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Replacing Suffering

Imprinting is being taken over ever day. But what happens when Seth imprints, and this girl Melody, doesn't have much expreience with REAL love. Just the sexually abusing of her father and father's friends? Finally being brought to forks to meet her dads new friends Charlie Swan, and meets Bella? The Cullen's next? Then finally Seth... Will she make the first move? Or will the secrets and promises from when her mother was alive still haunt and taunt teasingly in her new realationship? Melody/Seth Canon Pairings, other than Seth...I guess Replacing Suffering Do you guys like my banner? It's pretty plain, but I kind of like it. It's not the best nor the worst I've done...Anyway CHAPTER 2 IS UP!


1. The Truth Lingers Easily

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Melody’s Point Of View

Years and years of suffering, of going through hell. I knew everything a 16 year old girl should just be discovering, in many different ways. But unfortunately I’ve been sexually abused by my father, and his drunken friends. For almost my whole life.

No mother to stand up for me, to save me from life. Some times I wish I could just drop dead. I have been raised successfully until the age of 10...the age at where my mother died. Only to leaving my father and I to live in an old beat down apartment in Boston, New York. Giving him the sick enjoyment of sexually abusing me. He’d do it with me every Monday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday night when he came home drunk. The other days his friends would beat and sexually abuse me. Except when they would do it to me, it would last much, much, much longer than my father would do. I’d even have to suck cum from their penises quite a few times…the memories that I’ve tried to erase for years, I was never managed to erase because they would happen over and over again.

I hated the life I lived, one time I ran away at age 13...only to be found a week later by my fathers friends. Which meant a ‘celebration’ for my return to father. Now I knew all the things wrong with my life, two things actually, I have no mother, and I lost my virginity to my father at age 10. Usually a regular father would scream and ground me until I was 18 for having sex, but my father was the total opposite, he liked the way I am now, but I hated it!

But soon all of that changed when his ‘distant friend’ called out of nowhere, saying his wife had divorced him some time ago, and needed a ‘playboy bunny’. Which gave my father the idea of me, the single, beautiful, 16 year old girl.

His friend was named Charlie Swan, but he had a daughter that he cared too much for to abuse, to even think about touching sexually. In many ways I knew Charlie didn’t mean to do any harm, he didn’t know this wasn't the life I wante. My father had told him his daughter was a hooker, and had lost her virginity quite some time ago. So it wouldn’t matter what happened to me now. So Charlie excepted gratefully, not knowing how bad he was making my life. And in ways my father was right when he told Charlie all that stuff about me. I did loose my virginity, but I wasn’t a hooker…the only part my father left out was that he was the one who made me that way.

Every night I’d cry myself to sleep, or at least when I wasn't being fucked all around. Which was hardly ever, sometimes I thought god hated me for having this kind of life. But I knew he just didn’t find the time to help me, because if my life was truly all the hell it was meant to be, I’d be pregnant or have a baby by now. So I guess that was as good as my life could get by now.

And in other ways god gracefully allowed me to take a long plane trip without sex to Forks, Washington. And I was happy about that, no sex for about a day and a half…oh how grateful I was!

I had to be grateful, because this was the best my life could get; the only way my life could get better. Even if my father died, he had signed me over in his will to one of his drunk, sick minded friend. Who would share me until I became pregnant, or an ugly disgrace. Which ever one happened first, then I’d be free from this life.

But even now I knew I couldn’t be free until a good 20 years, but I wasn’t ok with it. In some ways I thought about telling Charlie about my life, knowing that he was a Police chef. And he’d maybe turn my father in for child abuse…but I knew I wasn’t even that lucky. I had to keep my mouth shut, and wait for the torture to end one day. The day that I would mark the best day of my life.

During the plane ride, only 3 people caught my father kiss me on the lips; unfortunately none of them spoke a word about it. Once my father tried to get me and him in the bathroom so he could have "fun", but turns out the bathroom was too small. And with that I knew god gave me another gift, and I thanked him for it.

