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Black Stars

Renesmee is living in bliss with her boyfriend, Jacob, and her family in Castle Rock. But when a mysterious man shows up, Renesmee finds herself caught under his spell. With her family deciding to move to Michigan, the new man fighting for her affection, and the secrets of her mother and Jacob's past coming undone, Renesmee has to choose: Jacob or new man, and Jacob or family? Rated Adult for lemons and profanity

Alright let me explain the banner. I had Bella's hair lightened so she could be Renesmee [: The original banner:

1. Preface & Mist

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Its not like he didn't know this happening would break me. I was highly unaware of my surroundings when he told me I would be okay. He thought I would be okay, that this wasn't going to affect me in any way.

He didn't know what he was talking about, though. I was struggling and forcing my beauty to open his lovely orbs and tell me he loved me.

He ripped my arms away from my love's body and I screamed and cried, because I knew exactly what he and the rest of them were going to do.

They were taking me to Hell. And the fact that my prince was coming with me soothed my soul in some way, just not my body. Knowing where they were taking my dearest and I made me restless and frightened. I could not fight back in this state.

Growls and snarls ripped through my chest as I watched them carry my darling's body. The fact that my love looked completely lifeless made me growl even louder. They had done this; they had destroyed us both.

I did not listen when he called my name and told me to come back to reality, to acknowledge that I could hear him clearily.

The only thing that registered through my mind was that both of us, my angel and I, were going to Hell.


It is dark here, in this strange place. There is no sun, making it hard to tell that it is morning. The sky is gray, a misty fog covering the air. The trees are bare--dead. The wind is blowing, whipping in my hair as if it is trying to tell me something. The dead grass shivers in the wind, crispy and fragile. I reach my pale hand out to grab a strand, it crumbling to pieces as I pluck it from the ground. I sit on my knees in an open field, leaves scattered and mixed in with the green and gray, the vivid colors blurring together in the wind. Green, gray, red, yellow, brown. A strange movement registers in my rear view vision and my eyes snap to see the figure. A tall golden-skined man is standing there with cut off jeans, his short, jet black hair blowing sideways with the wind. His hands are placed casually in his pockets, his thumbs sticking over the blue edge of the pockets, giving off the impression that he doesn't have a care in the world. This man has dark brown eyes, almost black. They are staring at me intently, as if he is waiting for me to speak. It is then when I recognize his perfect features, the way the smile that tugs lightly at the corners of his mouth makes my stomach tighten in delight. I have known this man all of my life; he was even there for my delivery. This is the man I am in love with---my sun, my safe haven, my world.


He looks at me, walking forward and then stopping as if coming closer to me would give him a disease. His nose wrinkles in distaste and he looks at me with hatred. My heart stops. He turns on his heels, his back now facing me as he begins walking away.

"Jake?" I call, confusuion dripping from my voice as I rise to my feet. "Where are you going?"

"I'm going to see Nina," he says, shrugging, his back still turned to me as he saunters away.

I struggle to pull my feet forward; they feel as if they are glued to the ground. "Who is Nina?"

He doesn't answer, instead turns around and looks at me with a dead expression. This is not the Jacob I know, this is someone different.

I reach out my hand, trying to take hold of his face. "What happened to you?"

He ignores me and it is then when I realize he isn't going to come to me, so I drop my hand to my side, hurt and angry. Again there is no answer, just another shrug. His beautiful lips are tugging into a smile again as he turns around and starts walking away, his hands still tucked casually into his pockets.

I try to move my feet again, yelling, "Don't leave!"

He does not stop walking like I have expected him to. "We can see other people, Bells."

I am confused and angry as I reply, "Bells? That's my mother!" My feet are glued to the ground; I can't move from where I stand. The rain starts to pour around us, droplets falling onto my body and making me shiver from the cold.

He shrugs once more, uttering, "Am I supposed to care?"

My arms are shaking as the wind wails louder, making my words hard to hear, even for me. "Jake, don't go!" The droplets drip from my eyelashes onto my cheek, blurring my vision. My bangs are plastered to my forehead, blocking my view of the beautiful werewolf. I push them away.

He turns around, his dark eyes glaring at me with annoyance and anger. "Look, Jessica, I just don't want to be with you anymore."

My head feels like it will fall off of my shoulders as I shake my head furiously. "My name is Renesmee! It's me, Jake, Nessa!"


My heart is pounding furiously now, the wind whipping past my ears as I struggle to hear every word that falls from his lips. He is fading away, his jet black hair only visible now.

"Jacob, please! I love you!"

