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This...This is happening?

Edward looked at me. ‘I’m sorry, Bells. I think something went wrong when...’ ‘You did it?!’ Me and a friend are working on this =3 I really hope you guys like it! Click to see what happens. Bella is strangely confused with her new life. http://miharuxyoite.deviantart.com/art/Fanfic-Banner-156857161 There is the picture I made for this story, to make the picture bigger, simply click it! ^.^ REVIEW

Wow this was really good, Made by my friend Claire, We are working on it together. =3

1. Chapter 1

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Chapter 1-Dreams
When I got out of my bed I vaguely remembered my dream. It was weird, I had a daughter and I was a
vampire. Somehow it all felt so real, there was this guy, his name was... Edward, and he was a vampire
and we fell in love. Then I discovered he was a vampire, and then some psycho vampire haunted me,
but luckily I survived. Jacob was there too, he was a werewolf, the enemy of a vampire. But as crazy as
it sounds, it felt so real. Maybe it’s just the nerves, I told myself, maybe it’s just some crazy dream,
because it’s the first day of school. I came to live with my dad because of my mother. It was going to
be wonderful, I loved the rain, the cold, the little town. I loved everything in Forks, and hated Phoenix.
Who am I kidding, I wondered. I hate it here, it’s too green.
‘Are you nervous? You’re not regretting your decision I hope.’ I looked at my dad, he was getting old,
you could still see the pain my mother had caused him when she left. ‘No, it’s okay. I’m glad I could
celebrate my birthday when I was still in Phoenix, though...’ ‘Well, actually, I wanted to talk to you
about that. Altough it’s been two weeks since you turned seventeen, do you mind if we celebrate your
birthday together, somewhere next week?’ There was one thing I really hated in the world, it was
celebrating my birthday. ‘Sure, that would be nice.’
My dad had already bought me an amazing truck, it was my birthday present but also a welcome gift, a
sort of “Thank you for coming here, and please stay” kind of gift, if that’s even a kind of gift. I rode to
school, the truck more noisy than any other car on the road. When I arrived, early because I didn’t want
to be late, I had no idea where I had to park my car. So I followed another car and luckily I found a good
parking spot. I already had my schedule, and so my first day of school began.
During the break I sat with a girl from my Spanish class, Jessica and her friends. They were chattering,
and I wasn’t really paying attention when I saw them, they were exactly the same as in my dream.
Rosalie and Jasper Hale, Alice, Emmett and... Where was he? Where was Edward? ‘Cullen,’ Jessica
said. ‘What?’ ‘Their names are Alice, Emmett Cullen, Rosalie and Jasper Hale. There is another, but I
can’t see him.’ Oh, dear. ‘I’m going to get something to drink,’ I whispered. How could I’ve dreamed
their names, their faces? I noticed they didn’t eat anything, and all I could think was, vampire vampire
vampire. I had to know if my dream was actually true and if there was something very strange going on
or if there was just something strange going on. ‘Bella!’ The voice almost made me cry, I would
recognise it anywhere. I turned around and his face made my heart lift up, my dream did happen. All of
it. ‘Edward,’ I whispered. Edward laughed when he knew I had recognised him. His laugh, his face,
everything about him was just dazzling. He took me in his arms and kissed me. Before I closed my eyes
I saw Jessica’s face, she had the same expression as all the other people in the room, even Rosalie,
Alice, Emmett and Jasper had that expression, shock. ‘What happened?’ I asked him after our kiss. ‘I
don’t know,’ he whispered, ‘One morning I had a daughter, a wife. The next I woke up here, without a
daughter or a wife and no one who knew who Bella Swan was, besides the fact she was moving here.
And all I could think was why? Why her?’ ‘I had this dream, at least at first I thought it was a dream,
and then I saw Alice, Emmett, Rose and Jasper and then I began to doubt if it was a dream, but when I
saw you, I knew.’ Edward smiled, ‘I was so afraid. I was so afraid you wouldn’t recognise me. I don’t
know what I would’ve done.’ ‘But who could do this? I mean, there’s no one I know that can turn back
time.’ Edward looked at me. ‘I’m sorry, Bells. I think something went wrong when...’ ‘You did it?!’