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No Worries

Summer after graduation, Victoria is no longer a problem. And Bella decides to postpone the wedding until next summer. No worries, right?


1. Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

I opened my eyes and was greeted by a room filled with sunshine. A sudden smile appeared on my face when I remembered that I was gonna see Jacob today. I sat up on my bed and saw Edward sitting in the rocking chair ." Whats the smile all about?" He asked knowing manner. "Oh nothing just glad to get a good nights rest" I said quickly trying not to give much thought to my answer. " Has Charlie left yet?" I asked as I unburied myself the blankets. " Yes he has, would you like me to make you some breakfast, love" Edward then kissed me with a lite peck on the forehead. I nodded as stretched. He headed down stairs as I went to get a shower.

I still can't believe I agreed to this, Edward was driving me down to La Push, I feel like a kid who's parents are making them pick sides. Only in my case it is either my best friend or my fiance. After Victoria and newborns were taken care of things pretty much went back to normal except I was arguing with Edward on a daily bases about Jacob. I mean he is my best friend and Edward has not right to keep me from him. Finally I told Edward that I was gonna go see him regardless and he could either accept it now or it was gonna be a long summer. At that point he greed the I could spend weekends at La Push when they were out hunting. So here we were making to trade off. We met Jacob at the treaty line and just like the last two weekends I would get out of Edward's car, he gives me a kiss tells me he loves me, looks at Jacob threatens him if I get hurt. Jacob pops off with something about me just as safe there and then I get in the car with Jacob.

The wedding has been postponed to the following summer . I told Edward I wanted a true college experience. That meant living in dorms on campus by myself and maybe Alice as my roommate. As much as he protested the fact I wanted to live on campus he was relived to her Alice was coming with. My weekends with Jacob mostly consisted of going to the First Beach, bonfires and movies at the Black's house.

It was not till my third weekend that I started to notice things, changes really not only in my behavior but the way I saw Jacob. Yes I had admitted that I love him and I have even kissed him a time or two. But now when I look at him he is not just the love sick little boy that my best friend happens to be but he was a man that made my heart race when ever he touched me. I felt the urge to want to just tackle him and take advantage of his tan, muscular body. I even found myself daydreaming about him shirtless feeding me strawberries on the beach. Where this was coming from I did not know and I dd not dear mention this to Alice not even for a minute did I even consider it To think the position she would be in.

So like the last three times Jacob and I do a little small talk on the drive back to his place. "So what do you have planned for this weekend?" I asked trying to avoid the awkwardness I felt. "I figured we could just hang out at the house for a bit then head over to Sam and Emily for a bonfire tonight." Great only with him for extended periods of time! " That sound good to me" I lied. When we pulled up Billy and Charlie were heading out to do some fishing for the afternoon. They nodded as we got got of Jacob's Rabbit and told us to have fun.
Once inside I took a deep breath "Oh Jake, I will be right back just gonna use the bathroom. Pick out a movie will ya" nervously I spoke . "Sure thing bells." As soon as I closed the bathroom door I felt panic .I leaned over the sink and stared at the floor for a few seconds before I plashed some cool water on my face. Okay Bella this is a piece of cake, I can make it a whole day without tackling Edward so why not Jacob. Besides he is you best friend and your engaged to a wonderful man. After another deep breath I oped the door and went into the living room to find him sprawled out on the couch waiting for me to start the movie..Shirtless! This boy is gonna be the death of me! I plopped down be side him as he pressed the play button on the remote. He pulled me close to him wrapping his arms around me like he had done some many times before. I melted. About that time I noticed the movie he had chosen Casanova. I spun my head around a looked at him. He smiled and said " Emily recommenced it."
As the movie progressed the more I fought the argue to pounce Jacob. With slight fidgets and a shift in my weight I tried to keep my mind from wondering about what I craved.. And then he out of know where he lean in closer to me, I felt his breath on he back of my neck. My heart speed up. Then gentle nodes like was leading into a kiss. My legs quivered and I felt like I could not breath. The he kissed the back of my neck. not once but three times, light soft warm kisses that completely caught me off guard. I let out a little whimper. The he whispered in my ear " Ya know Bells you don't have to fight it and you know I would be all to willing.". I turn and looked into his deep brown eyes and I could see that he meant every word. I began to speak try to play it off. But before I could he spoke again" Bells I am not blind I see the way you have been looking at me lately plus I can hear your racing heart and your scent of arousal.." And with that said I jumped up off the couch " Jacob...I..uh...this is not happening..I gotta go" I manged to get out as I bolted for the door.