I have no doubt that he has not heard me. He is gone, his trace not even shown in this dark and depressing field. My brain is rattling in my forehead, causing the worst headache imaginable. I fall to my knees, ending in the same position I had started. My head falls into my hands and I begin shaking. My whole body is vibrating, my sobs and cries of my beloved's name falling from my lips. My heart is pounding in my ears. I can't focus on anything, the pain is unbearable. I feel like I am suffocating. My knees give out and I fall to the ground, landing on my stomach and heaving for air. My stomach rolls violently and I gasp, almost retching. The struggle for air is constant, my nails digging into the grass and reaching the gooey mud that layed beneath. Thoughts are racing in my head and I struggle to stay conscious. The gray is now turning to dark blue as night approaches. I lift my head slowly, only to be brought to unimaginable horror.

Sitting in front of me is a tombstone for my werewolf, his ageless face staring right at me. It is placed against his gray stone. The headline underneath makes me gasp for air even more.

"Jacob Black. Beloved husband, beloved father. 1991-2026."

He was thirty-five, I register in my mind.

There is an envelope placed on his tombstone, labeled, "Jacob." I reach out for the envelope and snatch it in my hands, ripping it open. The shredded envelope falls to the ground as I hold the contents tightly in my hand. There is a picture of two very unfamilar people and a letter. I place the letter down, choosing to stare at the picture for a moment. There are two people in this picture; a woman and a young child. I realize that it is probably a mother and her daughter. The woman is strikingly beautiful. Her midnight blue hair flows down her shoulders and reaches her elbows as she holds this child in her lap, a smile lighting both of their faces. There is a vague sadness floating in this woman's hazel eyes, barely noticable. Her high cheek bones and golden skin make her even more beautiful, as do her full lips. She is wearing no make-up, opting for the natural look. Her daughter has long straight black hair, reaching a little past her shoulders. Her golden skin matches the skin of her mother. She resembles her mother in many ways. The only differences are strangely clear; this girl as deep, dark brown eyes that look almost black, smaller lips, and lower cheek bones. My heart pounds painfully in my chest when I realize this girl look likes Jacob. I drop the picture, feeling upset and angry. I lift the letter and hold it close to my face as I begin reading.

Dear Jacob,

We miss you. It is hard for Sara and I to go on with the day, knowing you will no longer
be by our side. When I tuck her in at night and finish the story of the great werewolf
that you once were, she cries, "I want my father!" It breaks my heart knowing that I cannot
give her what she truely wants--what I want.

She has grown though; she is seven now. She is so much like you Jacob; she even acts
like you. It is amazing how her personality has taken the form of yours, as if you were
possessing her. She saunters around the house with her hands on her hips, giving
off sarcasm and spunk that I would have never guessed a little girl to contain. Every
time I look into her eyes, I see you.
I miss you so much, Jacob. It is difficult for me to go to sleep at night, with you not
by my side. But when I drift into subconsciousness, I meet you in my dreams. You
are as handsome as you were in real life, your smile lighting up the whole room.
It is dreadfully painful to wake up with you not by my side. My chest heaves as I
gasp for air, and then I realize you are not there. I can't stand it. If it wasn't for
Sara, I would greatfully follow you into death. I cannot leave Sara, as much
as I want to meet you in the afterlife. But until I do die, I need to know you
are watching after Sara, me, and our new addition. That's right, I'm pregnant.
Three months I have gone without your touch, Jacob. It is possible. When I
went to the doctor, they confirmed that I am four months along. I will name
her Leah, after your great comrad. It is a shame how she died in battle with
you, but I am forever greatfull that she saved you a few hours to stay with
Sara and I. We miss you, we love you. Watch over us, Jacob. Keep us safe.

Forever yours,

My gasp cannot be contained as I realize that this was the woman Jacob had told me he was going to see. I want to rip my hair out and scream until my throat runs dry and I finally die. Instead, I cry until my tears run dry.

"Jacob," I sob, knowing he will not hear me. "JACOB!" My sobs get louder. "JAAAACOOOOB!"

There is no one around to hear my screams, no one around to save me from this damned place and kill me. But all of a sudden, I hear Jacob's voice. "Nessa?"

"Yes! I'm here!" I call back.

He does not here me as he says again, "Nessa?"

"I'M HERE!" I scream, just as my world is shattered.

My eyes shot open, my arms shaking. Jacob was hovering over me, his eyes worried as he asked, "Are you okay, baby?"

I looked at my surroundings, stunned. I was in reality, the tombstone and letter was just a dream. Jacob watched me, anxious for my answer.

"I'm fine," I whispered, slowly kissing his lips. He smiled in response as I said, "Your hurting my stomach."

He rolled off of me quickly as he replied, "Oh, sorry."

"Its okay," I giggled.

He looked at me with fierce wonder in his eyes, as he didn't understand why I was laughing. "What's so funny?"

I shook my head, laughing even more at his weird expression. His eyes widened as I burst into a fit of laughter. "Oh, Jake, its nothing." But my fit of laughter quickly ended as my thoughts traveled to the beautiful girl, Nina, and her daughter Sara.

Jacob noticed that my smile had disappeared, his voice worried as he asked, "What's wrong?"

Watch over us, Jacob. Keep us safe.

Forever yours,