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No Worries

Summer after graduation, Victoria is no longer a problem. And Bella decides to postpone the wedding until next summer. No worries, right?


13. Chapter 13

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I leaned up against the door frame as I watch Bella leave. I had no clue when I was gonna see her again or if I would ever get to make love to her again. That's what it was to me making love not just meaningless sex. And I know it meant more to her then she wanted to admit.. I turn to head back into the house. Dad sat in the kitchen as I rummaged for some breakfast. " She'll come around Jacob , just giver her time."

I wanted to punch something. "That's just it, I have given her time plenty and I thought maybe since well...never mind."

Dad chuckled." Jacob I know you two have been together, I have known for a while now. I never side anything to Charlie so don't worry there, son. But do you think that was gonna keep her from marring him."

I had a smug grin on my face at this point " Yeah I do honestly. Maybe now since she has been deflowered by a werewolf he won't want to put his leech hands on her."

"Now Jacob you know He is very understanding when it comes to Bella and he'll do anything for her." Dad piped up. Paul and Rachel came in the house as I poured me a bowl of cereal. Dad headed down to the Clearwater's.

" Um..Jacob you just getting up?" Rachel asked as she ran her hands thru I shaggy hair.

"Yeah whats it to ya?" I groaned smacking at her.

"I bet you had fun last night, some pretty intense noises coming from Emily spare room. " Rachel teased as she walked toward the living room."Yeah Jake did know you had it in ya" Paul added . "

"Well for your information it wasn't the first time...far from it."I was almost bragging. I sat down and began eating. Paul stood in front of me speechless.

He eventually sat down and leaned toward me. "Dude you've been holding out on us...." I grinned at him."Well it was none of your business. Besides the only way to keep it from him was to not tell anyone and to never make plans for it."

Paul leaned back in the chair. "You guys really thought this out huh.. So how long man ,give me some details."

I shook my head." No details Paul that's not fair to Bella, and ah well since June that's how long." I got up and headed towards the shower.

* * * * *

Around two or so Quil and Embery had invaded my house with questions as well. I only told them what they needed to know. Sam popped in to see what everyone was up about that time the phone rang. I answered it not expecting it to Bella..
"Jake you need to sit down..."

"Okay Bella is everything okay?"

"Just let me talk okay?"

"Okay I am listening."

"So when I got to Charlies this morning Alice was waiting for me instead of Edward and she could smell you on me and starting asking a bunch or questions. I did not lie I told her the truth but then she said my future disappeared."

"What do you mean it disappeared Bella?"

" I mean that she can't see it anymore, Jacob do you know what this means?"

"No Bells I don't" I was worried.

" This means my future is intertwined with yours because of this weekend, something we did Jake. Something that is not fixable a change reaction of events that can't be change....Remember you said it was one time with out protection and it would be fine, well you were wrong Jake. We are not positive but Alice thinks I am pregnant."

I was stunned. I didn't know what to think I was still in high school, she was in college and now we were going be parents. "Jake say something"

"Sorry I was..um..Bella remember I love you and I will be there for you every step of the way. I need to go I need to go find Sam."

"Okay..um were are almost to campus anyways, I love you and I will see you this weekend okay."

"Yeah I love you to Bells." I hung the phone up and turned back toward the guys. Sam was the first to speak" What disappeared?"

I I fell back on the couch before answering."Her future..Alice can't see it because it involves me."

"So whats the problem bro?" Quil punched me in the arm .

"Alice seems to think it is because of something that happened this weekend. Something that caused a change reaction of events that can't be stopped or fixed. And....the only thing that would keep Bella from having any kind of future with Him is if I married Bella which is gonna have to happen or Charlie is going to have my head." I looked up at Sam who had already put the pieces together. "Well two things Jake. One congrats and two I hope you are ready for this."

Quil, Paul and Embery all looked at each as if the completely out of the loop. Rachel walked out of the bathroom took one look at my face and knew it." Oh god Jacob she's pregnant!" she blurted out as soon as dad wheeled into the house.