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Black Stars

Renesmee is living in bliss with her boyfriend, Jacob, and her family in Castle Rock. But when a mysterious man shows up, Renesmee finds herself caught under his spell. With her family deciding to move to Michigan, the new man fighting for her affection, and the secrets of her mother and Jacob's past coming undone, Renesmee has to choose: Jacob or new man, and Jacob or family? Rated Adult for lemons and profanity

Alright let me explain the banner. I had Bella's hair lightened so she could be Renesmee [: The original banner:

4. Deception

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"Nahuel?" I gasped.

He smiled, walking forward and taking my hand. Jacob pulled me away from Nahuel and angled slightly in front of me. I looked up at him with a disapproving gaze and he moved away, letting his angle go back to the way it was before. I let Nahuel come forward, ignoring Jacob's tensing as Nahuel placed an open-mouthed kiss on my hand. I shuttered and blushed at his touch.

I hadn't understood when I was younger the things that Nahuel had done for my family. But now, as I remembered with perfectly clarity what my parents had told me, I did. He had shown the Volturi another creation that was similar to me.

In other words, he had saved me.

His scent surrounded me--vanilla and mint---and it was absolutely intoxicating. I was captivated, completely swooned as my uncle would say. I had never felt this way, except for the day I realized my true feelings for Jacob. Of course, no swooning moment could be compared to that one---except this one.

I wanted to smell him even more without looking like a complete fool, so I did the only thing I thought rational and foolless.

I flung myself into Nahuel's arms.

I hadn't seen him since the day he left to go back to his home when I was little girl, and I needed to feel his comforting hugs once again. I heard Jacob's soft and barely audible growls as Nahuel's scent embraced me.

"Jacob!" Bella warned.

He stopped growling immediately.

Nahuel chuckled lightly and wrapped his arms around my waist. I sighed in contentment as my head stayed on his shoulder and I breathed his scent in deeply. I could feel Rosalie's triumphant smile and could hear Edward's sigh of relief as they both stared at Nahuel and I, and then at Jacob, who was on the verge of a mental breakdown.

I pulled myself away quickly, realizing I had hugged Nahuel for too long. I gave him an apologetic smile as I turned back to Jacob. My eyes snapped to his and once again, as always, the world melted as I saw the hurt and anger in his eyes.

I hated myself in that very moment for being attracted to Nahuel, because I was upsetting the man I truely loved. I apologized sincerely with my eyes and took my place once again in his arms, turning my back against his chest to look at the rest of the people in the room.

Rosalie's scowl was back on her face, as was Edward's, but everyone else was perfectly happy, aside from the two I had already mentioned----and Nahuel.

His smile was twisted into an angry frown then, his eyes casted at Jacob. I held onto Jacob's hands protectively because---even though that undeniable attraction to Nahuel had occured---I loved the man that was holding me with all my being and no one would hurt him; I wouldn't allow it.

"We have fresh blood packets in the freezer if you desire some, Nahuel," Esme spoke, her voice cutting through the tension with a thick knife that only she carried.

"Human blood?" he wondered, his gaze suddenly curious as his eyes darted towards the kitchen.

"They're for Nessa, you can hunt like the others," Jacob whispered, his voice incredibly low and angry.

Esme tisked with her tongue as she sent a dissaproving glance towards Jacob. "He may have some if he wants."

Jacob's very obvious scowl was prominant behind my ear but Esme ignored it as she continued, "Its African lion, which is Renesmee's favorite, and we keep it around for her to take with her to school."

Nahuel hummed in amusement as he sent a glance my way. "You have your father's taste, I see."

Edward chuckled and placed a hand on Nahuel's shoulder, replying to the statement I had no intention to. "She gets her taste for blood from me. Everything else in the food category she gets from her mother."

Bella smiled at Nahuel and of course, being the gentleman, he smiled back.

Edward's eyes were twinkling with a delight he never got with Jacob, no matter how much of a son he considered my angel.

They were laughing and making small talk as Esme walked with them into the kitchen to let Nahuel have a blood packet.

I couldn't say I was delighted that he was having some of my specially imported blood. It was from the finest in Africa and, like Jacob said, he could go hunting like the others.

But I wasn't about to be rude and stubborn, as much as Jacob and my subconsious wanted me to be. Nahuel was a friend and my attraction to him stopped me from doing stupid things such as rude gestures or words.

Stupid teenage hormones.

Jacob's chin was still placed on my neck as he whispered, "I don't like him."

Everyone else except Emmett and Bella had gone along and did various things. Emmett was now playing his x-box, and Bella was smiling at Jacob and I, also playing the x-box.

I sighed and gripped Jacob's hand, closing my eyes as his breathing comforted me. "I know. Just deal okay, Jake? He won't be here for long."

