl and knew immediately what was going on. Jacob had to tell us something, all four of us. Out of the original pack, only five of them remained with Sam. Jared, Paul, Collin, and Brady. Oh, and Sam of course. Sam…

As I ran to the forest, human form and all, I knew I still missed him. No matter how much I told myself I didn’t, every cell in my body still ached to be with him. I had made some improvement; the ache was more like a dull throb now. That’s when I heard it.

The second howl of the second (or first, whatever way you want to look at it) Alpha. Sam. That’s when I froze in my tracks. If both packs were meeting, something big must have happened. The last time we were all together like this was when the leeches were in town. Well… the other leeches. Back when we fought for the little half-breed… Back when seven young men, boys really, had their lives changed forever. Back when they had changed.

This is how the story went. Sam had changed back when he was eighteen. Soon followed by Paul and Jared when they were eighteen. They’re really only a few months younger than Sam. Then a while later, Embry, Jacob, and Quil changed. They were sixteen. Right before my eighteenth birthday, I changed. Followed quickly by fifteen-and-a-half year old brother Seth. I’m pretty sure I changed so late because I’m a girl… the only girl.

Collin and Brady came after that. They were almost fifteen. Just freshman. Really young. They were the last before the huge werewolf explosion. In the course of two weeks we had seven more wolves in La Push.

First came Caleb. Age fourteen. Then followed the next day by Jeremy and Matt. Also fourteen. Then it got really out of hand. Two days later, Lucas and Nathan changed within hours of each other. Age thirteen. Kyle followed in the next twenty-four hour period. He was thirteen as well. Six new wolves in one week. But the wolf gene wasn’t done yet.

Some poor little boy, Wyatt, was changed at the young age of only twelve. Not even a teenager. He was in seventh grade. The new wolves didn’t even have time to adjust before they had to get ready to fight. Four years it had taken for seventeen wolves to erupt into La Push, WA.

As I got to the woods, I quickly pulled off my lightweight sun dress and bra. I rolled the bra into the dress, and tied it to my ankle with the leather cord that hung there. I phased easily, and was off. I felt the four other voices in my head immediately.

Hey Sis. Seth thought.

What’s up bro? What’s going on? I thought at him.

Just hold on a second. Jacob thought as I came into the woods. Only thirteen wolves were there including me.

Where are the kids? I asked with a snort.

They’re coming. Jacob responded. Sam must have let him know thought their Alpha speak thing. I sat down on Jacob’s right side and waited for my four youngest wolf brothers. Lucas, Nathan, and Kyle came in together. Thirteen year olds tend to bond with each other. Wyatt came running in a few moments later, always trailing behind. A flood of thoughts hit me as Sam and Jacob opened their minds to each other. Since each pack hears each other’s thoughts, if you can hear one person’s mind, you can hear everyone’s mind.

Aww man… I hate being the littlest… or youngest at least. Wyatt thought. Poor guy.

I don’t want your sympathy Leah. He thought this with an edge to his voice. If forgot about those stupid teenage hormones.

Sorry. I muttered. Oops.

Stay quiet guys. Sam and Jacob thought in unison. I cringed.

You too Leah. Jacob added this as an afterthought. At least he was trying.

So as you all may have guessed, there’s a new wolf in town. Jacob began. But he’s not normal. He’s twenty-one. I heard confused murmurs going through both packs.




No way!

As you all know, Sam thought, we are all direct descendants of the great wolf, through our fathers.

But what if one of our fathers had a brother? Jacob thought. A little brother. He added.