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Sexy Revenge

"Come here Edward, I want to show you something" She whispered, her newly velvet voice purring into his ear. This is a story of how Edward Leaves bella AGAIN and she wants revenge this time, but what kinda of revenge? FANGIRLS PREPARE TO HYPER-VENTILATE! Review please, This is a old story so it may be a little shitty for the first few chapters =3

Wow, I hope you enjoyed this one!

2. Chapter 2 Absalute Agony

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I was in absolute agony for the past three days, all I could think about is the hole in my chest from my dear Edward leaving, and the fact that vampire poison was surging through my veins and turning me into a vampire. Sweat trickled down my forehead and my neck, Esme hurried in and out of the room, dabbing the spot where Carlisle bit me with a warm cloth and sitting there, just…watching me. If vampire could cry, I’m sure Esme would be right now.

I lay there in the bed, gripping the sheets, my eyes closing, and my body convulsing. I’m pretty sure I threw up a couple of times in this process, but I couldn’t really remember. But I was praying that this would be the LAST day. The last day to be experiencing the excruciating pain.

Esme gently placed her soft, stone, cold hand onto my forehead, which felt nice because I was burning up. “One more day Bella, You can do it, try to shut your eyes.” I looked at her, a loud grunt of pain slipped from my lips instead of words like, ‘Oh I know, I’m so happy’, or ‘I know Esme, I’m going to be ok’. But no, a grunt.

I curled up into a tight ball position on the bed, wrapping the blankets tight around my body while it convulsed.

(Time Skip)

I started to breath normally again instead of sharp intakes of breath and the pain, very, very, slowly subsided. I tried to stand up, but my new knees gave out and I fell on the bed. Carlisle walked in and I looked at him, I wasn’t sweating anymore, but there was still sweat on my forehead and my shirt was soaked.

Carlisle frowned at me, obviously not happy that I became a vampire. “Now Bella, I’m glad to see your ok,” His soft voice whispered, and I heard him. I HEARD HIM! I thought. “I-I’m just a little shaky…” I choked out. My mouth tasted sweet, like Edwards’ did whenever he kissed me. I smiled a little and swallowed the warm saliva. “You’re going to need to feed, Bella.” Carlisle looked at me and smiled now. “Emmet will take you.”

I was running in the forest in bare feet, wearing a pair of Alice’s skinny jeans, which fit my perfect, new curves perfectly. And a plain blue t-shirt. I smiled at Emmet, I was going fast then him, a wide grin was spread across my face. I stopped and crouched down, the pupils of my eyes getting wide. I sniffed the air and smelled Blood. The venom in my mouth started flowing heavily and I stared at Emmet with a crazy grin, I swear I’m insane.

“Bells, be careful, don’t lose control.” He soothed me. I looked at him and tried to calm down. “Ok…” I breathed in and out of my nose deeply. “I can do this…I can keep control…All I need is one dear…” I closed my eyes and let my senses take control like Edward had told me he always did. I took of to the south, dodging large trees and following the scent of the fresh, potent blood of the animal.

I started to slow down, sniffing the air quietly and opening my eyes. The dear was right…behind….that…tree. I moved slowly, crouching down behind a large tree. And then I pounced! I tackled the animal to the ground and bit into its neck roughly. The warm blood filled my mouth instantly and the animal fell limp. I sucked it dry. When I stood up I wiped a little trickle of blood from my chin and turned around, Emmet was standing behind me watching. “Wow, good first try Bells.” He smiled at me. I smiled back and looked down at the dear animal.

“Do we…like…need to do anything with this? I mean the carcass.” Emmet shrugged. “Pfft, I never do.” He motioned me to follow him and he started running in the direction of the Cullen’s house.

I walked in slowly and Esme stood up from the couch and looked into my eyes. “You have a very pretty colour of gold, isn’t that nice?” She whispered in a motherly tone, she hugged me. Rosalie glared at Carlisle and stormed upstairs.

Oh Rosalie…why?

Bella’s eyes are so pretty…

Bella is SOOOOO going to get a make-over.

Wow, she is a fierce hunter! Awesome!

I heard the little voices in my head and looked around frightened. “What the f-…”