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Replacing Suffering

Imprinting is being taken over ever day. But what happens when Seth imprints, and this girl Melody, doesn't have much expreience with REAL love. Just the sexually abusing of her father and father's friends? Finally being brought to forks to meet her dads new friends Charlie Swan, and meets Bella? The Cullen's next? Then finally Seth... Will she make the first move? Or will the secrets and promises from when her mother was alive still haunt and taunt teasingly in her new realationship? Melody/Seth Canon Pairings, other than Seth...I guess Replacing Suffering Do you guys like my banner? It's pretty plain, but I kind of like it. It's not the best nor the worst I've done...Anyway CHAPTER 2 IS UP!


2. A promise kiss

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Melody’s Point Of View

‘“So Melody I’m guessing you heard a lot in the bathroom huh?” Bella said quietly grabbing my arm and sitting me on the couch. I nodded carefully looking at her, she just smiled.’


She sat on the couch after me, smiling wider. I just kept my face blank of all emotion, after all those years, I’ve learned a lot. It was hard at first though, considering the change atmosphere, a very unnatural change. I glanced around, I didn’t like this. The mood felt uncomfortable and unnatural, something that really didn’t make me feel calm, just uneasy.

“What was that?” I asked my eyes landing on the blonde who had a smug look, I raised a brow at him. Edward chuckled.

“Jasper can control moods, and right now, well your mood is something he’s never felt before” I stared wide eyed at him, opening my mouth, but closing it again.

“Please don’t do that again to me…” I whispered causing almost everyone to gasp in either shock or amazement. I didn’t understand, his version of calm just didn’t make me calm.

“Well Jasper I suppose with Melody’s life she has a different mood list than everyone else” I saw Alice giggle behind me, I spun around facing her, I felt out of place, I didn’t feel like I belonged.

“May I go for a walk?” I asked, looking around the house uncomfortably, not knowing where I could land my eyes, or what would be safe. Seth came into view, there, I could rest my eyes on him, safe.

“Alice, will she be ok?” Bella asked getting up to touch Alice’s shoulder, the corners of my mouth turned up, future seeing I guess.

“Exactly” Edward breathed, I groaned and looked at his sheepish smile, he might be beautiful but I’d like to beat that smile off his face.

“Have fun with that” he said grinning wide, I scoffed and looked at Seth again, he too looked uncomfortable.

“I can’t see her future” Alice said stomping her tiny foot on the ground, pouting. I giggled, at least I’m safe from her future.

“I’m guessing it’s because Seth is going with her” Nessie spoke for the first time, hugging Jacob’s waist, the only part she could manage to reach. I was not only surprised, but that Seth would join me. I looked at Seth, who was now blushing, a small smile touched my lips.

“Then she should be safe, right Seth!?” Jake growled looking at Seth with a disliked look, I narrowed my eyes looking at him. I might not know Seth that long, but I don’t believe he deserved to be yelled at.

“Jacob, Melody isn’t very fond of the way your speaking to Seth” Edward said looking at me with a confused look. But as he said that everyone else turned their heads to look at me. I looked at each and everyone of them nodding my head slightly, saving Seth’s face for last.

And it was worth it, he had the hugest smile I’ve ever seen on his lips, I couldn’t help but smile back. Then I frowned, what was happening?! I knew I was dreaming why was I torturing myself with all this happiness, the second I wake up I’ll die from disappointment. A tear escaped my eye before I stormed out of the house, roughly wiping away each tear. I knew someone was following me with no doubt, but I didn’t want to end up losing this perfect dream, I wish I were dead and lived this world for eternity.

“Wait up Melody! Why are you crying!?” I heard Seth’s voice from a distance, which made my eyes fill with tears. I couldn’t do this! I was living in hell and I had to except that. Getting my hopes up was never healthy, my imagination wasn’t healthy. How could I imagine a god as beautiful as Seth and still not live it for real? That I guess I’ll never figure out.

“My life is hell, and adding you is just going to make it worse!” I shouted, thrashing each branch to the side. I just hoped that Seth didn’t take it the wrong way when I told him this, the last thing I would ever want to do is hurt his feelings. Even though he doesn’t exist. Again, when do I dream of my father’s friends house in Forks, and his daughter. I stopped, that’s right, I wasn’t dreaming…

Then something big bumped into me, sending me toward the ground, Seth bumped into me. A tear escaped, but it wasn’t from the pain my landing caused, they were tears of joy. Seth and everyone else was real! My heart leaped, I was actually free.

“I’m so sorry Melody!” Seth grabbed my hand pulling me up without effort, I grinned wiping away the remaining tears, he was real, and he was here with me.

“You’re real!” I screamed tears pouring out again, my hands wrapped around Seth’s torso. He was here, I was free, and I could live forever, knowing I was free. Today was the day! The day I was free! Everything inside me exploded I was happy, to unbelievable extremes. I was me, and I was free!

