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No Worries

Summer after graduation, Victoria is no longer a problem. And Bella decides to postpone the wedding until next summer. No worries, right?


15. Chapter 15

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After Bella's phone call Thursday I was a complete wreck. I worried all day about her being at their house with him. What if he lost control and got mad. What if he hurt Bella or worse bite her so she couldn't be with me. I had to be prepare for either outcome. But I could not lose my Bella not now..not ever. I decided I need some air so I stepped out on the porch and sat. I heard the phone ring dad answered and I could not help be ease drop.

" Hey Charlie.......oh no his is not around he went outside not to long ago but if you like I........oh okay I see.............now Charlie if I knew anything I would have come to you but I myself just found out about them two and Jacob has yet to tell me himself.......no I heard it from Sue who ease dropped on Seth and Leah's conversion the other morning......well it is apparent something has been going on for a while because at that party Bella tried to break it off and.....let me finish......well they fought and made up , Sam walked in on it......so you think she has gone down there to break it off with Cullen then?.......well I thought about that to Charlie...look if she is pregnant I will make sure Jacob steps up and dose the right thing..... I love Bella like a daughter much like you love Jacob like a son......me to ....I wish they could have been open about it instead if snicking around but whats done is done.....well how about we come down there she should be back soon and we can confront them together...alright then see you in a bit"

I stood up and leaned into the door" Dad you knew I was right here....."

"Yeah I know but he would have never talked if you were" Dad frowned.

" Thanks for not telling him about...you know...when Rachel blurted out Bella's pregnant the other night.."

He nodded" Well it would be hard for him to understand how we know for certain so soon."

We head to Forks in my Rabbit, Bella wasn't back yet but she had called Charlie when she left to let him know she was on her way. I was relived to here that because that meant she was unharmed and she was still my Bella. Charlie ordered some pizza's since Bella wasn't there to cook and she probably was not in a mood to cook either. It was about 20 min later when I heard the truck pull in. She walked in the door and if looks could kill I would be dead right now. She hissed at me" JACOB KITCHEN NOW!" Charlie had a look of surprise on his face and Dad chuckled as I stood up to followed Bella into the kitchen.

In a hushed tone she began" Jake what are you and your dad doing here I told you I would see you tomorrow and explain what happen..this really messes with my plan...."

I cut her off in mid sentence.." Bella Charlie called my dad asking a bunch of questions about us...he suspects your pregnant and you went to break things off with Cullen tonight. Your dad is not stupid Bella he has figured out we just have to explain how this happened last weekend and how we are positive you are!"

Bella was blank" Well maybe we should just tell him the truth..about the pack and the Cullen's..everything because I am tried of lying to him."

" Bella do you really thinks that wise...I mean it is not like they are leaving anytime soon"

She looked at her feet. " Actual they are...I asked them to leave but right now it not the time to discuss that besides I want the whole pack around when I do...but Jake we can tell him need to things....please" she begged

I throw my hands up and said" Well if you think it is a good time then a go ahead but you better make sure Sam knows this was all you and I better not get my ass chewed over it." She kissed and and said thank you as she head into the living room.


Jacob called his dad into the kitchen to tell him what I was about to do. I took a deep breath as I went over to hug my Charlie then sat on the couch." Dad there are somethings that you need to know. Billy knows the things only because he is a tribe council member but it was thought it would have been in your best interest if you did not know.

Charlie frowned. " Bella it is up to me to decide that, now are you telling me you been secretly dating Jacob and Edward was a coverup. Because that is just stupid I love Jacob like a son I would have been happy."

I huffed. "No dad I really was dating Edward and that's not what I am talking about. Dad remember Quileute legends, about the cold ones and members of the tribe being decedents wolves." Jacob came back into the living room with Billy as Charlie spoke in confusion." Yeah I remember." surprised by his calmness I continued "Well the cold ones are Vampires which is Edward and his family and the Wolves are Jacob, Sam, Quil, Jared, Paul, Seth, Leah." I stopped waiting for Charlie to respond. I just nodded and I went on. " Now dad I am telling you this for a reason and it will all makes since when I am done. Okay, so Alice can see the the future some what, but she can only see once you make a decision..so if you change your mind so dose her vision. There is also a flaw in that, she can't see the future if it involves a wolf. Up until last weekend Alice could still see my future with Edward. Last weekend I...had sex with Jacob and unlike any other time it was unprotected sex." I was not squeezing Jacobs had as I wait for the wrath of Charlie.

Charlie leaned forward in his chair." So dose that mean you future has Jacob in it? What is keeping you from changing your mind and going back to Edward?"

I bit my lip. That was a good question I had to give him props for that. " Well dad... Alice is positive that I am pregnant and earlier Edward told me that he still loved me and he would still marry me if I got an abortion. I told him to no, that I chose a life were I could grow old with the people I love and have children."

Charlie smiled before a odd expression appeared on his face." So if you would have married him you would have been......one of them then?" I nodded and he asked" How old is Edward...I mean how long has he ...been like that?"

I laughed. "He has been 17 for 110 years and yes they drink blood, but only animal blood, no they don't sleep or eat or need to breath. And sun light dose not burn them...they sparkle!"

Charlie eyed me" You seem to know quite a bit about them, is there others like them?

I answered all of Charlie's questions and told him about James and Victoria, about Phoenix and Italy. When he asked questions about the pack I let Billy and Jacob answers those. I just want to know why we did not come to him about this sooner, at least then he would have know that the wolves in the woods a a year back were Jacob and his friends. He was even pleased to hear that the Cullen's were moving soon so that the pack could stop phasing and lead normal lives. About midnight I said goodnight to Billy and Jacob . I told Jake I would be at La Push around 2 pm and to have the pack altogether including Emily,Kim,Rachel and some of the council members so I could tell them about the Cullen's leaving the area.

That night I drifted off to sleep with a feeling of relief knowing that I no longer had to hide anything for Charlie, the Cullen's had accepted me being with Jacob and still wanted to be apart of my life and my child's life.