As we got off the plane I automatically saw a young girl about 18, and her father. And I knew that it was Bella and Charlie. Bella on the other hand looked strangely un-human. Pale white skin, Golden eyes(far off from her fathers), and a beautiful complexion. Yet he chose to rape me, interesting…

Once my father walked toward him he and Charlie hugged. I just stood their frozen giving my father the death glare to his back. And a tear escaped from my eye, quickly I wiped it away, because I knew I’d pay for it no matter what. Unfortunately Bella saw, and with that god gave me a fourth or third gift for her not mentioning or asking about it. She just stood there staring hopelessly pained atmy bruised up body. If only she understood what was going to happen to me…

“Uh, dad?” Bella asked in a beautiful voice that matched her looks. It was almost too unreal the sound of her voice.

“Yeah Bells” He asked grabbing my fathers and I bags from the ground.

“Could I take Melody to meet Edward, and the rest of the Cullen’s?” she asked examining me carefully. I was excited at the thought of leaving my fathers view, hopefully able to run away again. I started to bounce mentally with joy in my head hoping Charlie would agree.

“I think that would be alright for a little while, right Mark?” Charlie asked my father, putting him on the spot. But my face fell the second he asked him, my father would say ‘no’. And I would feel the pain sexually, or as a beating even if I didn’t suggest it.

“Sure, my little girl could have a little bit fun here” He said patting my head, I just growled under my breath so low that only I could hear. But I had a strange feeling that Bella heard, because she automatically stayed tensed when my father made contact with me for even just a second.

“Thanks daddy, Charlie” I said sarcastically, as if my life was totally normal. Thankfully my father didn’t catch the sarcasm behind my voice because he just smiled wide. I frowned, I hated playing along to save my fathers ass from jail. But as usual Bella caught it unlike the adults, and she tried to hold in a small giggle. Maybe we could be friends, tonight that is.

“So Mark and dad, I’ll take Melody home in my car. While you can show Mark around town, he will be here for about a couple years anyway right?” She asked grabbing my bags from Charlie’s hands. Everybody seemed so unaffected by what Bella said, but I was in shock. We were going to be here for years!?

“Sure sounds great!” Charlie said handing the bags over. But I stayed totally frozen in my spot mouth hung open, and shaking uncontrollably. If Bella was married, and there was only Charlie, my father, and I in the house at night…

All of a sudden there was a hard lump in my throat, this wasn’t going to happen to me! I was going to die, I shouldn’t be experiencing this! I’m only 16 for crying out loud! A young 16, smart, and apparently an attractive girl!

Bella caught my fear right away, she seemed to hesitate before grabbing my hand in between her hard, cold, granite ones. Oddly enough it wasn’t really much of a bother to me, it was pretty comforting to have a different pair of hands holding mine besides my fathers beer-sweat hands. I gulped as I followed Bella to her car, I risked a glance back. My father was furious, obviously I did the wrong thing to except the invitation. He thought I’d disagree and prefer to stay with my ’daddy’ instead. Oh god was I going to get murdered…

Once we got into the car with my bags in the trunk, both seat belts on, and both of the doors closed Bella began to talk quickly as she backed out of the parking lot.

“Are you ok Melody?” She asked, concern in her voice. I just sat there frozen eyes wide open, fear taking over all emotion and feeling in my body.

“Melody!?” She screamed shaking me a little bit, I just snapped right back into reality like a rubber-band. Taking me into a place of horror, and hell, with only 1 to 5 miracles thrown in now and again.

“I would have been better if my father would drop dead!” I hissed clenching my hands into hard fists. Then the corners of her mouth twitched up, was she smiling!?

“He will be if he ever touches you again like that” She whispered flooring the gas peddle of the car. But I didn’t seem to care how fast we were going, I didn’t care what would happen to me at this point. Like I said before I’d rather die than live in a life of hell and sex.

“How’d you know?” I asked in a small voice, terrified of what will happen when I get to Charlie’s house…with a drunken father…I flinched at the sudden memory.

“It isn’t that hard to figure out…you’re bruised everywhere from your legs to your thighs, and you seem to disgustingly hate the fact of your father in your presence” She said smiling, I frowned. How could she be smiling at this!?

