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No Worries

Summer after graduation, Victoria is no longer a problem. And Bella decides to postpone the wedding until next summer. No worries, right?


10. Chapter 10

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I was gonna exploded I just knew it. Bella had not been back in a month and I know it had to do with the conversation she and Emily had last time she was done. When Sam and I head back up the beach Bella and Emily were deep in discussion about something. I only caught part of Bella's last remark, it has something to do with her not being some prize and was tried of being treat as such. I assumed it had to do with me and Edward. I need answers and I had not bugged Emily about but know I had to have some heads up. Bella would be down today and I did not want to be caught off guard if I had some how fucked up again.

The party wasn't starting for at least an hour but I was to wound up to just sit around so I headed over to Sam's early. When I got there Emily was finishing out the decorations she asked me help hang a few things. I decided to take this opportunity to see if Emily knew what was going on with Bella. " Hey you talked to Bella last time she was here did she mention anything to you?" I asked

"Well Jacob that depends on what you want to know?" I could see that she knew something and I had to know.

"Come on Emily please tell me, I know there is a reason why she has not visited home in a month and I think is is because she is avoiding me. And if I did anything wrong I need to fix it?"

She smile and placed one hand on my cheek "Jacob you did not do anything wrong Bella just had a huge reality check and I think she is trying to correct a few mistakes she feels she made."

Mistakes? Bella thinks we are a mistake. I finally has something Edward didn't have and I was not gonna lose that part of Bella to him. Yeah sure he was her fiance but he refused to satisfy her so she turned to me. Then it hit me once again here I was again picking up where he left off. This was just great I was not gonna always be here to pick Bella up every time he disappointed or hurt her. But I was not gonna bring that up tonight, I just needed some fun.

I was slouched down on Emily's couch when everyone started to arrive. A few were in costume mostly the younger ones of the pack. Things were just getting started when Bella walk through the front door. Oh shit I am in trouble tonight. How dose she expected me keep my hands to myself with that onMaybe she didn't. She didn't notice I guess because she went straight towards the kitchen. I got up to follow her but stop just before the doorway and overheard Bella talking to Emily.

"Hey Em need some help?" Em? Sine when did Bella call her Em?

" No I think I have it covered, you talk to Jacob yet?"

Bella let out a long sigh. "No....but then again I have no idea what to say either so it would be pointless."

"Well let me ask you this, have you told Edward?" Told Edward, Emily knows about us? Holy Hell!

"And again no I have not"

"Bella....you have to end this sooner or later, preferably sooner."

"I know" Bella whined "Why can't I have them both?"

"Because life doesn't work that way, besides Jake can give what Edward can and more."

"That is true, very true Em I think I am gonna go find Jake now. I will talk to him tomorrow I guess, no use in ruining tonight."

"Good luck with that Bella" Emily spoke as I stepped into the kitchen. Emily shoot a glance at me and smirked. She knew I was standing there the whole time.

"Oh Jake I was gonna go look for you. Where have you been?"

"On the couch" I blurted on out

Bella looked confused "Oh, really, I did not see you when I came" She glanced around before shrugging her shoulders.

"Well I saw you, and may I say you are looking very sexy tonight" I whispered in her ear as she reached to give me a hug. Bella blushed before she spoke" Jake this is not the time or place for that right now." I laughed " So does that mean I well get all to myself later?" Bella let go and took a a deep breath before she spoke. "Jake I don't think we can do this anymore. I did not intend to talk about this here and now but you brought it up. And Jacob made promise to Edward and you know I am not the type to break a promise. "

I looked toward the floor for a second and took a deep breath before looking back at Bella" So that's the only thing keeping you from being with me a promise you made to him. Be real Bells people make and break promises every day. Hell I promised Emily I would leave you alone about this. But look I am breaking that promise." I was yelling.

I saw the pain and anger flood into her face. "It is more then just a promise and accepted his proposal remember I said yes when he asked me to be his wife. "

At this point everyone in the room has stopped what they were doing and all eyes were on us."Yeah Bells I get that but I noticed one thing and I think I am not they only one to notice it either."

Bella spun around to see everyone watching as we argued. She looked back at me "Oh really and what might that be Jacob, what am I missing?" A grin appeared on my face " Since this conversion started you have not even once said that you loved him and to me that should be the reason to marry someone not because of a promise. " Before I could even close my mouth I felt a burning sting across my face. Bella just slapped me across the face. I Froze. I heard Quil and Embery moving towards me as Emily ushered Bella through living room and then into the back spare room.

"Dude, I did not now Bella had it in her to slap you like that." Quil blurted out. "Cool it Quil" Sam spoke as he placed on had on my shoulder. "Come on Jake lets go outside."

I leaned up against the house Sam stood in front of me with his arms crossed. " Do you know why Bella slapped you?"

"Besides becoming pissed off at me ,no I have no clue. Sam so why don't you tell me"

"Well it is because you were right "

I laughed " Right, what was I right about, promises being meaningless or that she...oh" Then it hit me Bella was not in love with him anymore. Then why in Gods green earth was she still marring him.

Sam smirked a little "Yeah I know it is hard to believe that you figured it out before she did." He patted me on the shoulder and we headed back inside. I needed to talk to Bella again. I head towards the spare room and knocked on the door.