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Nocturnal Living

Bella has never had a place. She was just some boring servant for Lord Big Ass. But maybe thats because no one really knew about her. Her and her visions, that seem to becoming worse and worse. She keeps seeing darkness and creatures. Red-eyed monsters. And she has no one to tell. Btw, vampires everywhere and 'gifts' mixed up (well most of them).

PLEASE READ FIRST; Cos my preface or prologue or whatever it called is really short, I decided to put the first chapter with it BUT i havent finished it yet and will keeping adding bits to it. So if you like it, please keep a watch out for updates. THAT and it might take me a while to update stories. My bad people:S

1. Preface/Chapter 1

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Remember when you were younger and your parents always had your back, always encouraging you when you needed it the most? I never had that. My parents left me when I was only months old. I'm not going to say I wished they were here, so that they could encourage me because I don't want them here. They left me, for whatever reason, and I'd rather it stayed that way.

Now Maudry, the cook, my 'Ma' (ironic right?), always tried to tell me different, that I wouldn't say that to their faces.

But I would.

There's another one of my problems. Not only did my parents leave me, I'm too confident (or 'proud' as Lord Large Ass said). I don't need anyone to encourage me, because I can do it myself. But that's only the start of my 'problematic personality'.

Besides confident, I'm cocky (or as Lord Big Butt said 'bitchy') and I will stand up for myself and others.

Wait, maybe I'm confusing you here. Let me start again; simply.

I'm Bella. Just Bella. I'm nothing special. I'm just a 17 year old servant (I can't even drive a car yet...well...legally at least). And because of my 'bitchy, proud attitude', I might as well live with the cleaning supplies that I'm always forced to work with by none other than Lord Charles Swan. Have I mentioned that he is the one that 'legally' owns me (god, I make it sound like I'm an item)? And that he has a big but? And he personally likes to pick on me? And that one day, I'm sure he's going to try and sit on me...

Although I'll give him this; the one time I didn't see trouble coming, he was the one that saved my life, even if it wasn't intentional...

Chapter 1;

I woke drenched in a sheet of sweat. It wasn't the first time this had happened. I'd been having these nightmarish dreams for a good few weeks now, each night getting worse, more defined about what was happening. It seemed to be about the same thing; these people, although it was hard to see any detail in them - creatures maybe? - seemed to be doing something against the world. There was torture, pain, blood, misery... everywhere...

And the eyes...

These people-creature-things, out of all the small details I could see, their eyes... Their eyes were the richest bloodiest red ever imaginable. There were hundreds of these 'things', everywhere. And the extra detail tonight was that one of them wasn't an 'it'. 'It' was a person, an actual human. Maybe there was hope...

That is if these nightmares are visions.

I quickly scribbled down the extra information in the little red book I always had with me. It was full of information I had on these dreams, so I wouldn't forget any extra information (if it was ever needed).

I wiped my face with part of the small sheet I had to sleep with, remembering the first time I had a vision. It was about Maudry burning her hand on a pan. Just a little burn, but enough to cause a little commotion in the kitchen. I just thought it was my imagination (hey, I was 13! What did you expect me to think it was?). It was only the next day that I heard a cry from the kitchen. Ma had burnt her hand, exactly where I thought I had imagined the day before.

I didn't tell anyone, and still haven't. Why should someone else suffer with me?

I jumped and let out a little embarrassing squeak and the loud warning bell went off, signaling that every servant had to be up now, ready to serve Lord Big Butt (Lord Charles Swan), his 'free spirited' (aka mental issues) wife, Lordess Renee Swan, their evil daughter, Rosalie Swan, and their surprisingly nice son, Jacob Swan.

I grabbed the first decent looking servant clothes in my wooden closet and after throwing them one and tying my hair up into a scruffy pony tail, I ran out of my little 'room' to the kitchen.

"You're late," said Ma, without looking up at me. "Here, take this full English breakfast to Lord Charles straight away. You're already pushing your luck with that little stunt with Rosalie." She pushed two plates for Charlie-Boy my way.

"Can I help it that she's a brat?" I shot back at Ma, grabbing the plates and turning, ready to walk to dining room.

"No but you can help keeping your trap shut," replied Ma calmly, still not looking up at me.

"Whatever," I mumbled, hastily walking out. I knew I shouldn't have been so rude to Ma; she was only trying to look out for me. I sighed and put on a happy face as I quickly entered the dining room, trying to sneak my way past Charlie-Boy.

"THERE YOU ARE!" he boomed across the room. "BRING MY BREAKFAST THIS INSTANT!" I scurried across the room to where he was sat. Jacob gave me a big smile as I walked past and I could only give him a tight small smile in return.