“Yeah, well I guess whenever people saw the bruises, my father would give them the excuse that I was a hooker, meaning…” I didn’t finish the sentence before a tear escaped my eyes. I sniffled, I hated my life, I’d rather be ugly and homeless than where I am now. But even with all the wishing in the world my life wouldn’t change, my father wouldn’t change, and I would never change…

“Well lets just say that when you saw your father today at the air port, it was the last time you will ever see him” She said grinning widely, I smiled weakly back at her. She just saved my life, and I hardly even knew her!

“Good, except I would’ve liked to give him a pretty hard bitch-punch before we left” I said turning my attention to the window. Discovering a wonderland full of moss, and many different shades of green. I began to count the colors then, out of the lack of conversation.

Dark Green


Yellow Green

Blue Green

Light Green…

I stopped my list as a house full of windows came into view.

“Holy crap” I whispered noticing the structure of the building.

“beautiful isn’t it?” She said opening her door. I smiled as I reached for the door handle, but she opened before I was even able to wrap my fingers around it.

“Thanks” I whispered walking closer to the house. Then I reached out to touch the tile, I couldn’t believe this was real! It was like I was in some kind of fantasy world, Cinderella story…nope no prince, Snow white…nope no prince, Sleeping beauty…nope no prince, the only fairy tale that seemed to fit was Alice in Wonderland.

“Let me introduce you to my family” She said walking up a steep set of stairs, toward a grand front door. I just stared wide eyed as I followed her tracing my fingers along the black, crafted, metal hand rail. This was all too real, I would cry by the fact that this isn’t real. I knew any second once something got too good, I’d wake up in my father’s bed naked. That’s what always happened.

“You’re married?” I asked as she got a key from her small pocket. She just turned around to face me, and smiled showing a beautifully align of white sparkly teeth, almost translucent.

“Yeah, and I’ll be with him eternity as far from what I know” She said giggling at what seemed like an inside joke. But I just shrugged it off trying to soak up the best of what I could in the dream before I woke up into a nightmare. From my life as far from what I could see, I didn’t know what part was a dream, nightmare, or reality…

Some were so far apart from each other, and some were just so close…it was almost scary. No not almost... it was scary, me of all people should know that.

Then I heard a small click, knowing Bella unlocked the door. Then as she stepped in a handsome young man with bronze hair walked up to her giving her a hug and a kiss. I just stared right after them wide eyed at the amazingly unreal but real beautiful couple. Then the man stopped and stared at me with wide eyes, not believing at what he was seeing.

“Edward, this is Melody. The one that I’ve told you about, the one with the father” She hissed looking at the man with a careful expression on her face. I knew what she was talking about, and she had a right to tell him that too. I couldn’t live like this any longer, I had to stand up. I’ve been thrashed around in bed with my father for 6 years, I wasn’t a sex doll. I was a person who needed love, a person who needed someone or something similar to what Bella had. A family that loved her, and a life that she could smile about.

“I’m Edward Cullen, nice to meet you Melody” he said stretching his hand out in greeting, quickly I took it not shocked that it was the same skin temperature as Bella’s.

“Like-wise” I almost whispered looking down a long outstretched hall, then at a staircase that lead maybe to 1 out of 5 levels of the house. Then he stared at me with a suspicious look, I looked at him back, I hated men…period. Or at least that was how I was raised to come to know, to hate men, including my father.

“I don’t think you should think of all men that way” Edward whispered, I just looked at him dumbfounded, how the hell did he know!?

“I’ll explain later” he added quickly taking Bella’s hands in his.

“Follow us” Bella said over her shoulder hugging Edward. I frowned, being happy in front of a girl with hell as life isn’t the best thing to do. But I pushed that thought aside automatically once I saw another couple come out of one of the doors on the outstretched hallway. One was perfectly blonde, tall, and probably a model from a more perfect world. The other was a muscular, hardly lean, dark haired man. Both with the same eye color, and perfect, beautiful complexion as Bella and Edward have.