“Of course I am” he said stroking my hair, my smile widened. He was, and I knew that I could live with peace, until…my heart shattered. My father would find me, he always has, Charlie was a police chief, but he was Mike’s friend. I would be found, and I would go back to my life.

“I’m going to die” I whispered, causing Seth to stop stroking my hair.

“No your not your safe” He whispered. Lies, they were lies, he might not know right now, but he was lying.

“My father, I mean er…Mike is going to find me! He always does! I’m going to die, he is going to rape me, and then kill me!” I shouted tears no longer able to build up. I wasn’t sad, I was scared and highly angry.

“I won’t let him” Seth said mostly to himself, my jaw clenched, I knew I wanted to get away from this but I had to try. I wanted Seth to kiss me, to feel his lips, someone other than Mikes, and his friends. I needed to feel it, and imagine Seth instead of Mike.

“Kiss me, I need to…” I looked down, why did I just say that! I was sexually abused, and now I want to kiss!? But it’s just a kiss, my mind slurred, it wanted Seth.

“Melody, your safe…” I cut Seth off going on my tip toes kissing him gently on the lips. A passionate kiss, I longed for this kiss, I wanted one, needed one desperately. He returned it gracefully moaning slightly, I giggled and pulled away. It felt as if I belonged there, as if I needed to be there forever. I wanted to be there forever.

“Your safe” he whispered on more time kissing my head, I sighed, I knew I was safe with him, but I also knew god would break us apart eventually, and I would no longer be safe.

“As long as I’m with you” I whispered back, keeping my head down, I was afraid of what he would think of me, think of what I’ve done. Finally realize hooker blood runs through my veins, I was afraid that after all these years my father(Mike) was right.

Seth’s Point Of View

She was beautiful, and her beauty has been abused, physically as well. I wanted to go to her father and rip his limbs off, plucking each vein with my bare teeth. Make him feel what she has, make him feel her pain, and the pain I felt right now knowing what he’s done i ground my teeth together as Melody looked around uncomfortably, she didn’t deserve this, my love didn’t deserve this at all. She was an angel and needed to live that part, but that cruel man refused to let it happen. For his sick enjoyment, for his sick ways, because of him…

I tried to control my breathing, until I felt her, her eyes were on me, I looked at her realizing a smile was gently painted on her face, that’s where it was suppose to be.

“What was that?” My angels voice streamed through the air, her eyes leaving me to look at Jasper. Jealousy hit, her eyes were lingering away, away from me! I looked at Edward who gave me a disapproving look, I relaxed automatically. I shouldn’t be so selfish, she needed this, people who cared for her. She needed true love, and I wouldn’t stand in the way of that.

“Jasper can control moods, and right now, well your mood is something he’s never felt before” I glanced over at Melody’s expression, she seemed out of place. Uncomfortable, my angel didn’t like this feeling, I wanted to comfort her.

But I didn’t even move an inch, she had enough men drooling over her. Maybe I was just making it worse, imprinting and all. I should leave, or just be her friend until she’s ready. I couldn’t come over her like Paul did with Rachel, I couldn’t.

“Please don’t do that again to me…” I tried to hide my laugh with a gasp, this was amazing. This girl, my girl, was totally uncontested with vampires and their powers.

“Well Jasper I suppose with Melody’s life she has a different mood list than everyone else” I ground my teeth together, was he inquiring my girl, my angel, my Melody was not normal! She was more than normal, she was perfect, and didn’t deserve this. I glanced at Alice who giggle, I shook my head side to side angry, until Emmett’s glares made me feel uneasy. Damn, he was big, and honestly it scared the hell out of me.

“May I go for a walk?” I glanced at Melody, she isn’t going alone. I’ll follow her if I have to, no way was I leaving this beautiful women in the woods alone. Even if Alice saw her safety, I wouldn’t count on it one bit, at all.

“Alice, will she be ok?” Bella asked Alice, who the hell cared!? I would go and protect her, not them. I wanted to be the one, I wanted to be her hero. I wouldn’t even care if Beyonce wanted to do it, I’d stay with Melody, my beautiful Melody.

“Exactly” Edward muttered probably answering someone’s thoughts, it better not be Melody, her privacy was already torn no need to break in more.

“Have fun with that” Edward said sheepishly, I watched as Melody’s face turned into a snarl. My stomach churned, he was making her feel bad, angry. My angel needed love and happiness, nothing else. Her eyes burned my face, she was looking at me! Even how much I wanted to look I couldn’t bring my eyes to face her, I was shy, what if she didn’t like me?!

“I can’t see her future” Alice said pouting, oh Alice, what!? I started to panic I was going with her no matter what now. She was going to survive, no matter what Alice says…

“I’m guessing it’s because Seth is going with her” I blushed, idiot, my thoughts muttered. I was an idiot, Melody was now looking at me, and I was blushing like a girl! What was with me, I knew Paul could be insensitive, but chicks really did screw with your emotions.