He nodded and his arms wrapped around my waist. I smiled and we fell onto the couch, giggles falling from my chest as laughter rumbled from his body.

His cheek was leaning against mine as we watched my uncle and my mother play video games. Emmett was cursing because, clearly, my mother was winning.

"Watch your mouth," she scolded, moving her hand with the controller.

He chuckled and nodded, mumbling, "Sorry Bella."

Jacob and I both laughed at the little display. Suddenly, oh so suddenly, I heard light footsteps. Bella's eyes very slowly lifted from the screen. I wasn't paying attention, because as soon as Nahuel appeared in the doorway, Jacob bit into my neck.

I yelped and looked up at Jacob, who was grinning.

"Hey! Not in front of me or our guests!" Bella shouted, shooting from the couch and glaring at Jake.

"I'm sorry," he whispered to Bella. She ignored him.

I wasn't mad, however. I wasn't mad that in a few minutes my neck would be red and his teeth marks would be cleary visible. I wasn't mad that my father and Nahuel had just seen Jacob's stupid display of possession. I was mad that Jacob hadn't done it better. I was mad that Jacob stopped all PDA and just held onto me.

And I was mad that Nahuel didn't really seem to be as jealous as he should have been.

"Renesmee can I talk to you for a second?" Nahuel asked.

I looked back up at Jacob and placed a kiss on his jaw. My legs pushed me forward and out of his lap, because with Nahuel it was like a magnet attraction, and we were opposite polar ends.

Jacob held onto my hand and pulled me lightly. I snapped my eyes to his, only to be met with sad, onxy orbs. "Don't go," he whispered, holding onto my hand tightly.

I sighed and leaned forward again, placing a light kiss on his lips. "I'll be back soon, keep your lap warm," I winked.

His bright smile made me smile too, and I ignored Nahuel's outstretched hand as we walked out to the patio.

"I've been wanting to talk to you for a while," he said as we sat down.

My nerves were going wild and I needed to calm down, but I couldn't do so without my love. His pull towards me was driving me insane and I wanted so badly to run to him, because I felt like I was being ripped in half. My body was twisting and pulling and just aching to fit back with his so bad that I felt like I would scream.

The sad thing was, I was only 40 feet away from him.

I didn't want to ask Jasper for help because of my independent nature, so I grabbed the next best calmer I knew of. Even though my family hated it, I needed it badly in that moment.

It wasn't like it was going to damage my health or anything. After all, I am part vampire.

I pulled the cigarette out of its packet and lit it, slowly putting it to my mouth and pulling in a long drag before blowing out the smoke. I felt much better as I asked Nahuel, "About what?"

"Renesmee, put down that cigarette now!" Rosalie yelled, but I simply ignored her.

His nose wrinkled in disgust at my newly found habit but he said nothing, instead looked up at the clear blue sky, completely void of any rain clouds.

Strange, I thought to myself, No rain clouds today in Castle Rock.

"Did you know we are meant to be?"

I spluttered and the cigarette dropped from my mouth as I gaped at Nahuel. "Who in the hell told you that?"

I was beyond angry, and a little creeped out. I wasn't meant for anyone but Jacob, that much I knew. My heart and my soul and every fiber of my being knew that I would always be Jacob's, no matter what. I was for him and him only.

The creepy part was that he was about 150 years older then me, even though in reality I was only six years old. But the fact that this old man--who really should of been rotting in the ground--- thought he was meant for me made my stomach churn.

Yeah, okay, I did like Nahuel... a lot. But it was only friendship for me, something I didn't want to change.

He chuckled as I squashed the cigarette with my converse. "No one, its obvious. We are a perfect fit." His eyes were gleaming as I lit another cigarette, just for the fun of it.

Rosalie was muttering things like 'stupid child' and she turned her attention away from me, because she knew I had no intention of putting it down.

"You've lost your godamn mind," I mumbled, the new cigarette hanging from my mouth as I fumbled with the lighter.

My bad habit of using profanity when I was angry clearly showed in that moment, and I couldn't of cared less. I could hear Bella's tisk of dissaproval from the living room.

"Sorry," I mumbled to her, completely ignoring Nahuel's curious gaze. He ignored it however.

"You will see with time, Renesmee," he smiled warmly, eyeing the cigarette with obvious dissaproval.

I didn't care about anything he thought as I mumbled, "All I can see is my foot kicking you right out of my life if you keep saying that dumb stuff."

I could hear Jacob's chuckle from the living room and I nearly smiled, because I couldn't help but be amused by the thought of him eavesdropping.

Nahuel must of heard him because his nose flared, but he ignored it. "You will be mine, don't worry."

And with that he got up and walked into the house, leaving me on the patio with a cigarette between my fingers and the angriest and most shocked expression I had ever shown in my life.

Nahuel was going in-fucking-sane.