Then Edward spoke gesturing toward the couple, “This is Rosalie, and Emmett…they are married” He said quickly kissing Bella on the cheek. I just stood there staring at them, they were a pretty cute couple same with Edward and Bella. Like they were made for each other, come from a supernatural world for everyone to shadow over them in their beauty.

Then Edward chuckled, “What?” I asked suddenly unaware of what joke I might’ve missed.

“Nothing” he added quickly walking faster down the hall, I just snorted. Never tell me shit around here, well at least it is way better than my original ‘home’. Then memories of my father raping me came to mind, then a swarm of tears collected in my eyes, oh god kill me! All of a sudden Edward whispered something quickly in Bella’s ear which sent her quickly down the hall to where I stood tears over coming my puffy face.

“Shhh, baby girl. He can’t hurt you anymore, you’re a part of this family” She said this about a million times rubbing circles on my back, eventually I calmed down enough to make the rest of the detour of the house.

Then we ran into two more couples, one couple was with a rather emo looking pair, but I couldn’t say for sure. The girl was short with black cropped, spiky hair that pointed in different directions. Almost like a crown of royalty. Her mate was mostly lean, with honey-blonde hair, and again they had the same beauty and colored eyes as everyone else. The other couple was an Indian boy with a very muscular body build, and short black hair. The girl had bronze hair, just like Edward and was very beautiful like others, but had dark brown eyes instead of gold.

The first couple was named Alice, and Jasper. And the second couple was Jacob/Jake, and Renesmee/Nessie. They all seemed nice enough.

Finally we reached the last couple, I think. The man had a more of a white- blonde hair color, but was older looking than everyone else, probably 27 at the most. And the woman had caramel brown hair, which I thought was a pretty color. And both was amazingly beautiful with golden eyes. Their names were Esme, and Carlisle. How come most of them had very old-fashioned names?

“Did you tell her yet Edward!?” Alice jumped up and down squealing. I swear if I hadn’t been screaming in my whole life I would have been deaf by the sound of her voice.

“No we’re waiting for a couple more people from the pack to break the news” He said softly pushing Alice forward so he could sit on the couch next to Bella. I just stood there silent, and uncomfortable, and yes it was still way better than my old life.

“Melody why don’t you come sit down?” Bella asked startling me a little bit, but without hesitation I sat on the far side of the couch from Edward and Bella. Hopefully not to be a bother to them, I wasn’t very good at socializing. No scratch that, I’ve hardly ever socialized before.

“Seth, Jared, and Brady will be here shortly” Alice whispered to what seemed like nobody. But my body ultimately stiffened at the sound of three boy names. Soon enough Edward and Jasper seemed to realize my stiffness and came to my side rubbing circles on my back and arms. They seemed to be doing that for about 20 minutes until my breathing slowed, and my rubber-band of hell flung back into reality. I took a deep breath and loosened my body position realizing everyone was on the edge of their chairs. I just stared blankly at all of them as if I was clueless, and in some ways I was. Then three tall, dark, and young guys that looked a lot like Jake came into the living room. One had dark green eyes, almost hazel. Another one had light brown eyes, almost closed to a gold(like everyone else), and the last one had a deep blue-jay colored blue eyes. His were pretty easy to get lost in, they all noticed me right way except for the boy with blue eyes he was talking to Jacob and Nessie.

“Melody, this is Jared” Edward pointed at the guy with brown/gold eyes. I waved shyly at him, and he grinned widely with align of white teeth. “This is Brady” He said pointing to the guy with Green/hazel eyes. Then I mimicked my ‘hello’ fom Jared to Brady, he did the same thing. Gave me a toothy grin. “And that’s Seth” Edward pointed to the guy who yet didn’t look at me, I smiled in his direction but he didn’t seem to notice. I shrugged it off, don’t want to get involved with guys anyway…

“Jared, Brady, and Seth” Then Seth turned his attention toward Edward still not meeting my eyes. “This is Melody” He said gesturing toward me, then Jared and Brady came up to me giving me big hugs. But Seth just stood there frozen in place staring wide eyed at me, with a similar look that I’ve seen for most of my life…the look of desire. Then I started to breath in quickly, fear taking over my thoughts again. My father, the devil, running my life as hell. I closed my eyes imagining Seth’s blue-jay eyes, they were beautiful. Then I knew that Jasper and Edward were once again by me trying to calm me down, but I kept my eyes closed thinking of Seth’s eyes. His beautiful eyes, and I allowed myself to get lost in what was left of the memory. I ignored every bad thought that every occurred in my life, and imagined him there with me.

