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No Worries

Summer after graduation, Victoria is no longer a problem. And Bella decides to postpone the wedding until next summer. No worries, right?


11. Chapter 11

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I can't believe he just told me to my face that I didn't love Edward an in front of everyone. He had no right to tell me how I felt. Then without even thinking I slapped him as hard as I could right across his face. I couldn't look him in the eye I knew I would only see pain if I did so I just kept my eyes focused on the floor...I felt Emily tug on my arm as she lead me out of the kitchen passed everyone in the living room and into the spare room. I had not come here to fight with Jacob that was the last thing I want. I wish I could take it all back go back in time to about 10 minutes ago and stat over. But then again Jake was right I had not once said that I loved Edward during that entire argument, what is wrong with me. Maybe Charlie was right to for that matter maybe I was marry him out of obligation.

"Bella you okay?" Emily asked in concern

I nodded. "Are you sure you don't look okay, hon?" Then I realized why she had asked. I was crying. Hell I was balling my eyes out. She sat me down on the bed and hugged me tight.

"Bella talk to me?"

I took a few gasping breaths and choked out a few words." I think........ Jake might..... be right.... and Charlie too."

"Your dad.....what did your dad say Bella?" Emily looked confused.

"He said....he thought...I was......marrying Edward...out of.....obligation not love."

We sat in silence for a minute then a knock on the door. Emily answered it. " Jake now is not a good time" She went to shut the door when Jake grabbed it. "Please Emily I promise I won't make he cry again."I looked up at Emily and nodded for him to come in. Emily left the room shutting the door behind her.

"Bells I am so sorry I was way out of line. I know you said that we are just friends but god Bella you have know idea." I stood up and looked him in the eye." Thank you" I stumbled out. Jake look worried at first then spoke" For what pissing you off?." I leaned my head against his chest and wrapped my arms around him." No for making admit to myself something I has been trying to ignore."
He kissed my on top of my head "Whats that Bells?" I looked up at him before I answered. " Well Charlie even tried to talk to be about this, but um... making me admit that I am only marry Edward because I feel obligated to." We sat on the bed. "So dose that mean you don't love him ? Jake hopefully asked. " No Jake, I do...just not like I used too not the same way I love you." He leaned him to kiss me. I creased his face with both my hands and welcomed the kiss. Some much passion and warmth, Emily was right Jake could give me the same things he could and much more he could give me this. And I wanted this. "Oh god Jake I missed you. I was so stupid to stay way." He wrapped on arm around he pulling him close. One had then rested on my thigh which he began to slide up under my skirt. I wrapped my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist straddling him. Jake slide back on the bed allowing him room to lay on the bed. I tugged on his shirt trying to pull it up over his head. He got the hint and pulling it off over his head tossing it onto the floor. His hands found the hem of my sweater lifting it over my head. Kissing my shoulders he carefully removed my bra as my hands fumbled with the button on his pants. He flipped us over, after pulling off his pants he pulled off my knee socks one at a time and lastly removing my skirt and panties. I hovered over me and then I suggested something" I think it might be a good idea if we were under the sheet, you know guys never have that best timing" He cocked his head to the side and grinned" Yeah your right" and we slide under the sheet. Jacob entered me with easy as we moved together in rhythm. " Oh Bells, god you feel so good" "Just shut up Jake" I said as I could feel my body started to feel the pleasure I had so very much missed. " Jake" I whispered" Don't stop, don't slow down please I...I...OH GOD JACOB" I screamed as I reached my peak. Jacob followed right behind in a load growl. About that time I heard the door fly open with an "Oh shit" before it slammed shut.

We did not when bother to see who it was as we laid there catch our breath. I really dd not care at that point. Jake pulled out then looked at me in horror." Oh shit Bells we didn't use a condom" I look at him for a second before it hit me. "What?" I half laughed. "Oh great this just makes thing so much easier". Jake leaned over me "Bells don't worry everything will be fine, it was just one time." He kissed me as we got up and got dressed.

"I really don't want to go out there" I was blushing already.

"Well if we don't they will eventually come in after us" Jake grinned as he turned the door knob.

Music was still playing some where dancing and then all eyes were on us. Sam walked over to Jake. "Sorry Jake I had no clue you two were being.....intimate, I just here Bella scream and yeah well I am really sorry." I looked up at Sam. "Its okay lets just keep it in the pack." Sam eyed me for a minute Then looked over at Jacob. He pulled us to the side and asked " Are you telling me this isn't the first time?" Jake up his arm around me before speaking" No, Sam it's not. " I looked down at me. " I would say we have been sneaking around for 6 months now." Sam looked at me " Does Emily know about this?"
I hesitated ." Yeah she does." Sam put his hands on his head and took a deep breath. " I just hope you know what you are doing Bella" and walked away.

The rest of the night was fun. Most of the pack did not say to much about Sam walking in on us I think the all assumed it was the first time we had been together, Quil and Embery had to put their two since in. It was getting late and I had told Charlie not to expect me home tonight so I crashed with Jake. Billy seemed not to mind. Once I was snuggled up to Jake I slipped away into my dreams.