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Forbidden to Remember

Forbidden to remember, terrified to forget; my life after Edward Cullen.Forbidden to remember; my life after the accident. Bella happily immerses herself in her hallucinations of Edward until her lack of concentration results in her riding off a cliff. Three weeks later she finds herself in hospital with amnesia. Bella can't remember who she is, who her friends are, why she looks so ill or who this Edward Cullen guy is. All she can recall is her life starting after her regaining consciousness in hospital three weeks after the accident. She knows Charlie is hiding something about her old life, but what she can't put her finger on... B/J and B/E. A story about destiny: Will a change of events affect Bella's final decision of who she should choose? 21.06.11 CHAPTER 12 "CONFLICT" IS UP!! I'M SO SORRY FOR THE DELAY, I CAME ON TODAY TO SEE WHAT WAS TAKING SO LONG TO VALIDATE AND NOT ONLY HAD THE CHAPTER GONE THROUGH, IT WAS MISSING THE STORY TEXT -.-" I AM SO SORRY BUT THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE ~ SparklyCullen

Edward gets his wish; Bella living her life like he had never existed. But when he drops in to find Bella happy with Jacob, should he walk away or make his presence known? Will Bella ever regain her memory?

11. Cullens

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“Hello, Bella.” A pale man, presumably Edward’s adopted father smiled at me in welcome. He had blonde hair, an English accent and was incredibly good looking but looked very young to have adopted teenagers. Next to him was a beautiful brunette who radiated motherly love. I could only gape at them both. “I’m Carlisle Cullen and this is my wife, Esme. I’m pleased you’ve made friends with my son so quickly.”

“Erm... no problem,” I replied. “He caught me outside English, so I guess I owe him one anyway...” I noticed that at my response, Esme’s face fell slightly as Carlisle’s arm slipped around her shoulders and gave her a gentle squeeze. I looked away, embarrassed and my eyes fell on Edward again.

“Would you like to follow me, Bella?” he asked, with another masked smile. I nodded and followed him through into an immaculate dining room. Edward tossed his books carelessly onto the long mahogany table and pulled out one of the eight chairs for me. Thanking him I took a seat and pulled out my essay.

“So, where did you move from, Edward?” I started, clicking my biro smartly to hide my nerves in being in such a flawless setting. Everything in the house was smooth and modern, made of polished wood or glass. I cringed at the comparison with my own home.

“My family and I have just moved from LA.” He stopped to allow me time to start note taking. “My father, Carlisle, had an opportunity at a big hospital there, but Esme prefers to live in a small town like Forks.”

“Have you lived anywhere else before that?”

“We did live here actually before we moved to LA... but primarily we moved from Alaska about four years ago.” I made to ask him when he’d moved to LA, but he cut in with a question. “What music do you listen to, Bella?”

I hesitated. “I... don’t... really listen to much,” I hedged. Edward paused to allow me to expand, but I kept my mouth shut.

“Have you heard of Debussy?” asked Edward politely after noting my lack of musical interest on his work.

I shook my head. “I don’t think so. I’m a bit... forgetful at the moment.” Edward stood up and turned away from me. I chewed my lip, wondering if I’d offended him in anyway.

“Don’t worry: not many people have.” Edward tapped a posh stereo in the corner and the sound of a piano began to drift softly out of the speakers. “This is Clair De Lune... it’s one of my favourites.”

I noted the new information, half-listening to the music. “It’s nice,” I admitted. “I see why it’s your favourite.”

“Do you like it?” he asked, not turning around.

“Yeah, I guess so,” I said trying to be polite. “I like the piano. It’s probably my favourite instrument.”

“Follow me, Bella.” Edward retraced our steps into the living room where we had entered. I followed him curiously and as I pulled the door further open, soft tendrils of piano music wrapped its arms around me and pulled me in. It was so complex and luxuriant it hardly seemed possible that only one pair of hands played. I looked towards the source and there was Edward sat in the window at a beautiful grand piano. He looked up and smiled at me as his hands swept up and down the ivory.

I sighed, completely entranced by the melody. “Do you like it?” asked Edward, his fingers not missing a note.

“It’s beautiful!” I found myself moving towards the piano like it was the Pied Piper. “What is it?”

“It doesn’t have a title. We just call it Esme’s favourite.”

