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Sexy Revenge

"Come here Edward, I want to show you something" She whispered, her newly velvet voice purring into his ear. This is a story of how Edward Leaves bella AGAIN and she wants revenge this time, but what kinda of revenge? FANGIRLS PREPARE TO HYPER-VENTILATE! Review please, This is a old story so it may be a little shitty for the first few chapters =3

Wow, I hope you enjoyed this one!

6. Chapter 6 Wrestling

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I sighed as I lay down in the bed at night, wide awake, not able to sleep. Edward was probably in the other room doing the same thing as I was. Sitting there, thinking about me. I was thinking about him…and I just couldn’t stop. I couldn’t stop thinking about Edward, the person I had killed, Alice, Esme, Carlisle, Rosalie, Emmet…everyone. How could I live with myself?

I got up and out of bed, I walked slowly into Edwards room and his head lifted from the pillow, looking at me. I looked down at the ground and fiddled with my fingers. “Do you have…” I thought, stuttering. “Any…towels?” I ask quietly. He frowned, probably hoping that I was there to ask for him back. “Ya…” I smiled and waited. I watched him get up and out of bed and then pull out some clean towels. I took them from him, our hands touched briefly and a shock surged through my hands. I pulled away, whipped around, and hurried into the washroom. I switched on the water at boiling hot and got in. But it still wasn’t warm enough…I was so cold.

When I got out of the shower I put on a black night gown and got in bed. I lay there…waiting. But I wasn’t tired at all. So I eventually got bored and walked downstairs in my night gown. Edward was in the kitchen, sitting in on a stool and reading ‘Romeo and Juliet’ for the…how many times now. “Why are you reading that…I thought you didn’t like it?” I asked quietly. He looked at me and his eyes opened a little wider then normal. ‘It reminds me of you…’ he thought, and I heard. I smiled to myself. “Oh..” I said outload. He looked at me confused, I looked up and smiled a little. “Oh, I can read minds too.” I said. He frowned. “Guess I won’t have any thoughts to myself now…will I?” He said quietly. I shook my head.

I slowly walked over to him in the dark room and sat on the stool beside him. I smiled and my blonde bangs fell in my face. I only had blonde bangs…I think the poison meant for me to be blonde but my natural hair colour over powered it. I lifted my hand and went to brush them out of the way, but Edwards hand met mine and he brushed them out of the way for me. I smiled and looked down, breathing slowly, trying not to hyperventilate. Then I came back to reality…I’m suppose to be angry…I’m suppose to be angry…I’m suppose to be angry! I thought. “I am angry with you, Edward.” I flicked his hand away and stood up. “Don’t do that…” I kept my face hard and I turned around and walked quickly the other way.

I walked into the living room, Emmet was lying down on the couch lazily watching ‘The Late Show’. “Wow… boring Emmet.” I said and sat down on the chair, because he took up the whole couch. He smiled weakly at me. “Whatever bells.” He turned his head back to the t.v and I sat there for all of…ten minutes. Then I had a sudden idea. “Hey Emmet, ever going to take me up on that wrestling match?” I asked, smirking a little. He looked at me and sat up, excited like a child on Christmas. “Hell ya Bells! We’ll wrestle..tomorrow? 12 in the afternoon?” I smiled and nodded. “I’m going to go talk to Alice and make the bets.” He nodded and I stood, walking out of the room.

I walked up the stairs and into Alice and Jaspers room. I smiled and she smiled back. “Hey Bella.” She said quietly and finished painting her nails. She stood up and bounced over to me. “I need you to make Bets, Emmet and I are wrestling tomorrow.” She nodded. “I’ll totally handle it!” She squealed excitedly.

I walked into my room and flopped down on the bed. I was bored so I decided to just close my eyes and day dream, since I couldn’t really dream anymore.