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Black Stars

Renesmee is living in bliss with her boyfriend, Jacob, and her family in Castle Rock. But when a mysterious man shows up, Renesmee finds herself caught under his spell. With her family deciding to move to Michigan, the new man fighting for her affection, and the secrets of her mother and Jacob's past coming undone, Renesmee has to choose: Jacob or new man, and Jacob or family? Rated Adult for lemons and profanity

Alright let me explain the banner. I had Bella's hair lightened so she could be Renesmee [: The original banner:

2. Lovely

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My heart started pounding painfully as I remembered the words and the closing of the letter. Anger rose in my chest and heated my neck, rising to my cheeks.

Jacob noticed this of course, as he always did. "Baby, what's wrong?!"

His panicked voice brought me back into reality as my eyes traveled to his, confusion suddenly washing all over my features.

"Oh, nothing. Just a bad dream," I muttered, slowly climbing over Jacob and out of bed.

He was curious about this dream; I knew he would be. "What was it about?"

I turned around to face him. He was casually sitting on the bed, waiting for my answer. "You, and stuff," I trailed off.

His eyebrows furrowed as he tried to guess what I meant. "Me and stuff?"

I nodded, turning around and opening the top drawer to my hazelnut dresser. I could hear him huff behind me as I lifted a pair of underwear and socks out of the drawer.

He was quiet for a moment, making me think he had given up on trying to figure out what I meant. I assumed he was thinking when I heard him huff again. He suddenly spoke behind me then, making me jump slightly. "Was it a good dream or a bad dream?"

I placed the garments I had just picked out on the dresser and then proceeded to open the third drawer for jeans. "Bad dream."

"A bad dream about me?" he asked. I could imagine his nose crinkling as it always did when he was angry or confused.

I nodded, pulling out a pair of dark-wash jeans and placing them on the rocking chair that used to belong to my mother.

"Tell me about this dream," he said, getting up from the bed and coming to sit in my rocking chair, where he lifted the jeans and threw them on the floor.

"Hey, be nice to my jeans, they're new!" I shrieked, picking them up and placing them also on the dresser.

He started rocking back and forth, whispering, "Sorry."

I nodded, not really believing that he was truly sorry at all. When I looked up at him though, his eyes held regret at what he had done. It made me laugh inside- he was truly regretting something as small as throwing my jeans on the floor.

That's love, I thought to myself.

He watched me with speculation, as if he was expecting me to say something at that moment. "Tell me about the dream."

I sighed- I had been hoping he had forgotten about the dream I had. He hadn't, obviously, so I had to tell him. "We were in a forest, you walked away, I died inside, you died on the outside, I read the letter your wife sent you, and then the dream ended."

He looked at me in shock, the chair in a mid rock as his jaw dropped. I raised my eyebrow. This was not how I had expected him to react.

"Show me," he demanded, getting up from the chair. He took the stride that would put him in front of me and pulled my hips close.

I placed my hand on his cheek, preparing to show him the dream as I whispered, "Don't overreact." The images floated from my mind and into his.

The images blurred into colors, a series of fast moments and words that I couldn't even understand because of the speed. First there was the forest, then the words we spoke, then the shaking, and finally the tombstone and letter.

He was shaking by the time I stopped the things I was showing him. I didn't pull my hand away, though. Instead, I kept my hands on his cheeks, slowly rubbing tiny circles into his cheekbones with my thumb. He closed his eyes, his shaking soon coming to a complete stop as I soothed him with my words and actions. I moved my left hand down to his neck, then raised my right hand and brushed his hair from his forehead. His eyes opened slowly and he watched with me a pained expression.

"I'm okay," he finally whispered. I searched his eyes for a sign of anger that would trigger my doubt, but there was nothing. "Nessa, you know that would never happen in real life."

I sighed, placing my head on his chest and breathing in his scent deeply. His arms came around and wrapped me into his embrace, his heat radiating throughout my body. There was no way I could be cold in his strong arms, but I shivered. It wasn't until I felt his hot breath on my neck that I realized it was a shiver of delight. I looked back up at him, his onyx orbs silently questioning me. "I know. It was just a bad dream. That's why I found no reason to actually show it to you. But," I whispered, knowing my voice was a little too low and that I would cause a severe reaction in him, "you demanded me to. I cannot deny you when you use that sexy voice."