“Who composed it?”

Edward grinned at me sadly. “I did,” he shrugged dismissively. The music twisted into a slower, more poignant composition. Even without words you could feel the devastation it originated from.

“You’re incredible!” I laughed. “Is this what you want to do when you leave school?”

“It’s just a past time,” Edward answered. “I don’t know what I would like to do. I used to want to join the army, but then things changed. Esme wouldn’t like her family to be pulled apart.” I nodded in understanding. “What is it you would like to do, Bella?”

“I really don’t know.” Edward patted the bench next to him and I took a seat as he continued to play. “My dad’s pretty lonely up here, so I’ll probably go to a local college. I can’t see myself moving far from Forks in the future though.”

“No?” Edward glanced at me. “Do you enjoy the constant drizzle overhead?”

“Not really,” I admitted. “It’s a bit cold, but I have some good friends here and I could never leave Charlie.”

“I understand what you mean.” Edward’s song faded to an end. “Do you have enough to finish your essay?”

I reviewed everything we’d covered. “I think so.”

Edward nodded and stood up. “Then I’d better let you get home to Jacob. He sounded quite stressed on the phone.” I blushed heavily, but Edward didn’t seem to notice as he moved back into the dining room and brought me back my bag with all the paper folded neatly inside. We turned to the front door, and Edward’s parents were waiting for us.

“Thank you for coming over today, Bella,” said his mother Esme, her face loving and warm towards me bar the undercurrent of sadness that seemed to run through every Cullen I had met. “You’re welcome back any time.”

“Thank you,” I managed to stammer as Carlisle nodded in agreement. “Thanks for having Mr and Mrs Cullen.”

“Please call us Esme and Carlisle,” encouraged the doctor.

A streak of colour flew down the steps, causing everyone present to grimace. When I looked back, Alice was smiling at me. “I told you you’d see me Thursday,” she laughed as she embraced me. She quickly let go though, her little nose scrunched up. Instantly I felt paranoia kick in. Surely I didn’t smell that bad? Edward hadn’t noticeably reacted in two days after sitting next to me...

Edward was glaring at Alice disapprovingly, but half shrugged and looked away after a moment. “I’m starting high school in two weeks,” Alice continued. “But you’ll probably know me really well if you’re still friends with Edward.”

“Do come to see us again, Bella,” Carlisle interrupted on what looks like Edward’s cue, smiling at me like I was an old friend before his son lead me outside to my truck.

“Your parents are so friendly,” I commented as Edward opened my truck door for me. “You would’ve thought they had known me before today!”

Edward pursed his lips. “They’re very social people,” said Edward offhandedly. “Do you think you can remember the way home?”

“Yes, I should be fine,” I assured him as I buckled my seatbelt and started my engine. “Thanks for having me over to finish the essay.”

“No problem, Bella,” he shrugged, his shoulders tense. “I’ll see you in school tomorrow. Drive home safely.”


“Do you think you can remember the way home?” I tried to loosen my shoulders to no avail. I didn’t want to let her out of my sight ever again, let alone leave her to drive into the arms of a wolf.

“Yes, I should be fine,” Bella told me. “Thanks for having me over to finish the essay.” I watched as she fumbled with her seatbelt and turned the ignition, fighting the urge to pull her back out and carry her back into the house to hold her prisoner with me for the rest of eternity.

Instead I settled with a dismissive comment and a shrug. “I’ll see you in school tomorrow.” This was more for me than her, but I was satisfied by the slight glow in her cheeks at my comment. I would see her again, wolf or no wolf. “Drive home safely.”

I watched her pull away from the house, but couldn’t exert enough self control to allow myself to wave back. And I was so pleased to hear him playing the piano again... Esme’s thoughts were heartbroken. It had been so long.

She seems healthy, Carlisle was musing. I wish I could get a scan to see what part of the brain had been affected. It might be reversible, especially all of her habits are undisturbed, but this werewolf boyfriend of hers... It would be interesting from a psychological point of view to see who would steal her heart if only it did not involve Edward...

I looked back over my shoulder to glare wordlessly at Alice. Trust me, Edward, she needed to hear that, she argued mentally.

“But did you really need to move down the stairs quite so quickly?” I growled venomously.

