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No Worries

Summer after graduation, Victoria is no longer a problem. And Bella decides to postpone the wedding until next summer. No worries, right?


12. Chapter 12

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I woke to find myself sweaty and Jake draped over me." Jake...Jake....JACOB." He jumped up and looked at me" What?" he stumbled out

"I have to pee is what...move"

When I returned to his room I glanced over at his clock. 11: 25." Shit Jake I gotta go, Edward is supposed to pick me up at noon to drive me back". I throw my cloths on and ran out the door. Jake cashed behind me grabbing my arm." Hey now I at least want a goodbye kiss" I leaned into his grin and kissed him lightly before jumping into my truck.

* * * * * *

When I pulled up to the house I was relived to see the Volvo was not there ,but Alice's Porsche was. Not sure why but I was just glad I did not have to face Edward not yet anyway. I burst through the door Charlie was at the table and Alice was leaned up against the counter in the kitchen. Both eyes shoot to my direction. "Hello Bella have fun?" Charlie raised his eyebrow in question. I must have looked a mess. " Um..yeah loads..I am just gonna jump in the shower before we leave Alice." Following me up the stairs Alice replied" Yeah Bella that would be best we would not want Edward to learn about you weekend fun now would we."

I reached my room and Alice shut the door. "Bella I can't believe you you had sex with him? I can smell him all over you so don't deny it . Know this is gonna kill...." She saw something, something that I was not sure I want to know. She slumped onto the bed ans looked at me with such sorrow.

I needed to know I swallowed hard before asking" Alice what..tell..me what do you see?" She spoke in fear. "Nothing Bella... absolutely nothing." I was in shock . What did she mean by nothing, the only time she could not see me is if...oh god no. "Alice, Edward loves me he will forgive me no mater what"

"No Bella this is more then Edward just forgiving you, you did something Like a change reaction of some sort that can't be stopped."

I could not think right now I stood up and went to take my shower. Alice had pack my things and was waiting on the bed when I went to get dressed.

" Bella I am not gonna tell Edward about not seeing your future anymore, at least not try to. Think about what you did to change things. It had to be a decision that resulted in something happening out of your hands. But when it comes time to tell him I while not leave your side."

I ran to hug Alice." Oh Alice you really are a true friend. Thank you."

"Bella, whatever happens I will chose you side in this I want what is best for you."

I wiped my tears and got dressed.

* * * * * *
We were on the road for an hour as I racked over my weekend in my mind. Think Bella think. I spent Friday evening with Charlie and most of Saturday cleaning then went to the party. That was it the party. I have to call Jacob. I reached for my phone as Alice reached to stop me."Bella no don't call him yet, I wanna talk with you first, you know girl talk."

I sat for a second confused one minute she is all serious and now girl talk" Well what do you wanna talk about?"

She giggled" Well how was it, how is he?"

Whoa she thinks this is my first time. "Um...Alice you think this was the first time don't you?"

She shoot me the weirdest look" What...wait Jacob is not you first, I thought ..." Oh God that's not what I meant. " Alice...Jacob was my first, but last night was not our first time."

She was quite then she spoke" So how long then have you been together then?"

"Since June...." I bit my lip not sure how she was gonna react.

"JUNE...Oh my god Bella." Her hands were gripping the stirring wheel I thought she was gonna break it." That was like right after Edward proposed. Why did you say yes if you didn't mean it?"

"I did Alice I sincerely meant it, then this started and everything happened so fast, I felt so overwhelmed but when I was with Jacob none of that seem to matter. Then I started talking with Emily about stuff about what was going on..." I was cut off "You told Emily about you and Jacob " Alice huffed. "Yes but only because Jacob pissed me off and went to Sam for help and Sam thought I needed someone to talk to. Oh and believe me she was not thrilled about us either ,she has been nagging me to break things off with one of them." I explained.

Alice glanced over at me "Well Bella what happen last night, I know this was not planned I would have seen something. None of the times could have been planned."

I blushed." No it was always spontaneous, which made it even that much better." I giggled. " But to answer your question last night we fought because I told him we could not be together anymore and he was making a big deal about it because when I tried to explain my reasons I said it was because I made a promise and I said yes to a proposal and I was not gonna turn my back on Edward."

Alice snickered "Well how did he take it?"

I stared out at the as I spoke." He told me promise did not mean anything and that I had not once said I loved Edward since we began our argument and to him that should have been my reason for marrying Edward not a promise." Alice sat in shock. "Then I slapped him as hard as I could" Her jaw dropped." No...you didn't. I giggled "I did, ......then I cried Because I knew he was right...."

Alice placed her hand on my leg." Right about you not saying it or that you don't?." I bit my lip " A little of both I guess. I am not sure. Sam took Jacob outside and Emily took me to one of the spare rooms to calm down. Eventually Jacob came to talk to me while I was in there. And then one thing lead to another...Sam even walked in on us, after of course." Alice gasped " No...so the whole pack knows then."

"Yup..sure do" I half smiled. " Oh Alice and I think I figured out what changed things last night."

I shoot me a questioning look. " Really.... what....is it fixable?"

" I am afraid not Alice...we did not use a condom last night." I mumbled out hoping she would not lose her cool.

"Okay" She side in a shaking voice. Reaching for her phone she dialed some numbers." Jazzy hey I need you to look something up for me...just do it and don't ask why...when do women normal ovulate before they menstruate...just do it ...I well explain later and don't say a word to anyone...yes it has do with with Bella...no not Edward...Jacob...yeah I know Jazzy..thanks..remember not a word."

She hung up and look grime." When was you last cycle?"

I was dazed I could not believe this was a possibility..."Bella this is important.." I snapped to reality " Oh um... around the 15th.... you really think?"

"Bella...I am think that you are pregnant." It felt like someone just someone had hit me in the chest."Oh god I gotta call Jake." I reached for my phone in three rings he answered. "Jake you need to sit down..."