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The cost of leaving

Edward and his family leave again and this time it's the day before Bella's and his wedding. Bella is heatbroken and hurting and this time there is no Jacob to help her through the pain. Suddenly there is a man who carries aroun a cello case and is telling Bella that she is his queen. 75 years later Bella and her chevalier are going around the world killing chirapterans and hunting down Bella's sister. What happens when she meets the Cullens again. twilight/blood+ crossover


1. Chapter 1

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Bella POV

Haji and i were walking around London. I could smell the scent of Chirapterans and it made me sick.

"Bella you must rest," Haji said to me looking at me with concern in his eyes. I sighed. We had been going from country to country slaying Chirapteran and hunting down Diva.

"Haji i haven't the time to rest trust me i'm fine," I gripped my sword tighter. It was late and there were close to no people walking around at night which would make it slightly easier to hunt the Chirapteran. Just as that thought crossed my mind there was a loud screech and then a roar. I sighed again and took off in the direction of the noises.

Alice POV

It was late but my family and I were walking around the streets of london. It had been 75 years since we had left Forks. This time Edward didn't even have a proper reason he just burst into the house saying that we were leaving. He gave no explination he just up and packed his things and demanded that we go. For the first 15 years no one even acknowledged his existence not even Rose. She never liked Bella but she saw how heartbroken she was the last time we left and she felt no one deserved that.

After we left Edward had taken up dating Tanya. She was now apart of our coven. Don't get me wrong she's a nice girl and all but she really needed to go back to her sisters and leave us the hell alone.

We rounded the corner and as we did so we all froze. There was a smell in the air. It smelt of blood and... death. At that moment there was a roaring noise and we came face to face with 3 horrifying creatures. Blood dripped from their mouths and they glared at us with hatred. Everything happened so quick.

Before i could blink Jasper was pinned down and had claws in his back. I let out a scream. Not my Jasper. Just as suddenly I heard Rosalie yell out.

"Look out Alice!!" one of these monsters was lunging at me and I could only stand frozen with fear. I closed my eyes anticipating the blow when it never came. I opened my eyes when and saw a case to what looked lyk a cello hit the monster in the chest.

Bella POV

We rushed to where we heard the screams and roars coming from. As we came closer we saw 3 Chirapteran and I saw one lunge at a small petite woman.

"Haji," i whispered. He tossed his cello case at the Chirapteran and it hit him head on. I took that moment to step out of the darkness and a faint wind blew through my hair.

Alice POV

I looked over to my right where I saw a figure standing and I let out a gasp of surprise.

"Bella," I whispered. She was wearing a red jacket that came down mid-thigh. She lifted up a sword to the line of her nose and unsheated it. There was a blood red diamond towards the hilt. She opened her eyes and they were an even deeper red than the diamond, and they were glowing. She lifted the sword up to her hand and made a cut at the palm.

Bella's blood dripped down into the center of the sword and ran made a line all the way through. She charged at the monster that was holding jasper down and sliced its stomach. The creature cried out in pain and then it began to crystalize. When it fully crystalized over it broke into peices and Jasper was able to get up. He got up slowly and made his way over to me mystified at the show Bella was putting on.

Bella POV

After killing the first Chirapteran I realized that I was saving the Cullens. FUCKING PERFECT!!! My mind screamed sarcastically. There was a chirapteran in front of me and as it brought it's claws down I blocked it with my sword and we were stuck in a deadly lock. I pushed my sword forward more and as a result the beast applied more pressure. I began to lose strengthe in my arms when a dagger flew into the Chirapteran's eye. He howled out in pain and stopped the lock to pull the dagger out. I took that moment to stab it in it's chest and it began to crystalize just as the first one did.

I turned around and was greeted with the third and final Chirapteran. He swung down and I jumped back. I back flipped in the air and when my feet hit the wall I pushed myself forward and slashed at his chest. He howled out in pain but did not crystalize like the others did. I looked down at my sword and saw that the blood was no more.

"Typical," i muttered. I cut my hand on my sword again and watched as the blood flowed through the sword. I charged at the chirapteran once again but i began to feel light-headed. My breathing became shallow and i had to catch myself on the lightpost. The Chirapteran took that moment to make a run for it. He jumped over my head and up the building.

I took a few deep breaths as my eyes changed back to their normal brown Haji was at my side instantly.

"I'm fine," I said. As my head began to clear. I turned on my heel and started walking towards the building that the Chirapteran ran up to.

"Bella wait!" called a voice that sounded like wind chimes. It could only belong to the infamous Aice Cullen. "Where are you going?"

"To hunt down the Chirapteran," I said my voice like ice.

"But Bella," she said taking a step towards me. My eyes turned red and I hissed under my breath.

"Don't," I whispered furiously. That's when my eyes turned back to brown and I passed out.

Alice POV

Bella was in the arms of the strange man. She was breathing heavily and she seemed to be sweating.

"Carlisle help her," I said the whole family was shocked to see her again but I was first to break out of the trance. Carlisle, upon hearing my voice, rushed over to her. The man seemed reluctant to give her to carlisle. He was so tense around us and kept gripping the bandages around his right hand.

"Let's get her back to the house," Carlisle said "she seems to be suffering from exhaustion and it doesn't seem like she has been eating correctly either. Having a nice bed to sleep in will do her good," he concluded trying to pick her up, but before he could the man already had Bella in his arms waiting for us to lead the way back to the house.

Carlisle POV

As we walked back to the house I looked back at the man who was holding Bella. My daughter. She didn't seem to age at all since we left her. Her hair seemed slightly longer and she seemed to be more... aggressive. As if she had something to protect or as if she were holding a burden on her shoulders. I could also tell that she was suffering from a broken heart.

I don't know what to expect when she wakes up but i had a feeling we would find out.

Bella POV

I was in complete darkness. Then suddenly a light shined down on me, and in the light stood Diva. I immediatley drew my sword.

"Now now sister no need to jump the gun. Can't we be civilized and have a pleasant conversation?" she asked with a wicked smile on her face. I cut my hand and let the blood flow through the sword. I came charging at her and was enveloped in darkness once again.

I woke up with a start and I felt as if I was in danger my eyes blazed red and I saw a figure in front of me. I grabbed the figure by its shirt and pulled it to me. My fist was about to make contact with its face when I felt the hand of my chevalier stopping me. I looked up at Haji and he shook his head. I looked back up at the figure when I finally realized that it was Esme Cullen.

Her eyes were wide and boring into mine. My eyes turned back to their normal color and I let her go.

"I'm sorry," I said apologizing to her in a cool collective voice. She looked at me for a few seconds before smiling and wrapping her arms around me. I sat there stiffly looking at Haji he look tensed ready to attack at a moments notice. Esme pulled back and looked at me. "Where am I?" I asked her.

"Your in our new home, this is Carlisle and I's room," I scanned the room and it was large just as the one back in forks. I looked to the right of me and there sat my sword. Which brought me out of this strange stupor i was in. I got out of the bed and looked at what I was wearing.

It was a nightgown that ended at my thighs. I looked down at it questioningly.

"Your clothes were dirty so we decided to wash them here they are," she said handing me my original dress like jacket and the boots that went with it.

"Haji," I said as I stepped out of the night wear and slipped on the jacket. He zipped it up with his chevalier hand and I slipped on my boots. "Thank you for your hospitality but I really must be going now," I said as kindly as possible. I grabbed my sword and headed out the door with Haji right behind me.

I walked downstairs and was greeted with 7 pairs of golden eyes.

I kept walking not making eye contact with a single one of them.