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What happens when a new, powerful addition is added to the volturi. Only for her to be broken from it just to destory the Cullen's. What could they've done? What willl happen? Is she mad enough to Expose their whole nature to humans everywhere? Or will it stay a secret as the Volturi intended? A story of a girl named Megan. Exposed

Ok, well I hope you guys like my story. I'm not the greatest writer, but I'm giving it a shot. PLEASE REVIEW!!

1. Monster Changing

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Megan's POV-

I arrived in a place, a place where everyone was wearing red. Red was a beautiful color, especially for me. I used to like red all the time....except for the one day red was known as a shorter word of monster.

At Volturria I loved all of the activities that went on, it was a wonderful experience. But I realized that I had to be careful, everyone had to be careful. The day I ran away from home, on my sixteenth birthday.

I ran away on my own. Arriving to start new, and fresh. Any of these people could take me home. Keep me from my freedom for two more years. That I won't allow, I'm determined. But it seems freedom itself isn't just quit free.

It was my sixteenth birthday when it happened. I decided to take a tour of the castle. Mistake, the day I turned into a monster. Ha, I almost laughed when I saw myself in the mirror.

Yes I was beautiful, strong, fast, and my power. I made Jane look like a fool, that's why I didn't die. Which is a poor explanation, I did die, but I wasn't drained. That’s when I realized the color red was the worst color imagined, especially when it came to a vampire.

Becoming immortal told me one thing, never underestimate the world. Make sure you know what’s coming. Or what’s coming will find you.

The main reason I was pissed is because, I could never have a child. Yes I could have sex, but no child. Even if I could have a child I wouldn't dare bring it into this cruel world, that god created. but I'm sure Hell had something to do with this as well. You never know, and that phrase is still overestimated as it is.

Even if I adopted a child, it would be killed right away anyway. My life sucks, yeah I get to live forever, but not experience my whole human life. Turning sixteen was like picking out your own grave stone instead of a car.

"Aro, why did you do this to me?" If I was human I would cry. For a second I was afraid of Aro's reaction to what I asked, but no hint of anger was evident.

"Because child, you're so useful to the volturi." He seemed proud of what I could do, but I wasn't.

"How'd you know I could have this power?" But the truth be told, I didn't really want to know. Because I'm sure I couldn't help but break down.

"Very good question dear, I didn't." Then how'd he know?

"Then, why..." I trailed off confused.

"Because of my friend, Alice Cullen." Alice Cullen, huh? She was going to pay, she doesn't know what's going to hit her.

"Is she like..." I couldn't find the word to describe it, but it was there on the tip of my tongue.

"She sees the future, yes." Ha, I almost laughed when I heard this. Maybe she could see me coming for her after all.

"Where does she live?" He seemed confused when I asked this.

"Why do you want to know?" Was he serious? Alice Cullen was the purpose of me becoming one of them, a monster. And he wanted to know why I wanted to see her, to ask her, to scream, to yell?

"Aro, I want to know why she would consider making me.." Aro seemed disappointed, so I didn't finish my sentence. He obviously could see the pain that trailed in my voice.

"Aro, why don't you just kill her? She doesn't want to be here anyway." Jane came into the conversation. I was going to kill Jane one of these days. But she did have a point, just kill me now and I'll be happy.

"Jane dear, Megan is quit useful. There is only one way for her to die. And that we will let Megan find out herself. Otherwise you will face Megan's punishment as well."

"Fine." Jane huffed. I had to find out the secret.

"Aro, can you just tell me where Alice Cullen lives?" I used my persuasive tone this time, and Aro let out a sigh and agreed.

Now, I was on my way to the Cullen’s, until I smelled something. Hmmm, a werewolf. Damn! I'm on the reservation, ummm. Ok quick!

Then I shifted, now I was a werewolf, the smell scent and everything. Sometimes my power wasn't a big rip off.

This was good, I'd just changed back until I found my way out. Then a low growl came from behind me, then I whipped around to defend myself. Luckily I could hear his every thought.

"Who are you, I've never seen you before." Ok this was good, the other wolf thought I was one of him. That was a relief.

"I'm new, obviously." Then he rolled his eyes.

"Where did you come from?" He was getting angry. Then I realized I had to be careful of what I said he could hear my every thought, horrible. It's like stalking someone mentally.

"I came from my pack." Simple, I just hope he doesn't ask where.

"What pack?" He nudged his head while saying so. Then I saw a little girl jump on his back. Another vampire, maybe I could shift back.

"Why is there a vampire here?" Changing the subject, then he seemed confused.