Alice paused, remembering Bella’s face. It didn’t do any harm, she promised. There’s nothing like a good mystery to keep you interested

I shook my head angrily, trying not to surrender to the knowledge Alice knew what could prove beneficial to the future. I turned and began to run. Running was my only distraction. I had enough trouble with my own thoughts let alone trying to filter others.

Edward... I’m sorry... Esme and Carlisle were almost synchronised as I escaped my hell.

You won’t regret this, Alice promised mentally.


I pulled up behind the Chief’s car and got out. Jacob was immediately beside me, breathing heavily like he did when he was trying to resist the change.

“Calm down, Jake,” I whispered, touching his chest and looking up into his face concernedly, already knowing what was bothering him. I understood that I’d never gone over to a male friend’s house before without him, but I’d known Edward two days and regardless I couldn’t turn my back on an imprinted wolf of all things – surely he knew that? “It’s fine. You know where my heart stands, so what’s the worry?” Jacob leaned into my hand then snorted and moved back. “What’s wrong, Jacob?” I asked, startled. Never in my memory had Jake moved away from physical contact without direct instruction.

He jerked his head towards the trees beside my house. I looked over my shoulder automatically and followed him, grasping his hand as I went. He moved into the clearing, turning suddenly and grasping my shoulders.

“These Cullens,” Jacob growled. “How long have they been in town?”

“I don’t know, Edward only started yesterday,” I started. “Jake are you alrigh-?”

“Why are they here?”

“They’re visiting a sick friend.” Jacob snorted. “What?”

“Did they say who the sick friend was?”

I frowned. “No. Should they have?”

Jacob ignored me. “Keep away from them.”

I blinked, surprised at the venom behind his words. “What? Why? They haven’t done anything to me!”

Jacob glared at me, pain filling his eyes. “They’re a bad bunch, Bella-”

“They seemed nice enough!” I argued, remembering Esme and Carlisle’s welcome.

Jacob snarled. “So is a stranger when he’s offering you sweets! Appearances can be deceiving!”

“That doesn’t mean they always are!”

Jacob’s drive deflated. He sighed and stepped away from me, shaking his head. “They have you wrapped round their little fingers already...” he muttered.

“What are you talking about, Jacob?” I reached out and touched his arm. He looked at it and then raised his head so he was looking into my eyes.

“Please,” he whispered, stroking his hand once down my arm. “Please, avoid them at all costs: for me?”

I searched his black eyes for more information, but his pain was my pain. “Sure, Jacob,” I promised. “Do you want to come in? Charlie’s probably ordered pizza – I didn’t realise how late it was.”

“I have to go. Sam called for me an hour ago, but I waited to see you were alright.” Jacob kissed me deeply and gave me a squeeze.

“Why wouldn’t I be alright? It was just an English essay-” I opened my eyes from the kiss in time to see a giant russet wolf disappearing into the trees. I sighed and walked steadily back to my truck to get my bag.

What was with Jacob? The Cullens were new to town, yet he already had a grudge against them. I pondered how I would keep my word tomorrow. Edward sat next to me in every lesson and I could still feel Esme’s gratitude for making friends with him so soon. I sighed uselessly. I would have to betray somebody at some point.

“Hey, Bells, there’s some leftover pizza in the box. Does Jake want some?” Charlie looked away from the television and seemed surprised to find me alone. “Hey, where’s Jacob? Is he not coming in tonight?”

“No, he’s busy,” I told him, dumping my bag by the stairs and going to grab a plate.

“Good day?” Charlie followed me into the kitchen for another beer. I lifted a piece of pizza free from the soggy cardboard, breaking the stretching cheese with my fingers.

“Yeah, I got my English essay done this afternoon,” I answered, taking a hungry bite. “What about you?”

“Not too bad, Bells, not too bad.” He pushed the fridge door shut and returned to his armchair. I finished my dinner, washed my plate and left it to drip dry as I took my stuff up for a shower. While eating I had come up with a plan.

I would let Edward start the conversation.

If he asked me something I would answer in few words as possible.

If all failed, I would explain to him what was happening (without mentioning the “bad bunch” bit) and carry on behind Jacob’s back.

That was all I could do. His family’s good nature had twisted my arm behind my back whether intentionally or not, but somehow I knew it was genuine.