“Then she should be safe, right Seth!?” I ignored his words, she would be safe, Jacob knew that. He was just defensive because of her condition, I wasn’t as cold to do that to her! She was my imprint for god sake! Why in hell would I purposely hurt her?

“Jacob, Melody isn’t very fond of the way your speaking to Seth” I froze, she cared, she cared…

A big goofy grin spread to my lips, it didn’t leave at all. I was happy, my imprint, my love, was now caring for me. And I knew that she felt something, if not love, friendship. I glanced at her, she was smiling looking at me, but after a few moments, her frown framed her small face. And next thing I knew she ran out the house, tears pouring out of her chocolate brown eyes, what did I do? I was a monster!

“No Seth your not, she just thinks this isn’t real. She doesn’t think she deserves this, you. She loves you in so many ways, don’t let her fool you” Edward said stepping besides me, I frowned, of course she deserved this! And I was now completely hers! I ran after her, forgetting everyone in the living room, I needed to see her face, her smile…

“Wait up Melody! Why are you crying!?” I screamed, knowing she could hear me, she could, and I would do whatever to make her feel safe. She didn’t need to love me, All she had to do was be safe and happy, that was all I needed.

“My life is hell, and adding you is just going to make it worse!” I cringed, that couldn’t be true. Edward said, he said. I ran faster, she needed to know I love her, she needed to know she was safe. Hell has gave up, and gave her to heaven where she belonged. They released her from capture, she was free from the ropes.

I pumped my legs, trying to follow her beautiful scent, and the sound of her breathing. Beautiful and perfect, in all ways. Until I felt her soft, skin on my body, and the smell of her tears. My eyes widened, I knocked her down! She could be hurt, I glared down trying to find something other than her, I didn’t want her to be hurt. Tears streamed out of her face, I caused those tears.

“I’m so sorry Melody!” I grabbed her arm gently, pulling her up with ease. Gentle, and light, beauty, and grace…Melody. She was here, I was protecting her, I needed to comfort her. Until she said she didn’t want me, that’s when I would watch from a distance.

Her arms flung around my torso, tears streaming down her cheeks.

“You’re real!” She screamed, a smile on her face. She thought I wasn’t real, she thought…I smiled and stroked her hair.

“Of course I am” I said, I knew I was comforting her, she needed to know. She needed to know that everyone around her now loved and cared deeply for her, and wouldn’t dare to touch, or hurt a single strand of hair.

“I’m going to die” I stopped my hand, no she wasn’t I wouldn’t allow it, I wouldn’t.

“No your not your safe”

“My father, I mean er…Mike is going to find me! He always does! I’m going to die, he is going to rape me, and then kill me!” She screeched, she was in pure fear, and I was in fear for her, I needed to reassure…But I couldn’t, only time could do that, and I was now jealous of time.

“I won’t let him” I locked my jaw, just speaking of this made me want to rip the nearest thing, but so far that was Melody, and I’d stay in control.

“Kiss me, I need to…” My eyes lingered toward her face, that was now directed to the ground. She wanted me, she needed me, but I couldn’t lead her back to the life she had. I was her soul mate, but I’d treat her better I’d protect her from this.

“Melody, your safe…” I said, still not understanding what she meant, but her lips gracefully touched mine. Her lips were so soft, delicate, soft…a moan escaped, I tried to cover it, knowing it would make her uneasy. But a giggle, the first giggle I’ve heard escaped her lips, freeing each others love in contact.

“Your safe” I whispered again, kissing her head. I couldn’t get enough of that. She was just so nice to have her close, attached to me. I looked back down at her for an answer or a blush, but her head remained down.

“As long as I’m with you” she whispered back, I smiled, I was her hero now. And no one would take my place, or her place. We were one, and we made each other whole. One of the upsides of being a wolf, sharing it with your love.

“Do you want to take that walk, or go back to the house?” I instantly regretted what I said, I didn’t want to move from this position. I had the nap of my neck on her head, and she had her small hands around my waist, with her small, beautiful voice humming. Softly, so sweet, so delicate, mine.

“I want to go somewhere, I’ve never been before…” She said softly, but something stood at the edge of her voice, something and I didn’t know what.

“Is there something your not telling me?” I asked pulling away to look at her face, she had a grin on her face, and soon enough so did I.

“I kind of want to kiss you again…” her voice trailed off, her bottom lip in-between her teeth.

“Well don’t you think that should wait until we know each other more?” I asked raising a brow teasingly, she just faked pouted. But her facial expression turned serious again.

“I felt as if…if I’ve known you my entire life” The world stopped, we had known each other, and now we’re together, forever. The promise that was made, will never forget.