Then Edward and Jasper automatically stopped, then I heard footsteps walk away, I knew it was Jasper. But Edward kept his hand on my shoulder, but didn’t try to comfort me, I didn’t need it.

“Seth?” I heard Edward say clearly, that just brought a small smile to my lips.

“W-what?” A childish but cute voice came from near by probably on the couch, but not close enough to reach out and touch.

“What just happened?” He asked getting up walking away. I then opened my eyes realizing right across from me was Seth’s amazing beautiful blue eyes. I then stared deep down in them finding a Sandy colored wolf, I didn’t know why but I saw it and it made no sense at all.

Then I remembered Edward’s unanswered question, I took a deep breath closing my eyes for 3 seconds and reopening them finding that everybody switched positions in the room except for Seth and I.

“Where’s the bathroom?” I chocked out, realizing how dry my throat had become.

“Right down the hall” Rosalie spoke, I smiled and nodded while getting up tearing my eyes away from Seth. Then I practically ran into the bathroom that was only one door away from the living, or family room. So I could hear everything.

“Seth what just happened?!” Edward became more angry in tone, I clenched my fists. Why would he talk to Seth that way? What did he do? Scare me? Big deal I’ll live through it, I’ve been living horribly for 6 years! I’ll be able to take a few seconds of it.

“I-I think I imprinted” Seth stuttered , I closed my eyes turning around to face the mirror. I then looked at my reflection. I was wearing tight jean shorts, with a plain red tee-shirt, with bruises running up and down my legs. Then I looked at my face, my lips were drenched in a color red, almost ruby. My eyes barely even puffy, and my brown eyes popping out more than ever. I looked pretty good, better than usual, but I think that is because of my new calmer surroundings.

“How could you!?” Bella screamed from the other room, I whipped around putting my ear to the wall.

“What’s the matter?” Seth asked pounding on something that seemed like a wooden table.

“She’s been raped from her father, and his drunken friends for the past six years! Now a werewolf has imprinted on her!” She shouted, I then stood still. In some ways I wasn’t surprised that he wasn’t human, my life wasn’t normal like that. I’d have to except it, because I knew that I liked him too, from what I’ve seen at least…

“Bella…love, you can’t be mad at Seth, you should hear Melody’s thoughts. When she started to loose control out of her memories back there she used Seth’s eyes to calm her down in her head…” So he was a mind reader!? He heard every thought that went through my head, and that’s why he laughed at what I said. And told me not to hate all men! He knew what I was thinking! I took in a deep breath turning around fixing my hair in the mirror to show my eyes more and slowly turned the knob to the door where everyone stood. I had to face this world that I now lived in, no backing out. It’s now or never…

Then I heard a gasp as I entered the room, Seth came running toward me bending down by my legs. Moving his hands up and down the bruises that framed them, oh how I wish I wore jeans today. Then I looked up at Edward and Bella with a confused look on my face.

“He’s frightened at the sight of all those damages on your legs” Edward spoke examining them himself. I frowned, with everything that I’ve gone through, one little trip to forks and now I’m dealing with supernatural creatures. And strangely I was fine with it, it gave me more to hope for in the future. Knowing I could probably be happy one day, with a husband, and possibly a child.

“How’d this happen!?” Seth demanded dragging me from my thoughts. I just stared at him in disbelief, I didn’t’ want to go through this. If I did I would just drop to the floor and cry for about a week straight.

“Uh Seth, maybe we can talk about that when some things have passed…” Edward said carefully looking at the expression on my face, and I knew it was relieved that I didn’t have to go through all this.

“So Melody I’m guessing you heard a lot in the bathroom huh?” Bella said quietly grabbing my arm and sitting me on the couch. I nodded carefully looking at her, she just smiled.