His adam's apple bobbed as he swallowed loudly. I felt the slight bulge beginning to grow in his pants, and I grinned seductively. Reaching up on my tiptoes and pulling his head down, I started pulling his skin into my lips with a suction. He gasped, his nails digging into my back. I hissed in delight against his skin, flicking my tongue out and swiping at the reddened skin a few inches from his jaw. He knew that I liked the feeling of his nails in my skin, so he trailed his fingers up my back, my shirt lifting higher and higher until his thumbs ran into the clasp of my bra. I was nipping at his neck, trailing down and over his shoulder. He growled and his head slowly teetered back. I slowly pushed him towards the wall, trying to give him a proper place to lean on. Instead, he switched our positions, and I found my back against the cold red wall. He pulled my thighs up and wrapped them around his waist, and I clung tightly to him. He grinded into me and his fingers unclasped my bra with perfect technique, as if he had done this before.

I had no doubt that he hadn't, I just wasn't too happy with the idea of his hands on another girl's bra clasp.

That thought alone made me bite down on his shoulder so hard that he cried out with pleasure, and no doubt in my mind, pain. I quickly let go, frightened I had hurt him in some way. When I saw no trace of hurt and anger on his face, and the smell of blood did not register into my mind, I knew I had not hurt him too bad. I kissed the place I had just bitten, truly sorry I had bitten him so hard that he had felt pain. I felt bad---I had been so lost in my aggression that I had not noticed what I was doing. I wanted to completely stop all that we were doing and just hold onto him and kiss that spot over and over again. When he started sucking on my sweet spot, though, I regained all of my animalistic eagerness. I let out a soft groan, letting him know that his suctioning was perfect. My bra dropped to the ground as he pulled it from between us, and his hands softly kneaded my breasts. I felt my stomach tighten at his touch, his rough hands. I clawed at his back, trying desperately to let him know that he shouldn't, couldn't stop.

Thank you, Jesus, for this wonderful man and his talented hands.

My eyes shot open as I realized I had just made a big mistake. I had thought openly about what exactly Jacob was doing to me, with my telepathic father in a mile's radius.

"Jake, we need to stop," I whispered frantically, pushing him away and unwrapping my thighs from his waist with a silent vow to continue our session later.

He looked at me with shocked and hurt eyes as I bent down and picked up the bra on the ground. "What did I do wrong?"

The way he said it, in such an innocently pained way, broke my heart. I dropped the bra I was holding in my hands and glided to him, desperate to make sure he knew he had done nothing wrong in my eyes. "Nothing, baby, I swear. Everything you did was perfect. Its just... my father... he is somewhere in this cabin or he is in the mansion and I just know he can hear exactly what we are thinking."

Jacob's eyes widened as he realized what I had said was true. "Hurry up and get dressed."

I nodded as he pulled on his shirt and sat down in the rocking chair. I disappeared into my closet and quickly put on my bra and new pair of panties, jeans, a t-shirt, and some converse. I pulled my hair back into a messy bun glided out of the closet. Jacob got up and walked to me, then reached for my hand. I took it with a smile and we opened my door, walking out into the hallway.

I could hear nothing as we slowly entered the living room. "They're in the mansion," I whispered softly, looking up at him.

He nodded, suddenly grabbing my arm. Before I could even ask what he was doing, I was being lifted up into the air and swung onto his back. "Hold on," he silently whispered, before running off.

I gripped his waist tightly with my thighs, my arms reaching around and holding onto his neck. The wind was whipping past me and I was suddenly mad that I had tied up my hair. I wanted to feel the wind in my hair.

Although I could run fast enough on my own, the feeling of being in Jake's arms made me feel safe. When I was running alone, or even beside him, I felt that if something came running up to me I could easily be attacked. With Jake, though, I felt as if I would be sheltered from any harm, knowing he could easily protect me.

I cuddled closer to him, the sudden chilly air raising goosebumps on my arm. I kissed his neck and his collarbone while he quickened his pace. He shivered underneath my touch, but he wasn't shivering from the cold. I laid my head on his neck. His heat warmed my cheek and his chest warmed my arms, erasing all the goosebumps that currently laid on them.

We arrived several minutes later and I hopped off of his back as he straightened his shirt. I could hear the yelling, my father and Rosalie, and the soothing voices. There was too many voices, one I wasn't familiar with as well, but I realized exactly what the fight was about---my relationship with Jacob.