"She's half breed." Huh, interesting.

"How?" The wolf seemed to forget our past conversation.

"A human mother, and a vampire father." He scoffed out the word vampire.

"Well, why is she here?" Just keep drifting off the past conversation and he'll let you go, I kept chanting.

"I imprinted on her." He seemed proud of what he said.

"That's a little odd, don't you think?" He hesitated, like he was going to answer, but he didn't so I continued.

"Well, I'd think the volturi would destroy her. Why is she still alive, as a new born?"

"We scared the volturi off, so she's aloud to stay." He smirked when he said this.

"Well, say I was part of the volturi. Would you, or could you hurt me?" He seemed shock at my sudden interest.

"No, actually. I couldn't. But that's nearly impossible." I thought so, now it was safe to turn back.

"I beg to differ." Then I shifted back.

His eyes widened. I laughed. Then began to speak so he wouldn't try something.

"I'm part of the volturi. I'm a shape shifter. I can turn into anything, and turn my scent into anything I want." He then turned back into human, changing back as fast as he could.

"You cannot take Nessie away!" He screamed holding the little girl against his chest. I laughed, that was the last thing I'd be doing here.

"Don't worry, I'm not here for her. Nor will I ever be." He seemed to relax a bit but still held her hard against his chest.

"Then why are you here, and on reservation?" I wanted to skip this, all of it. I was getting sick of all of the questions.

"I'm here to talk with Alice Cullen." He seemed shocked.

"Why?" This would be simple to answer.

"Because she made me into this monster!" I screamed, angry now.

He had shock spread across his face. "Alice Cullen wouldn't ever kill a human." Yeah right.

"Maybe not physically. But mentally, she has no problem with it." Then the wolf guy standing in front of me turned around quickly. Then he whispered something so low that I could just barely hear him.

"Change human." I shrugged and did so.

Then a women, vampire, walked up to him and grabbed the girl. Then her attention quickly went to me.

"Who are you?" She asked, very politely but still a bit bitchy.

"I'm Megan." I wanted to scare this vampire, plus the wolf Jake as I found out, didn't tell me I couldn't say anything.

"What are you doing here?" She asked, too much questions. Will this ever stop?

"Don't you think I should ask you that question. A vampire on werewolf reservation." It wasn't a question when I said this. But I almost laughed when shock and fear spread across her face. Then she screamed out the name Edward making me jump.

Within seconds another vampire appeared by her side starring at me.

"Who are you?" He asked coldly.

"Questions, questions, questions. Can't anybody say 'hi' for once?" I enjoyed playing with these vampires.

"How do you know who we are?" I laughed when he said this.

"Don't you think I would know?" I said, which confused him deeply.

"Bella." He whispered to the girl next to him.

"I can't hear her." Shock spread through them all except mine of course. Being able to change into anything helped block out any mental power. Except for wolves of course, because it's not much of a power.

"Of course you can't." I went back to my vampire self. Then Edward was standing in front of the woman and child.

"Get out!" He hissed.

'Make me' I mouthed. Then he launched toward me. I phased into a wolf pinning him to the ground growling.

Then as I phased back to a vampire I leaped off him with grace letting him get up.

"How?" He was scared and surprised at the same time.

"You think only wolves can shape shift?" I laughed wickedly, enjoying all of the confusion.

"Why are you here?" He hissed once more.

"I came to talk to Alice Cullen." Edward, the man vampire. Got back in defense mode once I said 'Alice Cullen'.

"Why?" The questions never come to an end do they?

"She made me into this monster!" Every time I said this I lost control. Anger always came to me.

"Alice wouldn't do that." Same question same answer.

"Maybe not physically, but mentally. That's the only reason I'm part of the volturi." I flared my nostrils, letting anger come to me.

Then I looked at Bella, she was frightened. Edward looked sorry, almost sympathetic. And Jake looked like he did when I told him in the first place, confused.

After an hour of everyone standing with the same expression on their face Edward Screamed out the word I've been meaning to see all day.

"Alice!", finally.

Then a small girl leaped into view. Cautiously taking a step closer never taking her eyes off me.

Then I ran at full speed, catching everyone off guard pinning Alice Cullen against a tree. Fear spreading through her face.

"You, CHANGED ME INTO THIS MONSTER!" Then as I spoke my words her face fell, she looked at me apologetically. Then with the words that never seemed to change anything in the world she spoke it, "sorry".

"That won't do anything!" I hissed letting her fall from the tree to the ground.

He seemed taken back from my question.