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Sexy Revenge

"Come here Edward, I want to show you something" She whispered, her newly velvet voice purring into his ear. This is a story of how Edward Leaves bella AGAIN and she wants revenge this time, but what kinda of revenge? FANGIRLS PREPARE TO HYPER-VENTILATE! Review please, This is a old story so it may be a little shitty for the first few chapters =3

Wow, I hope you enjoyed this one!

5. Chapter 5 The Kill

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I sighed as I walked into the room and shut the door behind me, flopping down on the bed. Alice sat down beside me and took my hand and hers and looked at me. “That…was AMAZING!” She squealed, I look at her unimpressed. “I think I may have hurt him…” A tear fell from my eyes and I wiped it away.

“Bella…you’re crying…” I looked at the tear drop on my hand, when I wiped it away I thought nothing of it, but now that I’m a vampire…that’s not suppose to be normal. “Wonderful, so I can STILL cry too!” I hissed. Alice stared at the tear drop like it was magic.

“You’re lucky…” She said quietly and stood up from the bed. “Wanna come hunting with me?” I nodded and stood up, stretching.

Alice pulled me out of the room and down the wooden steps. This is when I noticed how beautiful the house really was.

Everything was bright and open, similar to the Cullen’s house. The walk in living room had glass walls so you could see out side and it was a bright beige colour with leather sofas and chair. Along with a flat screen T.V that Emmet was watching at the moment. I laughed under my breath, he’s going to be on that couch all day…I know it. I thought.

Alice got in the drivers seat of the car and I got in the passengers, she drove to the nearest forest and got out. “What do you feel like?” She asked me, smiling. “Uhm…I don’t really know Alice..I’m new, remember?” A slight pout met her lips and she nodded.

I walked deep into the forest with her and then crouched down, closing my eyes and letting my senses settle and find me some food. I smelled something delicious and I ran for it. The scent was so strong and potent that I lost control and ran as fast as I probably ever will. I dodged the trees and branches, bushes, and other animals. Until I reached the potent smell. I crouched behind the tree and breathed in the strong, delicious scent and then, before thinking, pounced and bit. I started sucking, sucking, sucking, I heard screaming, screaming, screaming, then nothing. Alice followed me and I looked up at her, her eyes were full of terror. “Oh my…god…” She held her breath and pulled me off. I hissed. “BELLA! That’s a PERSON!” There weren’t any tears, but there was sobbing escaping her lips.

I looked down, terror crossed my face and I stared at the limp body on the ground. Alice wrapped her rock fingers around me wrist and pulled me. “Alice, isn’t…can we help!?” I asked, panicking. She ignored me and I guess that meant ‘no’.

Alice yanked me across the forest in a jog, which was a run to humans, and then threw me in the car. “Ok…Ok…” She breathed and fumbled with the keys, putting them in the ignition and driving…more like speeding back to Tanya’s.

I put my face in my hands and waited till’ we got there. When we did, Alice started calling Carlisle the minute she got out of the car. I stayed in a huddled position with my head in my hands. “Carlisle! Carlisle!” Alice called, he walked out and took hold of her shoulders. “Alice, calm down. Whats wrong?” He asked in a soothing voice. She looked back at me and I hid my face. “Bella…hunting…person…” She breathed quietly into his ear. Well that’s all I could make out through my sobbing anyway. Carlisle looked at me. “Oh my….”